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*Biggie Littles* move

to do a biggie littles move press all the turbos and hit the right analog stick to the upper left
Verified by: HidanKid, DzikriMcCartney Submitted by: dennis rahm on January 15, 2008

Avoid using created player in Street Challenge

If your created playa is a bit poor and you need to play everyone else instead of him (or her) just hold the d-pad DOWN when you select a game in the Street Challenge mode and the automatic first choice will be the second player on the roster not the created player. However, the player selected will be replaced when you start the game by an NBA star like Cuttino Mobley who I always get. This trick may affect rep points as I don't recall mine increasing after doing this trick.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jam Daddy on May 04, 2005

Easy Sp

If you want easy Sp just play in the dunk contest against your-self on legendary difficulty, and average a score of 20 or better to get 250 Sp, once over you can restart dunk contest to get more Sp points.
Verified by: HidanKid Submitted by: Born2Hustle on April 22, 2005


After beating Street Challenge you unlock all court creator items, all NBA and street legends, and all V3 store items and 50,000 money.
Verified by: holmes, cango75 Submitted by: kenneth_snchz on February 23, 2005


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Easy Trick Points with bad handles

Do the 4 turbo trick and instantly when you start the trick press X to pass it away. Even if your player has bad handles he will just pass the ball away and you will be credited the points.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: keawjinda on March 19, 2005

Single Alloy opp

press R1 L1 R2 l2 at the same time then you can do a single alloy opp.
Verified by: Blingage Submitted by: holmes on February 24, 2005