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Enter The Matrix cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Enter The Matrix cheat codes.


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Angles of Fire
Remember that if you keep on getting shot in a large room with multiple enemies, you can slow down 'time' and see the bullets as they go by. Doing this will let you see which angle they are coming from and where you should aim your fire.
answer the phone level
when you come to the part of this level where you see the agent through the chain-linked fence with the construction worker, i found out a way to get inside there. before you get to jump to that building, there should be a little wrecked up wall in the middle of the place. you should be able to find it. do a focus jump onto it and you will grab onto the side. climb up and jump into the area. if you have gotten the sword yet, expect to have much fun!!!!!
Helicopter pilot at the airport
Okay, when you start out, quickly go to wall as usual. But, once the heli runs like always hit focus, get in first person mode and start tearing at his ass with a machine gun! He'll go down in no time while saving time at the same time! [Even easier if you are shooting as close as possible and that you have your machine gun loaded!]
other health pack
you know that health pack by the police in the building(answer the phone level) well thers another health pack!! when you go and long the three trianlge roofs under the billboard stop at the top of the third roof and turn right jump up then turn right and jump up again then turn left and run until you see the health pack.
Rooftops-fighting the agent
while your on the rooftops, the area with the space in between the two roofs, you need to make sure you have 100% focus, and try and draw him between the spaces, and you can kick him off the edge.
Simple Thing People Miss
One of the things that people miss fairly often is that you do have the ability to shoot right through screens and chain link fences/walls. This means that if you see several police men running towards the corner or the door to your side of the wall you can take down a few.

So don't miss opportunities to take them down like this... always look for what may be a space in the wall, etc, that you can use to shoot them before they think to shoot you.


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Agent on Board (Defeat the Agent)
Get to the switch that will lower the door.

Then keep a distance from the Agent, then run towards the Agent and press O to do a flying kick.

The Agent cannot block it and will be pushed back. When that happens, back away again and do the same technique until you finally knock him off the plane.
Airport level: Take out the chopper
  • During your battle with the helicopter as Ghost, use the following strategy. Focus Run across the room to where the wall starts to curve. Back up against the wall facing the away from the large glass window. Hold Auto Aim and when the SWAT starts to jump down through the window, use your Focus and dispatch them with the least amount of ammunition possible. Go back to where you were against the wall earlier and wait for the helicopter to pass over. When it does, it will shoot the wall. If you are in the correct location, it will not hit you. After you hear the bullets stop, run around the wall and the helicopter will be exposed without any protection. Use your Focus and dump at least a clip into it. Then, return to the wall and repeat the process. It only takes three to four times to take down the helicopter.

  • Playing as Ghost, and after you have just shot off the plane's tire, you will encounter the Agent chopper. Change your weapon from the M95 Sniper Rifle to the SG - 552. Immediately stand almost as far back as you can go from your current position, so that you are not too close to where the chopper will appear. The moment you see it, use Focus and fire at the same time. The chopper should take major damage, but will leave your health at a minimum of about 20% before backing off. It will then try to attack you from the right; turn about 90 degrees to your right and get ready to blast it with the remaining ammunition. Make sure you that you do not stay too far back, because your shots may have less chance of hitting. You may get killed here if your reflexes are not fast enough. Also, if you defeat the chopper you may be left with just 1% health, but this is enough to get you out of there, let you save your game, and continue the war to save Zion.

  • An easy way to defeat both helicopters in The Airport is to drop weapons at the ticket counter just before you meet the first helicopter. Using Ghost, under the hard difficulty setting, you can hack and view the map for The Airport, which shows the code PNSRZ10. Use the "DROP" command with that code and get two M240 weapons at the ticket counter just before the first helicopter battle. Using an M240 takes about eight seconds to kill a helicopter. For the first helicopter, wait behind a wall for it to turn around after firing, then run out to unload on it. It should go down before it makes its way to the roof to drop cops through the window. For the second helicopter, hide behind the columns in the tower and use the "FOCUS" and "STRAFE" commands to shoot at it and still keep moving towards the opposite column. It should take about three times if you follow this method with the M240. The difficult part about using the M240 is remembering not to waste it in the time between the two helicopter battles.

  • It is much easier to kill the first helicopter by allowing it to make its first pass. While it passes, prepare an automatic weapon. As soon as the shooting stops, press Focus, get around the corner, and begin shooting the helicopter. Follow it all the way, You should get about three clips unloaded at the helicopter and will almost always kill it in its first pass. If done correctly, this will allow you to destroy the helicopter without a scratch. Remember to get away from the right side of the window when the helicopter begins to fall or the explosion will kill you.

  • When you battle the Agent helicopter, quickly use the SSG-552 quickly. When the helicopter appears, shoot it as quickly as possible and he will die. Run down the stairs or you will also die. Note: This does not always work.

  • This strategy is easy, yet time consuming. Once the mission starts, use Focus and run to the wall opposite to you. Wait for the SWAT members to pop in from the roof. Make sure you have stun grenades and the machine gun. Having flash bangs is also recommended. Kill the SWAT members using Focus to avoid damage and steal their ammunition. To kill them, once they pop in throw a grenade at them, then mow them down with the machine gun. Then, hide behind the fountain and wait for the helicopter to pass. It will be shooting a high powered chain gun. It will soon turn around with its closed side to you and be vulnerable. Use Focus and shoot around the corner of the fountain. Leave one clip for the SWATs. The chopper will pass. Then, run to the wall again. Once again, SWATs will pop in and then you will have to repeat the process

  • All Guns
    Go into the Hacking system, and enter cheat.exe at te A>prompt to unlock the cheat menu. Enter these numeric code to unlock All Guns
    All Guns- 0034AFFF
    Break Necks

    To break someone's neck, go up behind them and press Square. When Ghost or Niobe starts strangling them, press L1 (Focus).
    Charecters for multiplayer fighting
    The Subway/ Morpheuse vs. Agent Smith
    The Ballroom/ Knoibe vs. Ghost
    The Alley/ Firebird Man vs. Police Car Man
    The Dojo/ Kniobe vs. Trinity
    The Pit/ Seraph vs. Ballard
    The Bedroom/ Cujo vs Vlad
    The Atruim/ Janitor vs. Sewer Woman
    Chat with Spark
    If you activated the "TRINITY" folder, type HANDSHAKE.EXE and press Enter. You will see a message from Spark. Type anything and press Enter. He will say that you sent him a file to download with a trojan virus. He will then say that he was playing. He will tell you something about you having access to his computer. Access the "DIR: folder and go to "LOGOS:". Go to your command list and select "EMP: in what he gave you. He will say that he was just kidding and will give you a gift in the loading screen. When he is done, you will hear a message from Neo. He will then say goodbye and shutdown the computer for you.
    BADEKEA - Dial
    BBGUNSKLPKZP - Tracekill
    CAFNMFS - View
    DAEIPXP7CXBWZJNB - Blue Solution
    DAEYSRE7KMCKT - Root Admin
    DCAYOE7VDSZZCKO - Red Solution
    EABRSSXQQN - Portkey
    EABXMSXAMA7EUNGD - Virtual Drive
    EAIRFFMISKPOJ7TIDCQMD - Persephone Message
    ECBEWPED7DXZI - Cheat Code
    ECDNXLRZ7LGAKA - Logos Drive
    ECEPCRGI - Niobe
    ECHJQWNXSDOL - Handshake
    ECHUMXBIAOEF - Swordplay
    GACQXDH - Prog
    GBCTEVUN7SLMLFNXK - Sword Training
    GBFUUEWPNUO - Training
    HABXGWT7ZRZC7CIRS7KEZIRNL- Take Your Games Further
    HBJQEQLLBFZAOU - Multiplayer
    HDATISPL7OKTCYA - Phone Number
    IACIDOLQIHZTKNPPUW - Congratulations
    IADYSFNYC - Sparks
    IBBXJITOT - Rebels
    IBECJEUGM7GADXW - Weapon Drops
    IBFIYQUMHXWQS7ALWUR - Completion Stats
    ICJKOF7SSNSSWX - End Credits
    JBEDYPH - Root
    JBGEEPBNB7NUBNUTDF7YGVZYTIGW - Sparks Training Construct
    JBHSRPTE - Ghost
    JCGRKYHH7PMT7NHW - First Aid Kit
    Defeat the Agent (Ghost Level- Answer the Phone)
    How to temporarily kill the first agent you find in the game (as Ghost)- may work with Niobe as well in similar areas.

    With Ghost, the Agent appears on the rooftops. (FMV where the door busts right up in Ghost's mouth) The Agent will fire his Magnum at you from a distance. He does not follow you but on foot, but as you escape through the rooftops and corridoors, he will take over the nearest people around you, so I suggest taking out all the policemen you come across.

    Eventually you will come to a point where you are about to jump from one rooftop to another, and before you get there, Mr.Agent will drop down from the roof, standing in your path blocking you. This time you can kill him extremely easy, for now. Since you already know he's going to be there, switch to Focus mode and Jump slightly to the left or right of him. (Focus Jumping Covers Far More Ground, And is the Only Way To Cross To The Other Building)
    If done right, you should be near his back, and he should still be getting up. With Focus ON, (keep holding), get right behind him and start attacking with Ghosts powerered middle kick. If you have timing down (easy here) The Agent will be hit as soon as his recovery from the fall is over, and if Focus is on, and you pull the right kick, you'll knock him right off the building, killing him for a short time.
    easy agen kill in jackson in steam 2
    ok in the level at the air port when the agent has tracked u down u have to run through the corridors until u reach the lader which takes u up to the runway. a simple way to get rid of the agent at the start is to get ur quickest firing weapon turn round and begin to fire at the agent he will begin doing his dodging thing. back away but keep firing until u r out of the red light area. alow him to run forward slightly and turn your firing to one of the fuel pods on the side of the large thng in teh middle of the small room it will explode and the agent will die if he is still in the red area then u can pick up his gun (the most powerful hand gun and by far teh best looking gun in the game and use it till ur hearts content) so shoot him back away shoot pod agent dies niobe pick up gun shoots all bad guys with it
    Easy agent defeat
    If an agent is gonna kill you and your in a small room the easiest way to defeat him is to force run to the left to the right wall till you get to him then wall kick his neck he will be stunned then grab a STRONG gun and shoot he cant dodge anymore.
    Hacking Commands
    Command Directory Effect
    CLS A:\SYSTEM Clear the screen of text
    DIR <location> A:\SYSTEM List files and folders
    ECHO <text> A:\SYSTEM Display indicated text
    EXIT A:\SYSTEM Exit Hacking engine
    HELP <command> A:\SYSTEM Extended help for a command
    LOGIN A:\SYSTEM Change drives
    READ A:\SYSTEM Read *.txt files
    REBOOT A:\SYSTEM Reboot system, remove unlocked commands
    CHEAT <code> A:\TOOLS Cheat code entry command
    VIBRATION <1-100> A:\TOOLS Test vibration feature
    BEEP <1-8> A:\TOOLS Test beeps
    DECODE <code> B:\TOOLS Decode hint
    DROP <code> B:\TOOLS Weapon drop command
    PLAY B:\TOOLS Play *.fmv files
    TRACEKILL B:\TOOLS Kills traces
    VIEW B:\TOOLS View *.img files
    VIRTUAL B:\TOOLS Access virtual drive
    Hacking Engine Tools
    Hacking engine tools:
    In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.).

    Command Effect
    DIR List files and folders
    CLS Clear the screen of text
    HELP Extended help for a command
    TRACEKILL Kills traces
    READ Read *.txt files
    VIEW View *.img files
    PLAY Play *.fmv files
    DROP JXTRR10 Weapon drop at Drainage Canal
    DROP PNSRZ10 Weapon drop at North Concourse
    DROP RKHMS10 Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld
    DROP JDZMT10 Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau)
    DROP ZKHBD10 Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau)
    DROP RHFTQ10 Weapon drop at Skyscraper
    DROP ZSZQH10 Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown)
    DROP JDHQL10 Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power plant)
    DROP B1AXXF2 Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes
    on a hidden part to the official website, it says that the brothers themselves added hidden things. so look hard to find some of these hidden things!!
    How to Kill an Agent
    In the power plant level you will encounter a room with two large servers. In this room you will have to kill several waves of SWAT teams. After that you will encounter an Agent. You can kill the Agent by bombarding him with several gas cannisters. I would use at least 10 or more cannisters. ((Keep your distance from the gas or it will kill you...even in god mode)) The gas cannisters sucks out the oxygen from the immediate area. Once the gas clears you will find the Agent DEAD!!
    First load up the game then go onto \'hacking\' and put in \'cheat\' then put in the following codes:



    Morpheus message
    In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS to hear a message from Morpheus
    Multi_Player code
    Ok, right this (i know) has been causing alot of problems. First of all you need to hav two dual-shock controllers in your ps2 other-wise it just won't work then go into the hacking system and wait intill you've got A:/ up and type CHEAT and press the enter key (the hacking engine works like the old DOS system) The type d5c55d1e and press enter. Then exit the Hakcing system and go to the loading screen if you have done this correctly (and have two duel-shock controllers in) then you should be able to go left past the first level (The post-Office) and there will be a list of levels to choose from suck as: the subway, the pit, the ballroom and some others, sadly you can't coose your own charater the game does it for you so The subway you play as Agent Smith and Morpheus, the ballroom you play as kniobe and ghost and I don't know the others you'll hav to try them yourself.
    I hope this has helped some people.
    Other tips on defeating Agents
  • In certain levels you have grenades or grenade launchers. Three launched at far range or one at close range will kill them. If they do not die, pull out a gun. When the auto aim is red, it indicates near death; you can easily take them in hand to hand combat. Sometimes sparking objects are nearby. Knock them into it and will die.

  • On the level where the Agents chase you up the stairs and onto the rooftops, you can kill them. Before entering the levels, make sure you have enabled the "Unlimited ammunition", "Unlimited health", and "All weapons" codes.. At the beginning of the level, cycle through your weapons and select the grenade launcher. As soon as an Agent runs after you, shoot him three times with the grenade launcher. Wait until the smoke clears and they will be dead.

  • This trick works best if you are Ghost. In any level that has an Agent and you are or can get to a roof, go up to the Agent. He may kick or punch you back; watch the ledges. Hit him once or twice so that the camera pans to the side. Walk up to him, punch him, then do a Focus Kick (without pressing a direction). The agent will fly back. While he is on the ground press Punch(2), Focus + Back + Punch. This will do an uppercut, sending him flying. Once he is in the air, press Kick and Ghost will do a flying kick, sending the Agent soaring across the room. If you are on a roof, do this to send him flying over the edge, where he dies on impact.

  • Enable the "Unlimited ammunition" code and obtain the GP gun (which takes the oxygen out the air). It can kill an Agent.

  • The first time you face an Agent, run. Towards the end of the pursuit, the Agent drops directly in front of you. Note that there is is a gap in the building between you and him. Focus and make the jump. Then, while he still getting up from the fall, run behind him with your back close to the wall and do a kick off the wall. He will fly into the gap, and get killed.

  • On any level when being chased by Agents, when they use their throw move on you, keep pressing Square or Action and your character will get in midair, giving you time to escape.

  • Perfect Accuracy
    Get a gun (preferably a machine gun) and switch to first person view. Shoot and you will see that the bullets appear in a perfectly straight line, no matter what the weapon. This is extremely useful and works with any gun.
    Powerade bottle
    IN the first airport level as ghost, turn and press action when near the powerade dispenser( near vending machine)to get unlimited bottles of powerade(does not change your health!).
    Spark's Training Construct
    You start in a hallway full of doors. The doors never end. To find Spark's Training Construct go to the second red door you see on your right. Walk until you past the first red door, then you will see another red door Enter it. The other doors do not open.

    Once inside the "shooting range," you can participate in a test of skills. Press the red button and get ready. You will start out behind one of the tables and are told that you are caged in and have to fight. SWAT agents will start running from the back of the room in your area. If they get up to the 10 ft. mark, youwill lose. Turn around, grab all the guns you can, and take them out. If you get more than twenty, it unlocks the other red door in the hallway. This is where you can engage in hand to hand combat with a never-ending supply of SWAT. This a very good opportunity to harness your fighting skills and find new moves.
    Spark's Training Construct
    You start in a hallway full of doors. The doors never end. To find Spark's Training Construct go to the second red door you see on your right. Walk until you past the first red door, then you will see another red door Enter it. The other doors do not open.

    Once inside the "shooting range," you can participate in a test of skills. Press the red button and get ready. You will start out behind one of the tables and are told that you are caged in and have to fight. SWAT agents will start running from the back of the room in your area. If they get up to the 10 ft. mark, youwill lose. Turn around, grab all the guns you can, and take them out. If you get more than twenty, it unlocks the other red door in the hallway. This is where you can engage in hand to hand combat with a never-ending supply of SWAT. This a very good opportunity to harness your fighting skills and find new moves.
    Sword Glitch: Keep it in your hands always
    First off, you need GOD MODE ON! Second, you need the sword equipped through the hacking thing.

    Okay, here's whatcha do. In any level where Ghost or Niobe can get offensive grenades. Have an enemy near you, throw a grenade near you BOTH, and begin hacking up the enemy. If the explosion detonates near the you two, while in the middle of the hacking animation, you will both fall to the ground, and unless fighting agents, only the player will get up. (god mode!) When you get up, you should still have the sword in your hand. It doesnt get put away, even if you use it again. So you can shoot, kick, punch, throw, evade, focus, anything, and it will be there in your right hand.
    Taxi Mode (working)
    CHEATS 312MF451

    It should look like that when entering it, and viola.
    unlimted health
    wazzup dudes im gunna give u a cheat go to the cheat menu the type in 69e5d9e4
    Unlock all hacking commands and files
  • There is a simple (and ironic) method of acquiring all commands and files even if you have only just entered the Hacking system. In order to do this, first select "Hacking" from the main menu and load any saved game. It does not have to be a completed game save. You will be presented with the Hacking system interface. You can login as GUEST or FREEMIND if desired. Press the L1 + R1. This may require more than one attempt as it must be done exactly simultaneously. If done correctly, the command list will automatically update itself, and all files will be available. A message will read "All files unlocked", and also ironically states "Remember to remove this feature from the final version".

  • Alternately, enter the Hacking engine, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the command list to unlock everything in the list.
  • Various Phone Numbers
    Vertigo level: Shortcut
    Proceed through the level as usual until you reach the part where the Agents drop out of the buildings and put you through a wooden floor. Instead of walking or jumping it, do a long Matrix jump over the gap next to it. If you make it the leap, follow the outer boards and do a big jump at the end to the windows. Once in the building, exit at the far window and you will be near the end of the level. By doing this, you will eliminate about 75% of the level.
    Okay, this one works on PS2 and Xbox, and most likely, G' Cube.

    After entering CHEATS from the hacking menu, put a space after it, and enter


    Press ENTER and god mode should be enabled.