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NBA Live 2003 Cheats

NBA Live 2003 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

NBA Live 2003 Tips

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Push'em around
Iv'e been playng this game and found out how to take the ball away from your opponent without getting fouled.
[you should]ush the right analog stick up and press the turbo button to take town your opponent or to get an offensive foul

note:when the ball gets away to the outside line, when you have knocked your opponent down the ball will be given to you.
Submitted by: megatron on July 06, 2004

NBA Live 2003 Cheats

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An Alright Cheat
*Easier Foul Line Dunking*

Go to Create a Star, and put these features on them, then do whateva else you want to with 'em.

1)Create a baller 7'8" tall...

2)Max Jumping

3)Max Dunking

4)whateva weight

5)Body type #1

When you go to practice, and try to shoot from the side of the line closest to the 3-point line.
All you have to do to foul line dunk is walk(not run), and if it is done right, you should be able to do it always...

But it doesn't work in the middle(right in between the foul line, and the 3-point line)

And if you run, you should be able to jump further than MJ, or J.Erving...

How Sweet, lol.
Good Luck!
Submitted by: high_ranking_redeyes on May 30, 2003
do like bigballa118 said to get these charecters

justblaze= GOODBEATS
Submitted by: mb 1 on June 17, 2003
hardcore mode
to unlock hardcore mode go to the main menu and press on the d-pad up,down,left,right,r1,up,down
Submitted by: crazyace2002 on May 02, 2003
More Buckets
This tip is to raise the score of ur players on the franchise super high.

1)Go to Franchise, then whenever you start a match, you should switch the controller to the opponent.
2) then press start and use up all of their timeouts, then use another to get the technical.
3) Then switch the controller back to ur team.
And then ur best free throw shooter will take the shot, make it, then u get the ball.
4) after making the basket, wait 'til they get the ball, and then repeat this process.

If you have it on 12 min. Quarters, then the points should be much, much higher, I know.

It will take awhile, but it's worth it to have the most highest score eva.
Good Luck!

Submitted by: high_ranking_redeyes on May 24, 2003
Secret Players
Go to the Create player screens and enter in these names for the created player's last name, and the rest of the stats will fill up by themselves to get these players:

FLIPMODE - Busta Rhymes
GHETTOFAB - Fabolous

They will be added to the Free Agent Listing.

Submitted by: BigBalla118 on December 27, 2002