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Lego Star Wars (PS2) Cheats

Lego Star Wars cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Lego Star Wars cheat codes.


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2,000 Studs
If you have unlocked a Sith Lord, then find him and go to Dexter's Diner. Facing Dexter look right you should see a black pot to the left of the door. Use the force and 2 blue studs, a heart or two, and some random gold and silver also. It varies on what you get but you always get 2 blue studs.
Battle droid commander.
On two player free play, make player 1 a commander battle droid (yellow), and player 2 any kind of battle droid except geonosis. Make sure P2 is NOT cpu. Go up to a mass of normal battle droids (without colors) and if there is a yellow one, kill it. Then press circle to do the "ROGER ROGER" thing. Sometimes the battle droids begin to follow you. And you have a horde of slaves.
Blending In
When you have bought a battle droid go into free play (use a battle droid level) and change to a battle droid. The droids won't notice you. But if you get in their way, they will shoot you.
A better way to block shots is to press square (PS2 version) when you're facing a large number of enemies. This holds the lightsaber in a position which will automatically aim the incoming shots back towards the attacker. It also means you can get in a quick combo after the enemy finishes attacking.
Call for more troops
You know those Gaurd droids that you find in almost any level? Well if you go into a free play and choose the droid with the yellow jacket then you can call your buddies (you won't get more troops, but it is pretty funny.)
Collect studs more easily
If you are having problems collecting studs because you keep getting destroyed, the best thing to do is to change into one of the droids (in Free Play). The enemy will ignore you while you are a droid so you can merrily collect the studs. If you need a Jedi character to expose studs (for instance by pulling up plants etc) make sure you can quickly change between the Jedi and a droid. Use the force and then quickly change back to a droid to collect the studs.
Critical slashes
If you use anyone with a lightsaber(e.g. General Grievous, Darth Maul, etc.), press square slowly in each combo and wait until your lightsaber glows. At the last hit of that combo, that hit will be unblockable.
Disco Fever
In episode II, chapter 1(discorery on Kamino)after you get shown the clones and go through the door you find yourself in a corridor with 3 doors and 2 gun sentinals. The Kaminoan will go through the first door where you see Jango Fett but go through the second door. There will be 2-3 Kaminoans in the corner on the computer. On the floor will be a pad with loads of circles on and 2 of them will be glowing. Stand on 1 and your partner will stand on the other(If your playing 2player then each of you stand on 1). 2 more light up so stand on those too. Keep doing it until the whole pad and then the Kaminoans will come over and start dancing to the Star Wars theme tune!!! Cool ay!?!
Droid Destroyer
A way to destroy groups of battle Droids without dying is to do Free Play and be any battle Droid. Walk to the group and walk around. They will follow you giving you the chance to gun them down.
When you use the Droideka you don`t have to roll fast. If you hold the analog stick slowly the direction you are going, you will walk slowly and still have the shield over you.
When you are battling anyone , droids, bosses...
If you are R2-D2, TC-417, or any good droid, you will not get hit unless you are standing in the middle of a battlefield.
Easy blockings
If you are using someone who has a melee weapon, press and hold down square. This way, you'll be able to block enemy attacks more effectively.
Easy way to get around 20 - 25 thousand studs
First go outside dexters diner and you should see sort of black bins. Hit them. Then go in side and use the force on the sort of salt & pepper cups. Then go into the other rooms and blow them up. Once they've all gone go onto any chapter. Then quit to the diner and they will be there again.Do that repetedly to get lots of studs
Free Play
For 1 player only. When picking character in free play, have the 2nd controller pick another guy. Then when it starts just have player 2 drop out, that way you can have 2 favorite characters.
Free Play: Choose your Characters Wisely
One good thing about free play is that you get to choose two characters at the start. You don't know who the other characters will be (the A.I chosen characters) but it is good if you can get either a Jedi and a high jumping character. The A.I tend to always choose blaster people, droids and a small character (Anakin/Boba). This means that you might not be able to get all of the mini-kits if you don't have someone who can use the force or someone who can jump up high to reach higher mini-kits.
Hall for Studs
If you go to level 3-6(Darth Vader) you can get as many studs as you want. In the begining of the level you are running down the hall, at the end of the hall, jump in the lava. When you jump in the lava, you dont lose any studs. You can get all the studs you need right there in the hallway.
How To Get Rich Quick
When you're in Dexter's Diner, go outside and destroy the trash cans and you'll get a variety of blue, silver, and gold studs. Then, if you save the game by buying an item from Dexter or finishing a level then quit the game from the menu. Then, when you're on the main menu, load the same game file then once you're in Dexter's Diner, go back outside then destroy the trash cans again then get the studs. You get at least 3,000 studs every time you do this process. STUDS, STUDS, AND MORE STUDS!!!!!!
Jedi VS Jedi
When you fight another Jedi, they can block your attacks except your jump attacks.
Okay, a lot of people wonder what the minikits are for. The minikits are a bonus that you can go through on free play and get. They add replay value to the game, but serve no other purpose. You cant use the vehicles, you can only look at them in the parking area in Dex's Diner.
Obliterate Droideka's Shield Easily
If you are a Jedi character when you fight a Droideka you can take out their shield in one hit with the Air Strike (X+X+[])
If you have trouble beating tough opponents you should try a perfect combo with any Jedi or Sith. Pull out your ligtsaber(s) and hit Square. Then when your just done finishing your first swing hit Square again. If you timed it right your lightsabers(s) will begin to spark and glow. Your swing pace will begin to pick up so you'll have to tap Square a little quicker. Then if you timed that right your lightsaber(s) will really begin to spark and then they will make a humming sound. This will either Kill your oppenent or take down a heart or two.
Quick Droideka Attacking
When playing on free play and using Droideka. While moving then quickly start shooting, press R2 and switch to another play and quickly switch back and then the Droideka will already be in attacking posistion.
Reflecting Shots
When you are being shot at by a enemy like a storm trooper simply press sqaure just before the bullet approaches you can you should slash at it with your lightsaber and reflect the bullet back at the enemy.
Shutting Down Droidakas
If you are irritated at the Droidaka's shield, go to free play, turn into R2-D2, and and press circle or square to take down the droidaka's shield
Stud Heaven
Go to the last level in episode 1 with free play and choose a guy with a gun (not a droid) and follow Darth Maul to the platforms with the ones you have to use the force to pull it out.Go to the red target and use the guy wtih the gun and press O. Once you go to that platform,go to the roof above. There will be a stud heaven
Take time during free play
Free Play is there for you to make the most of the area and to find everything there is to find. Don't rush through the level so you can finish it quickly as you are bound to miss something. If you go slowly through each stage of the level, taking time to look for force movable objects and so on, then you have a better chance of completing that level. You don't get penalised for taking time so make the most of free play.
Vanishing Jango
This is really A glich.Go into door 2 , then go into the first door. Now change to free play mode. Once you get into the elevator you'll see Jango's droids, so destroy them. Once you open the door you'll see Jango waitng for you. Change into a gun guy and fire several shots at Jango. He just disappear. Even though it doesn't kill him it still looks cool.
What the Stools are Really for
You know how you can use the force to flip over the stools in Dexter's Diner, but it doesn't seem that you can do anything to them? I figured out that you can destoy them. All you have to do is flip over all of the stools in that room (before they flip back over themselves) and you can destroy them. Who cares if Dexter gets mad that you're destroying his furniture, it's a way to get extra studs! (Duh!)


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different player on diffrent games
at the main menu you go to the acount with the highest amount of caricturs and you chose a carictur that one of your other acounts dont have (eg darth sidios) then you go to a differnt acount and you will find the same crarictor you had on you other account

hope it helps i know that it will work on ps2
Flying Dying Jedi
This only works with jedis.

OK, go into door 3 level 6 on freeplay and choose a jedi. When you're at the bit where you fight anakin, jump once into the lava and as you touch the lava jump again. If you time it right you should soar into the air then die.
Temporary Invincibility
This is an awesome cheat that my brothers and I found. It only works on levels where you can die by falling off the edge and must be in 2-player mode. What you want to do is fall off the edge and pause after you have lost your hearts but before your character breaks into pieces. Drop out and rejoin when your character respawns. Your character should have no hearts and be impossible to kill. This will reset if you fall off the edge again.

note: especially cool if you are one of Grievous's guards because you will be headless and invincible


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2-Player Invincibility
When one player falls to his death, simply have the other player leave your current room/area. If you time it right, the dying players life will stay greyed and he will not take any damage. Lasts until the player falls to his death (again).
To enter these codes go to Dexter Diner and go to the category "Codes"

Unlocks Luminara Unduli for Free Play-A725X4
Unlocks Darth Maul for Free Play-H35TUX
Minikit detector-LD116B
Tea cups-PUCEAT
Big Blasters-IG72X4
Classic Blasters-L449HD
Silly Blasters-NR37W1
Princess Leia-BEQ82H
Rebel trooper-L54YUK
Darth Sidious-A32CAM
Disquised Clone-VR832U
Mace Windu (Episode III)-MS952L
Clone (Episode III Walker)-RS6E25
Clone (Episode III Swamp)-N3T6P8
Clone (Episode III Pilot)-BHU72T
Clone (Episode III)-ER33JN
General Grievous-SF321Y
Grievous' Bodyguard-ZTY392
Count Dooku-14PGMN
Shaak Ti-EUW862
Kit Fisto-CBR954
Ki-Adi Hundi-DP55MV
Bobba Fett-LA811Y
Jango Fett-PL47NH
Super Battle Droid-XZNR21
Battle Droid (Geonosis)-LK42U6
Royal Guard-PP43JX
Battle Droid (Commander)-EN11K5
Battle Droid-987UYR
Battle Droid (Security)-KF999A
PK Droid-R840JU
Gonk Droid-U63B2A
Darth Vader Battle
Go into Free play make sure p2 is a COMP because this cheat won't work. When it comes to the part you verse anakin, in free play you will verse whoever p2 is! (Kit Fisto, Padme, Leia etc.)
die droidikas die
to kill droidikas use r2 or r4 and press square they will deactivate giving you a chance to kill them this works with any robot
easy invincibility
you need 2 players playing at the same time for this
one person has to jump off of something into a place that they would normally die if they jumped there. watch your health very carefully. wait until the four hearts that show your health go dull. whoever jumped, pause the game and drop out. drop back in once your character is back on the ground and you should be invincible
if you fall off something again you will die and lose your invincibility
you will lose your coins when you jump off
Easy kill
If you have trouble getting through those shields that droids have, then just slam down the lightsaber (X+X+sqaure) and the shield will be de-activated and then you can chop away.
easy studs
alll you do in dexterers dinner you see the gas tanks hit em you got about 1-5000 studs gets you ric then go in a door come back ni get all things wanted in no time!
How to defeat Anakin in the Episode 3 Chapter 6 Battle
Okay, now this is an easy way to defeat Anakin in the last battle.

What you do is, as soon as the final battle commences, press START on your second controller and then it shall start up as a two player duel.
Run both players to the top right piece of land as it does not collapse. Now, do not touch Anakin's controller. Keep hitting Anakin until he has one heart left, then run him over to the edge. You run over too, but you stand in front of him. Press START on the second controller, and Anakin will have ONLY ONE HEART LEFT! Now, keep striking him, and he will soon fall into the lava! Problem solved! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the final Episode III scenes recreated with LEGO characters! Trust me, its good!
Infinite Studs
At the very beginning of the level "Darth Vader" you must run through a corridor crumbling into the lava. Its possible to pick up around 3000 studs before the end, however if you fall into the lava before going through the door , youll be taken back to the start, not lose any studs and all the studs you already picked up will regenerate. Its possible to make around 18,000 studs a minute by repeating this.
Jump higher with a jedi
This worked on the general grevious level well when you see 2 mini kits on top of each other well jump once then when you have got the first one press x twice then square
Rainbow Fountains
2 Player only. On the level "Retake Theed Palace" you will come to 2 fountains. Use the force on one of them and have Player 2 use the force on the other one. Voila!!! Rainbow Fountains, but they are totally useless.
Unlockable Characters from the "?" Door
-Darth Vader Complete the mission behind the ? Door
-Stormtrooper Complete the mission behind the ? Door
-Buy Princess Leia from Dexter Complete the mission behind the ? Door
-Buy Rebel Soldier from Dexter Complete the mission behind the ? Door
Unlockable Characters from the ? Door
When you reach True Jedi Status in all 17 levels, the ? door opensin Dexter's Diner. Finish the mission for the following unlockables.

Buy Rebel Soldier from Dexter - Complete the mission behind the ? Door
Unlocking the "?" door
To unlock the "?" door found at the episode selection room, you must achieve True Jedi Status in all of the seventeen levels, 6 in Episode 1, 5 in Episode 2, and 6 in Episode 3. True Jedi Status is the black/golden bar that appears at the top of your screen during any episode level. The way to fill up this bar is by getting a certain amount of studs during that level (each lvl has a different required stud amount.) Once all levels have True Jedi Status, the "?" door will be unlocked.