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Bugs Galore!
O.K. to carve from Vespoid/Hornetaur YOU ONLY NEED A BOWGUN THAT SHOOTS POISON LV.1! Shoot it once 'n' watch it fall on the floor as it dies. I like to kill 1 Vespoid for every time another one gets in my way or stings me when I'm fighting any wyvern. Aaaaah....sweet stress relief.
Cehpalos/drome Tracking
O.K. so everyone knows how to track Cephalos, right? You follow one untill it stops and wait where it stops 'till another one shows up, right? WRONG!!! If you look carefully, you should see that every Cephalos swims following the same circle, just in different directions. BUT they ALWAYS swim 3/4 of the way round, then stop. When they stop, run to the point 1/4 before it on the circle. Wait 'till it comes, throw a Sonic Bomb, and you have one Cehphalos, flopping about under the desert sun.
Cephalos (Sand Swimmers) Hunting [Bowgun]
First you need a Strong Bowgun and Normal Shot II. Go out to the Cephalos territory. Stand on top on their swimming path and take a few steps to the side so you're not standing on their fins or wings. Pull out your Bowgun. 1st Person aim, and look for one that's coming towards you and shoot it before it passes. Use Normal ammo and unload a clip on them as fast as possible and before you reload, be ready to dodge their sand spit, reload and unload another clip on them if they didnt go under yet. Repeat this, eventually they all die and you get better at it with more practice.
Collecting two Eggs
You know that the velociprey are in all the zones except the first zone which are home to the Aptonoth, if you get to the nest by going in through zone 4 you want to leave through the other exit, now careful with the distance you drop but after you left zone 6 enter zone 2 and it would be a good idea to eat one of your two rations so you can run with the egg and get past the velociprey, they are in zone 1 so you can't just walk past the Aptonth
Diablos Tips.
Diablos Help?

Attacks:Flick Horns if he has them,tail swipe sends you flying,Charge Ehhh,Burrow and jump right from under you WEEEEEEEEEE!

Weaknesse(s)Thunder on his tail.

How to break his horns(Gives you Twisted Horns)
Step 1: Throw Flash bomb in front of him.
Step 2: Go under his neck when he is dazed.
Step 3: Set 2 Lg Barrel Bombs then place sm Barrel Bomb KABOOOM!
Step 4: Repeat until his horns are only halfly There!

Zones:Never in The Desert Zones(2,3) or the Water Cave(The place were you fought Pliesoth)

I will be making more of Monster Tips!
Don´t sell Garbage!!!
(First sorry my porr english)

Garbage results when you try to combine two items and fail,correct? if you have some garbage at your inventory, try to go to zone 7 on forest and hills to see the little oldman explorer from Kokoto, and speak him.

he would trade with you, you must accept.(its only works from 3-5 times)

and Voila! These are the trades i have done...

1Garbage-1Fire Herb
1Insect Husk-1Special Mushrrom

I think you must trade much more items but really i didnt still try...
down and out for the yoin-kut-ku
Well... having trouble with your first real wyvren that you have to kill?

well look no further. I just about beet it.
But you got to be sneeky, its not a nice approch.
This is what your gonna need;

1. get all the large barrel bombs that you can carry.
2. plus, all the small barrel bombs that you get carry.
3.your gonna need the right armor, i recomend full hunter (swordsman).
4.the right wepon is the slow but awsomly powerfull great bone sword+.

5. now... your traps, bring two... or more, pit fall traps.
6.also get about 3 raw meat. used for luring.
7.and bring all the paint balls you need but if youve got a good aim then just bring one.

Dragonite Easy way
To get dragonite very quick very simple and very easy instead of haveing to kill gravious and swap its carapace in the swamp you can do extreamly easy 4 star quests making sure you have a pickaxe handy and while on a EASY quest you can get what is needed then take 5-10 mins to mine and usually you will get at least 1-4 Dragonite 1-12 earth crystals 1-15 iron ore 1-6 Mach ore its so simple try it
(Try using collect 12 kelbi horn quest it easy and if you have kelbi lyeing around bring 12 so you can spend all your time mining have fun good luck and see you all online cause i have the game this method does work i do it all the time you have to be HR 13 though...)
Easist Way to KO Basrios and Gravios.
Yes they are threatnig but I have found out that barrel bombs are the way to go! Step1.Throw Flash bomb. 2,set trap =put down barrel bombs. step 3 do the same thing over and and over again then BINGO!!! Plus dont hit the scales its a waste only the uppercut on gs s&s and lance Gunners I HATE THOSE BOWGUNS!
Easy Slaying Velocadrome
Get a good weapon(I use a hammer)and get the all the flash bombs in the item box (bring if needed). Go to area 1, then 2, then 3 , the velicadrome should be there. Throw a flash bomb and start attacking + using the sm barrell bombs on him . Don't worry if he's not confused. Throw flash bombs only when the others aren't dazed. Repeat this and you should be happy
Easy beginning money
need some extra cash? this is most effective for beginners:

1) Do the "Preparing Meat" quest on 1 star

2) Collect as many Well-Done steaks as possible

3) Deliver the steak, get your prizes, and go to the lady at the stand, you can sell your Well-Done steaks for 48 a pop! you can also sell your prizes, the small animal bones are worth 10 a piece

4) Repeat steps 1-3 for as long as you can stand it, you'll have a good store of mulah!
Easy cephadrome kill
Just sonic bomb him out of the sand and then headlock him with a spear... i killed him in liked 1 minute or 2 with a good spear.
easy los/ian
5 x flashbombs
1 x pitfal trap
4+ x paintball
10 x potion, herbs
GS (600+ min. prefered with green sharpness)
2 x LG barreel bombs (not required)
1 x SM barrel bomb (not required)
1-2 x whetstone

okay, first of all when you will find los, throw a flashbomb close enough to blind him, then a paintball. go to the back of los, and whenever he will not swing with his tail, attack it until you won't cut it, if the flashbomb's effect will stop working before you will finnish, throw another flashbomb. (it will save you problems later and will give you he's tail as reward), once he wakes up throw another flashbomb and whenever he will not swing with his tail, attack he's wings, once claws will be cut, start hitting another wing. probably you won't finnish before he will return to normal, then throw 1 more flashbomb, and finnish of his another wing(u will get los claws as reward). then start hitting his head with your spare time (watch out for swings) if he wakes up, throw another flashbomb, and repeat (if u have 1 more then repeat). once u will finish, he will be half dead. if he wakes up, put down a pitfall trap, stand on the other side so once los charges, he will get trapped. attack his head until he will release. then, stay quite close to him and ,always after his charge, get behind him (stay close to him). if he's turning fast, run to the left or right to avoid charge. but if it's slow turn, get to the side of his head and hit 2-3 time (give him headlock with 1-2 hits, and once more, then roll away). if he will run away weak throw another paintball to make sure u won't lose him. once he will land, stay 1 area away from him, and when he will go to sleep, go to his area, kill every monster except los, then go near him. if u have 2 LG barrels, and 1 SM, then place LGs next to his head, and then 1 SM, get away from blast radius, and wait for explosion. if he won't die, get to his head and start smashing it.after 1 hit after headlock, roll away, and wait for him to shot fireballs, or make low roar, avoid all other of his attacks, especially poisonous one. don't try to run away from poisonous attack, face him and defend yourself with GS. after a while, he will be dead. same goes for rathian, but she doesn't have poisonous attack.
easy medium monster bones & large monster bones
theres 2 ways to do this either choose the cephadrome mision or the liver of legend mission then get a decent weapon [i used agito plus and dragon agito] make sure it has at least 500 attack then have fun killing. if you chose to fight the cephadrome you will probably get a large monster bone and you should get large monster bones in the reward and if you get piscine jaws you can trade them to the forest and hills elder and get medium monster bones. the same goes for the liver of legend mission except that instead of being rewarded or carving large monster bones you get medium ones
Easy Money
Buy about 10 crickets & worms or more and choose easy raw meat mission. Collect as many as you need then use all your crickets and stuff fishing in base camp. Most fish are worth something between 25-150 but if you get the 5* golden fish you get 750 gold at the end of the mission. This is the only place I've found them and if you have enough worms / crickets and are lucky you can get that set of armour you've always wanted.
Easy Money
An easy way to make money is to fight what ever wyvren is easy for you. You can beat kut-ku fight it and sell the parts you get. If you can beat los, sell the parts. Any wyvren that you can beat, kill it and sell the parts
Easy money and Nova Crystals
This is much easier way of getting Nova crystals and cash. Do 4 star crystal hunting, load up on picks old and normal, and equip you worst armour. This works best in partys of 3 but if you are solo it just take a bit longer. Mine area 7 as the quarts is infinite, drop every quarts you get and pocket the Nova crystals. When you are done find a good way to die. This will get you 2440z per stone or good material for hard armour. Enjoy and say hi if you see me.
easy money blue mushrooms & spiderwebs
do the quest your first monster hunt and get a decent weapon so it go's quickly once you have killed all the monsters go to the web get all the spider webs it has then go to the mushroom patch and pick all the mushrooms you can get then it will say quest completed then push take reward matiriels and then sell all the loot exept the mushrooms and spider webs kepp repeating this and you should have a crap load of money good luck my fellow hunters!
Easy money for new players

1. Complete all the lvl 1 quests
2. Do the urgent lvl 2 quest
3. Do present for the armorer the get as many kelbi horns ans u can
4. Take them to the box
5. When the quest is don't go into your house put everything except the kelbi horns in your bank thingy then
6. Talk to the elder then start the quest again but this time u don't have to go get them just put the 1st you have in the box as a reward u should get a bunch of kelbi hides (hides sell for 28z each) keep doing that and when you get 99 hides put them in the bank and go again when you are out of horns or just get tired of it sell all the hides and if you have horns left they sell for 52z each sell everything kelbi and wallah you're rich.
Easy money plus items!
the best way for me to make money is by doing that The Land Shark quest. u just need some good armour, Battle seems to work (I have full cephalos) and a good weapon, Golem Blade and iron Katana Grace are excellent Great Swords against a cephadrome.

Firstly, u need to make Sonic Bombs;
Fire Herb + Nitroshroom = Gun Powder
Gunpowder + Screamer(Reward from The Formidable Velocidrome) = Sonic Bombs

-Sonic Bombs
-Cool drinks

When you begin the quest, go to the item box and get all the items out. drink a cool drink and head to Area 1. There should be around 3 cephalos there, they won't be any trouble if you can avoid them. wait there for around 2 minutes and the cephadrome should apear. (If this is your first time on this quest, go to Area 2).

Now for some fun, wait for the wyvern to get close and launch a sonic bomb, it should dive out of sand, start pounding the crap out of it until it stands, when its stood, use a paint ball (supplied in item box) at it. now stand in between its legs and use uppercuts and wide slashes in a combination of the same order, if it DOES escape, it will, if weak, will be in area 3, if it isnt there, continue searching in area 1 or 2.

When it is in area 3, just attack its head full on (If asleep) then when it stands again, continue the uppercut wide slash combination and it will eventually die with ease.

This normally takes me around 3 or 4 minutes to do, and becasue i do this quest a lot, i have full cephalos armour, for both gunner and blademaster, loads of money and sandstorm (gun).
easy money with no life taken away(for new players)
If your a new player and you need some easy cash, go to the village elder at the end of the village (the short stubby guy). Then go up to him and talk to him, then take the level one quest 'finding raw meat' and go on it.Then go over to the tree and press squere. you should start off at the bace camp, but go over the the small fire and thre should be a small opening, go through it. Then you should see a small herd of Atonoths (the big spikey dinosaur things).
Go and kill one or two of em and carve em up and get 2 raw meat. Then take it to the red box and press X. After that you will have compleated the quest, earned 50z and then take all of the reward itams and sell them. You should earn about 120z. Then return to the village elder and take the quest again. When you have earned lots of money buy loads of cool stuff and do all the rest of the quests and advance to level 2. Do all the quests that you find easy and give to some cool cash. Do this over and over and over again to really get some searious booty. Buy all the itams and advance in power to become the ultimout monster hunter!!!
easy money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok what to do is do the lvl2 star quest where you kill the kibble or something and take the horns back to the box you will get kibble hide and honey and the honey worth 45 each! and you get some thing like 28 for the hide i got 10 hide once that is 28x10=280

also for easy money do the preparing meat quest and make lots of well done meat it goes for 48z each time i reccomend this method
easy plates
go on the mission "trouble some pair" with a weapon that has green sharpness(makes this much easier) and find one of the raths. cut off his or her tail, carve it and hope you get one, then go after the other and the same thing. good luck!
Easy Plesioth Armor
Tired of waiting offline to get to level 5? Just so you can fight the plesioth for cool armor?

Well, you can do it earlier! How? Well, you now the Yian Kut-Ku and his shells? Well you can trade with the forest zone's elder for a plesioth scale.
The fins? No problemo. Trade a Kut-Ku ear and voila!

Just do the Liver of Legend quest and carve as many Cephalos as you can. This way you will get lots of scales and you can trade Cephalos fins for Rathalos webbing!

As for the monster fluid, either do the 4 star quest "Attack of the Giant Bugs!" or use a lv1 Poison shot and kill the Vespoid in the wild.

Combine those items and eureka! Plesioth Armor.

Or you could just go hunt one...
easy velocidrome killing
first get some good armor.then start "the formidable velocidome" quest.bring a hammer or a great sword.hammer:first use a flash bomb,then charge up your attack to the towards it and let go.your character should start spinning.near the end of this move the analog stick upwards and you should do an uppercut.after repeating this 4-5 times he will run away chase him and repeat what i told you this should kill him the carve him quickly.great sword:find the drome move the analog stich up then left this should send him flyin.repeat 4-5 times,he'll run chase him down and finish him,then carve.velocidrome claw=240 each.HAPPY HUNTING!!!!!
Easy Yian-Kut-Ku Kill (F and H)
I hav, and would choose:
Great Weapon (Serpant Blade)
Good Armor: Bone Mail
Bone Vambraces
and Velociprey Legs (Swords)

Okay First Take: The Flash Bombs
The Smoke Bombs
The Paintballs
The Map
and The Small Barrel Bombs


First Time: Potions, Flash bombs, and Paintballs…
Afterwards: Anything you want... U all already won once so just hav fun with it...

Ok, First find him... Then when you do find him, Use a flash bomb and get to hitting him!!! He doesn't hav anything to help him battle you with... so just hav fun with it!!! When the First Flash Bomb Wares-OFF USE ANOTHER ONE QUICK!!! I MEAN IT!!! When your out of Flash-Bombs then he should be near Death... Or Dead

He should move (a lot)... FOLLOW HIM!!! When he goes to #5... WAIT!!! When he turns Blue wait 2 seconds and go in... 1 2, GO!!!!! By now He should be asleep:

If so, Use a SMOKE BOMB to distract the Velociprey… Go up to Kut-Ku and put down all of the small barrel bombs and stay under him on the other side then the bombs, if u did it correctly then u shouldn't b hit by the bombs and Kut-Ku should... Then give him the LAST AND FINAL BLOWS!!!!!

If not, GET OUT OF THERE!!! Wait a couple of more seconds and go back in... If he is finish him off with the instructions above, if not keep on doing this until u succeed... and keep on trying... or u will never win...
Everything I know...
Getting Money- Sell everything you don't use, keep nothing that doesn't have value. Remember, those items worth 1z add up.
My personal favorite quest is "Hunting for mushrooms", you get a free "Old Pickaxe" and "Old Bugnet" when doing the quest. Bring along your own pickaxe's and such. You can easily abtain the mushrooms required for the quest by following "Mosswine" and pressing "X" Repeatadly until you pick up the ones the pigs have dropped.

Fighting- When fighting Wyverns it is important that you keep your weapon sharp. However, your sword will eventually dull and bounce against the beasts hard plates. When this happens it is important to keep in mind that your swords movements are faster when the blade is dull. Use faster combinations until you have a chance to get away and use "Whetstone" on your weapon.
Have you ever run out of special bullet's for your gun? You can always mix "Dung" with "Nutshells" to create a shot that effects monsters with sensitive noses.

Items- It is important that you have at least one gun item and one short range item. some quests have diffrent events which need to be met, it might be much easier for you to perform a quest with one than the other.
It is a good idea for you to stock up on Pickaxe's and simiular items. You will always need to upgrade an item or build up on armour. So keep these things in your bank.
Flash Bomb Problems?
Flash bombs can be very useful items, but they're useless if you're too close to your target because they have no effect if you throw them behind them, right?

Easy solution. Just make sure that whatever you're trying to stun is facing you (and it doesn't matter what distance you are from it now), and then throw your flash bomb -behind- yourself.

Because flash bombs work at any distance so long as they are in front of what they need to blind, you can use flash bombs and not have to worry about accidentally throwing them behind your targets anymore. Again, they still have to be facing you.
Gravios Tips
Tip 1:I have found out that thunder on his tail stub does more damage.
Tip 2:He is very vunerable to Barrel Bombs(Hello Its a rock, use Explosives)
Tip 3:Same thing with the Baby form!
Gun 'em down!
To kill Sand Wyverns with a Bowgun, use an Arbalest that has been upgraded at least 3 times, and has the long barrel and zoom scope attached. Take as many crag and pellet shots as possible. Also take 1 Cool Drink (You will get 2 more from the blue box) or, if you have it, full Cephalos armour. When you are on the mission, load your bowgun with crag shells. Go to a place where the wyverns stop, and wait there. When a wyvern stops "swimming" in front you, lure it after you. Be ready to roll out of it's way if it lunges at you. When it dives futher down into the sand, turn around and draw your Arbalest out. It will come up facing away from you and then it will jump out of the ground and spit sand, with you behind it. When it does this, fire a crag shell at it. The shell will stick to it and explode in a few seconds, but by then the wyvern should have gone back underground. This will cause it to fly into the air. When it lands it will flop around helplessly for a few seconds. As it's doing this, switch your ammo to pellet shells. By the time that's done, the wyvern should have gotten to it's feet. Stay near it and fire at it from as close as possible, but don't go under it. As the pellet shells shoot out a wide spray of pellets, you can do more damage by standing right next to the wyvern and firing. When you need to reload, stand about 10ft away from the wyvern WITH IT FACING YOU! Wait until it does it's sand attack, then roll to the side and reload. Keep doing this until it dies (This may take a while).

Note: It's a good idea to take some Normal S Lv1's and 2's, in case you run out of pellet shells.

Warning: While this works fine on Cephalos, don't even think of trying it on the boss sand wyvern, the Cephadrome.
How to get loads of money in short time
For those that are at least five star or above are able to challenge a very easy opponent while it pays you loads of money. In my experience, wearing the full armor of the blue crab that you can get before getting the tigerex armor, is useful to some extent. But anyways, using that armor plus the great sword of Qiling (electric horse in lvl 5), it is easy to defeat the tigerex. Just keep on charging the power after you get behind the beast and unleash the full power when his head is directly in front of you. Although it takes practice and good timing to get this correct, it will help you greatly. The "dragon" should flinch after taking three to four hits. Also, after the head is broken, make sure you break the claws and cut off the tail before capturing it. All parts sells a lot if you do not need them. Another good part about fighting tigerex is that his moves are all repetitive, as there will always be a set-up before he attacks. When he is about to roar, he held his head high. When he is about to spin, he will turn a little bit to the left side of his. If he is going to jump, he will kneel down a little. Too add to his repetitive moves, when he is angry and jumps twice (which happens all most everytime after he jumps once, he will jump again) he will have a chance of 99% to taunt. There is still one percent of him jumping the third time but it is really uncommon.
I hope that this helps everyone.
How to harvest those irritating bugs easily
The two bugs that I'm talking about are: The 'vespoids' and the 'honteaurs,' they are both rarely carvable. One means that I've heard about is you get a 'Bone Kris' and upgrade that into, I think its called a 'Poison Hydra'. But the materials required for that are hard to obtain. Instead, get any kind of shotgun, light bowgun, or heavy bowgun, just be sure you have one that can shoot poison arrows. then go on and, "OPEN FIRE!!!"

...*NOTICE: The vespoids should die instantly from this attack but after you attack the honteaurs they still have a few seconds left to bite you.
How to HL (headlock)
Remember this is used for pl8 runs or to help a low lvl get an xtra boost of exp so he can rank up XD.

This skill depends on the spear that is involved which determines the amount of strikes used. Try to use one that has at least some green sharpness. When u r to HL make sure that u r the 1st person in the zone 1st since this lessens the lag. Also when u r trying to kill, make sure the others attack the wings after the tail is off to decrease the amount of times it does the step back ow thing. As soon u c the Rath, do 2 or 3 pokes depending on the power of the spear. In the middle of shaking its head do 1 poke if it took u 2 pokes for it to shake. 2 pokes if it took 3. Now as soon as it stands normally poke it in the face again. This should cause it to shake its head again. Now repeat the process and u got yourself a headlock. But please do this for pl8 runs only.
how to kill gypceros
in order to kill a gypceros you need pitfall trap and some barrel use a great sword like dragon agito then when it start go to zone 2 wait unit it come set the pitfall where it shadow is set up the barrel then start slashing it unit it die or if you got a better weapon use it
How to lock Los and Ian.
Now here's a run down of how to lock a Rathian (ian) and a Rathalos (los) (with lance).
Only try this when you are doing plate runs online (quests are Wyverns of Land and Sky (wolas), Troublesome Pair (TP) ian or los + quests)
This is where you will find the los if doing Wolas- Always area 5 and the ian is in 4 or 9.
If you are the one that is locking be sure to be the first player to enter the area the los or ian is in as you will get lag which is harder to lock them.
Try and go the los first as it flies about a lot.
When you have entered the area hit the los's head until it shakes it, now here is how to lock.....
As the los's head is near the ground (during shake) hit him with forward, then back when head is up (still shaking) and then hit him with another up when he stops shaking, then he should shack his head again and then you do a back step (NO side step) and hit him with the same process.....ALLWAYS sharpen your lance when you have a chance.
You can also lock the los with only two hits but this requires a powerful spear such as a black dragon spear (only available online)
What you do is hit the los until it shakes its head and when he raises his head (still shacking) hit him with an down on pad then when he stops shacking hit him again with the down on pad, he should then shack his head and while he is doing that immediately side step and hit the other side of his face with the same combo. If your lance losses it sharpness for the first time you HAVE to use the 3 hit method as you can't lock the los with the 2 hits while the lance is blunt.
Now here is how you lock the ian.....
It's exactly the same a locking the los with the 2 hit combo but if you lose the sharpness you can still hit the ian with the 2 hits......
I hope this helps you with locking......If there any questions please email me at
how to make good money
once u become very good at monster hunter and have great armour/sword and all, a easy way to get money is to keep on killing to giant velocidrone becuase u will get 400z each time you conplete it, this is also know as the 1st quest on the 3 stars.
how to own the yin kut kut
1ST of all you need about 3,000 buy some big bomb's and 8 small bomb's (you get 2 in the blue box) and a trap if this is your 1st he will be in area 2 time lay your trap on the floor and run at it you might want to place the 3 big bomb's near or on the trap(up to you) run at it and run back to your trap and wait if he fall's in place use 3 bomb's and 1 small bomb if you have any soinc bomb's wait untill he get's up throw one at him and go in and attack him you need a good sword I had bone blade+ run up and beat the sh*t out of him if he run's he go's to area 3 go there but be carefull there are cat's there if you have 2 sonic bomb's throw one then place 2 small bomb near his feet and run keep run up and placing bomb's untill he's back or untill you run out of bomb's and then just siwing about try and do the leg siwing this makes him to fall over sometime's and then attack his head or wings (those are his week ponit's) and then you should have killed him if you didn't keep attacking him you don't need armor if you can get him on the floor or use sonic bomb's you do need a better sword to kill him.

good luck
if you need more help e-mail me
infinite worms
enter any mission on forest and hills and go 2 area 11 (u know where the buffalango and sushi fish is)look around the area towards the entrance to area 12 and you should see a little tree like stump press x next to it and bingo you have worms do dis as many times as you like to get as much as you want
info on plesioth
i have sum info on the plesioth (obviously). while doin the "water wyvern in the desert" mission or any other where u kill a ples, pullin it out of the water does a small amount of damage and can actually kill the ples if it health is low. i have done this so its no lie. it also leaves the ples squirming while its on land so get a few heafty blows in while its dazed. happy hunting!!
kill from safety
If you have trouble fighting multiple monsters with a blade, see if there's a platform you can climb up to (must be ground level platform though). Get close to the edge, facing the monsters on the ground. Be careful though because some attacks will make you move forward a little...if you're too close you will fall right into the angry beasts. Then use an overhead swing. The monsters remain where they are, trying to get to you...but your blade will still hit them if you do it right. NOTE: This only works on ground dwelling, non-jumping monsters. Works great when facing multiple Bullfangos.
Kill the Cephalos easy
What you need:
3 Cool Drinks (to survive in the desert)
The stuff in the blue box
Some well done steak

Weapon & armor:
O.K. Great Sword or Hammer (like Ravager Blade+, or Bone Broadaxe)
Good Armor (Recommended full Kut-Ku or Velociprey if first time, or full Cephalos is even better)

How to:
1. Drink Cool Drink (skip this step if you have full Cephalos, which is heat resistant)
2. go into area 2
3. Here's where it gets tricky, you see the fins, those are your cephalos. Now follow one with your camera. You'll notice it stops at some point. Go to that point. Stay at that point until a cephalos stops right in front of you. Hit it with your sword or hammer. It will do one of 6 things. 1. It will jump out of the ground right where you hit it and flop around helplessly for a little bit. 2. It will keep on going after about 3 seconds of being stopped. 3. It will turn right at you and go underground, then appear about 15 feet away, then jump out of the sand, spit sand, and go back down. 4. It will trun at you and swim for a little bit and then fly out of the ground and back into the ground. 5. It will turn toward you and fly out of the ground, hurting you. 6. It wil jump out of the sand, wriggle in a direction for a little bit, then stand up.
4. If it did #1, then hack at it until it gets up (more on this in step #5). If it did #2, there's nothing you can do, so stay where you are and wait for another one. If it did #3 look around until you see it com up, then run near it, but not too close, and hit it when it spits sand, and it will do one of thos 6 things again, except for keep on going. If it did number 4, then run towards the spot where it landed and it will do one of the six thing, including keep on going, if it keeps on going repeat step 3. If it did #5, then roll away, and run towards where it landed, and the same thing will happen as with number 4. If it did #6, then get out of the way, and run towards it and start hackng (more about this in step #5).
5. If it did got out of the sand and is standing up, you can kill it, but it can kill you. Be careful. It can do 5 things. 1. It turns around, hurting you with its tail, and sending you flying. 2. Turns its head around and bites you. 3. Spits sand and if youare in the way of it's sand will send you flying. 4. It will quickly slam its side against the air, if you are in its way, it'll send you flying. 5. will fly back into the sand. If you are far away, it will likely do #5, but otherwise, it's probable that it won't if you haven't hurt it. If it turns around, get underneath the legs and do the left, right great sord combo, or the up, up, up hammer combo. Same if it does the biting or sand spitting, but if it does the side slamming, roll away and hack. After about 5 strong greatsword hits it's dead, so carve it up and hope you get a piscene liver. Now repeat step 3 until you have as much stuff as you want.

Hints: After a while your cool drink will wear off, so no matter what drink your cool drink (if you don't have full cephalos armor), They can and will harm you, so drink your first aid meds, this mission will take a while, so you are going to have to use your Well Done Steaks, you can use your sonic bombs if you like, in order to skip step 3 once, but you have to get it right over the cephalos, and it will jump out of the ground, and flop around, if you want the armor save all cephalos fins and scales you get.

Rewards: Small monster bones, Medium monster bones, Wyvern claws, Piscene claws, Piscene jaws. Congradulations.
Killin the Rathian/Monoblos
Want to know how to get past queen of the desert or the horn of the monoblos, well all you have to do is head up to zone 10 with the alberest+ maxed out with plenty of ammo, you know with the ledge with all those annoying acperos and felnx no?.... WELL FIND IT!!!! its your best bet against the monoblos if you cant roll, because lets face it, the thing is fast, so haul ass up there climb up the ledge use a flute to lure them in and it wont be able too touch you as long as you stay far enough back then just unload with clust, pellet, peirce, normal level 2 in that order and soon it will be on the floor... Dead...Cheque pleas...
ok for them who have a hard time killing this monster, its not easy by the way, and also if u have like only about 30def u can still do it, u need about 2-3 traps max big bombs and small ones make sure when the cyrceros gets caught use all 3 big ones then ONE small one and keep attacking with your wepon, i used dragon agito, u should also have max potions and herbs alone come in handy, and when he flashes the bright light you might get confused but u could also twirl the left anolog stick (the one u move with) to get it out of it easier and by the way, zone 2 is the best place to kill him other zones may have the bullfango in them, and other items other then what i said may be required as net and box traps, and flash bombs dont work if u havnt realized that. I hoped this helped you, it took alot of reading but im sure you'll have an easier time killing it, and also u need alot of money for the items you'll have to get, happy hunting, dont die.
Kut-ku killing
Ok 1st of all you're probably reading this as, aw I can't beat the dam mother#$%@&*% ku! Well you have two choices!
1. Spend you time upgrading weapons like get a great sword and then upgrading it and getting used to the controls
Or what I did my first kill
2.get a trap tool and a net combine it if it becomes garbage make it again but keep garbage to give to elder, so you have your now you have a pit fall trap. make potions, blue mushroom + herb = potion, then now you go to the quest with the ku have any weapon you like ,if your good with gun i'm very jealous, so the get everything from item chest everything!!! and then go to area two I think, take a left instead of going straight, see movie scene then get your paint ball hit the dam ku. then block and attack again and again do that 5 times then set up your trap, but wait about 5 sec to see if he is going to leave or stay, have him in it now get a small barrel bomb and you big barrel bomb ready set big first then small, BIG BOOM!, the attack and attack till it gets up then block attack about three times then flash bomb it in the eyes don't forget the eyes then attack it more, depending on the sword you have it takes different times, but after the flash thing and you attacking it its ears should go down and just attack like those crazy farm cats and you should win, mostly if you have great sword or sword and shield
If you need any help just e-mail me at
Good Hunting!
P.s. I have bad spelling during summer
Lao Shun Guide
If you dont know who he is you will and for already do here is a guide for beating him with the best proficiancy. First

What to bring: only essentials
1-3welldone steaks
3large bombs
2small bombs
ammo(if gunner)
whetstones(if melee)
What weapons work: the best for taking down this beast

Great swords-
are a no no because if you have anyone else in you group it you will be hitting them more than lao.

probably the best weapon on lao because its percice does good damage doesnt hit you team alot
and is very sharp and can normally peirce lao. (only bring lances with green colored sharpness because they are the only sharpness that wont bounce off)

Duel swords-
Normally a bad idea because you cant reach head but they are ok on feet. Only use on feet if you have diablos or dragon armor though because the wind will make it to hard for you to be effective.

singlehanded swords-

heck no!


same as duel swords.


Now these are also very good on lao one because it is very hard to miss. you can get many shots off when the meele people are pinned. It is a good suggestion to bring 99 wyvern claws and 99 sm bone husks which combine in two clust lvl 2. with 99 of those babys you can actually blow off a chunk of the laos left back plate

Now that you have your supplys and your weapons its time to leave.

First when you start quest you will be on a ledge with the giant lao walking by. Gunners shoot it now because it is a good oppurtunity and melee run inside the door infront of you. When inside go to the box and collect you supplys you will notice ballista shots do not take these yet. After getting supplies like first aid meds go to the room to the left of the box and see all the spears on a rack. go infront of it and press x untill you get all the message "nothing else there" then go back to the box and take the rest of the ballista shots you can carry. Now run into zone 2. Itmeadiatly run all the way to the left. and u will be stopped by rocks have every member of the team place 2 large barrel bombs. in the middle and have a desginated person to blow them up with a small barrel bomb. And wait....... The lao will come. When the chin s over the bombs place the sm barrel bomb and run! normally if there are 8 bombs he will roar and be like ow!gj if that worked. Now have every one do there designated duty. Gunners shoot lances lance his head hammers or duel swords hit his feet. Do this all the way till he leaves the zone. Then go back to base and go to the next. In the next zone have everyone place the left over bombs in the middle and have the designated blower upper do the same thing. Continue to hit until out of zone. Then when gone go to the next zone and just continue to wail on it. later in the zone you will notice stairs leading to a ladder leading to a bridge. There is an optional choich of landing on the laos back and carving stuff while it is still alive!. This may seem unbeleiveable but the stuff is not as good as the normal carves if u kill it. If you jump on it jump inbetween the sticking up plate in the front and the back . After you carve 3 times jump down and continue to wail on it till out of 4. Now comes the intresting part. before you go to zone five have all the gunners grab a cannon ball which is located next to the spears. have them walk it to 5 beware of ioprey which may hit it out of you hands. Ok after you are all on five you will be on a ledge with 2 balistas 2 cannons and a giant red button. Do not push el button!. It is the dragonator and i will explain later what this is for. now when you can see its head pop out start shooting ballistas people just press square x square x if it rumbles you are hitting it. Now when you see its first back spike gunners with cannonballs press x by the cannon and have it shoot. prefferably the left cannon because it hits its foot and sometimes trips it . after all the balistas and cannons are shot have all but one person jump down and start kill lao. preferablly this one guy or girl is a gunner if not it is ok. Now everyone wail on lao for the rest of the quest except for the dude still uptop. He has to press the dragonator. ...............Now when you see lao stand up on 2 legs and start to walk foward get ready after about 4 or 5 steps on 2 legs hit the dragonator. It will send 4 spikes into its stomach causeing extream damage. after you do that jump down and join your team in the killing of lao. if you kill it it dies and you get 9 carves if you repell it you just get reward but thats good to. Good luck
Little Tidbit for newbies- Helped me alot.
In the forest and hills section, there's a long, narrow area. Go in there and search all of the bushes, one should give you special mushrooms and Kut-Ku scales. Also, searching in dung occasionally gets Kut-Ku scales. Searching in the wyvern cave, also, occasionally gives Kut-Ku scales. I, personally, just fight them, but if you just got the game, this is quick money.
Liver of Legend
Do liver of legend and carve as many cephalos as you can.

The livers get you 200oz each but I prefer selling the scales and jaws.

I also recommend using a weapon with high sharpness and full cephalos.
los kill for gunner
okay, this is quite easy. do the los mission. when it goes to 9 stand on the ledge. it'll circle in the air alot but when it lands just unload, if it goes to 4 also stand on the ledge but watch it, he likes to come up there sometimes.Then if he goes to 6 head to area 5. go out BUT DONT JUMP DOWN. just stand on top of the blood smears. here he will not be able to hit u with any attack and u can just unload on him.

dont know if this helps anyone but its here if u need it.
Lots of Items
If you find a gathering point e.g. a three, mushroom patch, mining point or wervens nest (in section 5),
keep pressing the promted button really quickly X or square to get lots of items.
NOTE: Dosen't work for fishing!
Lots of Money
A good way for me to make money is to do the "Liver of Legend" one. After a while you will see a noticable pattern in the way the Sand Wervens swim. Take an extra cool drink and mabey some potions and whetsones if you need to. Stay near the entrence to the desert place and just stand there untill you see a Sand Werven thing comen at you and run up and attack him with a great sword. If he comes out start attacking him near the neck area and watch out for his tail. Dont forget to use your sonic bombs if ya have any. Do this lots of tiems for most of the time your there. 3 of the livers you will need to deliver, but the other 7 you might get can be worth a lot of money (2100 I think) plus the other 600 for doing the misson and med monster bones that help with swords and different things like that and fins and other things you get form them sell for alot. I go from like 2000 to 4300 something from doing this
lots of money really quick
Start a new player and go to the shot man near the the pub and get 1500z. Go to the lady near the fruit stand and buy 10 worms and 5 crickets. Then go on the 1 star mission and and go behind the hut.Then go up the ramp and get the worms or crickets out and then press square, when a fish bites press X. you get 15 fish thats usually around 450z to 759z. if you get a goldenfish you get 750z extra.
I did this for my poison battle axe. this is for INTERMEDIATES+ make sure u can pwn yian kut ku.dont do the troble in the forest quest cause that gets kinda time cunsuming. i used the poison axe. great weapon. go kill/capture yian kut ku. make sure that ur good enough to kill it that u dont need to bring items from ur house.once u kill it get all the items. sell them all. its took my 2 hours and i got 40,000z!i also got 3 giant beaks, and 6 kut ku ears! i pwn yian kut ku. XD
lotsa money in fast time
im going to tell you guys a little secret, on the mission where you need to kill the big monster thingy worth 900 money for the mission use a pitfall trap then get him into it (will only work with a gun)no matter what ammo you have shoot him again and again its hard i know to kill but once you done the mission go back do it again finish it go back do it again and again and again and again confused, good, after a while you will have loadsa cash what to do now, go to one of the guys who upgrade your weapon and upgrade your gun and again and again and again. by now youre thinking what is this crap useful for anyway, well now you have an exteremly powerful weapon and you know what that means, killing time run around and kill everything on all the missions more than once youll get money for it and if you do it without taking any damage talk to the cheif he will give you a bonus bag of money worth around....... 50,000 gold good yes but you dont have the best weapon in the game if you are stupid get a bonesword and upgrade it. and by the way the 50,000 gold can only be acheived once on the level with the 900 reward.and now for the best, the cleverest, the best part get really good armour and kill the huge dragon things on one of the missions and do it again and again and again by the time you finish after 5 missions youll have around 100,000 money to do whatever you want, wam bam thank you dude.
MH1 Item Combo
Full combination list :

1.Potion = Blue Mushroom + Herb

2.Mega Potion = Potion(1)+ Honey

3.Nutrients = Blue Mushroom + Godbug

4.Mega Nutrients = Nutrients(3)+ Honey

5.Antidote = Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom

6.Herbal Medicine = Cactus Flower + Bitterbug

7.Max Potion = Mega Nutrients(4)+ Dragon Toadstool

8.Ancient Potion = Imunizer(10)+ Kelbi Horn


10.Imunizer=Catalyst(9)+Dragon Toadstool

11.Power Juice=Catalyst(9)+Rare Steak

12.Mega Juice = Power Extract + Well Done Steak

13.Demondrug = Catalyst(9)+ Power Seed

14.Mega Demondrug = Pale Extract + Demondrug(13)

15.Armourskin = Catalyst(9)+ Armour Seed

16.Mega Armourskin = Pale Extract + Armourskin(15)

17.Poisoned Meat = Raw Meat + Toadstool

18.Tainted Meat = Raw Meat + Stunshroom

19.Drugged Meat = Raw Meat + Sleep Herb

20.Bomb Material = Stone + Sap Plant

21.Smoke Bomb = Bomb Material(20)+ Ivy

22.Flash Bomb = Bomb Material(20)+ Flashbug

23.Dung Bomb = Bomb Material(20)+ Dung

24.Paintball = Paintberry + Sap Plant

25.Gunpowder = Nitroshroom + Fire Herb

26.Small Barrel Bomb = Small Barrel + Fire Herb

27.Large Barrel Bomb = Large Barrel + Gunpowder(25)

28.Sonic Bomb = Gunpowder(25)+ Screamer

29.Net = Spiderweb + Ivy

30.Pitfall Trap = Net(29)+ Trap Tool

31.Tuna Bait = Worm + Yambug

32.Arrowana Bait = Cricket + Bughopper

33.Goldenfish Bait = Firefly + Snakebee Larva

34.Antiseptic Stone = Bitterbug + Earth Crystal

35.Lifecrystals = Godbug + Wyvern Fang

36.Lifepowder = Lifecrystals(35)+ Wyvern Claw

37.Health Flute = Lifepowder(36)+ Flute

38.Antidote flute = Antiseptic stone(34)+ Flute

39.Demon Flute = Mega Demondrug(13)+ Med Monster Bone

40.Armour Flute = Mega Armourskin(15) + Med Monster Bone

41.Normal S Lv2 = Huskberry + Needleberry

42.Normal S Lv3 = Huskberry + Rumblefish

43.Pierce S Lv1 = Huskberry + Velociprey Fang

44.Pierce S Lv2 = Huskberry + Pin Tuna

45.Pierce S Lv3 = Sm Bone Husk + Pin Tuna

46.Pellet S Lv1 = Huskberry + Scatternut

47.Pellet S Lv2 = Huskberry + Wyvern Fang

48.Pellet S Lv3 = Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Fang

49.Crag S Lv1 = Huskberry + Burst Arrowana

50.Crag S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Burst Arrowana

51.Crag S Lv3 = Lg Bone Husk + Bomb Arrowana

52.Clust S Lv1 = Huskberry + Bomberry

53.Clust S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Claw

54.Clust S Lv3 = Lg Bone Husk + Scatterfish

55.Disk S = Huskberry + Disk Stone

56.Recover S Lv1 = Huskberry + Herb

57.Recover S Lv2 = Huskberry + Potion(1)

58.Poison S Lv1 = Huskberry + Toadstool

59.Poison S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Ioprey Fang

60.Stun S Lv1 = Huskberry + Stunshroom

61.Stun S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Genprey Fang

62.Sleep S Lv1 = Huskberry + Sleep Herb

63.Sleep S Lv2 = Sm Bone Husk + Sleepyfish

64.Paint S = Huskberry + Paintberry

65.Antidote S = Huskberry + Antidote Herb

66.Demon S = Huskberry + Power Seed

67.Armour S = Huskberry + Armour Seed

68.Dragon S = Lg Bone Husk + Dragon Seed

69.Dung S = Huskberry + Dung
Mining for money
If you are a Blademaster and find ammo useless, make all your disk stones into disk ammo and sell them. I don't ever use them and some of the weapons require disk stones but if you never use them do that. They sell 104 a pop.
whenever you do a quest always go to the item box and get the rations. They should completely fill your stamina.
go to jungle level 8 search by the tree where the eggs are not on the wyvern egg collecting levels you should normally find kut ku scales
which sell for 250 each i found 4 so thats 1000
so sell em get some money this is quite easy and fast so try it out if its rubbish don't do it then duh
Money for new player
So you want to have a good armor and good weapon? But you don't have enough money? at the first time youll get 1500z, and you buy some leather armor, try to buy light belt, youll get tool saver skill, do your first quest, and do preparing meat quest, make 10 well done steak, deliver 1, and you can sell the others, buy an iron pickaxe and bugnet, if you have cricket and worm, bring it too, do combining quest, try to fishing in base camp, in area 1 search in the dung, you can obtain kut ku scale, use your bugnet to catch some bug, go to area 2, there is a rock beside you, search around it, you can obtain kut ku scale and paintberry, search in the top of the vine, you can obtain ivy, go to area 6, kill all mosswine (thoose piggy thing), carve it, if you are lucky you can obtain special mushroom, climb the cliff search in the spider web, combine ivy with spider web = net, you can sell it, there is a crack, you can mining there, use your iron pickaxe, go yo area 3, search some herb and blue mushroom, combine it to make a potion, go to area 9, search in the bush youll got kut ku scale and special mushroom, search at plant with yellow fruit, you can got a sleep herb, there is a bush and climb the cliff, there is honey, go to area 8, there is spider web and mosswine, go to area 7 you can speak to old man there, he can give you some thing, there is honey too, and felvine, you can combine potion with honey = mega potion, you can sellit too, do fishing quest bring cricket and worm, fishing at area 11, after you got sushi fish and you dont have any bait, go back to base camp, take worm in the supply box you can fishing in base camp, do a lot of your first hunt quest, so you got all materials to craft a velociprey armor, and also get a lot of sm monster bone to improve your weapon, do present for armorer quest, deliver kelbi horn, and you can sell the others, by repeating this youll get a lot of money, im very sorry for my poor english, i hope you understand, happy hunting <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
The monoblos can only be fought in Single-Player!
Many player do not know this and its materials are needed to make rare armor and weapons!
murdering Yian kut-ku
The easiest way to kill a Kut-ku is usually with a spear or lance. I use a spiked spear, which is relly sharp.first get 3 big barrel bombs and 10 small ones. Use the flash bomb to stun the kut-ku, if you go behind the kut-ku and plant the bombs this works the best as you minimize damage taken. The reason blade masters want to use a lance is because when you stab in the legs enough it will keel over and start yellping and this is when you charge it. The kut-ku is on the ground , leaving it a target, and you can't run through a living thin so you stop right there, stabing it.This is not going to kill on your first try, but this does a great deal of damage to whatever you are attacking. After you get it to start limping, charge after it. This will get good damage in so you can kill it and carve it for parts!!
Mushroom Finder
Nitroshroom and Special mushroom can be found behind the tree in zone 7 forest and hills.

The smaller version of bullfango have mushrooms growing on their backs (usually blue mushroom)

Nitroshroom + Fire Herb (found at shop in village) = Gun powder

Blue Mushroom + Herb = Potion

Toadstool + Raw Meat = Poisoned Meat
Nest raider!
Havin trouble on the lvl2 wyvern egg mission?
Look no further!
You've just entered zone 4 and the Rathalos is just on the other side of the big rock youre hiding behing.
Dont try to sneak past it. Let it see you. It should charge.
When it goes past you run like hell to the cave.
Kill all the velociprey (do it really quik bcus eventually the rathalos will come in the cave)
Get the egg and go back to zone 4.
Turn left and down the stair-like rocks.
Do NOT go straight forward if you do you will fall so much the egg will break.
Go to zone 3.
Turn left and head to zone 10, do NOT go the quicker way through zone 2 bcus of the velociprey.
Do not go to zone 9 either bcus of the helynx(black cats with big paws on sticks)
Go from zone 10 to zone 8.
Here theres nothin except mosswine which are non-aggressive(wont attack you)
Then head round to zone 1 and after that go to Base Camp.
Go over to the delivery box and there, youre done!
Nice To Learn
First try to never use lg bomb because the cost not equal the damage think about that. You must wait after the bomb to explode and if the wyvern hurt you, you can explode with him.

Try to not use hammer vs high speed monster XD if you can see a noob with a hammer and try to kill vespoid take your GS and kick him in air.

The Black dragon spear kill a Yian Kut-ku in 3 min. The yien kut-ku can be wl(Wing lock)just hit the wing will prevent the flee of ykk.

The rathian do some backflip when you are in her leg be caution a deadly poison attack.

For cephalos the Gs is your weapon. Run in him and a up attack with some chance he will go out from sand and if you miss you have done much damage because all the hit was in the back fin.

To all pretencious lancer somtime some gs will hit the head when you are not on. Don't be angry Great Sword can head lock too like dual sword. Hammer a sword and shield are not created.

Like I said before Gs can head lock take a fast gs metal type because bone are heavy and start with with up and still with down and left.
Warning: Only strong Gs can hl.

How to know if my weapon can hl: hit the monster face and look how many hit you need to stun him.
offline plates
Getting plates can be easier than you think. first complete all the missions. yes i know not that easy but still. after words go on the secret quest "a trouble some pair". you should have to kill both the rathian and the rathalos. but we're not trying to kill them. all you need is a fairly strong weapon with green sharpness(it can be done with out but its much easier with good sharpness) grab some health restoring items and then set out. take what you need from the supply box and then find either rath. and mark it with a paintball and then start whacking away at its tail. to make this easier you should bring flash bombs to stall him/her. after you chop off the tail carve it up. even if you get hurt in the process don't worry, just reheal and run. once you have carved it find the other rath. same thing if you don't get a plate from either die three times, and then sell what you got from thier tails and try again.
One More Way to Make Money
I've seen many tips for making money (steaks, fishing, etc) and here is one I find most useful:
In the offline version of the game do the two start quest called "Precent for the Armorer." Launch the quest and conentrate on doing nothing but killing Kelbi that whole time. AFter about 35 minutes of this, you will have gathered somewhere between 30-35 Kelbi Horns and 25-30 Hides. The horns sell for 52z, and the hides sell for 24z. The advantage of this over this steaks is that you can carry more than 10 of each item AND you don't have to spend time cooking the meat and possibly missing the "well-done" mark. It is also less time consuming and more productive then fishing. If you come away with 30 horns and 25 hides, you just made whopping 2160z (or more!!!) for your efforts plus the 300z reward giving you close to 2500z! Happy shopping!
Part 2 of The Safe and Easy Way of Returning Wyvern Eggs
I submitted a cheat that said:

The Safe and Easy Way of Returning Wyvern Eggs
If you want to return wyvern eggs safely, do the following in order:

1> Grab 1 egg and break it ( you'll see the use of this)
2> figure out the way you want to return the eggs
3> kill all the velociprey in the zones you will return the egg
4> grab the egg and follow your path
5> cross your toes that the rotholas don't come

i learned you could go through ZONE6!
first of all never hold R2(Sprint) while going down the cliff.

its really simple I'll tell you the first part. go down the stair part (right when you leave zone 5 with the egg) you do not drop the egg.
then adjust your camera with the CONTROL PAD so that the camera is looking down. and figure out the rest. just jump down the parts that are like the stairs height (not the whole thing but one individual stair part.)

eventually you should be down on the ground of zone 6.

another tip for this mission, paintball the Rathlos.

the rathalos can be predictable when turns slow hes gonna blow a fireball when he turns fast hes gonna charge but when hes very far away hell fly at you
Pretty Easy Money
Once you obtain a weapon with poison as its element then carving insects should be easy. You need to get to level 4 quests and start the "Attack of the Bugs" quest. Here you need to kill some Vespoids but there are also Hornetaurs in this quest. You should kill Hornetaurs first to get more time to carve things. If your weapon sharpness decreases, don't sharpen it. The weaker it is the more hits the insect needs to get taken down. This means you have more opportunities to poison it. Once it's poisoned, just walk away and let the bugger die on its own. You can get Monster Fluids off of insects which sell for 500z. In the area with broken eggs, there are sometimes 4 Kut-Ku scales which sell for 250z each. Don't check the broken eggs, check the spot right next to it.
Quick & Easy Money
If you can do HR 2 quests (i got to it by finding another site that listed the required quests for advancement) choose The Ioprey Leader, the reward is 4200z plus 2x 350 contract fee and you get some good stuff. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
quick cash
1) Take the fishing quest for suishfish,and take just enuogh items not too fill your inventory.
2)go too map 11 and defeat the pig (but if you leave he will respawn).
3)the rocks on the end of the stream faceing map 12 is were you find infinite worms.
4) fish till you fill your inventory and have at least one suishfish.
5)after completing sell all the fish some are worth 48 to 98 its a quick 500 to 900. you can do this with other quests for more money when ever map 11 is open
Quick Xp For Online
When level 13 or above go to missions and look at kut-ku if you have it you should be able to solo it easy. Go on it by your self or with other people. Once you finish you get 310xp. Keep on doing this over and over again, for good xp.
Well, i will tell you obout combinations, sorry for my poor english.
herb+blue mushroom= potion
potion+honey= mega potion
nutrients+honey= mega nutrients
antidote herb+blue mushroom= antidote
cactus flower+bitterbug= herbal madicine
raw meat+toadstool= poisoned meat
raw meat+stunshroom= Tainted meat
raw meat+sleep herb= drugged meat
sap plant+stone= bomb material
bomb material+ivy= smoke bomb
bomb material+flashbug= flash bomb
Sap plants+paint berry= paintball
fire herb+nitroshroom= gunpowder
small barrel+fire herb= sm barrel bomb
gunpowder+lg barrel= lg barrel bomb
gunpowder+screamer= sonic bomb
spider web+ivy= net
net+trap tool= pitfall trap
Run with the eggs
if you have the power juice or mega juice, use those item to make your stamina always full when you run. so, you can run without decreasing your stamina in period of time.
Sick of mining for machilate ores
If you have alot of med bones. Go to the swamp elder with 3 per mission. He will trade you the ores for med bones. It all depends on wether or not you have alot of med bones or not. I find it easier to do things this way beings my luck with machilate ores suck. GOOD LUCK HUNTERS.
something helpfull.
when you go against anything bigger then a dromm you want to have good equipment, materials, and most importent a great weapon. when you go against a rathalos you want to dodge most of his attacks and use flash bombs(they are a huge help. when you go against the monoblose use paint balls and i would sugest, velosiprey armor it causes less damage. (idk why but it does) and have a good tactict. happy huntings!!!!
Special searching (Forest and Hills)
Area 2 By the enterance to area 1 there is a rock on its own. (Kut-Ku Scales + Paintberrys)

Area 9 In a lonesome bush near enterance to area 3 (Special Mushroom)

Area 7 Behind he tree (Special Mushroom + Nirtoshroom) Also talk to the little man he gives you combos and other items.

Supply box Items that dont say (Suplly item) at the end of quest you ill keep them if you take them out.
To get off a Rath's tail (grrrrrrr!), you should really use a GS. I use Sentinel (trying to get Tactical Blade) Wait until it does a fireball, then run behind it and use the Infinite Combo (Left, Right on Analogue Stick). Don't worry about the Upswing;everoyne else will be attacking elsewhere, and if not, it's okay to send one teammate flying. Hey, it's all for a good cause (cutting off a fat red/green tail). But if you send 2/3 people flying, go and get another weapon (coughhammercough). That tail will come off sooner or later.

Note-Can someone please e-mail me to tell me how to get los/ian Claws. Thanks in advance.
The REAL easy way to kill the yian kut-ku
Okay listen up here is the one and only fastest way to kill a kut-ku!(with or without barrel bombs)
1: Get a strong weopon preferable hammers and greatswords but lances work well to.
2: Go to any kut-ku hunting quest.
3:take your weapon and hit it in the head and wings (which are its weakest points)
4:Make sure to paintball it because when it leeves the area you will need to catch up to it.
5(part1):Yu can then set a pitfall trap if yu want to (i dont like to because i think its a cowards way of playing... but thats just my opinion). If yu do set it you might be able to kill it rite there if yur weapon is strong enough just remember to hit the wings and head.
5: (part2) For those of yu who dont use the pitfall trap yur gonna have get its attention (just running at him works)
6: After hitting him a few more times (if yur not lucky!)he should run again if thats the case follo him again and finish him. If yu have a strong enough weapon he wont get a 3rd chance or even that 2nd chance to run.A.K.A hes dead.

IF yu plan on using flashbombs, barrel bombs, or even sonic bombs (yes i said sonic bombs), u can try to use them anywhere in steps 3-6

Good luck fello hunters if u need help email me
The real tail chopper
The fastest way to cut a tail is to get dual dragon ultimus (online only) duel swords, these are great weapons which look the part too. Get someone to headlock, drink a mega juice and R1 just keep using the down move, takes about 3 so about 10 seconds.

You can also head lock with them, you use the left and right analog movements to keep it bowing.

If you are running plate runs offline then grab some flash bombs, stun it and use whatever you want to to cut the tail, I like DDU and BDS then if you don't get a plate abandon.
tip for some wyverns
1: plesioth-slightly different to the cephadrome, exept it's massive. 'ere's a tip that COULD (not will) help you kill it, you should use a poison weapon that you can block with. when it comes out of the water, run around it in a circle (clockwise)that is a little bit bigger than it's tail. when it gets ready to shoot water from it's mouth, move to its legs and start attacking. when it stops, go back to the circle. it's quite long, but worked for me.

2: cephadrome-you could use the full cephalos armour because then you won't lose health in the heat. try to stay on the left side of its body when it's facing towards you because the tail swing goes clockwise only (as for all wyverns(exept the rathalos))

3: ermm... basarios?-not much of a tip, but you can take 3 large barrel bombs and place them next to an exploding rock, that way it does extra damage. and i found out that you can't block the fire beam it does by trying. I HAD HALF MY HEALTH AND IT KILLED ME! OMG! sorry...

4: ...
Tips from a pro
Ok, listen up. First tip....stop posting Kut Ku tips, they are too easy for tips, same with all the Dromes. Here are the tips I have for you that are very usefull:

Gypceros-Gravios: To kill these wyverns quickly (not, this is not the easy way, it's a quicker way)bring 2 Traptools, 2 nets, Book of Combos 1-5, or 1-3 if you haven't played online, and bring a Pitfall. Bring 5 Flash Bombs, and Flashbugs and Bomb Material to make more Flash Bombs, 10 Large Barrels, 10 Small Barrel Bombs, 10 Gunpowder(combine with Large Barrels), 3 Large Barrel Bombs, 10 Antidotes, 10 Potions, 10 Mega Potions, 5 Demondrugs, or 5 Mega Demondrugs, and 10 Well-Done Steaks. These items you will find useful, but you will also want the Rations and First-Aid meds they give you. First off, get the supply items, take your Demondrug/Mega Demondrug(only one not all of them at once) and then run to the area they are usually in. Use a Flashbomb, (note, flashbombs don't work on Gypceros) and while they have the stars around their heads, place the pitfall down, and then run up and attack it's head/stomach. When it snaps out of the Flashbomb's effect, make sure you are facing the wyvern, but you are ON THE OTHERSIDE of the pitfall. If does a breath attack, run, then go back to the same sot you were in AFTER the breath attack is done. Then, when it charges and falls in pitfall, place 2 Large Barrel Bombs down right next to its stomach, and I mean RIGHT NEXT TO it's stomach. Then place 1 Small Barrel Bomb in the Large Barrel Bombs, and get a safe distance away, but not too far away. The explosion will cause a massive ammount of damage to the wyvern you are fighting. Then, after that, its still in the pitfall, so thats the best oppurtunity to attack. When it gets out, Get a safe distance away, and let it do it's thing. But if it's enraged DO NOT put it in a pitfall because while enraged, they get out alot quicker than normal. You might not even get the explosion on it, so don't waste your time. But just keep repeating this till you are out of Traptools. Combine the Traptool and Net to make Pitfall If you didn't know. And you can only hold 3 Large Barrel Bombs at a time, so keep combining the Large Barrels with Gunpowder to make the bombs. After that, use the Flashbombs, and take advantage of that and just unload a series of attacks/combos on it. If it's a Rathalos or Rathian, then lit it do its fireball attack, but while its doing that, make sure you are next to it and go after the neck/face. And you are good to go. It takes time to get used to this strategy though, with al the combining and stuff you have to do all the time.

Plesioth:Same items as first one, but don't bother with Pitfalls, Traptools, Nets, any bombs, or Book of Combos. The items you DO need are the ones I didn't say not to bother with, AND 10 Frogs, the max amount of Sonic Bombs(to get it out of water), and materials to make Sonic Bombs(Screamers and Bomb Material). ONLY USE FROG WHEN HE DOESNT NOTICE YOU, BECAUSE IF HE KNOWS YOUR THERE AND YOU THROW THE FROG IN THE WATER, YOU ARE AN OPEN TARGET! And use Sonic Bombs when he is swimming around. Then, when he is out of the water, be careful, because he packs a HUGE punch. But, after that, it's whatever strategy you want to use, I have no strategy to fight it. But use the Frog, Sonic Bomb technique to get him out of water.

Monoblos and Diablos: Ok, get rid of The Frog, and bring back the bombs and what you need to make them, and Book of Combos 1-5, or 1-3. You don't need Pitfalls because they DO NOT WORK!! They do make there own though, and you can use it against them. WHILE they are either digging to go underground or while they go underground, use a Sonic Bomb and it gets stuck, as if it was stuck in a Pitfall. Then, place the bombs there and do what you did for all the other wyverns. NOTE that niether of them use breath attacks and they don't have an element (not for breath attack, just in general, like Basarious is Water/Poison). It's wierd, I know. But, you can also get their horns stuck in a wall. BUT it only works if you are on a ledge. They don't get stuck in ANY wall. But, it's perfect to get alot of good hits on it. Thats all I have on them.

I hope that helps out. I think it's long enough for now, and maybe I'll give some info on the Lao or Fatalis later, or if you want it now, email me at, or send me a message on AIM. My screenname is kankuro360. Good luck.

Trouble in the forest
When you do the trouble in the forest quest, you need not do anything
Go to area 9 and go to the ledge where the honey is (bring a gun) all the 4 bullfangos will attack the ledge, hurting only themselves.
You may shoot to kill them quicker. When the first four die, another 4 come, repeat the above.
8/10 dead
Now go back to area 8, stand on the ledge and the bulls kill themselves. After two more deaths you'll complete the quest and hae a minute to hunt down the last bull in the area!
Unlimited Mining
In the 2 star quest, More Coal Please, online, go get the first 10, and turn them in (this is preferably solo... more rations and old pickaxes this way), but mine as much as you can with the old pickaxes. You should get 7 in the first area with the buffalango. Next, go down to the last two caves and mine the next three, then return them. If at any time you see the khezu, paint it. But don't worry about him too much. If you move fast enough, you should be fine. Now, go back and mine your 5 coal, but do NOT turn them in. Avoid the khezu and mine in the LAST cave. This spot is unlimited, and while it will give you mostly coal, it also gives earth crystals and iron ore. Though, it may eventually give you mach ore. I have done this twice.

Notes: Make sure you bring plenty of iron pickaxes. Also, if anyone could tell me how to get the pawprint stamp, I could get the mega pickaxe and really mine this place.

Good for ores and just making money, since you can carry far more iron and earth crystals than you can ANY of the money making items listed above.
useful combos and where to find things ( in forest and hills)
Where to find things comes first:

MINING PLACES: area 5, area 6, and area 11
KUT KU SCALES:area 1, area 2 area 5( 2 places in area 5) i think theres more but thats all i no with kut ku scales
SPECIAL MUSHROOMS: area 3, area 8, area 7, area 6 ( i thinks thats all of em)
HONEY: area 7, area 9


toadstool+raw meat=poisened meat
stunshroom+raw meat=tainted meat
ivy+spiderw web=net
net+trap tool=pitfall trap
dung+huskberry=dung S
blue mushroom+herb=potion
nirtoshroom+fire herb=gunpowder
gunpowder+screamer=sonic bomb
gunpowder+large barrel=large barrel bomb
fire herb+small barrel=small barrel bomb
well you might of heard of people saying that it's better to make your weapon to bounce off the wyvern rather that get a slicing hit: False, when your weapon bounces off the wyvern it only does a 1/4 of it's full damage.I am an HR 17, I know.

some higher HR's may say the using small barrel bombs is better than getting a few hit with your sword: false, unless you have the hunter's knife the only use of the small barrel bomb will be detonating large barrel bombs.

The only positive is that, apparently, sometimes he falls down.
well done money
Begginers need to purches bbq spit. Then go to the first quest find 10 raw meats make 8 well done steaks. then go back and find 2 more raw meats and turn them into well done steaks. go and finish the questby putting the 2 spare raw meats in the red box. then go and sell thewell done steaks for 480z. repete for more money.


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A Tip On Health
If you feel like you're using potions and meds way too quickly in the battle... you may want to consider laying off the fight and letting your health regenerate a bit.. and let your team do the work for a while. When You get a considerable ammount of health back, get back into action and relieve one of the teamates that fought when u were down.
An easy way to get money fast
Get Velociprey full armor and Dragon Agito go to the slay the Yian Kut ku mission go to Zone three Hide behind the for like 2 minutes or less most of the time less and The Kut ku will come down hit him with the flash bombs given from box (you dont have to bring anything for this mission) when he is blinded put a small barrel bomb by his foot then the other foot and then hack at him u should get about 12 hits of ^><><><><><><>< on the analog stick and hell recover screaming hit it with another flash bomb repeat 12 hits he should charge when recovered roll hack it he should limp go to zone in front of cave I think its 4 or 5 hell land you hit like five more times hell die if your me he shouldnt have done any damage to u repeat til ur happy
beating monoblos
ok, to beat the monoblos you need to either have a greatsword or a hammer, if greatsword then when it runs at you block the attack and then turn around and get a few hits on his legs, for a hammer you must roll out of the way then gett under and do two ground attacks and a massive swing hurting him alot, if his mouth goes black and his horn flares red avoid and block attacks. in frenzy mod his underground attack is also extremely lethal since it kills you instantly, when you carve it you get 4 carves instead of the usual 3. you can use some lg and sm barrel bombs which hurt him alot but they cause him do frenzy regulary if you knock his horn off and defeat it you will gain a crimson horn, if you get 2 crimson horns and some other blos stuff you can get monoblos mail (which i have) this guide also works on diablos, which is same just harder
beating the cephadrome easy
first make loads of sonic bombs (nitroshroom+fire herb=gunpowder,gunpowder+screamer=sonic bomb)a good weapon helps here you can make hp potions too but not needed ,then throw a sonic bomb and it will pop up.Run to it and hit it while it shakes, then get next to its feet and attack and it cant do anything because its tail attack is out of range, this doesnt work on normal ones because they are small and can hit you. Also use a paintball for easy tracking and buy some cool drinks from merchant in town will help
Easy catching wvyerns
The easiest way to catch a wyvern is to beat it till it limps (Wait for the ears to go back on yain kut ku and for pleisoth wait for his fin to drop down) and then traq bomb/bullet them twice which will put them to sleep.

When the said wyvern is asleep walk up to it till you cant go no further forward and set the trap underneath it which will break open right away under them causing them to wake up so just traq them two more times to catch.
Easy online money
Between HR 1-12, your best bet is a bunch of Yian Kut-Ku runs; he dies fast and his carves are worth enough to get you at least 5000 zenny each run, including reward. Once you've gotten to HR 13 or higher, you can join people for Troublesome Pair or Wyverns of Land and Sky parties. Not only can you get Rathalos and Rathian plates for doing so, selling the carves can get you a ton of money (I've gotten more than 15000 zenny in one run.)
Hop, Hop, Hop!
A lot of Lance users worry if a wyvern charges at them, as they can't roll. Well, to counter this, I'm saying that you should quickly turn to the side, then hop backwards two/three times. This gets you out of the immediate daanger zone. The only drawback is that Stamina you would usually use on charging is wasted on backstepping. That, and the fact that it costs twice as much Stamina as a roll. But better you lose Stamina than Health, right?
How to beat velocidrome easy
Ok this trick works well but you have to use a fairly strong sword+shield with either poision or stun effect.

(For offline you must first of seen the cut sence with him/her in it)

When you enter the level run through area 1 and take the platform turn off instead of going into area 2. run round and up into area 10 and then through into area 3.

The velocidrome will be off on the other side so clear this part of the area of velociprey to make life more easier then catch the dromes attention and lure him to your cleared space and then hit him once with your sword+shield and he will burck backwards.

Wait till he comes out of this and hit him again but once or if you feel like it twice. The stun or poision of the weapon should kick in every so often helping you to beat him quicker or if you are using a normal sword+shield just keep going.

You should be able to kill him without him running off into a different area and calling backup.




killing the sand wyverns
equip the great sword, and when u get to the desert area, wait until the sand wyverns show a visible pattern in where they "swim" through the sand. as they come near, start walking towards them and press up on the right analog stick, ths way u'll attack while taking out your weapon. if u time it right, you will hit its top fin. when u hit it enough times, itll jump out of the sand, wait till it does its breath attack, and move towards its neck and attack, then retreat, if u time it right, ull recieve no damage, and will kill it very quikley this also works on the "boss" sand wyvern on "the land shark" mission. e-mail me if u need any more tips(
money money lovely money!
to get easy money get a great sword and go on the 3* quest liver of legend and get the piscine livers needed for quest then keep killing cepalos after cephalos after cephalos and the stuff u carve from them can be sold for a high price happy hunting!
Money, Money, Loads of Money (offline)
First you need to bring some Felvine and some fishing bait and pickaxes. Do the 1 star mission "fishing". First take your Felvine to the short dude in zone 7 and trade it all for special mushrooms. Go back to your camp and get all of the worms out of the blue box and use them all at the fishing place by your campsite and use it until it runs out and caught loads of fish. Then go to the dung pile in zone 1 and search for kut-ku scales. Next go to the three rocks in zone 2 and search by the one with no partner , and the bush on the top part of zone 9 along with special mushrooms. All of these have kut-ku scales. Then go to zone 6 and mine at the crack on the cliffs. Next you go to zone 11 and kill the bullfango and take its carvings. Allthough you have no bait your saved by a little flat white stone on the top part of zone 11. it has infinite worms. fish at zone 11 until you caught 1 sushifish or you get tired of fishing. take your fish to the red box and your done!! All of this is about 2000z ( more or less). Have Fun Hunters!!!!
PawPrint Stanps !!!!
Ok here the deal in order to get the stamps it is accually quite simple. For you to get stamps u need to wait for the event. The event will say "Felyne Hunting". Once you see that do the event, it is accually fun because you get to beat on cats. once you Defeat all 50 Felyne's you will win the mission. and at the end you will receive at least 2 stamps and some fel-Vine.

if ne1 can help me get to level 20 quicker let me know im lvl 17 now thx.
Anyone who knows how to fight at all knows that paying attention to sharpness is essential when battling large wyverns. The higher end weapons all have at least some green sharpness (sword icon glows yellow), which is fine for attacking all large wyverns in some parts of their bodies. Depending on your weapon, you might want to keep your sharpness as high as possible. Yellow sharpness (normal sword icon) is acceptable in most battles, but your weapon may be repelled more often, and while it still does damage, it is probably not worth it if it happens every other attack. Once your weapon reaches orange or red (cracked sword/glows red), it is no longer wise to attack a wyvern. You should wait for an opportunity and sharpen your weapon, and if you are using a normal whetstone, or in some cases even a mini whetstone, your sharpness should reach its max and you will be fine to attack again.
The Safe and Easy Way of Returning Wyvern Eggs
If you want to return wyvern eggs safely, do the following in order:

1> Grab 1 egg and break it ( you'll see the use of this)
2> figure out the way you want to return the eggs
3> kill all the velociprey in the zones you will return the egg
4> grab the egg and follow your path
5> cross your toes that the rotholas don't come

Its a matter of luck!!
the tip to end all other tips
1. when u do the liver of ledgend get 2 picine livers then deliver the two liver to the delivery box. then go backand get ten liver so that you have 9 livers to sell thin will get you 2700 + 600.

2. in area 9 in forest and hills there is two secret places, one by the entrance from area 8 (in 9) you have to walk through a couple of bushes and go up a plat from to get in it but it's just a honey. and the other is closer to area 3 when you are going down the narower part in it to 3 it's on the right side you may have to crouch to get in this one is also behind a shrub.

3. when fighting the basarios he will never leave the area (area 2) this gives you a sligh advantage . My weapon of choice on him would either be the great serpentblade or the deadly poison. The basarios attacks very slowly his charge attack espesialy.

4.a great weaopn for beginners is the hunters knife. upgrade it to the serpents bite or the hunters dagger. by this time you should try and see other weapon paths i noticed that the sword and shield isn't a very good weapoon for the intermeadiate quests. you should start to expand your weapon web half way through the 2 star quests try the hammer path or the great sword paths but try to try out all the different ones i'd suggest Bone blade - Bone blade+ - serpent blade. Or iron sword - iron sword+ - Iron katana. Or withe the hammers. iron hammer - iron hammer+ - bone axe. these are just some ideas .

5.some of the forest elder trades are extremley useful like the path i showed you in 4 (Bone blade - Bone blade+ - serpent blade) well after that it goes Vile srpentblade - Great Serpent blade. to get the great sepent blade you will need a light crystal from the gysperos or if you have a giant beak you can give it to the forest elder for a light crystal thats how i got mine. but heres some other ones.

Forest and Hills (Area 7) Alphabetical Order

Gravios Carapace -> Diablos Spine
Garbage -> Fire Heb
Pawprint Stamp -> Firefly
Diablos Spine -> Gravios Carapace
Fatalis' Eye -> Kirin Hide
Rathian Plate -> Lao-Shan's Scale
Rathalos Plate -> Lao-Shan's Shell
Blos Fang -> Large Monster Bone
Dragonite Ore -> Large Monster Bone
Machalite Ore -> Medium Monster Bone
Piscine Jaw -> Medium Monster Bone
Pale Lips -> Pale Bone
Kut-Ku Ear -> Plesioth Fin
Kut-Ku Shell -> Plesioth Scale
Cephalos Fin -> Rathalos Webbing
Firestone -> Rathalos Wing
Majestic Horn -> Rathalos Wing
Lightcrystal -> Rathian Spike
Iron Ore -> Small Monster Bone
Cactus Flower -> Special Mushroom
Felvine -> Special Mushroom
Fire Heb -> Special Mushroom
Insect Husk -> Special Mushroom
Mystery Bone -> Stunshroom
Gravios Head -> Vespoid Abdomen
Gravios Wing -> Vespoid Abdomen
Crimson Horn -> Wyvern Marrow
Monoblos Spine -> Wyvern Marrow

Jungle (Area 5) Alphabetical Order

Wyvern Marrow -> Ancient Potion
Rathian Claw -> Armorskin
Sleep Sac -> Armorskin
Rathalos Scale -> Catalyst
Rathian Scale -> Catalyst
Stun Sac -> Catalyst
Flame Sac -> Demondrug
Rathalos Claw -> Demondrug
Rathalos Shell -> Dragon Toadstool
Rathian Shell -> Dragon Toadstool
Electro Sac -> Immunizer
Poison Sac -> Lifecrystals
Bullfango Head -> Max Potion
Mosswine Head -> Max Potion
Mosswine Hide -> Max Potion
Small Lobstershell -> Mega Armorskin
Pawprint Stamp -> Mega Bugnet
Large Lobstershell -> Mega Demondrug
Blos Fang -> Mega Juice
Blos Jaw -> Pale Extract
Piscine Fang -> Power Extract
Garbage -> Screamer
Insect Husk -> Special Mushroom
Cactus Flower -> Special Mushroom
Sushfish -> Special Mushroom
Fire Herb -> Special Mushroom
Mystery Bone -> Toadstool
Cephalos Fin -> Twisted Horn
Plesioth Fin -> Twisted Horn

Swamp (Area 1) Alphabetical Order

Gravios Carapace -> Dragonite Ore
Gravios Head -> Firestone
Lao-Shan's Spine -> Firestone
Small Monster Bone -> Iron Ore
Gravios Wing -> Large Lobstershell
Giant Beak -> Lightcrystal
Kirin Mane -> Lightcrystal
Rathalos Wing -> Lightcrystal
Wyvern Marrow -> Lightcrystal
Basarios Shell -> Machalite Ore
Kut-Ku Ear -> Machalite Ore
Medium Monster Bone -> Machalite Ore
Rathalos Claw -> Machalite Ore
Rathalos Tail -> Machalite Ore
Rathian Claw -> Machalite Ore
Rathian Spike -> Machalite Ore
Pawprint Stamp -> Mega Pickaxe
Garbage -> Sap Plant
Mystery Bone -> Sleep Herb
Basaios Wing -> Small Lobstershell
Insect Husk -> Special Mushroom
Ivy -> Special Mushroom
Blue Mushroom -> Special Mushroom
Honey -> Special Mushroom
Hornet Bladefin -> Union Ore
Pale Bone -> Union Ore
Vespoid Bladefin -> Union Ore
Vespoid Abdomen -> Novacrystal

Cheat edit: Arsenalrock23 adds...

"You can swap a diablos spine 4 a gravios carapace AND a iodrome hide"
the ultimate way(kinda like it)
this is only for highly skilled players who know how to use the sword and sheid really well(or for growing newbs)

the beggining is easy get 1500 dont buy anything but save the money.(stay with the hunter dagger all the way through the first set of missions and all of them play the game with ease take your time...
*HINT* in the forest and hills, area 2, next to the entrence of area 1 there are 3 stones against the wall across the tree.. one of them is sitting alone from the other two search there, there usuallly a kut kut scale...there are paint berries too but i dont reallly care about those
1=85% 2=65% 3=45% 4=25% 5=?...somthing around 5-1%
repeat as many times as you want but...the chance of finding them are lowered by around 10-25% for every set of missions you beat but this works with any forest and hills missions later on in the game too

take your time and search alot around the area specially the fishing mission(the map is more open

when your done with the first set now get alot of pickaxes (just only iron or a mega if you have one) pick axe the mines... the mach ores are increased chance by 20-35% (i have no idea why but is does increse) but drops by like 40-55% after you complete the second set of missions.

now upgrade your starting weapon until it becomes a assasin dagger (lots o iron ore/som earth crys needed wit som bit of money..sell kut kut scale if needed)when you get it dont make any thing else.. now with some wet stones you found from mining you are really unstoppable if your very skilled at sword and shield..the 3 and 4 set of missions are a breeze if your skilled

play through the next set of stages (3 and 4 i wont be reveling any more tricks like the kut kut scales so go find them your selves.) when you get a hefty stock of mach ore/disk stones/earth crys then upgrade all at once to dual...rapidly upgrade over an over untill you get past the tornado+ and the one after that or when the power is like 250ish...then beating the game is really no problem for a pro play(like myself)

it took me about 9 and a half hours to beat the game but iv played over 50hrs+ total.... i dont play online....go monster hunter 2

Unlimited rare 1-3 items
When you are online, give another character any

rare 1-3 item to hold. Then shut off PS2 and

loggin. Check your items and you should have

what you gave to hold and the character you got

to hold your items can give them back to you!

Alternatively: Instead of going through all that just go into an easy quest give your items to someone and then abandon, then if they finish the quest they have the items and since you abandoned you have the items too, much simpler
Yian Kut-ku stun
If you don't have any flash bombs, and you're just starting, the Yian Kut-ku(YKK) is oddly difficult. An odd thing that I found out while starting my third character, is that if you hit the YKK with a small barrel bomb explosion, while they are in their normal state(non-enraged state, you know, without the flames showing in their beack), they will stand straight and stagger around for a bit. This is a perfect time to unleash some pain.

If someone calls them a noob for laying down a small barrel bomb while fighting the YKK, up them if you're a GS'er, and do it anyway. <---(Note: That's not a cheat.)
Your first three one star missions
Really simple when the tribal chief gives you 1500 money, make sure you buy 5 crickets and 10 worms. when you start your missions go fishing in the pond at bas camp. thats 15 fish with a minimum price of 35. do the math 35x15=525. which has doubled your input. Also in zone one check the dung as it often has a kut-thingy scale in it worth 250. not the greatest help i know.
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