Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 Cheats

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy character leveling (Ulitmate Contest)
OK if you want to level characters easily just go to Nindo talk to guy and begin a 50 battle long quest. After every match you get to change character if you want.

Oh and every ten battles you have to fight a summoning k hope you use it.
easy kill giants
in the game, certain characters have the ability to summon giants. The only known weakpoints for these giants is the head. Normally, it's extremely difficult to hit them, but if you use the customize jutsu option and give a character the Demon Wind Bomb technique, you can stand under their heads and keep using it over and over to rapidly drain their health!

This trick works well against all giants except for Manda the snake, and Kiba's double wolf head since the two of them have an attack which strikes the entire ground, unlike the others.

Demon Wind Bomb drains chakra with each use, so you may need to retreat after a few uses to replenish your chakra before rushing back in to finish the job.
Easy Kill With Naruto
You could just use crimson chakra and keep using multi shadow clone jutsu. That's how I kill everyone.
For Beginners
Neji Hyuga is one of the best characters, besides Tayuya, to fight with. Go to vs mode or training to use these two. you dot have to unlock them. I can give out info for wo needs it. Just message meh
Medical Ninja
Did you know if in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 has some characters that can use the Medical Techniques? With this techniques you can have more survival time in battle. This ninja that has this technique, you can call "Medical Ninja" Ex:
1. Tsunade
2. Sakura Haruno
3. Kakashi Hatake
4. Anko Mitharasi
5. Choji Akamichi
6. Jiraiya
7. Kabuto Yakusi
With hold "UP" button, you can get your health increase.
Sasuke customization
You can't seem to find some of Sasuke's customization items and some of Naruto's (Ultimate Contest) just go to the Academy talk to Konohamaru to watch your Battle Records when you exit you will start getting items (if you've done a lot of victorious fighting) and then you'll out if you can get more stuff and you'll know when he gives you a certificate.
Win Jutsu easy
if you think that using jutsu can be complicated,you are wrong. costimise the charcter and costimize the ultimate jutsu. change the activation to spin. when you use your jutsu, instead of spinning it around kind of slowley, move the anolog stick back and fourth. what i mean by back and fourth means move the anolog stick towards the screen,away from the that pattern. it is much faster than spinning the analog stick round and round. remember back and fourth


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Big Problem
When you use VS. Mode with two players, the second player will have a hard time playing. The first player gets all of the cushion of the in-game help. 1p gets the attack boost from the game, as well as the items from the game. 2p gets no stat boost and has to start with 0 items. Basically, 2p will have a much harder time to win.


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a secret mission
well this is how you get the secret mission first what i did was i got a bowl ramen then Ichiraku told me a rumor about the water dragon justsu thing then he said to go to sakura. but when i played sakura wasnt there yet so i gave iruka a gift pls note you have to buy all the things in the weird mans store by the corner with the stuff on his back. and then you can give gifts to alot of people. o ya if you want to unlock hanabi you have to give her gifts two times any way after i gave the gift to iruka he went to the ramen shop then you get a bowl of ramen then for my game sakura was there already so if you have the book already give it to sakura then use these answers WATER, then ROOSTER but before you answer rooster you have to catch Akumaru. then your done and you can use then water dragon jutsu. ---man that was long -_-...
Bonus characters
At the main menu, hold R1 + R2 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Release R1 + R2, then hold L1 + L2 and press Right, Up, Right, Up. Release L1 + L2, then press L3 + R3. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. All characters except for Hyuuga Hanabi and Yondaime (Hokage 4) will be unlocked.

Cheat mode
Go to the Naruto card game, and enter one of the following passwords. Note: Some passwords require a card to first be present before they will work.

Enter one of the following codes in the North American version of the game:

Fire, Rat, Ox, Snake: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Rat, Hare, Monkey: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Rat, Dragon, Hare: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Tactics Card #157
Fire, Rat, Dragon, Dog: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Shinobi Card #190
Fire, Rat, Snake, Rat: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Rat, Snake, Ox: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Rat, Snake, Dragon: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Tactics Card #177
Fire, Rat, Ram, Rat: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Rat, Dog, Monkey: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Rat, Boar, Rat: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Shinobi Card #200
Fire, Ox, Tiger, Dog: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Jutsu Card #64
Fire, Ox, Hare, Hare: (10,000 Ryou) N2 Shinobi Card #86
Fire, Ox, Horse, Dragon: (3,000 Ryou)
Fire, Ox, Ram, Boar: (10,000 Ryou)
Fire, Ox, Dog, Snake: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Tactics Card #46
Fire, Tiger, Hare, Horse: (1,000 Ryou)
Fire, Tiger, Dragon, Hare: (5,000 Ryou) N2 Jutsu Card #177
Fire, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey: Secret figurine 1; code only works after revealed during game
Fire, Tiger, Snake, Ox: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Shinobi Card #13
Fire, Tiger, Snake, Dog: (1,000 Ryou) N2 Tactics
Curse Mark Anko
When fighting Orochimaru use Anko's Ultimate jutsu and instead of going Ultimate mode she will go curse mark.
Easy money
Ok, first go to the Lottery place in tanzaku town. Do the Leaf Village story, and put all you have into tokens. Basically you keep trying to get Tsunade, you get all your money double, tripled, quintuples, or times ten. either way, dont get x1 or you sunk. You get 999999 tokens eventually, after maybe half an hour, then cash it in for 1 1/2 million ryo!
Get 9,999,999 ryo in Ultimate Mode easily
To get the maximum amount of ryo (9,999,999) just play Ultimate Mode, and do the Infinite missions that give you lots of ryo. Note that the more the ryo, the more clearing recomendations will be assigned and it may be hard to do them if you don't know what to do.
Secret Figurines 1-10
Figurine 1: Once you obtained the item MYSTERY CODE, simply enter it. Fire 3,5,9
Figurine 2: Complete S Mission 1
Figurine 3: Complete S Mission 2
Figurine 4: Complete S Mission 3
Figurine 5: Complete S Mission 4
Figurine 6: Complete S Mission 5
Figurine 7: Complete S Mission 6
Figurine 8: Complete S Mission 7
Figurine 9: Complete S Mission 8
Figurine 10: Complete S Mission 9
Story Mode Unlockable Characters
Haku - Finish Story Mode Chapter 1, Mission 2

Hoshigaki Kisame - Finish Story Mode Chapter 3, Mission 8

Jiraiya - Finish Story Mode Chapter 3, Mission 9

Kankuro - Finish Story Mode Chapter 2, Mission 7

Momochi Zabuza - Finish Story Mode Chapter 1, Mission 3

Orochimaru - Finish Story Mode Chapter 2, Mission 6

Sabaku no Gaara - Finish Story Mode Chapter 2, Mission 7

Sandaime Hokage - Finish Story Mode Chapter 2, Mission 6

Shizune - Finish Story Mode Chapter 3, Mission 11

Temari - Finish Story Mode Chapter 2, Mission 7

Tsunade - Finish Story Mode Chapter 3, Mission 11

Uchiha Itachi - Finish Story Mode Chapter 3, Mission 9

Yakushi Kabuto - Finish Story Mode Chapter 3, Mission 10
Transformed Characters
Complete all characters and do the following in versus mode.

Chou Chouji - hold select when highlighting Chouji

Drunken Lee - hold select when highlighting Lee

Kyuubi Naruto - hold select when highlighting Naruto

Sakon Cursed Seal lv2 - hold select when highlighting Sakon

Sasuke Cursed Seal lv2 - hold select when highlighting Sasuke

Half-Shukaku - hold select when highlighting Gaara

Tayuya Cursed Seal lv2 - hold select when highlighting Tayuya

Jiroubou Cursed Seal lv2 - hold select when highlighting Jiroubou

Kidoumaru Cursed Seal lv2 - hold select when highlighting Kidoumaru

Kimimaro Cursed Seal lv2 - hold select when highlighting Kimimaro
Unlimited Scrolls
Go to the room where Iruka-Sensei is (the house in front of Ichiraku Ramen) and talk to him. Select the 2nd option, then the 2nd option again. Go out and you will find scrolls on top of Ichiraku Ramen.

Repeat if desired.
Unlockable Characters
'Might Suit' Naruto - Finish Narutimetto Road

1st and 2nd Hokage - after completing udon and moegi's challenge, do ebisu's challenge at the resturaunt next to the scroll store

All other characters
- Do Naruto Eiyuuden

Anbu Kakashi - Finish Narutimetto Road

Anko - Beat her in Narutimetto Road

Asuma - Beat him in Narutimetto Road

Hanabi Hyuuga - 'Date' her in Narutimetto Road

Konohamaru - do moegi and udon's riddle game at the academy(after the story)

Kurenai - Beat her in Narutimetto Road

Yellow Flash(4th Hokage) - get the other 41 characters