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Madagascar (PS2) Cheats

Madagascar cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Marty's Squeaky Voice
In the level King of New York, collect as many balloons you see. (5-10)
The camera will zoom into Marty's face and say it's enough to make his voice squeaky.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Marty's Squeaky VoiceIn King of New York, collect 5-10 balloons. Then Marty says it's enough to unlock his squeaky voice.


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Get past the last level - the easy way!!
Can't get past the last level, or take way to long to do it? Now with my cheat u can do it easy! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Now, what you do is when the level begins, first get the power cards for claws (because u need them later on) and then move Alex right on an edge of the platform. Dont fall off, it'll cost him a life. When the first foosa comes, it will get ready to attack u. Just b4 it leaps, double jump. It will fall right off!! Keep doing with the rest, and u have finished that bit. Next, the King Foosa is in the middle platform, and u can jump the smaller platforms around the middle one. The penguins on bats will drop mangoes for u to thro at the King Foosa. Jump like crazy when he breathes durian breath. It can hurt u, so just keep jumping from platform to platform until he stops, then thro as many mangoes as u can. Keep doing that in that order, and you've got that bit done.
The last bit, you and the King Foosa are on a large platform. Review the cheats above to find how to do it.
Hope I helped! =)
15 coins!
At the start of King of New York, run on the treadmill for ages, disobeying what Marty says. After a while, 3 gold coins will appear next to the treadmill. Exit the treadmill and grab em!!
Flower Locations In Jungle Banquet
red -on the other side of the 1st rock you see
blue- on the other side of the next rock you see
green- go straight
periwinkle- on the ledge behind alex
seafoam green- jump up to where you start the level and take a left you should see it
gray- jump by where the parrot is and go straight then theres the fork in the road take the left one
black- go back by the parrot and double jump up to where the onion patch is then take a right
note: the parrot will try to attack you
I almost forgot to tell you that you will find queen bee under the cliff.
Getting Past The Mushroom Patch
When you have to look after the mushrooms on request of the bat stay near the middle of the mushrooms and use a super roar 1/3 into the mission. Then another near the end. When not using super-roars run around the outside of the mushrooms roaring all the time.

I hope this gets you past this hard mission. Good luck, gamers.
How to beat the foosa king
if your on the level where you have to beat the foosa king and your having trouble beating him this is how. the first time you fight him just look on the right or left of you and you should see somthing like a small small island. jump on it then jump on the next one. but watch out for the foosa kings breath. that can take life away from alex. and on one of the platfoms might have a mango.throw the mangos at the foosa king. and keep thowing mangos at him until he dies.the second time you fight him just jump over the foosa king when he blows bad breath.and throw mangos at the foosa kings birds.and slash him with your claws when the fire on the foosa king back goes out. only slash the foosa when the fire on his back goes out.
Movie References
So far, I've seen two minor things that were in the movie in this game:
Melman's grave
On Back To The Beach, near where Wilbur is, there is Melman's grave. In the movie, he dug it because he thought he was going to die on Madagascar.
Marty's treadmill
On King of New York, turn around as soon as you start, turn around. There will be Marty's treadmill, which he used in the movie as part of his act.


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World turns Upside Down
Sometimes, when ur playing "New York Chase" and ur character is Gloria, sometimes when she does "butt bounce" she goes thru the street and lands in this place (it looks like New York) but the streets have broken off and if u go off them, u'll fall into the ocean!!! Its freaky. U can only get out of it if u replay the level. NOTE: THIS IS EXTREMELY UNCOMMON.A