Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Naruto: Ultimate Ninja cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
Go to story mode and use any default character to complete his or her story. Once completed, you will unlock a secret character in story mode. Successfully complete story mode with the unlocked character to unlock the next bonus character.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Neji HyuugaSuccessfully complete story mode as any default character.
Hinata HyuugaSuccessfully complete story mode as Neji Hyuuga.
HakuSuccessfully complete story mode as Hinata Hyuuga.
Zabuza MomochiSuccessfully complete story mode as Haku.
GaaraSuccessfully complete story mode as Zabuza Momochi.
OrochimaruSuccessfully complete story mode as Gaara.
Special NarutoBeat all a-b rank missions.
ShikamaruBeat Shikamaru saga.
Curse Mark SasukeGet to Chunnin rank (500 points).


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Capsule Machine for Collectors
To unlock the Capsule Machine for Collectors you need to Get the "Special 'Chunin' rank.
Capsule Machine for Maniacs
To unlock the Capsule Machine for Maniacs you need to Get the "Anbu" rank.
to get the capsule machine for collectors reach special jonin to get the machine for maniacs reach abnu
Curse Mark Health Price
When playing as curse mark watch your health as it slowly drains.
Dont stop!
On the mission were you can't stop attacking for more then one count just stay in the same spot and attack. If the enemy teleports to the seperate side of the place just stand were you are and attack mid air. You don't have to be attacking the enemy so if you can't attack the enemy make sure you dont follow him stand still and attack.
Draining Chakra
When your in the mission that you have to drain the opponents chakra, use Nejis Byakugan when they are half way dead then when you hit them their chakra goes down.
Fight Like other characters.
When playing as Kakashi or Sasuke if you use there Strongest or second strongest jutsu they will start to fight like your opponnent. When you fight against Zabuza/Oruchimaru you will get there sword. When fighting against Gaara you will get his gorde.

(Please Note: This only works on Kakashi and Sasuke!!!).
hokage mission
when you become a hokage you will get and s-mission saying that you shuold save up 1,000,000 ryo. this amount of money can be made easily if you have the the last a-mission where you have to kill orchimaru without breaking anything.choose curse mark saskue and when you start just hit him to the right walland keep on hiting him. if he never attacks and doent get away he shouldget killed, after that you get 30000 ryo. just do this mission 33 times and you will have 1,120,000 ryo.
Kyuubi Naruto
Complete all B-rank missions and you will unlock
Kyuubi Naruto.
How to get different ranks

Genin get 50 EXP
Chunin get 500 EXP
Special Jonin get 1,150 EXP
Jonin get 1,750 EXP
Anbu get 2,170 EXP
Hokage get 2,490 EXP

Stage Shifting
When trying to complete the S-rank mission for the Hokage where he says you have to collect all the Hidden Scrolls, I found it easier to use the stage shift (up, "x" when it comes up on the screen) to shift to another stage. If you haven't already collected the scroll from that stage, then ta-da! Two Hidden Scrolls in one battle! Hope this helps.
Tip for additional blows
To do a additional blow you need to throw them and then hit them again with the slo-mo attack soon after you throw them. That's how you do it.(Or move the left analog to the opposite direction you threw them at and also press the circle button at the same time)
Where to unlock the hidden scrools
These are the locations of The Hidden Scrolls for the S rank missions. The Hidden Scrolls can be obtained in any mode. This means you can use practice mode (suggested mode to use) to obtain the scrolls.

Ramen Shop (foreground): Hit the lanterns so each one glows red

Hokage's Statue Stage (foreground): Jump repeatedly on the tree to the left

Zabuza's Home (background): Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the balcony

Bridge (background): Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the boat

Yagura map with Giant Frog & Snake (background): Jump from the top of the frog to the snake and then jump back to the frog

Chunnin Testing Stage (foreground): Run through the tunnel from the left entrance and exit the right. Repeat this three times

Hero's Gravestone (any): Attack your opponent's support character five times

Survival Stage (background): Destroy the doll on the right 10 – 15 times

Wind Clan (foreground): Keep attacking the vending machine until the scroll shows up

Tornado Sand Map (background): Destroy 8 of the objects flying inside of the tornado

Nightly Rooftop Map (background): Stand on the tail of the right fish statue until the scroll shows up

44 Forest of Death (foreground): Attack the fish on the left 3 times


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Alternate costumes
To play as a character in their alternate costume, hover the cursor over them, hold R1 and press X to select them, and then there you go- your character is in their alternate costume (which is also seen when player 1 and the CPU/player 2 both play as the same character)


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if you hold R1 your characters costome will change
Curse- Marked Saskue
To unlock curse marked saskue, achieve the rank of Chunin.
How to unlock all of the stages
Two Villiage of Sand Stages: Finish Gaara's story mode

Great Naruto Bridge: Complete Haku's story mode

Zabuza's Hideout: Complete Haku's story mode

Kazekage's Mansion: Complete Gaara's story mode

Sumanigo Estate and Buddha Statue: Complete Gaara's story mode

Kyuubi Naruto (Nine tailed fox form)
To unlock Kyuubi Naruto you must complete all of the
missions up to until you beat all of the B missions. If you do not receive this character after trying this, try beating some A missions to raise the number of Points you have.
S Rank Missions
How to get more S ranked missions

Mission 11: Complete S Rank Mission 2
Mission 12: Finish all non-S rank missions
saskues swords
when fighting zabuza or orochmaru use the shardingon and you can use there sword