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Mega Man X Collection (PS2) Cheats

Mega Man X Collection cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mega Man X Collection cheat codes.


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Megaman X 2
Enter The Password on the password input screen

Note: Input at Vertical Position

(E.G) 5543
PasswordWhat it does
5543 6885 3781 4281Wire Sponge Defeated
5543 6885 3781 4251Wheel Gator Defeated
4825 5273 3171 2886Bubble Crab Defeated
1528 5773 7188 2266Flame Stag Defeated
8846 4856 3728 6876Morph Moth Defeated
7867 7826 5188 8742Magna Centipede Defeated | Agile Defeated
7767 8863 5228 7842Crystal Snail Defeated
6662 3227 5688 3123Overdrive Ostrich Defeated | Serge Defeated + Violen Defeated
8377 8143 6828 76512nd Form Violen Defeated ( 1st Stage Hunter Base
8377 8143 6828 76512nd Form Serge Defeated
7366 7123 6182 36812nd Form Agile Defeated
1463 3367 6482 3246All 8 Mavericks Defeated
6474 6347 6728 7226Have Complete Armor , 4 Sub-Tanks , All Heart Tanks
Megaman X 3
Enter The Password on the password input screen

Note: Input at Vertical Position

PasswordWhat it does
5668 4888 3856 4241Blizzard Buffalo Defeated
7773 5231 5545 2456Toxic SeaHorse Defeated
7773 5231 2548 1458Tunnel Rhino Defeated
6678 2834 2248 3227Volt CatFish Defeated
4668 4888 2328 7247Crush CrawFish Defeated
2713 1265 4622 7488Neon Tiger Defeated
8758 1357 6282 3858Gravity Beetle Defeated
5812 1355 4882 3758Blast Hornet Defeated
5414 4585 6872 31171st Stage ( Dr. Doppler Base ) Defeated
1454 2535 6162 71672nd Stage ( Dr.Doppler Base ) Defeated
5414 4585 6872 31173rd Stage ( Dr.Doppler Base ) Defeated
3317 1153 6772 3827Have 4 Parts Armor + 4 Sub Tank + 8 Heart Tanks


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Black Zero & Ultimate X in X5 on the same file.
First go to game start. If you want X in Ultimate Armor press up 2 times & down 9. then you shall hear a sound or if you want Zero press down 2 times & up 9.

Caution: count when you're doing this. If you press 1 more when you're doing the nines then you have to start over.

press X or start when finished and start the game.

When you're in the Zero Virus (which unlocks when you...
1] You run out of hours before you can destroy the colony.
2] Both the Enigma and the shuttle are unsuccessful in destroying the colony.
3] Either the Enigma or the shuttle destroy the colony.

You have to get #3 do do this or else it might not work.)

stage's third stage. (the scene is red) there will be a lot of spikes. If you had Black Zero than you have to go through this stage with X without any of his armor!

When you get to platform that doesn't move acrossed the spikes. There should be a gap before the platform. Slide down the wall & you will got through the wall & see one of Dr. Light's capsules. After you talk to Dr. light go into the capsule & you get the Ultimate armor. If you're Zero then you will become a dark gray color, but it looks black. Afterward jump up to the platform & continue.
Megaman X 2 ( Shoryuken )
To get Shoryuken you must get all heart tanks, 4 sub tanks , and 4 Body Parts. Then in the X-hunter Stage 3, Go past the area with the moving platforms. At the top, Lure a bat near the ladder and freeze it then use it to climb up the ladder. Next charge your speed burner, jump then head towards right then use air dash to the left to collect the 1 up life then follow the left wall down to find a hidden path. CAUTION: you need full health for the capsule to appear if you are not in full health then use a sub tank or else it wont appear.
Megaman X3 ( Beam Saber )
First you need to defeat Vile MKII in stage 8 ( that's first half of the game) using either the spinning blade or the Ray Splasher. Then use Zero to defeat the MID-BOSS MOSQUITOES. After you defeat him this will trigger a cutscene. This is what will happen Zero gets caught in the blast and they hit each other at the same time. Then Zero gives his beam saber to X.

Note: That if get Beam Saber you will lose zero all the way to the end of the game, and a different ending will appear.
Unlock Mega Man: Battle and Chase
Beat Mega Man X1, Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 to play the Mega Man: Battle and Chase game.


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Black Zero in Mega Man X5
On the character select screen, highlight Zero and press:

Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up.
Black Zero in Mega Man X6
At the main menu, highlight "Game Start" and press L1, L1, L1, R2.
Mega Man X1 Passwords
Choose "Password" at the main menu and enter any of the following passwords:

4723 2486 1324 - All bosses defeated without power-ups
8441 2136 4421 - All bosses defeated with all power-ups
4768 7258 1871 - Chill Penguin defeated
5286 7136 5124 - Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle defeated
6431 5168 8171 - Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandrill and Armored Armadillo defeat with Slide ability and Helmet capsule
4664 1718 7748 - Head capsule
5385 7136 6861 - Sting Chameleon defeated
3676 4627 5142 - All weapons and items
1367 4857 7646 - All weapons, but no items
Ultimate Armor for X in Mega Man X5
On the character select screen, highlight X and press:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down.
Ultimate Armor for X in Mega Man X6
At the main menu, highlight "Game Start" and press Left, Left, Left, Right.