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NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Cheats

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Tips

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Daytona Infield Shortcut
On the last infield curve before entering the track, There is a strip of grass on the edge of the road, ride on it to get ahead of everybody. This may take a little experience to master.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 26, 2008
Fantasy NASCAR Picks
When doing Fantasy Nascar (go to 'Games' in your cell phone), the best drivers to choose are:

Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhart Jr.
Ryan Newman
Tony Stewert
Jimmie Johnson
Kurt Busch
Greg Biffle
Carl Edwards

If you've ever noticed, those drivers seem to win the most races. Those are the smart choices to make when trying to win at Fantasy NASCAR.
Submitted by: Jax06 on November 28, 2005
Traffic jam
On Walmart raceway, Immediately when the race starts, slam your brakes. Waith until your at the back of the pack then turn around and drive the other way. If done at the right time, you should meet the pack right after a tight curve. Smash into the leader and it should block the entire road with cars. If a driver tries to escape, push him back into the jam. This, for some reason, totals everyone. If someone escapes the jam, don't go after him or the totaled cars will disappear and the others will drive off. Instead, let him go. He'll come back around and get stuck in the back. After all the cars have sat there for five to ten minutes, leave. They will all disappear except for maybe a couple that you can take care of later. By now, you can already see that your the winner because you will be the only driver to complete the course.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 26, 2008
Wreck Challenges
On most wreck challenges, there is only supposed to to be one or two lines you can drive to escape the wreck. However, on most wreck challenges you can ride the rails of the track and dodge everything. If you can figure out how to pull away from the curve (or ride it), you can manage to not recieve any damage in the wreck to your car.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 26, 2008

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Cheats

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In 'Fight to the Top Mode', go to the edit driver screen and enter the below codes as your first and last name. The codes are case sensitive.

Code - Effect
All ForOne - Max Team Prestige
Gimme Gimme - Unlocks All
KeepCool; SmellGreat - Unlocks Everything related to 'Old Spice'
MeMyself AndI - Max Prestige
Race Thetruck - Unlocks UPS Truck
Super Star - Max Fan Level
The Intimidator - Unlocks Dale Earnhardt Sr. Car
Walmart Exclusive - Unlocks Walmart Driver and Track
Walmart Money - Gives you 10 Million Dollars
Submitted by: Jax06 on November 10, 2005