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"Massive Passing Yardage"
The easiest pass play that I have found to complete is any variation of the "wheel" play. The playbook is geared to your X receiver. In the playbook, the play will have a 3bunch receiver core on left and man coverage on single receiver lined up opposite. X receiver is the key. He will start from slot left/right, run 3-4 yards out, then breaks out about 5 yards to the sidelines, then break upfield.
Make your fastest receiver X
Hike the ball
Count to 2 or 3 depending on when receiver is about to break upfield
Throw touch pass (tap X VERY lightly)
Assuming that your guy has sp over 80, hopefully 85-90 or above, the defense Will Not react in time to defend ball if touch pass is thrown. Easily a ten yard play with a normal receiver, but the fastest on the team shoudl guarentee 16-20.
I run this play 15 times a game, and avg about 20-25 yards with Jimmy Smith, Troy Edwards, Cortez Hankton, Reggie Williams, and Ernest Wilford(they are very good though after franchise play) and in total gain about 500 passing yards a game and have each receiver gain around 1000-2000 yards a year
1st round pick
At the start of each year, in pre season is best, you can swap all your draft picks like for like with another team. i.e. your first pick for first pick of another team etc.
This is handy in franchise when you have a good team and will probably have a poor draft position. You can easily pick the worst team in the league- Best way to do this is go to first matches of Pre-season and check matchups.
Just to make sure they finish last, you can control their games throughout the season- either playing their games or simulating their matches till they lose.
This is invaluable if you have quality players retiring and the 1st pick overall is really valuable in trading for players also.
Bomb Pass
If you have a fast receiver like Moss, Harrison or Owens you can burn any defense.

Make the receiver the hot receiver and have him run a fade pass. Give the receiver enough time to get open and pass him the ball, when the ball is in the air tap the right analog stick as you continually hit the arrow key. He will run even faster to catch the ball and the playmaker will appear. Remember to continually hit the right analog stick and arrow key. CHEERS!
Easier Mini Camp
If you are having trouble with some of the mini camps then you just have to edit the players stats. Look at the guy you are doing the drill with and the guys you are doing it against. Then write down there stats. Now make the guy you use really good and the guys your against really bad. You may have to take the stats fo teh backups down too because i think they will use them if they end up better then the guys you just edited. After you are done just replace the players stats back to normal.
Easier Touchdowns
Is you're stuck trying to score touchdowns because your Quaterback is an awful passer, and gets sacked on nearly every play, or your Half Back gets flattened whenever you try a run with him, then on the main menu screen, go to;

Features >> Create A Player

First off create a player for two of the most important players on the field; Quaterback and Half Back. For each, make them full height, and put ALL of their stats to 99. Obviously you can expand on this by creating a player for every position, but it could take hours to do. Make sure you assign your created players to the team you'll be playing as in Exhibition Mode or Franchise. Don't forget to save your Created Players as well. Now it will be WAY easier to connect with long-range passes, and you can score Touchdowns by running a lot easier with a quicker Half Back.
Easy Sacks
To get easy sacks with a rare chance of a backfire take one of your outside lineman. Either RE or LE it doesnt matter. Move him to the opposite side. So take the RE to the left side or vis versa. Now you just rush from there. They may get a man on you or they might not. YOu can go straight to the QB untouched alot. I get lie 8 or 9 sacks a game on 3 minute quarters doing this. Even if they have a TE on the side you are moving to he will be easier to get past than a offensive lineman. The only backfire is if they run to the side that you just left open. Now they have one extra block and that can extend the play for a lot of yards but it a risk i always take.
Easy Sacks
This way is very easy and it will never really backfire on you. You have your defensive line. Take a guy from one side. I usually take the Right End and move him over outside of the Left End. It works either way if you wanna move the Left End. Anyway now if there is no Tight End you can just get right in there and disrupt or sack the QB. Even if there is a Tight End on that side he is way easier to plow over than the lineman that you line up against at the start. The only way this will backfire is if they run the ball to the side that you just left open. Then there is one less guy to make a tackle and the CPU can get more yards or even a touchdown but if you have good DB's and LB's you should be fine.
Easy Scrambling QB
If you have a QB that is an awfal passer and can't seem to make the run and gets sacked 3-4 times a game then just go to create a player. Create a player and make his position Kicker and get all of his overall up to 99 except his kick power and accuracy.

Then sign him to your team to a 7 year deal since he shouldn't be worth much with 12 overall. Then reorder the depth charts and make him your starting QB. If you notice his overal on the chart will say 99 in the QB spot. Now you have a great scrambling QB with picture perfect accuracy, so good luck.
How to get team and teamates 99 overal
When at main menu go to Roster which is in like options or something then go to your favorite team then choose view or edit team then you pick a player then when you choose the play choose edit stats and if you make your whole team 99 it(Teamstats) becomes 99 overral i can guarentee you will not lose unless you really suck
Quick Slant
Find any Offense that has two recievers on the left/right. For an easy first have the slot reciever (inside) one slant to the outside and move your other reciever to the opposite side. To make him run a slant hit Triangle what ever he is (o,x, etc.) then L2 or R2, depending on what side you want him to slant to. Right before your reciever slants throw it to him, automatic first, Maybe more depending how good you are in the open field
Signing Complications, Simplified!
Pretty upfront and easy way to sign your players to low contract amounts of money, especially resigning that Draft Pick that you know is going to be great, but you don't want to end up paying them a total of 7:00Mil in their final year.

Simply go to Roster >> Your Player >> Hit X >> Edit Player >> Modify their Position depending on on some factors.

Ex: Take your QB and Edit their Position and make them a Kicker. They will have such a bad overall rating they won't ask for alot of money, and you can sign them to a 7 year contract for around 14Mil. That breaks down to 2Mil a year. Isn't it quite the Salary Saver to sign M.Vick for 2Mil every year for 7 years. That is 2Mil per year, and you have about 90Mil per year! Great deal no?

You have to find at what position the player is the worst overall at, but you can make OLineman to DTs and they tend to turn to goo, and you can sign them to a cheap contract.

The Highest and I mean Highest I have payed for a Player in the last month doing this was, Takeo Spikes. For a 7-Year Contract I only payed him 2.73 Million a year. For a Starting LB at 99Overall, that is a good deal.

So if you want to have alot, and I mean alot of Cap Room, try this little trick.
Unlock Card 104
To unlock card 104 get gold in the All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill.
Unlock Card 147
Get gold in the All-Madden Pocket Prescense drill to unlock card 147.
Unlock Card 197
Get gold in the Clutch Kicking drill.
Unlock Card 199
Get gold in the Swat Ball drill to unlock card 199.
Unlock Card 2
Get gold in the All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill to unlock card two.
Unlock Card 208
Unlock this card by getting gold in the Pocket Presence drill.
Unlock Card 209
Unlock this card by getting gold in the Trench Fight drill.
Unlock Card 210
Unlock this card by getting gold in the Percison Pass drill.
Unlock Card 211
Unlock this card by getting gold in the Coffin Corner drill.
Unlock Card 30
Unlock Card 30 by getting gold in the Coffin Corner drill.
Unlock Card 38
Unlocked Card 38 by getting gold in the All-Madden Ground Attack drill.
Unlock Card 42
To unlock card 42 you must get gold in the All-Madden Precision-Passing drill.
Unlock Card 52
You must get gold in the All-Madden Swat Ball drill to unlock card 52.
Unlock Card 99
To unlock card 99 get gold in the All-Madden Trench Fight drill.
Unlock Cheerleader Pump Up Crowd Card
To get the cheerlead pump up crowd card you must finish the Game Situation challanges for the team in Mini-Camp mode.
Unlocked Card 195
Get gold in the Ground Attack drill to unlock card 195.


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1958 COLTS- P74X8J
1966 PACKERS- G49P7W
1968 JETS- C24W2A
1970 BROWNS- G12N1I
1976 RAIDERS- P96Q8M
1977 BRONCOS- 018T2A
1980 RAIDERS- K71K4E
1983 RAIDERS- D23T8S
1985 BEARS- F92M8M
1986 GIANTS- K44F2Y
1988 49ERS- F77R8H
1990 EAGLES- G95F2Q
1991 LIONS- I89F4I
1992 COWBOYS- I44A1O
1993 BILLS- Y66K3O
Easy DE Options
This is more or less beneficial if you are playing with a team that is lacking at the DE positions. However you can also follow Option 2 and it can be beneficial.

Go into FA at the start of your Franchise. Now sign either Trotter or Gildon. (Trotter would be better for Option 2, keep this in mind.) Now change either of one of those player's position to DE.

Option 1: Now you have yourself a DE with 95 Overall Rating. Yes they both come to be 95.

Option 2: When you sign one of them, keep their Signing Bonus low, and sign them to a 1-year deal. Now you may trade them accordingly to a team for a few draft picks or players, and you haven't taken a big cap hit.

Note on Option 2: Change your DE side accordingly with the Team your Trading with. If you are trading with a Team that has a 92OVR LE but 78OVR RE, then make one of those two a RE. This will give you more market value for each.
Madden Cards
1st & 15- V65J8P
1ST & 5- O72E9B
Mike Vick Gold Card
At the main menu go to Madden and then Madden Cards and then Madden Codes, and enter in the following:


This will unlock the Mike Vick Gold Card.
TJ Duckett Gold Card
At the main menu go to Madden and then Madden Cards and then Madden Codes, and enter in the following:


This will unlock the TJ Duckett Gold Card.