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NASCAR Thunder 2004 (PS2) Cheats

NASCAR Thunder 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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EA Sports Bio Bonuses
If you only have Nascar Thunder 2004:
reach EA Bio level 16 to unlock the All-Star race at Lowe's
reach EA Bio level 18 to unlock the Bud Shootout at Daytona

If you have Nascar Thunder 2004 AND Madden NFL 2004 saved games:
reach EA Bio level 10 to unlock the All-Star race
reach EA Bio level 12 to unlock the Bud Shootout
Slow down Cars
In career mode, when you're coming out of the pits, if there are cars coming and you can get out on the racetrack before they get to you, they slow down and you can save valuable spots. The trick is to make sure they aren't too close.


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Acces all Cameo Videos
Go to Main Menu, select Features, then select "Create-a-Car". Where you're asked to type in a name, enter:

First name: Seymore
Last name: Cameos

Extra Note: Make sure you have a capital S and C since the name fields are case sensitive.
All Create a car sponsers
Unlockable: All Create-a-Car Sponsors
To unlock all create-a-car sponsors, win the Winston Cup in Career Mode and you'll get a thunder plate that states all create-a-car sponsors are unlocked.
All Fantasy Drivers
Go to create a car and put in for your first name as extra and your last name as drivers
Dale earnhardts cars
Win the Daytona 500 in season mode driving Kevin Harvick's #29 car to unlock Dale Earnhardt. You will also get the Goodwrench car, Goodwrench Plus car, Wrangler car, Silver car, Coke car, Bass Pro Shops car, Oreo car, and the Legacy car.
EA Bio Extras
Reach Level 16 to unlock the All-Star Race. Reach Level 18 to unlock the Bud Shootout.
Fantasy Drivers
To unlock the fantasy drivers, just win three championships in career mode.
Gameshark Codes
(M) Must Be On
F0100008 002C2397

Inf Tyre Wear
20117ECC 10000063

Inf Fuel
201CBCF0 00000000
2018D1C4 00000000

Max Money (Career Mode) (Note 1)
D1F52CE0 00002AFC
21F52D14 0098967F
Kitt Paint
To unlock Kitt Paint, win the Winston Cup in Career Mode.
Normal Driver Special Paint Schemes
Win 5 Championships and you'll get all special and retro Winston Cup paint schemes.
Paint Schemes for Other Drivers
Win a race in Veteran Difficulty to unlock a different paint scheme for your driver.
The Perfect Car
Reach level 28 in your EA Sports Bio and you will unlock the pace car, Buster Auton. The pace car will not receive any damage when it is hit.
Unlock Dale Earnhardt
To unlock Dale Earnhardt do the following: Win 9 of the Lightining Challenges in the Rookie tier, you get a Thunder Plate with Dale Earnhardt and the following cars:

1995 Winston Silver
1997 Winston Wheaties
1998 Winston Bass Pro Shops
1999 Winston Wrangler
2001 Bud Shootout Oreo Car
1998 Daytona 500 Winner (Plus on the hood)
2001 Regular Paint Scheme
2003 Legacy Car
Unlocking the paint schemes and other tracks
Althouhg Lighting Challenges and other stuff unlock some plates,to unlock the paint schemes and the other tracks(a day race at Richmond or night race at Atlanta, etc.) you have to unlock them. In order to do this follow these steps:

1.When in Race Now select medium or higher,custom make work if you set the A.I. to Veteran
2.Select the driver any current paint scheme open already will do.
3.Pick the track(if you want to unlock the other race at the track or both car and track)
4.Win the race to earn car/track/both