Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix (PS2) Cheats

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Cheat Menu Passwords
Enter the Following cheats at the cheat menu under options
PasswordWhat it does
KUBMIR Add $1 to Career Money
ROADTRIP All cities in arcade mode
DFENS Argo special move
URBANSPRAWL Faster pedestrians
GETHEADJKPumpkin head
RJNRRoar special move
GETHEADM Snowman head
GETHEADJ Yellow smile head
ALLIN Zone special move
HYPERAGROIncrease Car mass (boosts car abilities).
CROSSRADAll cities in mission
RIMBUCKSubtract $1 from Career Money


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Burnout and When to use it
To perform a burnout hold R1+X on default controls.

When to use burnout -

When starting a race, because you will take off faster from the start than just normally pressing X, which will do nothing but accelerate, but you will be better off just burning out than pressing X.

When you crash - Say for instance, you crash into a bus and now your at 0 mph, burnout for about 1 second, the reason why is because you will be at 60 mph in half a second than just accelerating without burning out which will result in you having to wait 5 seconds to get to 60 mph.

Before a jump - not during a race but in the arcade if your trying to get the highest jump distance, burnout, use nitro, and you will soar through the air.

To turn 180 degrees - what would you rather do, use the handbrake to turn 180 degrees or stop completely and use burnout to around, the difference is that you accelerate faster if you do the second one.

Hope this helps.
Never ending boost/ refill boost tanks
First go to Tokyo, then get a chopper, start the cruise, when its doing the countdown turn around and go through the twin office building, go past the Eiffel tower replica and through the tunnel as soon as you get out slow down till you get to the two ramps. go to the grass field between them push into the left corner of the wall leaning forward, once inside drive under the grass and you will fall, for infinite NOS hit the boost as your falling.
Red circles on map are for normal races, Good for earning money.
Yellow Cups on map is for city races, Good for earning money and unlocking new cars.
Yellow stars on map is for club races, Good for money, Unlocking new cars and items, learning new moves.
Blue arrows on map is for Racers challenges, forward in your career.
Roar for choppers
If you think that doing roar with the choppers in American chopper club is useless, your wrong. I found out that when you do roar with the choppers, the other people pop wheelies and they cant control their bikes. So before they make a turn around that corner, use roar and they'll go straight doing a wheelie and they might fall.Happy ROARING
<font size=2><span style="color:red;">Zone slows your car down so you can easily dodge things</span></font>


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Driving at 25 MPH......WITH NO HANDS!
You can drive at a constant pace of about 25 MPH without having to hold the controller. To do this get a car with a 4 (or more) speed transmission or upgrade one so it does. Now go to cruse in arcade mode and pause the game. Navigate to the options menu and find controller mappings (if you cant find it then you most likely have your Hydraulics on). Change the shift up to something like the up directional button and the shift down (optional) to the down directional button. Now exit the controller mappings if it asks if its ok to change them or whatever that popup is for, just select ok. Now once out of the pause menu drive and shift till you reach your highest gear (alternatively you can shift to the highest gear and then drive but it takes alot longer to reach the needed speeds of over 25 MPH) then either hold the brake or let off the gas allowing the car to slow itself, but do not use the ebrake or shift down, you have to stay in your highest gear for this to work. Now while you are holding down the brake or coasting, if done correctly, the car should slow until it reaches 25 MPH and then the needle on the speedometer should stop at around the 25 MPH mark and the car will continue to drive at this constant speed. You will be able to hold down the brake and see your brake lights light up but it will not go below 25 MPH. Also you should not have to use the controller unless you want to steer the car. Now to stop the car you can either steer it into a wall, steer it into a gas tank and detonate your car and the pump (a.k.a total it), stop it with the ebrake, shift down to 1st, or go to the controller mappings and disable the manual transmission, if you previously had the controlls on default then click the top layout that says default.

(Note 1: this WILL disable the popup map [up button] and the hydraulics [down button] but the can be restored by restoring the default configuration)

(Note 2: if this does not work, try changing your car to the Chevelle SS fully upgraded, that was what I used and it worked and it was not a coincidence I do this almost everytime im in cruse)

Vehicle Moving On Train Tracks Glitch
Start a cruise in Tokyo, San Deigo, or Detroit. Then push a generic car on the middle of the tracks. After A few moments the car will start moving on the tracks. It will take a few tries to get the car moving.

It works with a car, van, or truck. In Tokyo the car moves off the tracks and straight through the wall and floating through the air.