Mega Man X8 Cheats

Mega Man X8 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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An easy way to get kill more creatures in Noah's Part Inter-Mission
Pick Axl and keep using Shadow Runner weapon. You should get about 150 kills with that weapon.
Defeating Lumine(Final Boss)
To defeat his first form, use Zero with D-Glaive(it will be much easier if you have Black Zero)and attack him everytime he uses an attack.When he loses quarter of Hp(i think it is quarter or more), dont attack him till he finish using the ice attack!Then, continue attacking him till he uses a fire attack!Now,attack him before he uses Bamboo Pandamonium or Gigavolt Man-O-War attack(it will be hard to avoid as those idiotic fire is blocking the both side)!When you defeat his first form, dont die coz you will start all over again against his first form!In his second form, use White Axl( if you got him) to fly over his beams(shoot him while you are flying)!When he unleashes some circle stuff,it wont be easy to avoid!!!!!!!Now,it wont be hard until he unleashes Paradise Lost( it will darken the screen and you got to crush him in 30 seconds)!Use D-Glaive and get those shields of his out of his ass before you go T.K.O!that's all
Dr. Light's location(s)
To have the game's most important armor, first you need to find Dr. Light in Noah's Park. It's not hard. You don't have to search anywhere, you will find him in small room. Above that room you have to jump on the surface to continue the level. So, below that surface. He will give you Neutral Armor. Dr. Light is in every stage except the stage where you chase some Maverick in the air. If you beat the boss, and find Dr. Light that stage will be 100 % completed. One of the most difficult capsules to reach is in stage wher you fight with Panda Maverick. Once you defeat many enemies in Ride Armors in one room, you will enter outside and above you are spikes and above spikes is Dr. Light's capsule. How to reach it. You have to shot at the blue button to become red, so the platform goes up. Take Ride Armor from the enemy, it didn't work few times for me, I shot at them and sometimes they just leave it. Once you are in the Ride Armor stand on the platform and make sure you are using Zero because he can use Double Jump. Jump and dash towards spikes and then jump out of the Ride Armor in the air with Zero using Double Jump. Try to not get killed. Switch to X so Dr. Light can give you upgrade to jump higher.
Easy kills on Noah's Park Intermission
For this you need to have equipped:

Icarus Helmet
Icarus Legs
Icarus Buster
Hermes Body
2 Full Life Tanks (opt.)

The Hermes body will make you invisible to everything that hits you except the crab claw. The Icarus Helmet and Legs are used for damaging the enemies who are holding metals in the air. The Icarus Buster is a beam that shoots across the screen, so it can destroy all ground enemies. I have gotten 999 kills on the Noah's Park Intermission by doing this, and 30,000 metals.
Easy Metals
Go to the Earthrock Trilobyte level with Axl to the point where you have to start chasing the giant Mechaniloid. Then, just have Axl bombard it with his gun while your chasing him, and he'll drop TONS of red metals. Also helps to proceed slowly, cause while your standing still, he won't be going anywhere, and you can get more metals off of him. And before he gets away, jump into the spikes to use a retry chip and try again. You can get over 10,000 metals in one trip with a little luck. The trick also works with X, but it works better with Axl due to his rapid-fire ability.
Fighting as the navigators...
To be able to fight as either Alia, Layer, or Pallette, you must beat the game using one more than the other. After doing so, save and load your clear data and make your way to the R&D lab. scroll down a little to find either Alia Buster, Layer Rapier, or Pallette (something). To obtain the other two, just use one to complete four stages, and do the same for the other one. You need at least 36000 metals to buy them (if you have the metal discount chip already). Otherwise, they cost 40000 metals.
Use ray gun for axl before boss uses sonic rings. Then jump on the side wall and stay there until the boss leaves, then dash away from your current position. As Sigma comes down shoot him and run after 3 seconds. Once the boss has half HP it will use a red line that lights walls on fire, stay at the top wall until he uses this then jump and float over the middle of the arena.
If Axl dies because you didn't follow this list, use Zero's ball spin, it may take HP, but it does the job.
Optic Sunflower training seasons instructions
The first training season in Optic Sunflower's stage will be incoming small Mavericks. For this you will need Zero and equipped D- Glaive. Use Dar Mantis's weapon to kill them iF you want the highest rank for the next one, you will need to kill minimum 90 of them.
For next training level also use Zero and his D-Glaive to kill small Maverick in the plane.
The fastest way to kill the small Maverick in the training level where grey platforms are moving is to use X's Ultimate Armor and his Nova Strike, but be careful. If you jump to high you won't be able to kill him.
In the training level where are two jumping Mavericks and you are on moving circles use Zero and his D-Galive to kill them. Use Dark Mantis's weapon.
If you had top ranks in these levels, the level where you must kill Big Maverick to have small Maverick will be set like that so that the Maverick will be really big. Use Zero and his D-Glaive to kill him.
In the level where on left side of you are spikes and right of you is Maverick use X and his Nova Strike attack.
In the training level where are TWO Mavericks if you had all training seasons before this on the top rank use Zero to kill them. I played on Hard and I fought Vile there. Then use X's Nova Strike attack.
In the training season where you have to kill the Maverick on some kind of train use Zero and his D- Glaive.

Note:If you play on Hard, X's Nova Strike attack won't be enough to destroy some Mavericks so use Zero's D-Glaive.

Saving Retry Chips in Dynasty
There are only two parts to Dynasty: ride chaser and boss fight. If you happen to die during the ride chaser part, exit the stage and re-select it. This will save you from having to use a retry chip.

Using the retry chip will have you start at the beginning of the stage. Exiting and reselecting will do the same thing, without the cost of a retry chip. You can now use your retry chips for better purposes.
Special Armors
Beat the game on normal or hard difficulty and obtain all of each character's chips to make their special armors available. For X and Zero, you simply need to obtain all of their chips (including the Sigma Blade for Zero) and defeat Lumine. After you beat Lumine and start a new game on the clear data, beat Noah's Park (the first level) and when you select your character, the seperate armors should be available.

X obtains the ultimate armor (not as cool looking as the ones from X4-X6)
Zero obtains his Black Armor.

Axl requires special circumstances to actually obtain his white armor, at least he did in my case. To get Axl's white armor, you must obtain all of his chips and deliver the final blow to Lumine with Axl using a double attack.

Axl becomes white and powder blue, and he actually looks a little cooler, IMO
The Return of Cut Man!
There are two ways to fight Cut Man in this game.

1. If you have a Command Mission (PS2 game) save file on your memory card, you can fight Cut Man after defeating Optic Sunflower.

2. At the title screen (when it says "Press Start"), press left, circle, up, triangle, down, X, right, square, L1, R1, L2, and R2. Start a new game, and you'll be able to fight Cut Man after defeating Optic Sunflower.
Unlock Black Zero
Purchase everything for Zero in the section where you upgrade you characters and you should be able to use Black Zero. A more powerful version of Zero!
Most bosses in Megaman X8 have a certain weapon they're weak against. By using these weapons against them, you can deal more damage per attack.

Boss's name - Weapon
Optic Sunflower - Bamboo Pandamonium's weapon
Dark Mantis - Optic Sunflower's weapon
Gravity Antonion - Dark Mantis's weapon
Earthrock Trilobyte - Gravity Antonion's weapon
Gigavolt Man-o-war - Earthrock Trilobyte's weapon
Avalanche Yeti - Gigavolt Man-o-war's weapon
Burn Rooster - Avalanche Yeti's weapon
Bamboo Pandamonium - Burn Rooster's weapon
Vile - Avalanche Yeti's weapon
Fake Sigma (in Gateway) - Dark Mantis's weapon

Although Axl also has weapons that are effective against the bosses, his weapons deal lesser damage than X's and Zero's.


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Cheating is Always A Good Thing
Play as Alia: DOWN, R1, Up, L1, SQUARE, X, Triangle, CIRCLE

Play as Layer: SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT, X, R1

Battle Cutman: LEFT, Circle, Up, Triangle, DOWN, X, Right, SQUARE, L1, R1, L2, R2

Sigma Blade: L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3, L3, L3, R3

Black Zero: L1, L1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, L1


White Axl: L2, L2, L2, R2, R2, R2, L2, L2, L2, R2

Infinite Combo
1. Axl
2. Ray Gun or Ice Gattling
3. Dark Mantis's stage


When you're in the "sneaky" area in Dark Mantis's stage, intentionally walk into a searchlight. When the alarm sounds, equip the Ray Gun/Ice Gattling and hold down "square." Axl will continue to kill enemies, adding to his combo counter. Because the Ray Gun/Ice Gattling can't kill the leader, Axl's combo meter will continue to rise as long as you continue to hold down "square."

*This is a cheap but effective way to get a AAA rank in Dark Mantis's stage.
Maximum Metals
This glitch is intended to give you the max number of metals in the game in just one pause during gameplay. First you need to have a life tank and make sure its not completely full, recommended half full. Second you need to have less than 50 metals. Go to the the R&D development room and get a life charge for the life tank which costs 50 metals to obtain, the game will glitch out and your metal counter will disappear from screen. go to any level and go find a single metal anywhere on the level, the metal counter will increase insanely. Now press start to pause and bring up the player menu screen, your counter will read 9999999, the maximum number of metals possible in the game!
Santa's Gift - Easy Metals
An easy way to get metals is to use the metal generator trick. Here are the steps:

1. Obtain the metal generator (rare metal in Optic Sunflower's stage).
2. Select any stage (Noah's Park is recommended)
3. Tie a rubber band around the left joystick of the PS2 controller to make the character constantly move to the left side of the screen ( This activates the metal generator).
4. Sleep or do something else and leave the game on.

By doing this, the metal generator will give you 24 metals every five seconds. You can easily get 10,000+ metals in an hour.