NBA Street (PS2) Cheats

NBA Street cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy Baskets
Tap O (the circle button) to do a pump fake, and then run around the CPU player.
Easy Trick Points
Drive straight to the basket, and when crossing the freethrow line, hold down all 4 shoulder buttons and push O (circle). If successful, you will perform a dunk called "Dinner's Served", which is worth 7,500 trick points.
NBA Superstars
In City Challenge, defeat an NBA team to unlock players from their roster.


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All courts
At the court selection screen in hold the court mode, hold R2 and press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up, then while holding Up press X to unlock all courts.
Dream Team
At the "Enter User ID" screen, go to the user record box (will either display a user IDs record information, or "No User Record"), hold R2 and quickly press Up(2), Right(2), X. Alternatively, win hold the court mode to unlock a team that includes Graylien Alien, Magma Man, and Yeti Snowman.
Game Cheats
You have ten seconds to enter these in at the game loading screen. The first number is the number of times you should push square, the second is the # of times you should push triangle, the third is O (circle), and the fourth is X (X, duh).

Infinite juice 2-0-3-0
No juice 1-4-4-3
Mega dunking 3-0-1-0
No dunks 3-0-1-2
More gamebreakers 1-4-3-2
Less gamebreakers 1-3-4-2
No gamebreakers 1-4-4-2
Springtime Joe "The Show" 1-1-0-1
Summertime Joe "The Show" 1-0-0-1
Athletic Joe "The Show" 1-2-0-1
Ultimate power 3-1-1-0
Mad handles 3-2-1-0
Super swats 3-3-1-0
Easy shots 2-1-3-0
Big heads 4-1-2-1
Tiny heads 4-2-4-2
Tiny players 4-0-4-0
Sticky fingers 3-4-1-0
Less blocks 3-1-2-3
Less steals 3-1-4-0
No alley-oops 3-4-1-2
No 2-pointers 3-3-0-3
No player indicators 4-0-0-4
No shot indicator 4-3-2-4
No shot clock 4-4-0-3
ABA ball 0-1-1-0
Beach ball 0-1-1-2
EA Big ball 0-1-4-0
Medicine ball 0-1-1-3
NuFX ball 0-1-3-0
Soccer ball 0-2-1-0
Volley ball 0-1-1-4
WNBA ball 0-1-2-0
Authentic uniforms 0-0-1-1
Casual uniforms 1-1-0-0
ABA socks 4-4-4-4
Explosive rims 1-2-4-0
Captain quicks 3-0-2-1
Harder distance shots 2-2-3-0
Player names 0-1-2-3
No auto replays 1-2-1-1
No HUD display 1-4-1-2
No cheats 1-1-1-1
Unlock hidden teams
Big Team
(SSX Snowboarders)
Get 10 wins in any mode to unlock the Big Team.

3LW Team
Get 20 wins in any mode to unlock the 3LW Team.

NYC Legends Team
Get 30 wins in any mode to unlock the NYC Legends Team.

Street Legends Team
Win the City Circuit tournament to unlock all the players on the Street Legends Team. This team includes Biggs, Bonafide, Drake, DJ, Takashi, Stretch, and Michael Jordan.

Dream Team
Win the court mode to unlock a team that includes Graylien Alien, Magma Man, and Yeti Snowman.