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"Tower" attacks
If you lift up a line of party members you can attack using them as your weapon basically. Everyone in the tower will get a share of the experience and mana. This way you can level up weak characters in your party.
Alternative Endings
Axel Ending: Get Defeated by Axel/Akutare
Bad Ending: Have Adell 10+ felonies, Killed Ally 50+ Times, then finish the game.
Etna Ending: Defeat Etna in Chapter 3
Laharl Ending: Defeat Laharl in Chapter 11
Middle Boss Ending: Defeat Mid-Boss Before Chapter 4
Tink Ending: Defeat Final Boss with Lvl. 1000 Tink
Worst Ending: Have Adell 99+ felonies, Killed Ally 99+ Times, and Rozalin ally-killed by Adell.
Easy Level Up For Strong Characters
First, This cheat only work when you fighting monster. You have to throw monster together and level them up and then kill the monster. I am level 80 now thanks to this cheat and I only start this game.
easy lv.ing up low lv people
when you fight people who give lots of exp points weaken them so then your weak people can kill them and they will level up by 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and be pretty strong.this worked for me i have a very strong party now!
Easy stats
Inheritance rate has no affect on base stats when creating a character so you can create an incompetent character with 1 ability bonus, add it to a stat, level that character, reincarnate it into incompetent again and repeat. This especially works for Chaos Soldier class after beating the game and passing the assembly bill. Chaos soldier has all even stats. Anyways, the more you reincarnate, the more stat bonus you get for using only a small amount of mana. Eventually, a Good-For-Nothing character will have a stat bonus of 10-whatever the max is depending how many times you reincarnate. Experiment with this and enjoy.
Easy Weapon Mastery
Go to Cave of Ordeals 1 and Defeat 4 out of the 8 Archers that are closet to what ever side you want to be on set the player you want to train on one of the panels and set a other player in front of that Chara and just have them attack each other cause of the attack +1 and adding in counters this causes you to hit more times then you would usually in other stages
Very needed to know side notes:its best to take off your gear and use a weak weapon of that section also helps if the one you are training is lv 1 even if person inst lv 1 it makes you hit little harder which can be a little hard but can sill be done make sure the chara getting hit is facing the one you are training.
Matching Rarities
Did you know that matching rarities of your item give stat bonuses? Well, you do now. The more items with matching rarities that you have equiped, the more stat bonuses you'll get (with the maximum of 4 items with the same rarity).

Well, the easier way to get matching rarities are get your hands on as many Legendary items as you can, since their rarities range from 0-7, compared to Rare and Normal items.

The best way to get Legendary items is, well, in the item world. Try to steal from the Wealthy pirates whenever you see her, as she comes with 4 Legendary equipments, all with the same rarity values.

Happy looting!
Pile Up and Level up!
A good trick to level some of your weaker characters up would be to throw your enemies on to each other to have their level grow up...though don't make it too strong. Now what you can do is pile up your characters (I usually have my strongest at the bottom, less chance of them dying) and attack the strong monster. All of your team piled up will receive experience once your strong enemy is defeated.
Unlocking classes
To have more "classes" available in the "Create a new character" bill at the Dark Assembly you'll need to complete certain "requiremnts" first, after doing so go to the Dark Assembly and you'll see a new bill (which name varies according to the new class you want available) make the senators approve it and now you have a new class in the Create a new character" bill:

Sinner: Make ANY character have a felony.

Samurai: Make ANY character have a level 5 sword mastery.

Male Ninja: Make ANY character have level 5 fist and sword mastery; actually it can be two characters, for instance if you have Adell with a level 5 fist mastery and a Warrior with a level 5 sword mastery, the bill to make the male ninja class available will be unlocked.

Female Ninja: Make ANY character have level 5 fist and staff mastery; again like with the male ninja, one character with level 5 fist mastery and another one with level 5 staff mastery will unlock the bill.

Magic Knight: Make ANY character have a level 3 sword mastery and a level 3 staff mastery.

Heavy Knight: Make ANY character have a level 3 spear mastery.

Gunner: Make ANY character have a level 5 gun mastery

Druid: Perform a 500+ Geo Combo in any stage.

Chaos Soldier: Beat the game once.

Vyers is Back!!
If you would love to get the chance to see, meet and battle Vyers for just one last time, here'sthe scoop for you.

In the Dark Assembly soon enough some of your character will get the option of 'I want to see the ending' win the assemble (bribes, etc) and be sure to save once you're done, then you can supposedly see the ending.....No can do, as a certain demon will not allow you to spoiler the ending for yourself as the one known as the dark Adonis and Mid-Boss will battle you. Be sure to level up, He's pretty strong.


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"Robbing" the Hospital
As you know, you can get prizes from the hospital. To acquire all of the hospital prizes quickly, do the following things:

- Getting the "revive" prizes: Make a bunch of lv. 1 characters. Go into any stage with Humanoids and toss a Humanoid into your base panel. Your base panel will be destroyed and everyone in it will die. Do this however many times you want.

- Getting the "HP" prizes: Equip and unequip Muscles and Weights on your characters. The better the Muscles/Weights, the more HP your characters will need to recover.

- Getting the "SP" prizes: Equip and unequip orbs. The better the Orbs, the more SP your characters will recover.

Note that you can get Rare (and maybe Legendary) prizes from the hospital, although it will take some resets. If you need money, especially early in the game, this is one of the best ways to get them fast (by selling those Rare/Legendary prizes). Of course, you need a decent amount of money to use the hospital in the first place.
Dark Gate secret!
Where Adel's house is in Holt village, search around the entire area and you are needing to find five buttons. So what you need to do, is go around everywhere pressing X and soon enough once you've found them, a not will say that a dark shadow looms the village. A shadow girl will be about, you have to constantly speak to her until she starts talking and she will battle you before you can achieve the dark gate.

One swich is on the wall opposite from the neko demon, the same wall the gunner will stand on when he comes about. Another one is behind the toppled pillar behind he Subpoena Deliverer and dark Assembly person. One is right behind Adell's house, the part that sinks in and is grey. Another is by the Marionette behind the sunken part of the wall near him. The final one is behind the house the prinny is near.
Different Titles for Adell
Did you know Adell can acquire different titles (not just Demon Hunter)?

- Archer Guards: Have Adell stand beside Legendary Senator Venus in the Dark Assembly at least once.

- Demon Lord: Beat Etna in stage 3-4.

- Prism Black: Beat Extra Stage 2.

- Badass Overlord: Beat Extra Stage 11.

- Lord Master: Beat Prinny Baal in Land of Carnage item world.
Extra Stages
Here are the extra stages and how to unlock them:

- Extra Stage 1: Have at least 33 felonies on a character and pass the "Fight a hero of another game!" bill. Must be at least on the second cycle.

- Extra Stage 2: Pass the "Return of the Prism Rangers" bill. Must be during episodes 12-13.

- Extra Stage 3: Use the Defender of the Earth cell phone 3 times and the pass "Rescue the Earth Hero!" bill. Adell only.

- Extra Stage 4: Clear Extra Stage 3 and use the Defender of the Earth cell phone 3 more times. Pass "Rescue Earth Hero again!!" bill. Adell only.

- Extra Stage 5: Have at least 20 hours of playtime. Pass "I want to see the ending!" bill. Must be during episodes 1-9.

- Extra Stage 6: Have at least 66 felonies on a character and pass "Unleash the Fallen Maiden!" bill. Must be during episodes 1-9 and at least on the second cycle.

- Extra Stage 7: Have at least 99 felonies on a character and pass "Break the Mysterious Seal" bill.

- Extra Stage 8: Have at least 40 hours of playtime. Pass "I want to fight an Overlord!" bill. Must be during episodes 12-13.

- Extra Stage 9: Clear Extra Stage 8 and pass "Summon Laharl!!" bill. Must be during episodes 12-13. Adell only.

- Extra Stage 10: Pass "Pick a fight with an Overlord!" bill. Must be on episode 1.

- Extra Stage 11: Clear 10 different Dark World stages and pass "Meet the strongest Overlord" bill.

- Extra Stage 12: Clear 25 different Dark World stage and pass "Meet Baal the Tyrant!" bill.

- Extra Stage 13: Clear Extra Stage 12. Automatically unlocked, just visit the same place as Extra Stage 12.
Felony cheat
A clever way for many of your characters to get many felonies instead of having to constantly go back and fourth to the item world is, once the dark court gate is open, pile up your characters and have a left over character throw them into the portal. All the characters that have been thrown into the portal will receive the same felony.
Rank 39 & 40 items
To get the ultimate weapons in the game, you need to fulfill these conditions:
1. Have Land of Carnage unlocked.
2. Have the corresponding Legendary Rank 39 items.

Here is the list of Rank 39 items:
- Excalibur (sword)
- Holy Longinus (spear)
- God's Hand (hand)
- Beam Axe (axe)
- Artemis (bow)
- Infernal Staff (staff)
- Megiddo Cannon (gun)
- Satan's Motor (physical monster weapon)
- The King (magical monster weapon)
- Infernal Armor (armor)

Here is the list of Rank 40 items:
- Yoshitsuna (sword)
- Drill Emperor (spear)
- Ultimus (hand)
- Apocalypse (axe)
- Lovely Cupid (bow)
- Omniscient Rod (staff)
- Etoile (gun)
- Babylon Crown (physical monster weapon)
- The Fool (magical monster weapon)
- Super Robo Suit (armor)

Once you've acquired the corresponding Legendary Rank 39 items, just clear the first 99 floors of the item in the normal item world and use Mr. Gency Exit on floor 99. Then switch to the Land of Carnage item world. The Item God on floor 100 there will have the Legendary Rank 40 item of the same type. Be aware though, you HAVE to use Mr. Gency Exit on floor 99 in the normal item world. If you use it on floor 100, the Item God in the Land of Carnage will NOT have the rank 40 item.
Secret Ending *Spoiler*
In Chapter Three where in the end you fight Etna, you can easily lose to her and the game will continue...BUT! If you beat her, you can receive a secret ending.
Unique Items
These are unique items that aren't normally found in the game, as they require some conditions to be met in order to acquire:

- Arcadia: Steal from the Zombie King in the Cave of Ordeal 5. Once per playthrough.

- Postcard: Beat Extra Stage 1. One time only.

- Accelerator: Beat Extra Stage 3. Once per playthrough.

- DoE ID Card: Beat Extra Stage 4. One time only.

- Felicitation: Beat Extra Stage 6. One time only.

- Gao's Spirit: Steal from Marjoly in Extra Stage 7. One time only.

- Claudia's Charm: Steal from Marjoly in Extra Stage 7. One time only.

- Kitty's Ears: Steal from Marjoly in Extra Stage 7. One time only.

- Sexy Panties: Beat Extra Stage 7. One time only.

- Makai Wars: Beat Extra Stage 12. One time only.

- Prinny Suit: Steal from Prinny Ball in Extra Stage 13. One time only.