NBA 2K7 Cheats

NBA 2K7 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

NBA 2K7 Tips

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Big points
When ever your opponent inbounds stay a few feet away from him. After this come up behind him and move the right anolog stick down to steal it. Now score(if done correctly you can achieve up to a triple-double). To help even more set all game and team sliders exept for your opponet up all the way. You can now sore with all 3s and achieve over 100 points. (on game and team sliders turn down prone to foul and injury cance/effect)
Submitted by: anonymous on February 10, 2007
easy first round draft picks!
Set every practice to Intense and then trade a player that's overall is normally average for another player that naturally has a better average and you could even get a few first round draft picks!


On my Bull's franchise i practiced intenesly until my SG Gerald Green (normal overall is 75) had a temporary overall of 81 and then i traded him to the Orlando Magic for JJ Reddick who's overall was 75 and 2 first round draft picks
Submitted by: lil ff kid reborn on December 27, 2006

NBA 2K7 Cheats

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Alter game performance
Alter game performance
Enter code at the codes screen (in Features). Toggle on/off at codes screen.

payrespect=ABA Ball
getstops=Deffensive Awareness
ironman=Maximum Durability for one game
inthezone=Offensive Awareness
topps2ksports=Topps 2K Sports All-Stars
norest=Unlimited Stamina for one game
Submitted by: lil ff kid reborn on December 22, 2006
New Alternate Jerseys
From the main menu then select extras then select codes.

bcb8sta=Bobcats navy alternates
zjb3lau=Jazz blue alternates
nrd4esj=Nets red alternates
zw9idla=Wizards golden alternates
Submitted by: lil ff kid reborn on December 22, 2006
Secret Teams
Go to the Extras option in the options menu and type in

the code= to get the team unlocked
tns9roi= international all star team
bestsim= nba 2k team
rta1spe= superstar team
Submitted by: Air Force 1s on December 31, 2006
Unlock secret teams
Enter code at the codes screen

tns9roi=international all star team
bestsim=nba 2k team
rta1spe=superstar team
Submitted by: lil ff kid reborn on December 22, 2006