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Hot Shots Golf 3 Cheats

Hot Shots Golf 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Hot Shots Golf 3 Tips

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Submitted by: pojulia on September 30, 2007
Submitted by: rusty dawg on September 30, 2007
Unlockable Characters
Blue - Defeat Blue in Vs. Mode

Estelle - Defeat Estelle in Vs. Mode

John - Defeat John in Vs. Mode

Kamala - Defeat Kamala in Vs. Mode

Lin - Defeat Lin in Vs. Mode

Louise - Defeat Louise in Vs. Mode

Mitch - Defeat Mitch in Vs. Mode

Spike - Defeat Spike in Vs. Mode

Stacy - Defeat Stacy in Vs. Mode

T-Bone - Defeat T-Bone in Vs. Mode

Toni - Defeat Toni in Vs. Mode

Zeus - Defeat Zeus in Vs. Mode
Submitted by: Warsun on July 30, 2005
Unlockable: Caddies
Caddie Mel - Win Friendship Open in Beginner

Caddie Sophie - Win Wild West Cup in Semi-Pro
Submitted by: Warsun on July 31, 2005
Unlockable: New Outfits
New Blue Outfit - Defeat "New Blue" in Vs. Mode

New Estelle Outfit - Defeat "New Estelle" in Vs. Mode

New John Outfit - Defeat "New John" in Vs. Mode

New Jonnie Outfit - Defeat "New Jonnie" in Vs. Mode

New Kamala Outfit - Defeat "New Kamala" in Vs. Mode

New Lin Outfit - Defeat "New Lin" in Vs. Mode

New Louise Outfit - Defeat "New Louise" in Vs. Mode

New Mitch Outfit - Defeat "New Mitch" in Vs. Mode

New Pete Outfit - Defeat "New Pete" in Vs. Mode

New Spike Outfit - Defeat "New Spike" in Vs. Mode

New Stacey Outfit - Defeat "New Stacey" in Vs. Mode

New T-Bone Outfit - Defeat "New T-Bone" in Vs. Mode

New Tiffany Outfit - Defeat "New Tiffany" in Vs. Mode

New Toni Outfit - Defeat "New Toni" in Vs. Mode

New Zeus Outfit - Defeat "New Zeus" in Vs. Mode
Submitted by: Warsun on July 30, 2005

Hot Shots Golf 3 Cheats

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Make Your Golfer Left Handed
Press Start When Selecting your golfer at the character selection screen.
Submitted by: swiftshark on December 27, 2002
Red White and Blue National Championship
Enter: f7f&&&4amtAg in the password section in the Single Player Mode, you will be using T-Bone with Standard Club and Ball and you will be in Course 3 Back Tee, be prepared since you have to play all 18 holes through and you cannot interrupt the game.
Submitted by: swiftshark on December 27, 2002
Unlocking Characters and Costumes
There are 12 characters to unlock, you beat them all in VS Mode, but it dosn't stop there, to unlock a bonus 5th costume (You unlock 3 and 4 in Torunament Mode) You must beat ALL 15 CHARACTERS who's difficulty had ramped up and they also possess the Big Air Club. Good Luck, but if htis proves to be too challenging, even with the Pinch Hit Cupons, you can buy them in the shop, but they're expensive...
Submitted by: bri89 on August 08, 2003
Weather Changing
You can change the weather in Multiplayer only by unlocking the Weather Switcher in Tournament Mode, you can choose Normal Weather settings, 100% sun or 100% Rain
Submitted by: bri89 on August 08, 2003