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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PS2) Cheats

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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1949 Chevrolet Fleetline
You must complete the Bad Boyz tournament in Detriot to win the 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline.
1968 Corvette Stingray
To unlock the 1968 Corvette Stingray, you must complete the All American Roalty Races.
Best way to go on ur class
On Class D get the Eclipse and give it more performance. When you get to class B Second class get the Silverado SS, and max its performance out. Then when your on class C you get anything you want.
Better than Handbrake
On a sports bike or chopper, if your going into a turn, press the L1 button and your rider will get pretty low to the ground to turn. Its better than handbrake, b/c you dont lose vital speed

NOTE: This only works on sum wide turns so if your cutting corners then use handbreak
Cadillac Cien
To unlock the Cadillac Cien you must complete the "Detriot City" tournament.
Cadillac Sixteen
To win the Cadillac Sixteen you must complete the game 100%.
Chrysler ME-412
To unlock this car you must complete all of the exotic club races.
Driving Tips
Agro special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode and is only available for SUVs, trucks, and luxury sedans. The Agro meter is charged by hitting traffic and sidewalk clutter. When fully charged, Agro can be activated (or used at a later time) by pressing L3. Agro allows you to plow through the competition, swatting aside any car that gets in your way.

Roar special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode, and is available to muscle cars and choppers. The Roar meter is charged through successful drifting. When the special move meter is fully charged, Roar can be activated immediately or saved for later use. When activated by L3, Roar sends out an engine rev so loud that traffic will do anything it can to get out of the way.

Zone special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode and available to import and exotic cars, as well as sportbikes. The Zone meter is charged by driving cleanly and avoiding collisions. Collisions will prevent the meter from charging. It is activated by pressing L3. Zone simulates the adrenaline rush of racing at insane speeds by slowing down the world around you to a crawl, allowing you to squeeze around tight turns and get through narrow spaces with ease.

Slipstream turbo:
When drafting someone (sharing the air from the car in front), you will see a meter on the right-hand side of the screen fill up. When it is red and starts beeping, press Nitrous and you will get a sudden boost, allowing you to leave your competition in the dust.

Weave through traffic:
When racing, turn left or right and press Circle. Your car will go on its side and can weave through traffic.

Drive on two wheels:
Press L1 and the D-pad Left or Right. Your car will pop up on the left or right side, and you can drive on two wheels.

Go under cars:
This trick only works with exotic cars that are set low to the ground. When in the air coming off a jump, press Circle + Analog-stick Up to angle the car downwards. If you hit a car, you will go under it without losing any speed. This is very useful in races.

Easy boost:
Get on an opponent's tail until the meter fills up on the right side of the screen then press Nitrous.
E-Z P-Z Lemon Squeezie
start out by chalenging vannessa from the unbeatable street racers and after you beat her keep doing city races until you have a lot of money and tourney's are available. beat the tourneys and then do whatever you want EXEPT chaleng carlos or any body. once you are in atlanta, gert some class "b" cars, then go back to SD and chalenge more independent racers(you have to make 15 percent to unlock the movers
Easy Money
Get all A class and prize cars and sell the expensive ones. You should have close to $1,000,000.
easy money
Here is an easy way to earn cash to get better cars. you buy the best car you can afford, then you race, as many races as you can that are not required, then buy mods, and beet all the people wh are required, then race more city races, and do this until you have loads of money$, and you can buy better cars faster, and easyer. Although this seems like common sense most people don't think of it that quickly.
good car
when you win the first san diego tournament keep the lexus and use it for city race(most likely at this point its the best car you have)when you have a decent amount of money upgrade the car.keep doing this when leverl 2 upgrades are unlocked and you should find you have a D class car that can beat all challengers and city races in san diego and atlanta.so try it.ive got to detriot using mainly the lexus and the 300c
Mercedes CL55 AMG
Win all of the luxury club races.
Recommended Starting car
I would recommend the Dodge SRT4 but the tuning capabilities are limited, I found that the best car to modify is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. The SRT4 is the best car so if you're starting out then use it but if you've played the prequels to the game then I recommend this car. Also you can have a bit of fun when driving around for the car handles like a dream. If you put sway bars on it the first time you get hold of the car you will have an almost limitless supply of control when drifting. The SRT4 also does this but then you have no challenge down the straights. Unlike the SRT4 the Spyder is a small car that I found fit's through smaller gaps than it should and it also leans further over while in 2-wheel-driving, meaning that you don't need that much skill to do it through traffic. Basically, if you're new then use the SRT4 but if you're not then use something else. I'd recommend the Spyder
Rockstar Logo's
Rockstar Games logos:
There are twelve Rockstar Games logos hidden throughout each level in the game.

Atlanta: When you get out of the garage immediately turn to the right. You will see a glass. Crash through to find the logo.

Atlanta: Drive to the bottom of the map. Look for a building with a huge globe. There is a logo that reads "Nitro Cola". A logo is located directly under that.

Atlanta: Drive to the graveyard in the south of the map (near the highway). There is a logo at the east part of the building there.

Atlanta: Follow the highway until you reach a place with some construction work. Drive off the highway (to your right side if driving north), and look for a tank station. Follow the building around and you will se a ramp/road going up. Get some speed, fly over, and you will land on the roof of building. The logo should be in front of you.

Atlanta: On the freeway at the top right-hand side of the map, there is an overpass. There is a logo under the overpass on the right-hand side, if you are traveling north.

Atlanta: Follow the highway south of the construction until you see a building with a yellow sign on the side that reads "DJ Smalls" on your right. It will be located rather low -- you would be better off traveling against traffic. It is just before you go into the tunnel part of the highway. Drive up towards that sign and look to your left across the highway. There will be a building with a ramp that goes down inside it. Note: Do not go down. Go around this building and find a ramp that leads up. Go up it and look around up top for the logo.

Atlanta: Follow the building where you garage is located. Drive through the skeleton's mouth and you will find a logo

Atlanta: While looking at the shipping station, turn left and keep going until you find a park-like area. There will be a ramp at a corner of it. Hit the ramp at full speed, and after you land on the building, continue forward and jump over to the next building. You should see an open area to the left. The logo should be located there.

Detroit: Look for Comerica Park. Near there is a building with some glass that you can drive through. Inside you will find a Rockstar logo.

Detroit: Look for a building with the Detriot Atrium. Drive through the glass to find another Rockstar logo.

Detroit: There is a Rockstar logo near the near the lower left part of the map. Look for a building with some graffiti with a pink bear and the name Kool Kid Snirk. There is a building to the right of it. The logo is inside. Enter the building and turn to see it.

San Diego: Find the aircraft carrier and locate the ramp to jump onto the flight deck. One logo can be found here, on the ramp.

San Diego: There is a logo behind the baseball stadium. Follow the highway to the back of the stadium.. You will then se a small ramp. Drive up to find the logo.

San Diego: There is also a logo at the top deck of the aircraft carrier.

San Diego: Drive to the beach at the top left of the map. Follow the beach until you see a small tunnel.. There is a logo in there.

San Diego: At the lower left of the map (near the aircraft carrier), follow the coastline. There is no road near by. Follow the large building, and you will find a little road that leads up to a roof. Turn left and you will see the logo.

San Diego: Almost at the lower right corner at the map, there is a huge parking garage. When you are on the streets, drive to the bottom left corner of the building. Drive up the ramp, turn left, and drive through the windows to find another logo.

San Diego: To the far left of the map at the rollercoaster, drive up the ramp that is located at the north of the rollercoaster. Ride to find the logo.
Starting Car
I would suggest starting with a muscle car. I know most people choose tuners, but waiting until the end of the game to do all of the muscle car races can be very difficult.
Super Nitrous Blast
First buy your car some nitrous if it doesn't come with it already, then in a race, trail behind another car and wait for the red meter to fill up, then when it's almost to the top, activate the Nitrous, then when the meter peaks, activate that, so you have 2 speed power ups going off simultaneously.
Unlock Police Motorcycle
To unlock the police Motorcycle you must complete the game 100%.
  • Atlanta cop: complete the game
  • Atlanta and Detroit cop: complete the game
  • El Diablo Rigid: defeat vanessa three times in
  • Nissan Skyline: complete all 13 tuner race tournaments
  • Skully bike: complete the Chopper of America Bike Club races.
  • Chrysler 300C "DUB edition": Win the Balboa Park tournament in San Diego.
  • Cadillac Escalade EXT Dub Edition: Win the Hotlanta tournament in Atlanta. You will get $10,000 out of it.
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV: Win the second San Diego tournament.
  • What car you should buy in the beginning.
    Okay, I thought the best plan was appearance. What car will be the best looking customized should not be what you're focusing your choice on. Performance is what really matters, and that is why I bought the Dodge STS4. It has the best stats out of all the beginning cars, you won't regret it, because once it's tricked out, it will look just as snazzy as the best underground racing cars today, and when you get more money, making it perform better will make it even more worth it.


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    hidden car park (need chopper/sportsbike)
    go to the motor way and look for a small jump go to it and look near it for a differnt jump going over the highway then go to the top and pull a wheelie trying to get over the wall once you are over the wall you should be in the car park
    Hiding spot
    (this tip is best for choppers[bikes])
    If found, this spot is the ultimate place to hide.

    Head to Atlanta, then find the park with all the cylindrical lights. When you find the park, head to the ramp and make a sharp u-turn. Go up to 3 blocks away, not turning at all. Then u-turn once more and head back for the ramp, using N2O if necessary (you may overshoot if you use N2O, so use it wisely). Once you clear the ramp and land on the building in front of you, go over the next ramp and immediately stop your vehicle and u-turn to face behind you. Head to the right where the tower is and shoot off the ramp. hit the tower to stop your vehicle and slowly maneuver around the tower, hugging it as you move. If you do this correctly, your bike should disappear once you go 90 degrees around the tower, and you cannot get shoved out, yet you can easily drive out, or wait for a respawn. If you like to play H&S on MC3<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />E, then this will help you tremendously.


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    Action Replay Codes
    Master Code

    Max Cash

    Master Code

    Infinite Cash

    100 Tournament Points

    Game Stats

    Max Distance Driven

    Minimum Distance Driven

    Max Total Hours Played

    Minimum Total Hours Played

    Max Overall Wins

    No Overall Wins

    Max Nitrous Used

    No Nitrous Used

    Max Changed Music Tracks

    No Changed Music Tracks

    Max Traffic Hit

    No Traffic Hit

    Max Objects Hit

    No Objects Hit

    Max Opponents Hit

    No Opponents Hit

    Max Total Burnouts

    No Total Burnouts

    Career Stats

    Max Vehicles Unlocked

    No Vehicles Unlocked

    Max Third Place Finishes

    No Third Place Finishes

    Max Second Place Finishes

    No Second Place Finishes

    100% Original Riders

    No Original Riders

    100% Chopper of America Bike Club

    No Chopper of America Bike Club

    100% American Royalty Car Club

    No American Royalty Car Club

    100% Luxury Rollers Car Club

    No Luxury Rollers Car Club

    100% By Invitation Only

    No By Invitation Only

    100% Big Playas

    No Big Playas

    100% Unbeatable Street Racers

    No Unbeatable Street Racers

    100% Completed

    0% Completed

    Max Cash Earned

    No Cash Earned
    Came Shark Codes
    these are cheats for gameshark
    [M]Must be on:
    760622E0 00000000
    770001CB 260C5955
    984EB262 789CA54E


    76097A90 00000000
    2816ED40 F7227A44
    2816EDD8 A126A48D
    2816EDED 68FC7A77
    28320254 A1426965

    760C3F50 00000000
    28617B78 1CD1A03E
    28617B03 1CD1A03E

    Unlock cars, areas and parts:
    760FEA20 00000000
    4861319C 0CFB7A56
    2E187D54 0CA57A65
    Cheat List
    Enter the Following cheats at the Cheat Menu.
    Lexus GS 430 and the Cadillac CTS-V: Go to options screen, then cheats, and enter "rimbuk" with the onscreen keyboard.

    H1: Go to options screen, then cheats, and enter "Kubmir" with the onscreen keyboard.

    Other cheats:
  • All cities in arcade mode: Enter ROADTRIP
  • Argo special move: Enter DFENS
  • Bunny head: Enter GETHEADL
  • Chrome head: Enter HAVEYOUSEENTHISBOY
  • Faster pedestrians: Enter URBANSPRAWL
  • Flaming head: Enter TRYTHISATHOME
  • Increase car mass in arcade mode: Enter HYPERARGO
  • No damage: Enter ONTHEROAD.
  • Pumpkin head: Enter GETHEADJK
  • Roar special move: Enter RJNR
  • Snowman head: Enter GETHEADM
  • Yellow smile head: Enter GETHEADJ
  • Zone special move: Enter ALLIN
  • Cheats
    Enter the Following cheats at the cheat menu under options
    Add $1 to Career Money: KUBMIR
    All cities in arcade mode: Enter ROADTRIP
    Argo special move: Enter DFENS
    Bunny head: Enter GETHEADL
    Chrome head: Enter HAVEYOUSEENTHISBOY
    Faster pedestrians: Enter URBANSPRAWL
    Flaming head: Enter TRYTHISATHOME
    Increase car mass in arcade mode: Enter HYPERARGO
    No damage: Enter ONTHEROAD.
    Pumpkin head: Enter GETHEADJK
    Roar special move: Enter RJNR
    Snowman head: Enter GETHEADM
    Yellow smile head: Enter GETHEADJ
    Zone special move: Enter ALLIN
    Free Neon
    When you are trying to buy........ just click no neon, come back and all will be FREE!!!!!!!
    Hydraulics Cheat
    Using hydraulics:
    Press Down to get into the hydraulics setup. You can then press L1, R1, L2, and R2 to use your switches.

    Bouncing: Keep tapping D-pad Down.

    Driving on three wheel or other motions: Get your car onto the wheels you want and use the Right Analog-stick to drive backward and forward. Be careful; if your are in three wheel motion decide to lift up the front right wheel from the ground while driving, your car will veer to the right (realistically).

    Hydraulic poses:

    3 Wheel: Press L2 + R1, or R2 + L1. To drive, press X and Square for brake/reverse.
    West Coast (front up): Press L1 + R1.
    East Coast (rear up): Press R2 + L2.
    Side to Side: To raise the left side press L1 + L2. To raising the right side press R1 + R2.
    Pancake (hop in place): Press R2 + L2 and L1 + R1 to hop.
    More Gameshark codes

    top speed-
    760D72E0 00000000
    2861BAF2 B1F47165

    Total Air Time-
    76006AA0 00000000
    2861BA01 B1F47165

    Maximum Air Time-
    760B3500 00000000
    2861BA78 B1F47165

    Longest Jump Distance-
    760C0AC0 00000000
    2861BAD0 4F518F65

    Distance Driven-
    760CF860 00000000
    2861C89C B1F47165

    Total Hours Played-
    76024890 00000000
    2861C80A B1F47165

    Overall Wins-
    760FEB30 00000000
    2861C815 0CA5E485

    Total Nitrous Used
    7600DE70 00000000
    2861C866 0CA5E485

    Changed Music Tracks-
    760E1180 00000000
    2861C86D 0CA5E485

    Traffic Hit-
    76083110 00000000
    2861C8FF 0CA5E485

    Objects Hit-
    7600A170 00000000
    2861C8FB 0CA5E485

    Opponents Hit-
    76036EB0 00000000
    2861C886 0CA5E485

    Total Burnouts-
    7602AEA0 00000000
    2861C873 0CA5E485

    Top Speed-
    760AA7D0 00000000
    2861BAF2 0CA57A65

    Total Air Time-
    7607BF90 00000000
    2861BA01 0CA57A65

    Maximum Air Time-
    760CE030 00000000
    2861BA78 0CA57A65

    Longest Jump Distance-
    760E64A0 00000000
    2861BAD0 0CA57A65

    Distance Driven-
    760B2D50 00000000
    2861C89C 0CA57A65

    Total Hours Played-
    76059DA0 00000000
    2861C80A 0CA57A65

    Overall Wins-
    76038790 00000000
    2861C815 0CA57A65

    Total Nitrous Used-
    760CB2D0 00000000
    2861C866 0CA57A65

    Changed Music-
    76027D20 00000000
    2861C86D 0CA57A65

    Traffic Hit-
    76045DB0 00000000
    2861C8FF 0CA57A65

    Objects Hit-
    760CCDD0 00000000
    2861C8FB 0CA57A65

    Opponents Hit-
    760F0210 00000000
    2861C886 0CA57A65

    Total Burnouts-
    760EC200 00000000
    2861C873 0CA57A65

    Career Mode Wins-
    76089460 00000000
    2861A93A 0CA5E485

    Total Race Restarts-
    760B8D30 00000000
    2861A9F2 0CA5E485

    Tournaments Won-
    76069570 00000000
    2861A901 0CA5E485

    Skill Rating-
    760DCAD0 00000000
    2861A978 0CA5E485

    Racers Beaten-
    760F4E40 00000000
    2861A9D0 0CA5E485

    Vehicles Unlocked-
    760BAC30 00000000
    2861BA9C 0CA5E485

    Third Place Finishes-
    76051CC0 00000000
    2861BA0A 0CA5E485

    Second Place Finishes-
    760306F0 00000000
    2861BA15 0CA5E485

    Original Riders-
    760C33B0 00000000
    2861BA66 0CA5E485

    Chopper of America Bike Club-
    7602FC40 00000000
    2861BA6D 0CA5E485

    Luxury Rollers Car Club-
    760C4CB0 00000000
    2861BAFB 0CA5E485

    By Invitation Only-
    760F8370 00000000
    2861BA86 0CA5E485

    Big Playas-
    760E4360 00000000
    2861BA73 0CA5E485

    Unbeatable Street Racers-
    760A8010 00000000
    2861BA51 0CA5E485

    Percent Completed-
    7609A800 00000000
    2861BA57 E1BF7A65

    Cash Earned-
    76095F50 00000000
    2861BA3A 1CD1A03E

    Career Mode Wins-
    7604F8C0 00000000
    2861A93A 0CA57A65

    Total Race Restarts-
    7607E190 00000000
    2861A9F2 0CA57A65

    Tournaments Won-
    760AF9D0 00000000
    2861A901 0CA57A65

    Skill Rating-
    7601A670 00000000
    2861A978 0CA57A65

    Racers Beaten-
    760322E0 00000000
    2861A9D0 0CA57A65
    Vehicles Unlocked
    7607C090 00000000
    2861BA9C 0CA57A65

    Third Place Finishes-
    76097060 00000000
    2861BA0A 0CA57A65

    Second Place Finishes-
    760F6A50 00000000
    2861BA15 0CA57A65

    Original Riders-
    76005F10 00000000
    2861BA66 0CA57A65

    Chopper of America Bike Club-
    760E90E0 00000000
    2861BA6D 0CA57A65

    American Royalty Car Club-
    7608B070 00000000
    2861BAFF 0CA57A65

    Luxury Rollers Car-
    76002010 00000000
    2861BAFB 0CA57A65

    By Invitation Only-
    7603EFD0 00000000
    2861BA86 0CA57A65

    Big Playas-
    76022FC0 00000000
    2861BA73 0CA57A65

    Unbeatable Street Racers-
    7606ECB0 00000000
    2861BA51 0CA57A65

    Percent Completed-
    760A34E0 00000000
    2861BA57 0CA57A65

    Cash Earned-
    7609BE80 00000000
    2861BA3A 0CA57A65

    Distance Driven (DET.)-
    760DD440 00000000
    2861C851 B1F47165

    Distance Driven (ATL)-
    76010C10 00000000
    2861C857 B1F47165

    Distance Driven (SD)-
    76028670 00000000
    2861C83A B1F47165

    Detroit Collectables-
    760A26B0 00000000
    2861C8F2 0CA5E485

    Atlanta Collectables-
    76073EF0 00000000
    2861C801 0CA5E485

    San Diego Collectables-
    760C6150 00000000
    2861C878 0CA5E485

    Distance Driven (DET.)-
    760A0170 00000000
    2861C851 0CA57A65

    Distance Driven (ATL)-
    7606D920 00000000
    2861C857 0CA57A65

    Distance Driven (SD)-
    76055340 00000000
    2861C83A 0CA57A65

    Detroit Collectables-
    76064A10 00000000
    2861C8F2 0CA57A65

    Atlanta Collectables-
    760B5250 00000000
    2861C801 0CA57A65

    San Diego Collectables-
    76000DF0 00000000
    2861C878 0CA57A65
    More GameShark PAL Codes
    No AI

    No Traffic

    No Pedestrians

    No CPvS

    Slow Motion (Press L3)

    Normal Speed (Press R3)

    Unlock Codes

    Open All

    Open Races

    Open Cities

    Open Vehicules

    Open Customisation

    Open Abilities

    Open Insanity

    Open Upgrades
    Unlockable Cars
    Mercedes G55 AMG - Beat all of the SUV/Truck races.
    Mercedes SL55 AMG - Win the tournament in San Diego that you unlock Detriot.
    Lamborghini Murcielago - Win the US Champion Series races.
    Kawasaki Ninja - Beat all of the Sport bike races.
    Class A Vehicles - To unlock the Class A Vehicles you must defeat Angel in Detriot. He drives a Saleen S7.
    Hydraulics Controls - If you add hydraulics to your car you can make it hop around by using the R1,R2,L1,L2 buttons.
    Lexus IS300 - Complete the San Diego City Tournament.
    Class C Vehicles - To unlock Class C Vehicles you must defeat Vanessa for the second time in San Diego.
    Class B Vehicles - To unlock Class B Vehicles you have to defeat Vito in Atlanta.