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Secondary Form of Characters

To unlock the secondary form of all the characters, just beat the story mode. Then, in VS mode, push R1 to see the secondary form and select for it. This doesn't work on all the characters, only on the ones that have a secondary form in the anime (ie: Neji doesn't have one, but Choji does (his super pill form))

Naturally, this only works on characters that you've already unlocked (which should be all if you beat story mode)
Verified by: fireants94, kulapika Submitted by: GamerHelper on December 20, 2008

Unlockable Characters

Itachi Beat Itachi in Master (Story) Mode
Sasori Hiruko Beat Sasori in Master (Story) Mode
Chiyo Meet her Master (Story) Mode
Chiyo with Puppets Beat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode with her
Orochimaru Beat Orochimaru in Master (Story) Mode
Kabuto Beat Kabuto in Master (Story) Mode
Sasuke Beat Sasuke in Master (Story) Mode
Kisame Beat Kisame in Master (Story) Mode
Yamato Beat Sai in Master (Story) Mode
Sai Beat Sai in Master (Story) Mode
Sasori True Form Beat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode
Deidara Beat Deidara in Master (Story) Mode
Verified by: faisalnoor98, panjul14 Submitted by: GamerHelper on December 20, 2008


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Easy 1000+ Ryo in One Match

In Player vs. Com, equip the ability "Night Phoenix," When the battle starts quickly double-jump into the air, and keep using it as if you equipped it. (Using either "Up, Up, O" or "Down, Down, O")

You need unlimited chakra activated, but the payoff is excellent. Also, the first time you perform this action, you might notice a small lag in framerate, however, every time afterwards will be smooth.
Verified by: ace752, rahmathadi Submitted by: Melodius92 on October 03, 2009

Get PST Sasuke !!

if you want to get him you need to get all characters exept yondaime (4th) and finished all the social, jutsu, special quests and then go to orochimaru hideout and at the first place in the first room you find him fight and win and you get him
Verified by: gboboiboy23, muhdfarhan97 Submitted by: conors on November 15, 2008