Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2) Cheats

Mega Man Anniversary Collection cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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How to defeat the third boss at Wily's Castle in Mega Man 2
I'm sure most of you were stuck on him like I was. All you need to do is fill up the weapon energy for those bombs. Then at the boss destroy all walls using them. Then die on the boss on purpose. Next refill your weapon with weapon energy. This time when you get to the boss shoot him with those bombs and use Item 1 for hard to reach spots.
Mega Man 3: Final Boss Done in One Hit
When you reach the end of Mega Man 3 you'll face Gamma. Gamma will take up a good portion of the screen and makes dodging difficult. To quickly defeat this boss, you'll need to have Hard Knuckle and Top Spin. Gamma has a gun pod on top of his head when the battle first starts. Get on the first platform and use Hard Knuckle to break the first part. Wily will show himself and sits on top of Gamma now. Get up to the second platform and change to Top Spin. Jump and go straight for Wily. Use the Top Spin right before you hit him and Wily will done in one hit!
Atomic Planet Entertainment Credits: Finish Mega Man.

Homage to Mega Man song: Finish Mega Man 2.

Jungle Remix Song: Beat Mega Man 7.

Mega Man 2: The Power battle: Beat the first 4 Robot Masters in Mega Man 7.

Mega Man Drum & Bass: Beat Mega Man 3.

Mega Man: The Power Fighters: Beat the first 8 Robot Masters in Mega Man 3.

Megaman Anime Episode: Clear Robot Masters of MegaMan 8.

MegaMan: The Power Battle (arcade game): Beat MegaMan 3.

Picture Set 1: Finish Mega Man 2.

Picture Set 2: Finish Mega Man 4.

Picture Set 3: Beat Mega Man 8.

Plant Man: Beat Plant Man in Mega Man 6.

Proto Man Song: Finish Mega Man 4.

Radio Cut Song: Beat Mega Man 7.

Wily vs. Bass Song: Finish Mega Man 4.

Wily's Revenge Song: Finish Mega Man 2.


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Megaman 2: The Power Fighters Game
Enter 7853-5842-2245-7515 as a password in the Megaman 7 game. Play the game, die, then save the game.
Megaman: The Power Battle Game
Enter A3 B5 D3 F4 blue, A6 red as a password in the Megaman 3 game. Play the game, die, then save the game.