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Metropolismania cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Metropolismania Tips

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well I have a few hints and tips for you,
well first lets go on with the hints:
-well in stage 3 you have to build a town of entertainement(exemple: movie theater base-ball fields,etc

now for the tips:
-get as many best friends as possible(ex:if your goal is to get more restaurents i recommend you to go to your metropolis mania restaurents and they will sometimes give you restaurents!!!!
Submitted by: anonymous on October 10, 2008
Full strength bar
On stage 1-5 go to a fruit & Veg place and choose the first thing on the list. It's about $3. Buy as much of them as you can carry and eat them. Do this until you get full strength.
$ a bag:
$12 for a bag that carries 4 items
$30 for a bag that carries 10 items

Total $: $500 - $600
Submitted by: mrdandan on July 05, 2005
Full Strength Bar
To get a full strength bar quick, find a restaurant named Evan's Savory Pancakes. (Any savory pancake shop will work.) Then, buy the first item, a savory pancake, and buy about $500-$600 dollars worth and your strength bar should be full.
Submitted by: anonomys on March 21, 2007
Get Max salary in no time (not a cheat)
To get max salary move as much people in as possible and solve all of their complaints
When Boss rings you every six months he will probably give you a raise every 6 months
keep doing it and you'll be able to afford a mansion in no time
Submitted by: mrdandan on July 05, 2005
Get that thief out
if you cant figure out how to catch the thief you dont need to, do the following to get her out
1. at the start of stage 2. put the house of nekoda next to a factory
2. wait until she complains about the noise
3. dont let the factory move out make nekoda move out
4. place more factorys around her home

soon enough she will move out
Submitted by: mrdandan on July 06, 2005
The Crazy Cult
The Crazy Cult Will start with the Crazy Cult President then he will call you and ask if he can invite his friend say yes and a Cult girl will move in. When nearly everyone has joined the sect. the girl will ring and say can i invite my three friends to your town, Say YES they will move in and then the original sect. founder will come (its only about the size of a wooden house you buy for $27,000) he will give you a test quiz (don't worry there only yes and no) then go to Asuka (the first person person with the sect.) then move on to the people he says a go to then when your done you can remove them from your town and don't forget that old man too.
Submitted by: anonymous on July 05, 2005
The Thief
The thieves name is Hitonami Nekoda, you will find her in a little red studio apartment.
when you get an earring show it to her and she will admit that she is the thief
.... later she will show you he accomplice, THE POLICEMAN
Submitted by: anonymous on July 01, 2005

Metropolismania Cheats

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Submitted by: Dynamite on January 14, 2003