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NCAA Football 2005 (PS2) Cheats

NCAA Football 2005 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Ten yards on (Cheeser half back toss pass)
This play should be more of a cheat than a tip, but you don't need a code to make it work. When playing offense scroll through your teams playbook., This play works on all NCAA teams. if done correctly it will work 98% of the time.
Look for (HALFBACK TOSS PASS) IN THE I NORMAL FORMATION. When you are in formation, put your wide receiver in motion from right to left. As you hike the ball,your QB will toss the ball to the HB, run to the right getting around the line. Don't cut in or you will get crushed.Run to the outside and down the line for about anywhere from 7 to 25 yards on every play. you don't even have to change plays. the cpu defense doesn't react in time, and your opponent, if he does react; will have over commited himself. If he starts to blitz your HB. Pass the ball to your open receivers for a touchdown.
on some occassions you will be hit for a loss behind the line. When this happens put your FB in motion to the right, as the FB goes in motion hike the ball at the same time. You will get the same result every time. you can march up and down the field all day long against any defense.
you can also use (HB PASS) from ace normal for the same result. the only mixing you will have to do is putting your men in motion. After a dozen times or so you will have it mastered.


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Type WAHOOS (all caps) @ The My NCAA Screen Go To Pennets & Hit Select And Type!