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LMA Manager 2002 Cheats

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LMA Manager 2002 Cheats

Enter these at the name selection screen for the desired effect:

MINTED [more money]
NO-BRAINER [automatically chooses tactics for you]
AWESOME [90% skill]
HYPERACTIVE [quicker players]
RUN OF FORM [never lose a match]
FANTASY [buy any player you like]
QUICK DRY [stadiums get built quicker]
HEALING HANDS [players recover quicker]
MUST BE BLIND [blind ref]
SUN BURN [permantley sunny weather]
UMBRELLA: [permently rainy weather]
Verified by: ILUVCITY Submitted by: Cookie on December 30, 2002

Money Cheat (£500 million

Money Cheat (£500 million)

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Stretton on December 13, 2002

Normal Cheats

Always sunny:
Enter SUN BURN as a name.

More money:
Enter MINTED as a name.

Auto-select tactics:
Enter NO BRAINER as a name.

90% skill:
Enter AWESOME as a name.

Fast stadium construction:
Enter QUICK DRY as a name.

Win every game:
Enter RUN OF FORM as a name.

Buy any player:
Enter FANTASY as a name.

Blind referee:
Enter MUST BE BLIND as a name.

Run fast:
Enter HYPERACTIVE as a name.

Quick healing:
Enter HEALING HANDS as a name.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Dynamite on November 02, 2002