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2nd rune problem?
u know the "rune settings" menu where u get to put 2 runes but the 2nd rune is useless?

it's not!

if the skill name for the skill is white, go to the skill and press x

the d/t/s/j symbol will move from the 1st rune to the skill on the 2nd

mix up ur runes any way u want now!

(note:i found this tip out myself by doing, this is not a copy(at least i think))
Slightly easier hit Count in Mission mode...
When doing the hit count missions in Mission mode, remember that ice magic can freeze enemies, even if they're dead. Will they're frozen, smack them till they cry, then try to repeat.


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Unlock Hard Survival Mode:
You'll need to unlock Hard Survival Mode, beat Survival Mode.
Dont want certain magic by default? Try this...
lets say you equip the rune that has the 'hp restore' effect, and the other rune is the one that has 'mp restore' as its effect. Let's say you use Tai. Tai has thunder magic which works well with any character, since thunder has great ranges, and is pretty darn powerful, i suggest giving them to everybody as long as storm is the jump-square attack and bolt is the triangle attack. Anyhow, the HP and MP restore runes have crap magic, only one slot. Sometimes the game will force you to use that magic, even thought Tai's default thunder magic is more useful. To get his default thunder magic, switch to a rune that has lotsa slots. pick that slot, then switch back to the HP or MP rune. Since that slot may become empty, the empty slot will become Tai's default magic. If done right, Tai will be godlike, with great thunder magic, near infinite HP and MP! This is just an example of how to combine default magic with runes that have magic you dont want, but effects you do want. Work with it to make your own great results for every character!

PS- even though tai's magic, and anybodys default magic is level 1, the thunder ones, through experience kai and tai's...(no, not the WWF guys) magic is still pretty strong by default. Thunder is the second strongest under fire magic, but has usually, more speed, with the exception of the shock orb. Also, its target magic can go the longest distance and even hit objects through walls!
Magic Juggle
To continuously continue hurting enemy bosses before they can counter you, or enemy soldiers and peons, once you knock them to the ground after your normal attack combos, jump and do the triangle magic (not square). If the magic hits (works best with bolt), run to the enemy really fast and you will find that you can add more normal hits to the combo. WHen the last hit of the combo knocks them away, do another jump magic attack, and repeat till dead. Works great with Bruin!
practical invincibility glitch/cheat
okay, so evading does always give you the result you want, wether its a slow character doing a slow evade animation, or not moving far enough away from the enemy.

i found that i could take out 3 Bruin's and 2 Brutes all in the same fight, by using this glitch to my advantage.

The 360 degree attack: to do this, rotate the left stick in a clockwise circle once, and when you come to the end of the motion, hit attack, and your character will become temporarily invincible and attack the enemies all around him or her, in a 360 degree circular attack. Get a boss or anybody near a wall and do this over and over, and you can juggle anybody. Brute getting too close? Keep doing this to hit him over and over while the majority of his attacks do nothing.

You STILL can be hit though. For a split split second at the beggining animation, since its different for each character, a slow character like Tai may take more time to prepare the move, so you can get hit early on by a quick attack, like arrows, etc, or prolonged magic attacks. Still, it's also a great way to fill the magic meter. Just run into a crowd and 360 them, then bust a coupla jump spells (square type usually) and watch them suffer.

this 360 motion is also great for fighting certain hard enemies that dont get stunned, like the zombie samurai, the kung fu skull head guys, and the skeletal magicians, since they cannot block this move!

This is an unblockable move, unless you are fighting Brute- the version of Brute that can only be hurt with magic attacks.
But Brute will still try to block it, so he wont attack. And by doing this, you still refill your magic meter!

ALso, this move can link for super combos. Example: 360 hit an enemy, and while they land, jump and press triangle with apporpriate spells. Let's just say 'bolt' for now. It will add more hits to the enemy. While the enemy is getting hit, run up to them before the attack stops, and attack normally. You will find that you can sort of juggle them. While hitting them now, do another 360 degree attack and repeat the process.

Also, doing this when cornering an enemy near the wall, even bosses like Kanon, works miracles. Send them flying, then do your normal 5 hit combo, before they land, 360 them again and repeat.
Raising characters to maximum, and getting tons of items in fights to help you
Do this. Equip a strong jump magic that covers a wide area under you, and attacks while in the air, not as soon as you land. The perfect example is Tai's STORM move. It hits a widw area under him, and also does combo damage, and is pretty strong.

To get tons of items from a fight, gather a crowd of enemies. Let's say you run across the map, getting a lot of enemies to follow you. Then you run in a big circle around them, effectively rounding them up. Now make sure you have full magic, then jump into the middle of the crowd and bust continuous STORM attacks. If you run out of magic, wait for the enemies to gather, and keep doing the 360 attack until you magic is full, and them do more STORM moves. Not only will you get a 30+ combo, but since most of the enemies will die around the same time, you get this bonus-

- enemies drop items like crazy. At least half of these are status upgrade items! ALSO, you are guaranteed a heal item, in case you are low on life. Works great on any survival mode, and with the MP restore rune, man. You can really do some damage and become super human in no time!
Unlock Characters:
Complete the objectives below to unlock the specified characters:
Captain Dax: Beat Survival Mode on Normal Beginner.
Raja: Beat Survival Mode on Normal Intermediate.
Mariah: Beat Survival Mode on Hard Advanced.
Kai: Beat Survival Mode on Hard Beginner or Intermediate.
Unlock Runes:
To unlock the following Runes, complete the required challenges listed below:
M1: Complete a 4-player versus match.
M2: Complete Shiga's Storyline
M3: Complete Lani's Storyline.
M4: Complete Tai's Storyline.
M5: Complete Naja's Storyline.
M6: Complete 10 Co-op matches.
M7: Complete 20 Co-op matches.
M8: Complete 20 Versus matches.
M9: Complete 50 versus matches.
S1: Complete Normal Survival Mode Beginner.
S2: Complete Normal Survival Mode Intermediate.
S3: Complete Normal Survival Mode Expert.
S4: Complete Hard Survival Mode Beginner.
S5: Complete Hard Survival Mode Intermediate.
S6: Complete Hard Survival Mode