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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (PS2) Cheats

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlockable movie scenes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Epic scene orb 1 - Riding to RivendellUnlock when you first meet Idrial
Epic scene orb 2 - Nazgul AgendaUnlock when you first meet Idrial
Epic scene orb 3 - The She-elfUnlock when you first meet Idrial
Epic scene orb 4 - BetrayalComplete the quest : Journey to the Elf Outpost
Epic scene orb 5 - The Power of GaladrielComplete the quest : Defend the Elf caravan
Epic scene orb 6 - The DunedainComplete the quest: Rescue at Caradhras Pass
Epic scene orb 7 - Spirit PowersComplete the quest: Find an Elf Healing Altar
Epic scene orb 8 - The Fellowship's CampComplete the quest: Follow the Fellowship to Moria
Epic scene orb 9 - Moria's PastAfter you activate the campfire scene in Moria
Epic scene orb 10 - Saruman's TrapComplete the quest: Reclaim Elrond's Map
Epic scene orb 11 - The DwarfComplete the quest: Find Hadhod the Dwarf
Epic scene orb 12 - Moria TodayInside a chest at the top of the stairs when you first arrive in West Moria
Epic scene orb 13 - Runes of the Seven KingsComplete the quest: Find Moria's West Gate
Epic scene orb 14 - The Watchers LairComplete the quest: Confront the Watcher in the Water
Epic scene orb 15 - Moria WargsInside a chest in West Moria
Epic scene orb 16 - Mithril - Weapons and WarefareKill the 2 Albino Cave Wargs in West Moria
Epic scene orb 17 - Elf-Dwarf AnimosityInside a Chest After a Battle with 2 Goblins in West Moria Necropolis
Epic scene orb 18 - The White and Grey WizardsInside a chest after you kill a Albino cave Warg and a Goblin
Epic scene orb 19 - Camping at the CrossroadsReach the top of the stairs in West Moria Necropolis
Epic scene orb 20 - Key to the book of secretsInside a chest in Moria's Great Pit
Epic scene orb 21 - The Moria HordeInside a Chest in West Moria Necropolis
Epic scene orb 22 - The Secret doorComplete quest : Locate Moria's Great Pit
Epic scene orb 23 - Inhabitants of the MountainAfter you collect Rune 4 in West Moria Necropolis
Epic scene orb 24 - Weapons of Forgotten AncestorsFind the Last axe ever forged
Epic scene orb 25 - Goblin HatredInside a chest after you complete: Find the Book of Secrets quest
Epic scene orb 26 - Berethor FlashbackComplete the quest: Find the Book of Secrets
Epic scene orb 27 - Water MirrorsAfter you defeat 2 Goblins in West Moria Necropolis
Epic scene orb 28 - Cleaning West MoriaAfter a Battle with 2 Goblins in West Moria Necropolis
Epic scene orb 29 - His Balrog SpellsInside a Coffin in front of the secret door in West Moria
Epic scene orb 30 - DwarrowdelfUnlock the door to the Chamber of Records
Epic scene orb 31 - The Fellowships Passage hereOn top of a dead Troll In East Moria
Epic scene orb 32 - Aragorn of the DunedainAfter you save Idrial's life on the steps of Moria chasm stairway
Epic scene orb 33 - Hadhods SorrowComplete the quest: Kill the Goblin Chieftain
Epic scene orb 34 - Troll SlavesComplete the quest: Find Balin's War Axe
Epic scene orb 35 - The Great BridgeComplete the quest: Reach the Bridge of Khazad-dum
Epic scene orb 36 - Gandalf's Fight with the BalrogDefeat The Barlog of Morgoth on the Bridge of Khazad-dum
Epic scene orb 37 - Elven SanctuaryDefeat The Barlog of Morgoth on the Bridge of Khazad-dum
Epic scene orb 38 - Price of PassageDefeat The Barlog of Morgoth on the Bridge of Khazad-dum
Epic scene orb 39 - Boromir has FallenSpeak to Aranel on the Bank of the East Emnet River
Epic scene orb 40 - Defending the RiverComplete the quest: Find an Elf Near the River
Epic scene orb 41 - War comes to RohanComplete the quest: Locate the Rohan Outpost
Epic scene orb 42 - Wargs Raiding RohanFind the Elf Scout
Epic scene orb 43 - Eomer is BanishedDefeat 3 Grizzled Greater Wargs in East Emnet Gullies
Epic scene orb 44 - Passage of a Man - Dwarf and ElfAfter speaking to Gandalf in East Emnet Gullies
Epic scene orb 45 - Do not feel usedComplete the quest : Find an Elf in the Gullies
Epic scene orb 46 - Eomers RebelsComplete the quest: Find an Elf Near the Cave
Epic scene orb 47 - Leaving the Elves BehindComplete the quest Find 2 Elves in the Cave
Epic scene orb 48 - Tree GuardiansAfter you Defeat 2 Grizzled Greater Wargs in East Emnet Gullies
Epic scene orb 49 - The woods SleepKill the first wave of Orcs On the Rohan bridge to Edoras
Epic scene orb 50 - Sarumans BetrayalAfter a Battle with Orcs in East Emnet Gullies
Epic scene orb 51 - Big FriendsAfter a Battle Inside the Warg hive
Epic scene orb 52 - Gandalf's ReturnAfter a Battle with Orcs in East Emnet Gullies
Epic scene orb 53 - Watching RohanKill the third wave of Orcs On the Rohan bridge to Edoras
Epic scene orb 54 - Angry huorn TreesComplete the quest: Riders near Edge of Fangorn
Epic scene orb 55 - Gandalf and Galadriel's PlansWhen you first arrive in Rohan
Epic scene orb 56 - Old HatredsSave the Woman Villager
Epic scene orb 57 - Morwens HistoryComplete the quest Save the Warrior
Epic scene orb 58 - Rohans RidersComplete the quest: Riders on the East side of the Warg hive
Epic scene orb 59 - Vunerable FrontierMake it to the other side of Rohan bridge
Epic scene orb 60 - Saruman and TheodenBattle on the hill on the right of Snowbourne village
Epic scene orb 61 - Riding to EdorasComplete the quest : Riders on the West side of the Warg hive
Epic scene orb 62 - The Golden Hall of GrimaBattle on the hill on the left of Snowbourne village
Epic scene orb 63 - The Horse And the RiderAfter the Battle where Eaoden joins your party
Epic scene orb 64 - Wars Grim PurposeTalk to the old man at the Snowbourne Entrance
Epic scene orb 65 - Warg AmbushesComplete the quest Riders in the village
Epic scene orb 66 - Old strongholdsBattle on the hill in the centre of Snowbourne village
Epic scene orb 67 - The Great Test to ComeComplete the quest: Liberate Snowbourne
Epic scene orb 68 - Aragorns SacificeOpen the last gate in Snowbourne village and make it outside
Epic scene orb 69 - Helm's Deep ConvergenceComplete the quest: Speak to Theoden
Epic scene orb 70 - Secrets of the FamilyComplete the quest: Speak to Aragorn
Epic scene orb 71 - Saruman' War PlanComplete the quest: Speak to Gimli
Epic scene orb 72 - The Elves ArriveComplete the quest: Return to Gamling
Epic scene orb 73 - The Uruk-hai Army ApproachesAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 74 - Shatter the WallAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 75 - Fall BackAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 76 - Saruman's End Draws NearAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 77 - Final RetreatAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 78 - Look to my ComingAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 79 - You are Free of His PossessionAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 80 - Osgiliath AssaultAfter the battles at Helm's Deep
Epic scene orb 81 - Realization of Past CowardiceDefeat Gothmog - the Orc Army Commander
Epic scene orb 82 - A Long Planned InvasionInside a Chest in Osgiliath Landing
Epic scene orb 83 - Denethor's FavorInside a Chest in Osgiliath Landing
Epic scene orb 84 - Spawn of SauronWhen you enter the next area in Osgiliath
Epic scene orb 85 - Fear the NazgulAfter Defeating a Nazul in Osgiliath Rooftops
Epic scene orb 86 - OutmatchedWhen you enter Osgiliath Plaza
Epic scene orb 87 - Crossing the AnduinComplete the quest: To the Bridge
Epic scene orb 88 - Revelation of Morgul PossessionAfter Idrials Solo Battle in Osgiliath
Epic scene orb 89 - Routes Known to FaramirEnter the New Area after you defeat Gothmog
Epic scene orb 90 - Possession OvercomeComplete the quest: Rescue Idrial
Epic scene orb 91 - The Siege of Minas TirithMinas Tirith Courtyard
Epic scene orb 92 - Darkness OvercomeComplete the quest: Slay the Rampaging Troll
Epic scene orb 93 - Linked GatesComplete the quest: Defeat the Outer-wall Troll
Epic scene orb 94 - Gondor is WeakMinas Tirith Second Gate
Epic scene orb 95 - Gandalf Rallies the CityAfter defeating 2 Trolls at Minas Tirith Second Gate
Epic scene orb 96 - I Shall Break HimComplete the quest: Defend the Third Gate
Epic scene orb 97 - Not All Shall LiveReach the Seventh Level in Minas Tirith
Epic scene orb 98 - Failure of The StewardAfter a battle in Minas Tirith Throne Room
Epic scene orb 99 - Charge of The RohirrimPelennor Fields Front Line
Epic scene orb 100 - The Six ThousandPelennor Fields Front Line
Epic scene orb 101 - Great GloryAfter Battle in Pelennor Nazgul Vanguard
Epic scene orb 102 - Monsters From The SouthAfter Battle in Pelennor Nazgul Vanguard
Epic scene orb 103 - New TacticsAfter Battle in Pelennor Fields Siege Line
Epic scene orb 104 - The Witch King AttacksComplete the quest: Ride to Ruin
Epic scene orb 105 - Death of The Witch KingComplete the quest: Ride to Ruin
Epic scene orb 106 - Fall of The Witch KingComplete the quest: Ride to Ruin
Epic scene orb 107 - Called To WarWhen Aragorn joins your Party In Pelennor Along Side The King
Epic scene orb 108 - Return of The KingAfter a battle with Aragorn In Pelennor Along Side The King
Epic scene orb 109 - The Brave PrevailComplete the quest: Fight For The King


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Defeat the witch king
ok, this takes a while but it works. make sure you have idrial and that she knows how to use aura of the valar, loudwater fury and power of the valar. just let the other charecters die, their attacks are weak and you will waste an attack. have idrial use frenzy, on the first shot use aura of the valar and on the second use loudwater fury, i found this does more damage than any other charecters attack (6000-8000). when you have enough points for perfect mode, use idrials second attack to revive berethor. he can use perfect mode (the edoras range thing) and there is a puny chance the two of them will last another round to attack. if they do, have them both use frenzy. use loudwater fury with idrial both times and with berethor use ecthelion wrath. eventualy he will die.
defeat witch king
use hadod, berethor, eoden and when eodens turn comes up use morgul decay (item) then use stun strike from berethor and then keep useing double attack and ecthelion rage mountain rage or any better attack and ur done
Easy Evil Mode!
If you are having trouble with evil mode then just travel back to Erigen (The first place) then save , then do the evil mode and it will be a lot easier!
Easy Kills
When fighting a chieftain (or anybody) use Idrials Loudwater Fury.
It takes off a lot of health usually ending in sudden death, this makes up for Idrials bad sword skill
Evil Mode
When you go on evil mode you can get more treasure for your team.
get all of morwens attacks
getting enough skill points to get attacks takes a long time, so to speed it up a little, when you're in the osgiliath sewers, have morwen, hadhod and elegost. go to the part where there is a large amount of water surrounded by many doorways. if you run around in the water until a battle comes up there will always be trolls and orcs. use elegosts attack that puts the enemy to sleep (it's been a while since i played) and use hadhod to put up some shields. then, use morwens steal skill attack on the drummer troll over and over to get lots of skill points. use hadhods endure flame attack over and over because u don't want to wake the orcs and it is the least skill using attack that doesn't affect the enemy. also use spirit attacks with elegost (i like to use his health raising attack, again it's been a while) and if any of them run out of AP restore using items or switch to someone else. eventually u will have to end the battle and when u do that go over and save the game to restore all health and AP.
Get ultimate items from evil mode
This helps if you have completed the game once before: Do evil mode on Pelennor Fields and Osgiliath. You can get some truly wicked items.

Pelennor fields:
There isn't a lot of battles in this (the witch king, a mumak and then sauron) but you will obtain a few Ancient Elfstones (the most powerful ones) including one of spirit enhancement. Gice it to idrial or hadhod and they will get one hit kill spirit powers (unless the enemy has a load of resistance to that element). i used loudwater fury on the watcher in the water and killed it in one.

Osgiliath: some of the fights can be hard. In the 1st one you get Gothmog, 2 orc archers and a veteran orc. Faramir is the most annoying as he wil use Stewards armour making it more difficult to kill people. Use Barad-dur curse with gothmog, as it takes a lot of health off people.
The last fight is the witch king. His fury of angmar will kill idrial in a single hit, and berethor in 2 hits. After this you will get The Sword of Isildur for berethor which does massive damage.

More advice: do every single evil mode you can. I did and got awesome axes for morwen and hadhod, awesome armour for berethor (dark/shadow) as well as some other decent stuff.

How 2 level up easily in the beginning
First, you must reach EastMoria with your charcters level at least 20. When you find a goblin drummer DO NOT THE KILL HIM!Instead kill the ones on the ground.Make sure Idrial learns power of valor and/or aura of valar. Use aura of valar on the entire party. If you killed all the enemies except the drummer, more'll keep coming. Trust me, My charcters were at level 25 but after nearly 20 battles; my charcters got to level 30. Do more than 100..Your level be around 40 or more!!!NOTE: This is the chance to learn all the heavy skills that would have been open for you like Rampage of Gondor much later in the game but only if you have the patience and time for it!! Careful though, it might cause glitches and possibly other effects.
How to defeat the Watcher of the Water in Moria and outside the gate
When the battle comences, Berethor, Idrial and Hadhod will be avaible. Press L1 when you're controlling Berethor and switch him with Elegost. Use Hadhod's fire attack (spirit power) and Idrial's water attack (spirit power). This should deal aroun 250-500 damage. Elegost can use his "Aimed Shot" or "Creature Bane". Repeat till the boss smashes the gate. Once you're inside Moria, save the game (your HP & AP will be full again). Don't forget to open the chest on the eastern side of the wall. Take the western route and you'll end up in a watery romm. Take the path down the stairs and you will battle the octopus again (his HP will be full). Repeat the battle step that i gave you earlier. Heal when necessary.
How to lvl up the first 4 characters
When you start out u will work all the way up to hadhod. Then go just before the save point before you find elegost. When you stand there you will get attacked again and again. This is really good when training up Idrial withe the sword, or hadhod with magic.
Idrial can be a really valuable character if after you finish the game and start a new one do evil mode for the final level I belive its called Isenguard, anyway when you beat the level you get achient elfstones for spirt heath and ext... equip Idrial with the the craked polished and achient spirit stones and also the anchient armor stone and she becomes a really awsome player. kills just about everything in one hit.
Idrial Stones
Have Idrial Carry the following stones and do heavy duty damage with hits from spirit powers especially Loudwater Fury!

Polished Elfstone Of Sprit Enhacncement
Cracked Elfstone Of Sprit Enhacncement
Ancient Elfstone Of Sprit Enhacncement
Ancient Elfstone Of Health Enhacncement

Stones are very important and when placed with the correct players cause cause heavy duty damage.
Idrial's Strongest
First of all, don't bother with Idrial's sword skills, they suck. The best way to make Idrial really strong is equip her with the Fell Shadow stone, and train her till she learns 'Black Speech'. It gets easy from now on. Then equip her with a Cracked Stone of Spirit Enhancement and the Polished Stone of Spirit Enhancement, then by level 50 or more, Idrial deals 19,000+ damage to enemies. I got this in Osgiliath, the only bad part is when she's kidnapped.....

Also, To train Idrial with the Fell Shadow stone when you're in Rohan, near Wormtongue, train her and other chracters up on the enemies near the base of the hill.
Item Exploit
Go to Eregion after you get the Craft Item Stone. Then, find an Archer. Cast Fellowship Grace with Berethor and the Haste Of The Elves ability with Idrial on whoever has the Craft Item Stone equipped. You will never run out of AP, and the character creating items goes very fast, producing a lot of items. This is especially useful for the Elf Medicine item. Also, you can level up character abilities that do not damage foes.
Learning New Things!
If your in Rohan or farther here's a tip if you wanna learn new moves. Just go back to the 1st level! get in a battle with archers.They'll miss or hit you,but if they hit you it will deflect(Meaning you won't get hurt).But then again you can go back to where you found Morwen near that burning house next to the lake/bay thing. I used that method to learn all sorts of Shadowcraft(Yes, you can learn shadowcraft if you have the elfstone to those who haven't found it yet).NOTE: You can get hurt in Rohan. If your in Osgiliath or wherever you'll probubly be invicible. But those of you who are at Helm's Deep or who have beat the game if I'm wrong cut me some slack I'm only at that Rohan village across the bridge that's on a weird hill!
Refill HP and AP
If you are running low on HP and AP save your game at a save point to have them refreshed.
spirit powers/leadership abilities maxed out early
  • doesn't work on Elegost because all of Elegost's attacks hurt the enemy
  • requires berethor's fellowship grace leadership ability
this can be done as soon as you want but its easier when you have all the characters...

once you have the desired characters in your party, travel back to Eregion.

1. have berethor and any two other characters in your party
2. enter a battle
3. use berethor's fellowship grace leadership ability on desired party. (if you have already maxed out berethor's abilities, switch character 1/2 for character 3, use FG again, then swap berethor for the character you swapped out)
4. kill all enemies, EXCEPT ONE. (best done if the last enemy can't hurt you or if you put him to sleep)
5. keep using low AP costing abilities that DON'T hurt the enemy, over and over again. fellowship grace just keeps restocking your AP.
6. end battle by killing enemy to check when all abilities have been learned by a player.
7. repeat until all characters have all of their abilities.
Starting with a good sword
If you've already completed Osgiliath on a previous game, then complete the evil mode of it and save it to a recently begun game. This will give Berethor Isildur's sword, which this early on in the game makes the enemies a breeze, hitting 2000+ HP easily.
When u r facin te witch king
when ur facin the witch king use eoden, berethor and hadhod but with hadhod make sure u ave his mithril piercing axe and 2nd age mithril helm in battle and attack only using berethors stunning strike and ectehlion wrath, with eoaden use his rohrrim rage and enraging blow but with hadhod only use mountain rage.the witch king has 200'562HP and 59'098AP.
Witch King
First of I've found in defeating the witch king that morgul decay doesn't work, I'm playing the PS2 version and it's not working, so here's what I did. It says he can't be stunned but I used Perfect Mode and used the Banner Of Elendil and it stunned him long enough to use examine on Elegost (you don't have to as I already have and will tell you what to do) and then found this, I used the crippling shot on the witch king, and kept on and kept on using it until it slowed him down so much the only attacks he got were counter attacks which were minimal, then I just fought him as I would anyother battle. TIP: The Draining shot works good for Elegost and Berethor's Targeted Strike I believe is good too, use Idrial to heal and hasten or w/e.


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banner of elendil glitch
if you use the banner of elendil attack on any of the nazgul you will not be able to see when any of them attack but if you do use it at least it hits all of them.
i made the mistake on the final battles before sauron
Easy Battle
First you must save your game to any file of your choice, then there will be an option to resume or to travel... Choose travel. On the map that will pop up, go around till you find helms deep.
Choose helms deep and you will appear in the armory, go outside and down the right trail and continue walking down and around the wall. Warning, Do not go to the gate or you will appear where you saved your game.
Go and you will see a soldier and an orc fighting. Run to them along side the wall, you will not go anywhere but keep running, soon the eye will become full,
repeat for more battles
Never Do This!
If you use Banner of Endili perfect mode on The Witch King In Pellanor Fields you won't be able to see when The Witch King will attack!!!

Easter eggs

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Very Useful Item
In the game there is an item called MORGUL DECAY that entirely removes the opponents armour. These are very hard to come by, but there is a very easy way to receive them in Rohan. With Morwen, use STEAL ITEM on a wildman with white hair and beard and you will steal a MORGUL DECAY. You can only do this once on each wildman


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Easy Bosses
When facing hard bosses, use an item called 'MORGUL DECAY'. It takes away all of their armor, so make sure you have some for the very end boss to make it a whole lot easier! This means you can use Berethor's Gondor Rampage and it will be more effective than Targeted Strike.
easy lvls/final battle afta aragorn
when at helms deep before fighting with aragorn wait on the steps a whil to get lvls and more hp for the coming 3 battles.......u must have aura and power of the valar for this battle and fangorn bash special first use the special and then protect 1 of ur caracters with idrial(berethor)when they kill them all berethor can revive them with elf medicine kill the troll with hadhod and the others with idrial and berethor.use gil-galad rampage if u have it for idrial and ecthelion wrath or targeted strike for berethor........congrats uve completed helms deep now go to osgiliath now go help faramir kick ass
easy way to hit 20000 at moria
complete osgiliath and minas tirith on evil mode to get some armor and weopons for berethor you must save on to another game you have made wich is at eregion. then only increase his str when leveling try to get ecthelion wrath and citadel rage before balrog battle(go to skills to change wich 1 berethor learns)u should hit about 9000 damage to trolls and 20000 to goblins(u will get a better sword afta completing minas tirith wich has about 250 attack and hits 25000 with targeted strike)
To replay the game starting with a very good sword for Berethor (the first character you start with), do the evil mode of Osgiliath on your first game and save it on your new game. By doing this, you will get the Sword Of Isildur, which has a 200+ damage rating. At the beginning of the game, you can give at least 2,000 damage points from a normal hit with this weapon.
Infinite Experience and Skills

There are certain parts of the game where battles spawn infinitely. The first is very near the beginning of the game, just after the quest to kill three Wild Men bands. There is a passage that goes straight south, and a battle with two orcs will spawn there. If you simply stand still after that battle, in a few seconds another two orcs will spawn for battle, and this will continue indefinitely. There are at least two other places in the game that this occurs.

Handhod's Mithrail-scale hauberk
obtain by doing three random battles in the Minas Tirith throne room

How do defeat the Witch King in Pelenor Feilds
Use Elegost's Paralizing shot against the witch king to give you a BUNCH of turns. Use it whenever you see the witch king's turn on the turn meter. Fight him with your other people until he dies. THIS is the only way I know of to beat the witch king, any other way is REALLY hard.
Massive Spell Damage
Man Idrials sword skillz do suck. My advice is not to even bother with them. Besides her spellz are way cooler. To do massive damage with LoudWater Fury and her later water spell put massive points into her magic attack stat. Then through the game you will collect elf stones of spirit power or something like that. Be sure to equip them to idrial (you can equip 2 because one is cracked and the other polished) this increases her magic damage significantly. Also the fact that most guys you face are weak to water. My chick is packin anywhere from 13,000 to 24,000 depending on the guy i face (including bosses). Yeah its pretty nice. ^^
REAL Infinite Skill Points
Travel back to Eregion or Moria and drain AP from Orc Lesser Captains (the kind holding the banners)and Moria Goblin Shadow Chieftains (holding the staffs). Once you do, Use all your skills that do not manually damage the enemy physically. I recommend killing off their fellows first.
Stay alive for whole fight in later levels
Have Idrial learn Aura of the Valar, Power of the Valar, and Frenzy. Also a lot of action points.When only she is left do Aura of the Valar on her. When the enemies kill her, she will then come back and get all her action points and health back and it will be her turn. Do frenzy. First do Aura of the Valar. The wake Berethor or Eaoden up with Power of the Valar so they can do multiple strike attacks. Keep doing this and you will eventually win the fight!
Ppl say 2 use morgal decay 2 defeat the witch king.But wat if u dont have it?This is a betr way becuz instead of morgal decay,when its berethors turn,use double attack and both times use targeted strike.This ignores his armor and does 13,000 pts of damage,14,500 with crit hit.If u r using Eaoden 2,have him use his rupture armor 2 hit 13,000s like berethor.Last,if u have hadhod as the last mem in ur party,have him use double attack and both times,use crippling smash,this will slow the witch king down by a lot,allowing for an easy win and tons of xp