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MLB SlugFest 20-03 Cheats

MLB SlugFest 20-03 cheats, and Codes for PS2.

MLB SlugFest 20-03 Cheats

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cheat list
When you start a game and you see both of the team's logos along with three little squares below each logo, those are the cheat icons. Whenever you press a button, one of the icons change. (Note: they also show this in the instructional booklet on page 13.) I have a list of cheats that you can use during the game.

How to type in the codes: you type in the codes by using the square, x, circle, and a direction on the d-pad. After each cheat below there are three numbers followed by a direction. The first number is how many times you press the square button, the second number is how many times you press the x button, the third number is how many times you press the circle button, and the direction is the direction you press on the d-pad after pressing the square, x, and circle buttons the amount of times is says. (Note: you must press the three buttons in the order of square, x, and circle.)

Big Head: 2-0-0 right
Small Head: 2-0-0 left
Mace Bat: 0-0-4 left
Log Bat: 0-0-4 up
Wiffle Bat: 0-0-4 right
Horse Team: 2-1-1 right
Eagle Team: 2-1-2 right
Pinto Team: 2-1-0 right
Terry Fitzgerald Team: 3-3-3 right
Todd McFarlane Team: 2-2-2 right
Tournament Mode:1-1-1 down
Max Batting: 3-0-0 left
Max Power: 0-3-0 left
Max Speed: 0-0-3 left
No Fatigue: 3-4-3 up
Rubber Ball: 2-4-2 up
Infinite Turbo: 4-4-4 down
Rocket Park Stadium: 3-2-1 up
Roman Coliseum: 3-3-3 up
Submitted by: slanidrac on July 23, 2002
Matchup Screen cheats
Enter all these cheats at the Game matchup Screen. Each number represents the number of times the corresponding button must be pressed. Square for the first, X for the second, O for the third. Then press the designated direction to activate it

Horse Team-2,1,1,Right
Log Bat-0,0,4 Up
Mace Bat-0,0,4,left
Maximum Batting-3,0,0Left
Maximum Power-0,3,0,Left
No Fatigue-3,4,3,Up
Rubber Ball-2,4,2,Up
Terry Fitzgerald Team-3,3,3,Right
Todd McFarlane(w00t!) team-2,2,2,Right
Tournament Mode-1,1,1,Down
Wiffle Ball Bat-0,0,4,right

Submitted by: Kyo Daikun Mk II on August 20, 2002
tiny head
2-0-0, left will activate the cheat
Submitted by: chris/atm222000 on January 20, 2003