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Medal of Honor Frontline (PS2) Cheats

Medal of Honor Frontline cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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all the ammo you need on level 3
ok misson 3 there is so much ammo ok
1.when you start the game shot the crates
2.when your near the car and looking forward
go to the far west wall go foward shoot the crates now go inside that bulding shoot the crates and all of that
3.when your where the tank is fireing at you around the crippled bullding also when your in the little farm yard goto the places were some of the germans hid when you where in the barn now you have heaps of ammo but whant more
4.when your nere the sub shoot all of the crates heaps of ammo more than you need
Find Some More Ammo
On the level riding out the storm, shoot the three boxes that are in a row. In it is more ammo for the Stg-44 machine gun.
Make More Germans Come
On the level Clipping their wings, when you are at the part when you are in those two sections with two machine gun bunkers, when you get up there, shoot the machine guns randomly, and it will make more Germans come.
Make more Germans come out of the bottom of the bridge
On the Nijmegen Bridge level, when you are at the german machine gun emplacement, shoot at the stairs that are leading under the bridge. Shoot at them, and it will make 10 or so more Germans come out of the bottom, and the other guys who are working on the bomb, will not hear you.
Perfect car in Ruble
In the level Arnhem Knights, there's the part where you need to kill a Panzershreck sqaud. After that go to where you came from (not the part where you first start the level. Just when you fight the Panzershreck). Then go to the two garages on the left. There will be a new German car.


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Attacking Food!,
All you need for this is the code"men with hats," and some luck. O.k. put in the code for "Men with hats" into the enigma machine check it off at the bonus option menu and go to the mission "On track".
Bouncing grenades
Type BOING at the enigma machine, and it will activate bouncing grenades. Next, just go to the bonus menu and highlight the cheat.
Bullet Shield
Type BULLETZAP into the code machine and turn on the cheat. You will be shielded from medium and long range weapons. Grenades and other explosives will do less damage, too.
This cheat makes it so that enemy bullets cannot hurt you, but still, punches and tanks can. Just enter this cheat in the PASSWORD section and select it in the BONUS section.
Type in the password:

"BABOON" - Unlock Lv.3
"LEMUR" - Unlock Lv.5
"GORILLA"- Unlock Lv.6
"MONKEY" - Awards a Gold Star to current Lv.
All levels,medals,videos and cheats opened accesed..etc,etc. Pretty much it beats the whole game for you.
Enemy Invisible, and Sniper scope for all weapons
Type WHERERU, and LONGSHOT respectively
Enter TPDOMOHTON as a password and then check
MOHton Torpedo on the bonus screen.
Enter HABRDASHR as a password and check Men with hats on the bonus screen.
Get Gold Star on a level
Type in MONKEY on the typewriter to get Gold star on that level.
This cheat makes it so that enemies are wearing different hats...that includes planes, submarines, icons, etc.
Infinite Ammo
To do this cheat, press start on your controller at any time to pause the game. Then hit:
Circle, L2, Square, L1, select, R2, Triangle, select and the game will un-pause with full ammo for all the guns available in the level.
At the beging of each mission pause the game. This is done by pessing the start button. After the game is in pause mode, enter the following. square, L1, circle, R1, trangle, L2, select button, R2. As soon as R2 is pessed the game will resume play.
Level cheats
BABOON - Unlocks level 3
LEMUR - Unlocks level 5
GORILLA - Unlocks level 6
MONKEY - Awards a gold star to current level
level skip
go to password then enter monkey leave this screen an hit next mission and you will be on the next level
Type in ''LONGSHOT'' And all guns will have the sniper zoom.
Master Code
This chest unlocks all missions, cheats and extras instantly. Go to the password screen and enter DAWOIKS. if done correctly the keyboard of the enigma code machine will flash green.
Medal Of Honor: Frontline Secrets & Easter Eggs
Additional Medal
If you complete Medal of Honor: Frontline with all gold medals, you'll be awarded the EALA Medal Of Valor!

Jumping Nazi
When you climb to the top of the bridge in the Nijmegen Bridge level, do not kill the German standing in front of you. He'll begin to shake and then take the "leap of faith" if you know what I mean.

UFO Spotting
When you get out of Sturmgeist's train for the first time in the "On Track" mission, take a look to your upper right and you'll see a Nazi decorated UFO fly by.

Patterson Poster
In the "On Track" mission, look to the left of the entrance to the train station and you'll see a wanted poster of Jimmy Patterson.
MOHF Passwords

WHATYOUGET - Silver Bullet Mode (One shot one kill?)

BABOON - Unlocks Mission 3 (Needle In A Haystack)

LEMUR - Unlocks Mission 5 (Rolling Thunder)

GORILLA - Unlocks Mission 6 (The Horten's Nest)

MONKEY - Automatically gives current mission a gold star.

BOING - Makes grenades bounce.

LONGSHOT - Gives sniper shot zoom effect on all weapons.

ORANGUTAN - Unlocks storm in port mission.

WHERERU - Makes the enemies more invisible (all but their helmuts I think)

URTHEMAN - One shot kills you!

GLASSJAW - Enemies will only die if shot in the head.

TIMEWARP - Unknown.
One Shot Kills
Go to the Passwords screen and type in WHATYOUGET
to enable 1 shot kills. To activate this cheat got to Bonus screen to turn the code on and off.
One-Shot Kills
Go to OPTIONS then go to PASSWORD and enter "WHATYOUGET", once you enter the code you will see green lights to comfirm it, if its wrong you will see red lights, once your done, go to BONUS and one-shot kills will be at your power
Special Movie
Go to the Enigma coding machine and go to PASSWORDS. Type in "FRESHDEMO" into the machine and if you type it in correct the machine lights will flash green. After entering cheat you need to GO BACK TO THE MAIN MENU and then wait 10-15 seconds for the demo to pop up. Its pretty funny, so enjoy!
Enter TIMEWARP as a cheat and it will give you a GOLD rating in the last mission you played
Unlimited Ammo
At the beging of each mission pause the game. This is done by pressing the start button. After the game is in pause mode enter the following. circle, L2, square, L1, select button, R2, triangle, select button. After the select button is pressed the last time the game will resume play.
Silver Bullet: any single shot kills. Doesn't work with automatic weapons.