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Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS2) Cheats

Marvel vs Capcom 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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At the character selection screen select cable, Ironman, and B.B. Hood, and put them all in their recommended assist types. That is very important!When the fight starts, make sure that cable is out and repeatedly,(if you suck a*!), press HP three times, then immediatly press, quarter-cirle to the right and HP at the same time. Do this repeatedly and your level will increase rapidly. When you get to level 3, you should switch out cable for B.B. Hood.DO NOT TRY THE COMBO WITH IRON MAN! His proton cannon takes to long and easy allows someone to block easily. I you perform the team attack correcly, you should easily get over 80 hits. To make sure that you don't accidentialy do the "kickout" move with the assist button, configure your controler so that one of your assist buttons is (assist1 and assist2). Also, get over 120 hits, try waiting untill your opponent trys to make an assist. IMMEDIATELY, after blocking it.
Beat enemies really quick and cool
Have cable, iron man, and B.B hood (in that order)and get these assist types projectile for each.
Enter the fight with cable as your first player, gain some supers for the triple hyper combo, then with cable dash and hit the opponent with lk*mk*hk or hp then let out the triple team. depending on who you hit, you can get 120-130 hits easily and it looks nice.(note the high punch for cable is his gun,so do the combo above and press hp 4times the let out the super.
How To Kill Enemies Easily
When playing the game choose servbot and tronne and cable. Use their supers all together and make sure servebot and tronne have the same super that is, the one that all the servbots come rushing out. one such super is 40 damage while cable 's super is good too so if it connects u will defeat the opponent.
Original Character Colors
To get the character's original colors, just go to the character select screen. Select any 3 characters but instead of pressing the X button, press L1, L2, R1 and R2 simultaneously. Choose their recommended assist type the same way. If done correctly, they will appear in their original colors.


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Easier Three hit combo the does 100+ hits.
Pick IronMan, War Machine, and Morrigan. Do there specials which does the that come over there shoulder. Put up to three make sure they dont block and it does major damage. Another way to do it is switch morrigan with Cable
To activate the three hit super combo, just simply get 3 energy bars full and press L1 + L2 at the same time and do some MAJOR DAMAGE! Its very useful in the game to defeat people fast and get mass points!
price change in secret facter
at the main menu put secret facter and check for prices if it's to high exit and put it again the price should change.
Secret Characters/Costumes
You can unlock all hidden characters and all extra costumes by choosing the same character 3 times on your team.