Mafia (PS2) Cheats

Mafia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Car Selection
When you begin Free Ride in the city, head into the street, then reverse into the starting area. A car selection list should come up, allowing you to change your car.
Note: This can be done anytime during Free Ride.
Cool Stuff
Bigfoot Truck - Succesfully come in 1st place on every race on Championship mode.

Free Ride Cars - Each car you learn to break into during a mission in story mode, will automatically appear for use in the Free Ride mode.

Unlimited Ammunition - Succesfully complete the game, and then start a New Game.
Free Ride Car Selections
Learn how break into a car during missions to be able to use it as your Free Ride starting car.
Free Ride City Selections
Progress through the story mode to unlock new Free Ride areas and times of day.
Get 50 health from the car garage.
If you are low on health. Just go to the garage its the one were he tells you about new cars and you gotta go rob them. The health is on the left of the entrance you will get 50 health from it.
Lose Cops Quickly
Go to a railway station, elevated railway station or trolley and get in. Then wait until your wanted level goes down.
Race Mode
The Race menu option is unlocked after completing the main "Story" mode.


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Easy Money
There are many ways to get money, these are some:

Kill the men in the black suits with the black hats to get $500 each

Go into the country and speed in a fast car.

Blow up cars to get $100 each.

Drive Taxis.