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Left arm vs. Right arm
When you are customizing your Mobile Suit keep in mind that both Left and Right sided Arms can have different effects.

Example, Early on a Z'gok arm can greatly increase a characters MEL and RNG stats, but here's the downside. The RIGHT Arm holds the MEL and RNG weapons, so if the RIGHT Arm is unable to hold a weapon them you can be doing more harm than good. However, the LEFT Arm is only used for equiping either SHIELD or ARM-MOUNTED weapons. Meaning it really doesn't matter what LEFT Arm is equiped since SHIELDs and ARM-MOUNTED weapons are compatable with most LEFT Arms. (A useful trick for GATLING BODY and GATLING FIRE attacks)
Less payment at inns
When you go to an inn and they ask you if you would like lodging and repair try not to do this what you can do is use the repair tech from a or several characters repair your MS and then just choose rest your TP is restored and you didn't have to waste the extra money on repairs.
World Map Image

The above is a reference image of the world map. Why Bandai/Namco didn't think to label things, we'll never know. Damn noobz.