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NBA Live 2004 (PS2) Cheats

NBA Live 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Alley Oop (Kinda)
This is sounds really crap but its something that looks kinda good.
Use a player with good offensive rebound (it helps) and awsome dunking (definitely needed). With the ball up to your opponents basket, when you get in between the 3 point line and the free throw line, press square. The player should toss the ball towards the basket, continue running towards the basket (holding R1) and press triangle when the ball is coming back off the rim or the backboard. This should result in a kind of Alley oop.
It may not be nba street style but it still looks decent.


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LEBRON's shoes
23LBJNUMB1 -- type this to unlock Lebron's shoes !
Old Fashion M.J.
At the create a player screen create Micheal Jordan as the following:

M. Jordan#-23-"6-7"-SG-bald head-high socks-short shorts, and a left wrist band with some of his old shoes. Place him on the Free Agents and you are done.
play as fabolous
Go to make a player and type in last name "ghettofab"
Play as Jermaine Dupri
go to creat a charcter and as the last name put SOSODEF
Ultimate Codes
POUY985GY5-all shoes
725JKUPLMM-all jerseys
ERT9976KJ3-all nba gear
YREY5625WQ-all team gear
87843H5F9P-15,000 store points
These Work...
Unlock More Shoes
Color way style are in parentheses

Air Flight 89(3)- GF9845JHR4
Air Flightposite II(2)- 2389JASE3E
Air Foamposite Pro(1)- DG56TRF446
Air Foampostie Pro(2)- 3245AFSD45
Air Foamposite Pro(3)- DSAKF38422
Air Hyperflight(3)- A0K374HF8S (0 is a zreo)
Air Hyperflight(4)- JCX93LSS88
Unlock 50 Cent & Lil' Flip
To unlock "50 cent" go to create a player, then as the last name type in "thenewbreed".

To unlock "Lil' Flip" go to create a player. Then as the last name type in "flipper".

Unlock Chingy
go to create a player and as the last name type in Jackpot. Next the screen will say you have unlocked Chingy.
unlock shoes
to unlock these shoes inter these codes at code screen.

nike shox bb4(vince carter's)
nike blazer (old school kicks)
nike air jordan III (if u don't know what these r....)