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Unlockable - How to Unlock

Team Martian - Hit a Triple in Rocket Park

Team Casey - Hit a Triple in Wrigley Field

Team Lions - Hit a Home Run with the Tigers in Comerica Park

Team Pinto - Hit an In Park Home Run at Busch Field

Team Eagles - Walk 3 times in 1 Game

Team Bobble Head - Hit 10 Home Runs in 1 Game

Team Mintour - Hit a Home Run in Forbidden City
Team Rodeo Clowns Turn a Double Play

Team Evil Clowns - Hit Home Run with Yankees in Empire

Team Horse - Steal 5 times in one Game

Team Dolphins - Hit Home Run in Atlantis

Team Gladiator - Hit Home Run in Coliseum

Park: Coliseum - Hit a Homer in Fenway

Park: Atlantis - Hit a Homer in AT&A Park

Park: Empire - Hit a Homer in Yankee Stadium

Park: Rocket Park -Hit a Homer in Minute Maid Park

Park: Forbidden City - Hit Homer in PetCo Park
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: spirit on August 19, 2007