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LMA Manager 2005 Tips

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2 cheats
k... this first 1 aint really a cheat, more advice, i started a season with west ham (championship headed this year again, gutted) anyway i bought players from lower tiers of france spaing germany italy anyway my team
gk bizzarri saved 15 of the 16 penalties attempted by opposition
lb bermudo
cb sarriegi
cb cuadrado
rb contreras
lm De Lucas
cm pablo sierra
cm corona
rm julio alvarez
cf margiotta/ zamora
cf PODOLSKI!!!! 30 league goals

walked over th championship (tendency to draw at start of season)

now im in th prem all these players hav improved loads but a lot hav been sent to th bench or reserves due to new signings

new team season 2 3rd in prem

Gk isaksson
Lb Bermudo
Cb Zaccardo
Cb Fahrenharst (loan)
Rb contreras
Lm Salihamidzic (loan)
Cm donati
Cm Corona (captain marvel)
Rm julio alvarez
Cf Diouf (loan)
Cf PODOLSKI!! (now fourth best striker in th world)

POINT 2! (long huh?)
best team money can buy ( got bored did money cheat n started with chelsea )

Gk schmidt (oooold but good for 2 seasons then cech fills th gap)

Cb kompany
Cb Van Den Borre
Cb Metzelder ( i kno no terry but trust me

Lm Duff
Cm gerrard
Cm lampard
Rm joaquin

Cf Henry
Cf Shevchenko
Cf Aimar

BEAT MAN U 7-0 and won th league in february DOOOO IT!!!
Submitted by: lil j_ balla 8 on March 26, 2007
There are many good players in the Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and German non-leagues. All are cheap wages, and easy to buy (if you are in a top team).
I started my own team called SC London. Yellow Kit looks best. Anyway. I brought a few players who have just been brilliant.
Defense I have a young Brazilian worth 0.5m.
Four years on he is worth 10m and is 9.5/10! Offers are flooding in for 15/16m but I will not sell him!
Also a guy called G Weir in scotland. As before both signed aged 19, when I started. Now in the prem he is 8.5/10 aged 23, and worth 8m. HOWEVER he scores so many goals it is unreal.
There are also some absolutely cracking players in the conference, look for 16-25 with a rating of 4+. they are all 10k (Bought at 15k) and will ROCKET in value. One player (Chapman a Leftback I think) went from 15k purchase to 1.1m valuation. His skill is low but his rating is ALWAYS high and he is a great captain. He is now in the Prem still, getting a rating of 8/10 with a skill level of 5! and is worth 4.6m!
Also of note is a player called Swannell in the UK. Brought in cheap he is now 15 goals a season from centre midfield (consistent - lowest was 9!) Although to be honest I do not think it matters who you buy as most will improve and almost all will increase in value when you play for three months...
Submitted by: Yesoz on April 25, 2007
Amazing Strike force
In your first season sign cavenaghi (5.9m) (recomended by others) and to patern him Oliveira (6.1m) 12m between them and you can be sure that they will score atlest 40+ goals. In 1 season they scored 78 between them. 10/10 Buy Buy Buy.

My Team In 1st Season without cheating and won Premiership and Division Cup:

GK - Bruno

LB - Adriano (Age 19)
CD - Kompany
CD - Dawson
RB - Vanden Barre

LM - Simao
CM - Sneijer
CM - Diago
RM - Jenas

ATT - Cavenaghi
ATT - Oliveira

Have Fun Playing. Hope ive helped
Submitted by: Josh Purnell on November 05, 2005
right, A.Carols is a 18 centre back from fluimse and is not even half bar, but in 2 seasons on my Totenham season he is full bar and the best player on the game and worth more than anyone at 40million. He's a must buy player. Also buy Javier Mascherano from Corithions, even though he is 15m in half a season he is worth 28m and will continue to increase,
My Totenham team (after 2 seasons)
GK.Paul Robinson (Totenham) 6.7m (26)
CB.Vincent Kompany (Anderlecht) 29m (20)
CB.Adriano Carlos (Fluimse) 40m (20)
CB.Ledley King (Totenham) 18.5m (24)
LM.Halarow Ziegler (Totenham) 15.5m (19)
CM.Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) 28m (25)
CM.Wesley Snijder (Ajax) 23m (20)
RM.Quinton Quaresma (?) 22m (21)
CF.Robbie Keane (Totenham) 18m (25)
CF.Fernando Torres (Athletico Madrid) 31m (22)
Including bench and Reserves -
Average Age - 23
Total value (£) 338.45m

Please respond to this no matter good or bad, PLEASE!!!!!
Submitted by: david_mufc on June 01, 2007
Best Player Recommendations

Bridge, Terry, Kompany and Vanden Borre.


Robben, Quresma, Gerrard and C. Ronaldo


Cavenaghi, Fernado Torres

(moderators note :: You can only buy players after the first season if they are in the first year of thier contract not after thier second season.)
Submitted by: glen on February 03, 2005
championship players
a.wilkinson - stoke looks bad but very gd and will get much better
d.clare - chester looks terrible really really gd used him in championship and got 30 goals and 15 in the premiership
l.dyer - on loan very gd
a.lennon - on loan very gd
Submitted by: anonymous on September 01, 2009
Cheap players while playing in Conference
There are alot of players with good ratings in the game but are valued at £10,000 with wages of £150. Little is a good example of these players. Also if a team gets relegated to non league most of the teams players go to £10,000
Submitted by: finchey2005 on April 02, 2005
When your a conferance team you could probally get 1 decent player in on loan then you would be stuck well all you need to do is type your name as lma2005b then you go on to bonus codes and you turn no more money morries on and you will start the game with 375.000.000 pounds and a 300 billion wage budget!

happy shopping!
Submitted by: lmamanagerfred on September 01, 2009
Dream Team
This is my Benfica team that I have 5 european cups on the trot with

GK- David Marshall(celtic) Great young keeper worth 2 mil at the start.

DEF R - John Terry (chelsea)
DEF L - Miguel (benfica)
DEF C - Kompany (anderlecht)
DEF C - Lusoau (benfica)

MID R - van der meyde (inter)/Carlitos (benfica)
MID L - simoa (benfica) / van persie (arsenal)
MID C - Petit (benfica)
MID C - Maniche (porto)

ATT - Touma (?)/Zalyeta (juventus)
ATT - Shevchenko (Milan)/Nouno Gomes(Benfica)
Submitted by: anonymous on June 05, 2005
Get first season player
When you start the season choose two teams like Chelsea and release anyone like Robben Drogba, for example. Then sign them on free transfer but put 100 wages.
Submitted by: anonymous on February 15, 2005
Good Attacker
A Good Attacker is Cort. When i played as the wolves in the championship he scored more than 30 league goals and almost 10 cup goals aswell as this is another Good Attacker Ganea who scored almost 20 league goals and almost 5 cup goals
Submitted by: Jake Docen on December 06, 2009
good cheap mid players
well if you are a team with around 10 m and you need to improve your mid look at fulham they may be rubish but their mid players are above 7/10 rating clark is the best to sign he may be in his 30's but you can buy him for 5.5 m and he is 8/10 overall rating i done this with crystal palace and he scored 12 goals in the 1st season but he was not as consistant in the 2nd season with a rubbish 2 goals
Submitted by: troy kennedy on June 30, 2007
good converance team
b. haliwell
van der sieen




(email or pm me if you cannont find the player.)

couse this team has only lost a game against peterbrough and they are 2 league abouth this team.
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2004
Good Defenders
A. van den borre- he is a very good player and only at the age of 16 he is worth buying.

V.Kompany- same reasons as before but he is 18 years old.

G.Johnson- not as good as the other 2 but he is not that bad at 19 years old as well.

they are good signings for the future course of there age but the best one is v.kompany and a.vanden barre.
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2004
good forwards
j.reyes-a young player at 20 and he scores a bundle of goals and is worth all the money you pay for him.

d.tristan- worth less then reyes but just as good and is worth the hassle of buying aswell as he scores a lot of goal aswell.

d.drogba- my partner ship was tristan and drogba and grogba scored loads and loads of goal with tristan but you can't buy drogba first year round so you would have to wait for the secound year round.
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2004
Good Lower League Defender
This is a great tip for any lower league team who is strapped for cash.
Buy A. Dowie he is not worth much and doesn't want much in the way of wages.
He will always be mentioned in the monthly training report and always improve while he is young.
I'm on my third season with Exeter City and i am in League 1. Dowie has a rating of 7/10 and is worth about £1.7million but will recieve offers of at least £2.3million.
Submitted by: lmaking04 on November 13, 2004
good midfield
Diesler- ver good at free kicks but may cost you 15 million but is worth it and he is 36 or so.

figo. you can buy for 9 million at most teams and he is a good forward but the only problem is that he is 31 years old but will last a few seasons at least.
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2004
Good striker
Lee Trundle (swansea) is a great striker. I have put him up front with Nihat (Real Sosciedad) and they have scored over 40 goals and they have only been playing for 2 months.
Submitted by: Nick on February 25, 2005
good striker
if you need a striker that will end up amazing go for darren bent he is only worth 3.5m but you have to buy him for about 5m or 5.3 then if you have a good striker like baptista or totti he will be quiet for they 1st couple of months but exploads later i was aston villa and got him and he teamed up with gilardino who is another great player as his price tag just keeps goin up and scores all the time but like bent he is quiet for the first couple of months but start bent of in europian matches (c.e.f.a cup) or domestic cups then make his league debut
Submitted by: troy kennedy on June 30, 2007
Good Young Player
There is a player called Adriano who plays in defence. He plays for a Brazilian team and is worth a couple of million. However, I've had him in my Rangers team and in 2 seasons he has improved dramatically and is now my best defender. He is also worth 21 million. BUY HIM!!!!
Submitted by: Derek McKay on May 11, 2005
good youth players...
when you first start off with any team, the youth players are absolutly abysmal. these players develop if you loan them out or give them first team football. within a season one youth team player has improved from 5/10 - 7/10
Submitted by: ABS on June 19, 2005
great fantasy team
This team has won the premiership for me 4 times in a row. So thought I would share It with my fellow managers out there.


cb-fernando sanz



Hope you enjoy the same glory as I have with this team. Good Luck!!
Submitted by: mgray6 on February 15, 2007
Great player
I was sporting cp and I got an injury in defence. So i put in enakarhire not that good but he played brilliant so I kept him on for the rest of the season and he became on of the best players in my squad. I would reccomend him. but he is in his first season at sporting cp.
Submitted by: mgray6 on February 15, 2007
great team
try to buy podolski from cologne early in the game, for me as lecce his overall is full and he scored 58 goals. Also buy kezman and deco as they become good players. vucinic is a really good striker from lecce and he is young. also if you are looking for a youngish midfielder buy a.pinardi
my team
leo franco goalkeeper 5.3 million
c chivu left back free
c cannavarro 4 million
j novotny free
k richardson
a pinardi
deco 14 million

I won the italian league, coppa italia and european cup in the same season. great team.
Submitted by: calum madell on August 19, 2007
Great young Goalie
His name is Bruno a 19 year old brazilian.

He has improved dramaticly since plying with my Fanatsy team and is now better the buffon (10/10)
he is normally mentioned every month and I brought him for 2 million and am getting offers of 25!!!

Submitted by: GT Rumour on August 04, 2005
Great Young Team
If, like me, you don't like to choose the "best players in the world" to form your team on fantasy mode, but prefer to choose a team which start off wanting but end up being "the best team in the world", then I don't know, maybe you'd like some tips on some decent players to choose. I tend to go for (very) young players so they have a chance to improve. I also tend to buy/ go for the cheaper players.
These players have all come good for me!!! Some have been awesome!!!

I always tend to go for TALL (none below 184) and PACEY defenders, because, pace doesn't increase with age and neither does height, height is really really useful because no matter how highly skilled your player is at heading, if the opposition forward is taller than him, your defender will tend to lose out!!! and being able to win headers in defence is (as u know) damn well useful!!!!
But yeah, I don't go for any players who aren't pacey, also I don't buy any strikers (normally) who are under 1m80…they need to be tall to beat tall defenders in the air. Anyway, the players, in no particular order:


K. Schmeichel (17 years old)


V. Kompany,
Van Damme,
Dawson (gets to be worth 40 million),
Huddlestone (I actually played him in CM n he ruled, and scored a lot too)
S. Taylor,
G. Johnson
A. Davies
M. Mertesaker,


Muriqui (gets really good, I played him in a 442, left midfield, but positioned him forwards and to the right slightly and gave him a "northeast" focus so he'd run into box…he got a LOT of headers and rebounds…mazing),
Kranjcar (he was the sub of muriqui and did almost just as good a job)
W. Sneijder
De Rossi,
C. (double space) Alberto,
G. Rivaldo (HIGHLY recommend him, he starts at 16 years old, gets amazing and scores a lot - from right midfield),


Adebayor (got over 50 goals two seasons in a row, had basically full stats, by time I was finished with him he cudda been a defender if he wanted)
Do Prado
Fernando Torres and O.Martins together ROCK!!!!…They are slow at getting going, may take up to a season BUT on (I think) their 3rd season together they got over 60 goals each…in one season…(I think they scored 125 between them, AMAZING…unreal but I don't care) who else…??
Santa Cruz
R. Oliveira
Krontiris is good,
Submitted by: tom_art_o on October 30, 2008
This is how I started with my Brescia game and after 8 seasons i've won the champo league 4 times and serie a 5 times and everyone is at least 9/10 in my preffered 16 man squad (Ronaldinho's on bench!)

1)GET YOUR TACTICS RIGHT. Firstly, don't let your head coach choose the tactics you train. Keep looking at his reports and change the tactics you train and the match tactics to what suits the players best (get the line on 'train tactics screen so it's level with man on the bar). May take a few games but well worth the wait!

2) SIGN CHEAP, LOWER LEAGUE (PREFABLEY YOUNG)PLAYERS. Their rating will improve loads as will their value. My tips are to sign:


3) LOAN OUT YOUTH TEAM PLAYERS. Sign your best youth team players and loan them out to clubs a)where they'll get a game
b)where they'll stay for at least six months
c)if still trying to decide which club to loan them out to go for the one with in the toughest league
Half my squad came from the youth academy, most of which are now 8/10 and 1 is 9.5/10 and is worth £18m!

D)KEEP SOME ORIGINAL PLAYERS. Changing all your squad straight away won't work so keep some players originally in the squad in the starting xi. Still got 3 players in my starting xi from when i first started(they are mareco, stankevicius and carraciolo)

p.s i had money cheat (LMA2005B) on and tips will work best if your club is an 'avoid relegation' club from serie a, la liga or prem
Submitted by: Alex Thompson on May 28, 2007
Ideal Player
For a cheap, ideal player who has got great potential and can be great in the premiership, his name is Sammy Igoe of Swindon town.
He plays right wing his overall rating looks bad for the premiership but igonre that if you want some one who will create goals.
Also Baros of Liverpool is a great goal scorer and especially great in the champions league.
Submitted by: Ricky Hatt AKA Sean Moffatt on November 26, 2004
He is superb. Great crosser. Gets goals occasionally. Bought for £7.5m and is now worth £16m.
Submitted by: BAZ on June 23, 2005
League 2 to Premiership
I am a die hard Notts County fan but they are not the best side in the world.This tip can be used for any low league team.In your first season,look for free agents and out of contract players to boost your current squad.Once you get promomted,you can start to look at big loan signings from major clubs.I was able to sign Larsson from Barcalona and Martins from Inter Milan and they scored over 100 goals in the season.I also managed to strengthen my defence with Senderos from Arsenal,Jaidi from Bolton and Carlos from Real Madrid.But beware that once signed on loan,it is very unlikely that these players will return for another season on loan.Do the same for the Championship and you should reach the Premiership.Once you have reached your goal,you can sign some big players but it is best to go for loan signings again as they all fear that you will go straight back down.Try to aim for Europe so then plenty of money is earned for signings next season and it also makes players feel like you are a successful club.Now you can start looking at big names like Ballack,Tristan,Metzelder,Terry,Ronaldo and whoever you feel is good enough for your current squad.

My current squad for Notts County is:

T Howard

Carlos (1.2 million but getting old)
S Distin (3.5 million)
R Edwards (900k in league 2 & hes quality)
Zambrotta (2.5 million)

R Van Persie (on loan)
S Wright-Phillips (5 million)
N Reo-Coker (1.3 million)
Savini (Signed as a free agent)

D Tristan (6.7 million)
R Keane (3.6 million)

D Pipe (Started at club)
T Scully (Started at club)
S Ameobi (Loan)
C Lopez (1 million)
G Hurst (Started at club)
J Baudet (Started at club)
Heinz (Free Agent)
Dida (Free Agent)
Submitted by: Jamie AKA Reevo on February 22, 2006
little and martin
little- good player to buy as he is only worth under 45,000 and his valuation goes stright up to 1.5 milion once you have vrought him

martin- he is another top goal scorer. he is class with little upfront

(they are good players to have upfront for english converance.)
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2004
First by Ailton and Elano at the beggining of the season. Make sure they both play 30 matches exactly.
Next season their wage should go down their overall bar goes up to the top and they are both worth 35million
Submitted by: JC money baz on April 07, 2006
My Dream Team
GK A.Isaksson

DEF J.Riise
DEF E.Asik
DEF J.Nowotny
DEF A.Vanden Borre

MID J.Gonzalez
MID A.Khatskevich
MID C.Acuna
MID P.Berger

FWD P.Kluivert
FWD A.Ortega

SUB M.Asper
SUB P.Ji-Sung
SUB E.Gudjohnsen
SUB A.Smith
SUB N.Olenikov

RES Dill
RES A.Bastia
RES J.Valgaeren
RES J.Van Fessem
Submitted by: BlackDragon88 on July 31, 2005
My Rangers Team
I used the money cheat and got a team who won the quad the first season with Rangers

Gk- Buffon
RB- Matterazi
CB- Terry
LB- Bridge
MF- Rosisky
CF- Govou

I also bought- Casillas, Van Bommel, Tevez and 7 other swuad players

Use 4-3-3 against Celtic at Ibrox and you will win 6-0 and Henry will score a hat-trick

Between the 3 stikers they scored 90 goals in 1 season
A lot of which came from Henry he scored 34 in the league and 17 in all cups
Submitted by: Alisdair Doughty on October 05, 2008
players to buy
These are the players who you should buy to help you win your league.
Submitted by: Tom on April 30, 2005
Quality Young Team
I. Casillas

C. Chivu
V. Kompany
C. Metzelder
A. Vanden Borre

S. Gerrard
T. Rosicky
C. Ronaldo

P. Aimar

G. Johnson
J. O'Shea
W. Sneijder
R. van der Vaart
W. Rooney
Submitted by: Eamer on April 20, 2005
only 1 person i have found that is not that good and that was rooney. he is not worth the 30 million valuation in the first year round but in the secound or third he might be i am not sure as i got rid of him at the end of the first year
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2004
Strike Force
A good striker u can get is baptista. in his first season he score 57 goals in all compititions (premiership,League cup, FA cup and the champions league)also get Milan Baros as his strike partner in all 77 goals between them
Submitted by: The man on August 02, 2005
Strike partnership ect..
The best strike partnership in the game is Adriano and cisse, they work together really well and generally get 40-50 goals a season each.
The trick to doing this however is squad rotation and positioning.
Only use cisse and Adriano in big games to keep the fresh, make sure you dont over use them only play them for around 28 matches in one season.
But always keep them in the same position ( side of the attackers, left or right), this way they get accustom to that spot after a couple of seasons and are unstoppable.
CISSE, ADRIANO, VAN DER VARRT, XABI ALONSO and FERNANDO TORRES are all literally unplayable scoring between them 150+ goals a season.
Submitted by: bbklt on June 08, 2005
Strike Perfect
I suggest that if your a Conference team you should buy Little and Bingham upfront and you will be garenteded atleast 40 between them in 1 season!
Submitted by: pompeydan on April 29, 2005
Super Strikeforce and best wingers
Sign Lukas Podolski (cologne german liga 2) for about 6 million. Then sign Luque from deportivo on an end of season loan. 1/2 way through luque's loan buy him. Also sign manu sanchez and javi gonzalez (both about 8 million) put luque and podolski up front with javi gonzalez on the left wing and manu sanchez on the right. Podolski and luque will score about 25 goals each (average) and all 4 players named will have a ratin bar of 8+.

I was aberdeen in scotland and i won every scottish competition with this team:
GK:Ricardo (26 years i think)
RB:Vanden Borre
RM:Manu Sanchez<-- good corner and freekick taker eventhough it doesnt show he can do them
LM:Javi Gonzales
CM:Gianchedda <-- super captain
Submitted by: Tom on June 10, 2007
team for championship
Submitted by: ironhammer on May 31, 2005
The best team wth money..
Well, firsty, choose Arsenal (Preferably) put on the Money Cheat "lma2005a" and then go straight to the transfer market..

This is my team which I won 6 Champions Leagues, 6 Premierships, 5 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and 5 Community Shields with..

GK: Schmidt

LB: Carlos
CB: Maldini (Superb Captain)
CB: Materazzi
RB: Thuram

CM: Totti
CM: Aimar

LF: Raul
CF: Henry
CF: Tristan
RF: Shevchenko

SB: Buffon
SB: Cafu
SB: Rui Costa
SB: Zidane
SB: Cassano

And then I bought for my reserves a whole YOUTH squad (Under 23's) which played every League Cup match and won it 5 times!..

GK: Bruno

LB: De Jong
CB: Kompany
CB: Vanden Borre
RB: G. Johnson

LM: Elano
CM: C. Ronaldo
CM: Ailton
RM: Sneijder

CF: Podolski
CF: Cassano (Pushing for 1st squad)

I hope you use this, and it was a great help for me.. Thanks..

Submitted by: anonymous on February 03, 2008
too EASY
too easy to make money and the easyest way to doo so is buy players for about 10,000 pounds get ut whole squad like this and after about a season there rating we go up between 50,000-100,000,0 the beeter thay play the more there money goes up i did this and i payed 110,000 for the whole team and sold them after 3years i sold the whole team for about 30 million
Submitted by: k finnegan da master on May 13, 2007
twin renato's
the two renato's from brazil are very good and young they aren't rated good but in a few seasons they are worth 40 and 28 million pounds and are rated 8 and 9.......
Submitted by: anonymous on May 31, 2005
winning squad
my winning newcastle squad
silvestre/vanden borre
milner/vander vaart
Submitted by: football fan 500# on July 29, 2005
Young Players Ready To Improve
I did a season with Aston Villa And there are some really good young players you can pick up and loan out and they improve rapidly.
D.Boateng (Swedish)
David Castedo

If These Players Are to improve you must give them attention and play them and loan them out ... dont just sit them on reserves or the bench
Submitted by: Ben on August 14, 2007
young players that are great

vanden borre


routledge (starts rubish but becomes great have to spend a bit of cash on him)


R.earnshaw( starts with wba but becomes great at end of 1st season)
S.devine (only good if u are a league 2 team)

all these players take some time to settle down so dont think they will shine in 1st game after xmas your teams form will rise
Submitted by: xken01 on July 19, 2007

LMA Manager 2005 Cheats

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Good Striker.
Richard Walker plays for league 2 Bristol Rovers but if you are starting a fantasy team he is good to have. He costs about 1.4M. At first he is about 6/10 but after one season he goes up to 9/10 and he scored about 29 goals for me in one season.
Submitted by: dan doherty on April 05, 2008
lma2005a (enter as name)
you get no injuries, apart from if its during a match
Submitted by: unanimous on March 23, 2007
lma2005b (enter as name)
at the start of the game you get 500,000,000 pounds
Submitted by: unanimous on March 23, 2007
Rangers walkthrough
start of with rangers 12 million budget sell lovenkrands, and as many other players as you can. buy podoliski and loan martins (inter) for ur strike force. in ur midfield keep fergusen and burke and buffel loan joe cole and make his move permanent at the january market same goes with martins. for ur defense buy vanden borre and kompany also buy de jong(ajax) and buy clichy (arsenal) this team shud keep u goin the first season and the next season u can improve ur team as u please. TIP!! sign as many players over 5 million for free loan them out and the start of the next season sell them for easy money. have fun!!
Submitted by: rickyirwin on July 15, 2007
Simple Cheats
When you start a new game change your name to one of the following codes then go to bonus codes to turn them on/off

LMA2005A-All injuries are healed in one day

LMA2005B-You start the game with £500'000'000
Submitted by: JJBDude on October 25, 2004
The Best YOUNG Midfield
Here's my Ajax Midfield:-

LM - Lovenkrands
RM - Van Der Vaart
CM - Sneijder
CM - Bellamy

They create and score soooo many goals its unveileveable.
make sure you have Van Der Vaart and Sneidjer, they are an amazing partnership.

Submitted by: Ghetto Prince on December 02, 2004
Win Every Game
Play through the season and before you have a match save it. If you don't win reset the ps2 may take long but its worth it.
Submitted by: pixster on December 01, 2004