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Command codes

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Lava Factory Boss
Characters: X and Axl
First defeat the tornado guy, then Splash War-Fly. then go to the Lava Factory boss. Use the tornado power to stop the big rhino thing. Climb up it and guess what?-------THE BOSS!!!!!!!! Make X use the splash laser to do some damage. When you run out of the splash laser, use Volt Tornado. When your HP is low, switch to Axl.Do some extreme damage with the Splash Laser and the Volt Tornado. Keep doing it until he dies.


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Easy way th beat Flame Heynard
Make sure you have X and Axl and X has the arm upgrade. Just get up on the horse and go to the neck. As X charge up the Splash Lazer and let loose on Heynard. When X has no more Weapons energy left or hardly any life just swich to Axl and shoot the normal lazers at Heynard. Don't Worry 'bout the missiles, you should be powerful enough tho last.
How to beat Sigma Final form
ok first of all i suggest to play as axl and X anyway play as axl i recommend him anyways go to any of the top rocks once your on either the left side or right, use axl's huge shotgun weapon the one you get from the kangaroo guy sorry forgot his name. Okay so anyways aim at his head and start blasting him this will take some damage from him anyways once you hit him enough he will teleport somewhere far away and then he will start blasting at you ok first jump on the platform right next to you quickly because he is gonna punch you from where you were before and this will take ALOT of damage so repeat this and you will beat him and use sub tanks if needed hope this helps!
New Game +
Finish the game first. After the credits, it will allow you to save clear data. Once you load the clear data, you'll be able to start the game again with X and all the armor parts you've collected, as well as all of the power chips you've collected. After completing the game two or three times, you will have all 12 Power Chips for all three players.
Splash Warfly's weakness
To beat Splash Warfly easily, just use the tornado weapon you get from Tornado Tonion. Use it when splash jumps out of the water and prepares to attack. He will run into the tornado and stop his attack. He will then jump back into the water. Keep doing this until you defeat him.


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bosses weakness
Tornado Tonion: Shields
Vanishing Gungaroo: Wind Cutter
Ride Boarsky: Circle Blaze
Flame Hyenard: Splash Laser
Snipe Anteater: Explosion, tornado
Splash Warfly: Volt Tornado
Soldier Stonekong:Explosion
Wind Crowrang: Sniper Missile

Easy Splash Warfly
This can be done without using any special weapons and X.
When he starts to attack, use Axl and start to shoot him. When he wants to stab on you, jump and continue shooting. And when he circles the small 'island' you standing, use Zero and slash him without using Volt Tornado. The only term is: Do not let him go into the water. Also, don't let him start doing other attacks instead of stabbing and 'island' circling.
Hint: Extra Lives
In Jungle Stage (Soldier Stonekong) their is an extra life at the beginning of the Stage. When you get there immediately turn behind you to get it. After completing the stage, keep going there then exit and repeat to get the maximum number of lives.
Unlock X And Zero
To unlock X, save 64 hostages/robots.
Alternately, defeat two Bosses to unlock X.

You will unlock Zero as you progress with Axl.
X's Armor Parts
Find the large things with a Blue cover on top for the parts of X's Armor. Their locations are as follows:

"Lava" Stage (Amr): Look low for it in the first phase of the stage. It will be under the third or second bridge where a huge Dragon appears.

"Air Forces" Stage (Body): Look in the maze-like room in the second phase of the stage. When you get there go Left.

"Cyber Field" Stage (Head): Use the portals to reach it in the second phase of the stage.

"Deep Forest" Stage (Legs): After the "spike" area, there will be two stone spitting rocks.
Use these two rocks to jump up on top of the left area of the tree branch.