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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Disgaea: Hour of Darkness cheat codes.


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The secret endings
To obtain the secret endings, you must pass certain conditions before certain events.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Vyers endingIf you lose in a stage that vyers is the boss of, instead of getting a game over, you will get a secret ending.
evil prince endingIf you have 100 or more allies killed before finishing chapter 3, you will be given a choice whether to kill hoggmeiser or not. choosing to kill him will give you the secret ending.
Overlord Etna endingIf 100 allies have been killed before chapter 5 ends, you will have a choice to kill maderas. If you kill him you get the secret ending.
Conquerer of earth endingAfter completing chapter 13, go to the dark assembly and pass a law "go to the human world". After finishing the stages, you will get this ending.
Good endingFinish the game without any character deaths.
normal endingFinish the game with no conditions fullfilled.
Bad ending 1Pass 100 laws in the dark senate by force.
bad ending 2kill the item god, who appears at the 100th floor of a legendary item. It has to be a very strong legendary item.
Mid-boss endinglose to the boss in chapter 1, 4, 6, and 10
unlock human classes
Human classes are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ninja classhave a male brawler and a male warrior both at level 10 or higher.
Ronin classhave a female brawler and a female warrior both at level 10 or higher.
Archer classHave any character get bow weapon mastery to level 3 or higher.
Ranger classhave a brawler and a warrior at level 5 or higher.
Thief classhave a brawler and a warrior at level 5 or higher.
Star Skullhave a red skull, blue skull, and green skull all at level 5 or higher.
Star magehave a red mage, blue mage, and green mage at level 5 or higher.
Magic knighthave a female brawler and any mage both at level 10 or higher.
Reqruit classhave any character get gun weapon mastery to level 30 or higher.
Celestial Classhave a female healer, magic knight, and archer all at level 100 or higher.
Majin/Ultima classhave a male brawler, a male warrior, a ninja, a thief, and ranger all at level 200 or higher.
Kamen Riderhave any character get gun and sword weapon mastery to level 2
Unlock monster classes
Monster classes are unlocked by defeating a member of that class. this is a list of the classes to obtain
UnlockableHow to unlock
prinnyunlocked from the beginning
Nosferatudefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 14 stage 1
Kit Katdefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 5 stages.
Succubusdefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 5 stages.
Beastdefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 3 stage 2.
Nether Nobledefeat in item world, senate, or in the cave of ordeals.
undeaddefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 2 stages.
Dragondefeat in item world, senate, as chapter 2 boss, or in chapter 10 stages.
Galactic demondefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 8 stages
Serpentdefeat in item world, senate, or in chapter 14
Shadowdefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 4.
Gargoyledefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 6.
Lanterndefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 4.
Dark knightdefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 4.
Wingeddefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 2.
Treantdefeat in item world, senate, chapter 6 stage 1, or chapter 8 stages.
Golemdefeat in item world, senate, chapter 2 boss replacement, or chapter 5.
Spiritdefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 1.
Faeriedefeat in item world, senate, or chapter 1.
Great wyrmdefeat in item world or senate. the chapter 6 alt. overlord guy doesn't count...


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Achieve 'Tyrant' Title
Defeat Lord Baal in the bottom of the Mysterious Seal and Laharl will gain the title of Tyrant.
Dark Assembly Combat
When passing a bill in the Dark Assembly by force, you can eliminate combatants who voted nay by throwing them on top of a stronger demon who voted yea. The hostile demon disappears and the supporting demon grows stronger. As long as at least one decent level demon supports your request, you can pass any request even at low levels.
Diabolic Sword
To get the Diabolic Sword, talk to Ghoss during/after the last chapter.
Easy Level-Ups
Strong Sword (Cosmic Blade, Diabolic Sword,etc)
Winged Slayer (sword special)
High enough demon rank at Dark Assembly
Stronger Enemies Bill(if needed)
Weaker Enemies Bill(if needed)
Cave of Ordeal Bill
Get to episode:Captain Gordon Defender of Earth.

Go to Stellar Graveyard and enter Valgipus IV. Then you'll see the enemies in a giant sqare. Use winged slayer on them and you'll gain like 3-10 levels and 11,000 hl. You can use the stronger enemies bill for more exp and hell.

Go to Cave of Ordeal and enter cave no.3. Use the same stratgy above.
easy leveling
Before doing this your main char. needs to be between 25-30, and you need a wind mage thats about 20.

Buy a decent amount of SP potions, and then go to Jotunheim, Terrible Cold
Combine all the enemies and they should be about 140. Put the high level monster (created by combining ALL of the monsters on the map!) on the green square (this is the only square on the map that does not provide "Invincibiliy") and keep attacking the monster with all of your characters until it gets down to about 50-200. Take the character (MUST BE OVER 15 AND HAVE GOOD ATTACK AND HIT!!!) that you wish to level and let them finish them off for many levels!!!

You can get a ton of levels if you do this repeatedly and you can get even MORE levels if you get the "Triple Exp" passed by the Senators (DO NOT DO ANY MAP IF YOU GET TRIPLE EXP PASSED)
This is a great way to level any character that is below 50-70 (2 examples of how effective this is...)
1. A level 7 Scout leveled to 28 without triple exp
2. Level 24-26 Laharl to level 41 with triple exp
Easy Money
In Episode 13, The Gargantua Deck level allows you to pick up high level items quickly. As the aim of the level is just to get one character onto the yellow square on the far side of the map, simply stack a couple of characters and throw them to within walking distance. You won't get any HL, but you will get an item or about 5000 XP. You can then sell the items, and, if you lose low level characters, level up a little whilst doing so.
Easy Weapon mastery
This takes a lot of time to prepare for if you are just starting out. You will need up to 1900 armasters, and a two people with a lot of counter(Majin is the best choice). Just equip the weapon you want with all the armasters on the Person and have them on a stage with invincibility and constantly attack with them. You will see a great increase in weapon mastery kinda quickly. As for magicians, best choice is Midboss's first stage on the +1 attack and have them heal or decrease an ally or enemy(this takes a whole lot longer but worth it if you want to use a staff with Flonne
Enemies Can Join Your Party
When place an enemy on a base panel it will either kill all your remaining party members or join your party. Bosses won't join your party and monsters will join on tentative occasions
Etna's Secret Room
To access Etna's secret room, click behind the throne. Then go to the skull on the counter of the armor shop and click on it as well. Now in the room with Longinus, click on the corner and Etna will say that she has to go to the bathroom.

If you read the entries for each chapter in their respective chapter, you'll receive Testament after the Final Episode.
Fast Ninjas
A Ninja with high speed and nine or ten movement is a great addition to your team, particularly if plan on completeing many item dungeons (since they can simply walk over to the base panel in fewer turns than any other character, and dodge any attacks on the way).

First, try giving them three pairs of good shoes, to up their movement by three. You can give them another movement point by reaching a certain level at the Dark Assembly, then passing the more movement bill.

When you have time, try levelling their shoes. Fill them with as many coaches as possible Coach's (the power doesn't matter, just the number - ie, if the population of the item is six, fill it with six coaches of any level), then head through the item dungeon, being sure to kill any and all item Generals, Gods and Kings. Leave after every ten levels (the game will give you the option) to heal and save. This should add quite a few hundred points of speed, making your ninja untouchable (although they may start dodging healing spells, too. -_- )
Free items
Find a battle with a monster with decent armor and weapons on that you might need... weaken it, then catch it! =)
get high level monsters easily
find a level with monsters at levels 10-20 on. eg.jojutenheim-the ice queeen(i think), and throw the monsters on top of each other and then throw them into your base panel. voila! one super hihg level monster--hold the onions! =)
get the
…To get the Space and Time Engine, simply acquire a "Legendary Item" that has inhabitants
at level 255 on the first floor. next, Fight to the 100th floor… were you will face Item God 2,
Defeat Him and the Item will automatically appear in your Item list . ( the Space and Time Engine allow you to move to any location on the battle field). This Item will not let you teleport into the Warp holes in Item world…you must take it off first.

God's Hand
To get God's Hand clear the Cave of Ordeal 5.
How To Get All Of The Ultimate Weapons
Steal from Item God inside a legendary God's Hand
Steal from Item God 2 inside Ultimus

Steal from Item God inside legendary Cosmic Blade
Steal from Item God 2 inside Yashitsuna

Steal from Item God inside legendary Longinus
Steal from Item God 2 inside Glorious

Steal from Item God inside legendary Artemis
Steal from Item God 2 inside Galaxy

Steal from Item God inside legendary Infernal Gun
Steal from Item God 2 inside Etoile

Steal from Item God inside legendary Durandal
Steal from Item God 2 inside Apocalypes

Staffs-Omniscient Staff
Steal from Item God inside legendary Galactic Staff
Steal from Item God 2 inside Omniscient Staff

Monster Weapons-

Nyanko Soul
Get it when Marjoly joins
Steal from Item God inside Nyanko Soul

Steal from "The Lord Of Terror Ball"
Steal from Item God 2 inside Nemesis

Nemesis MK II
Steal from Uber Prinny Ball
You can get as many Nemesis MK II as you want from Uber Prinny Ball.
Nemesis MK II starts at Level 100.

Note-You automatically get a SUPER LEGENDARY HYPERDRIVE from defeating your first Item God 2.


Super Speed Boost
99 Movement
99 JM

You can warp anywhere on the field
Can't go on warp gates at Item World
How to get a horses weiner, Mahoganys Brain, and a Hercules Body
In the last level of chapter 5, you'll have to fight a zombie, equipped with a horse's wiener, a Mahogany's Brain, and a Hercules Body. DON'T KILL HIM!!! You'll only be able to get this once and that will be the first time you fight him. Anyways, weaken him to about 20-50Hp,depending on how strong ALL your guys are, then throw him into you base panel. If your lucky, you'll capture him along with all the items he's equipped with. If you aren't successful, your base panel will be destroyed and everyone in it will be unable to fight until you heal him.
How to make senators at the Dark Assembly always say yes
All you have to do is Unlock "Ball's Castle".

You can unlock it by beating Alternate Netherworld and Beauty Castle(Mysterious Seal).

Defeat "The Lord Of Terror Ball" and there you go you have become a Tyrant(The Lord Of Terror).

Laharl-Who the hell is this guy!?
What you got to be kidding!
LEVEL 4000!
The Lord of terror....Ball.... The legend was true

Nemesis (Legendary) Must Steal! one chance
Super Robo Suit (Blue Legendary) Must Steal! one chance
Note-There is a replacement Boss

This guy is extremely hard to beat!!!!!!

Replacement boss:
Uber Prinny Ball-
Nemesis Mk II Must steal!(lgendary)infinite chances
Prinny Costume Must steal!(legendary)infinite chances
Note-Nemesis Mk II and Prinny Costume are already at level 100. You can fight Uber Prinny as many times as you want.

Once you become a Tyrant. Senators will almost always say yes at the Dark Assembly.
Learning from the...pupil?
To have a character learn an ability from their pupil, have the two stand next to each other, and let the master use the ability until their mastery of it reaches level 1. How long this takes varies from each character. Once they reach level 1, the master will be able to use the ability whenever they want.
Leveling Clerics or Flonne
In order to level these characters just equip a gun or (preferably) a bow.

Also, for Clerics you can work them through an offensive mage class and then switch them over to the Cleric job.
Leveling up weak characters
To level up weak characters easily just go to salamanders breath in the level you unlock when your trying to look for the kids pet zombie. It's full of lvl. 20 zombies and ALL of it is an experience plus 100%. It's really easy if you have good items and a person who knows blade rush.
Leveling weak friends
To level up weak friends, have them included in comboattacks. Even if they do 0 damage or miss, as long as theenemy is killed they will get some shared EXP.

Levelling Areas
There are some great locations through-out the game and one place that is really helpful at the beginning is the Blazing Core 1st level.
Just throw all the monsters together and then weaken it till it has a tiny amount of damage left and then combo attack it with the weak character you are levelling up and they will grow many levels!!

*REMEMBER* to make sure that they are standing on the 100% EXP panel.
Powerful Clerics
Create a cleric (females have slightly better stats) and give her a mage pupil. If they stand next to each other, the cleric can use her pupil's spells, and after a while she'll be able to use them by herself. Give her the best staff and your best intelligence boosting items, and you'll be able to smash through anyone. Her range is fantastic, too, once you've begun to master the staff.
Promotion Exam Tip
Before each promotion, make sure to equip whoever you are using with your best equipment, thus maximizing his/her stats. Using this little trick allows you to beat promotion exams even when you are several levels under your combatants.
Recruiting Marjoly
After completing several promotion exams, the bill "The Mysterious Seal" opens up. The character attempting to pass it must have both 5000 mana and at least 5000 influence.

After passing the bill in the Dark Assembly, there is one board to complete, and then Laharl must face off against Marjoly, known to be the most malevolent sorceress in the universe. She is level 2500, however, if you defeat her she will join and comes equipped with 4 legendary items each known as "a keepsake left behind by a vassal."
Recruiting Priere
After completing several promotion exams, the bill "Alternate Netherworld" opens up. It costs 3000 mana, and the character attempting to pass it must have an influence of at least 3000.

After passing the bill for the Alternate Netherworld, there are 4 levels until the final level, where Laharl and company must face off against Priere, a human who became interested in the Dark Arts and rose to the position of Overlord in an Alternate Netherworld. She is level 2000, however, if you defeat her she joins your team with a legendary Arcadia.
Selecting Monster with Little Mana
After defeating a monster, it will show up in the character select screen. It will be selected with lot's of mana. In order to get the monster with little Mana, go to where you can fight the monster, and keep defeating it until it's manga cost drops down.
Staff of Sorcery
To get the Staff of Sorcery, talk to Gargo after Episode 8.
Stealing the Items from the extra bosses more than once.
Even though it tends to get very annoying you can fight the bosses like Priere and Majorly again and again simply by beating the game and passing the bill again. Which means you can steal their items again. This can be very handy if the item is of particular value.
The Dark Assembly
When wanting a big request approved, get some small cheap items and fill up your item bag. Go into the assembly and go into your reuqest. While infront of the assembly click on each member before voting and give them items that they like. Leave and repeat. Don't start voting until they it looks like they are a definite pass. Then vote and you should have your request granted.
Unlocking the Majin Class
To unlock the Majin Class, you need the following charcters at level 200:

Male Brawler

NOTE: The Majin class is one of the best classes in the game.
Vile Brilliance
To get Vile Brilliance talk to Manty after Episode 11.


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Combo + Boost Cheat/Glitch
When doing Combo Chains (Various characters attacking/connecting enemies together, to get a boost to power, and bonus guage, when killing enemies), I have found that even if you KILL the enemy that is supposed to link the chains together, providing your next character will hit at least one other enemy in that chain, you still get the Combo+ Chain.

Ex. - A spear user kills a sprite that is standing next to a zombie. Your next attacker in the chain (like a Mage), uses a multiple target spell (3 square spell) that was to connect the now dead sprite, to the zombie. The sprite may be dead, but since the attack grid square is still going over the spot that held the sprite, the combo chain isn't lost. This saves a lot of hassle.

NOTE: Doesn't work if the next attacker to succeed is now incapable of hitting anything on their attack grid, that connects the now empty grid spot, and other enemies. The chain gets broken.

File this under glitches.

BTW: Didn't see this submitted, but it might have been.
Empusas and Nekomatas!
In Jotunhein, map Terrible Cold, you are all invincible. Don't destroy the invincible Geo Symbol...there is a better way. (hehe...) Throw all your opponents together to make powerful enemy!!! (She will end up to be lvl 112!) After that, throw her into the only neutral and green panel. (Look around the map if you don't see it.) Now, get all your members, around the opponent and gang up on her!!! You can earn about 5-10 lvls this way. Warning: About lvls 16 and up can defeat this high lvl monster!