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NASCAR Thunder 2003 Cheats

NASCAR Thunder 2003 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

NASCAR Thunder 2003 Tips

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easy win anywhere in career mode
in a race with 2 laps from half-way cuase a caution.(ex: lap 3 of 10) dont pit on the lap after halfway cause another cuation & pit. once back green stay clean dont cuase any wrecks. with 2 or 1 laps to go they should pit. u can make it so stay out and win.
Submitted by: kart racer 17 on April 30, 2004
To not get Behind
To not get Behind, you have to damage your car, (sounds silly but it works alright)it says that do want to repair your car or something like that say no and you will not get behind!
Submitted by: KurtisTrent on February 26, 2004

NASCAR Thunder 2003 Cheats

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Fantasy Drivers
To unlock the Fantasy Drivers enter the following name in the Create-A-Car option:

First Name: Extra
Last Name: Drivers

Then you should see a thunder plates for the Fantasy Drivers.
Submitted by: swiftshark on December 27, 2002
Race as Dale Earnhardt
To race as Dale Earnhardt you must enter his name in the Create-A-Car option (put Dale for a first name and Earnhardt for the last name). Once you enter his name you should get a Thunder Plate for unlocking Earnhardt.
Submitted by: swiftshark on December 27, 2002
Tiburon Speedway Track
Use a memory card with a save from an EA sports 2003 title (besides thunder 2003)
Submitted by: Michael_the_Fallen_Angel on January 15, 2003
Unlock special paint schemes
First go to game length and put it on 3%. Then go to where you can change to rookie and veteran.
Put it on veteran. Then go to where you can pick the cars. Pick a car with a special paint scheme and pick a track. then race. When you win the race after th race you could get the paint scheme.
Submitted by: Travis Weldon on September 22, 2003