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Lego Batman: The Videogame (PS2) Cheats

Lego Batman: The Videogame cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Lego Batman: The Videogame cheat codes.

Command codes

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More unlockables
These unlock characters whom a few of which you couldn't unlock normally.

Bruce Wayne- BDJ327
Commissioner Gordon-DDP967
Penguin Henchman-KJP748
Police Van-MAC788
The Joker-CCB199


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Unlockable Characters
enter at code menu
CodeWhat the code unlocks
JRY983Police Officer
MKL382Military Policeman
PLB946Security Guard
HKG984Police Marksman
M1AAWWCatwoman (Classic)
JCA283Mad Hatter
GTB899Poison Ivy Goon
DWR243Zoo Sweeper
XVK541Freeze Girl
CRY928Riddler Goon
XEU824Riddler Henchman
NKA238Penguin Goon
CHP735Harbor Helicopter
BJH782Penguin Henchman
UTF782Joker Goon
YUN924Joker Henchman
HJK327Clown Goon
KJL832Police Car
LJP234Police Bike
HPL826Catwoman's Motorcycle
EFE933Two-Face's Armored Truck
BCT229Mr. Freeze's Kart
RDT637Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck
JUK657The Joker's Van
DUS483Garbage Truck
TTF453Robin's Submarine
VJD328Police Watercraft
PLC999Police Boat
BTN248Penguin Goon Submarine
ICYICEMr. Freeze's Iceberg
M4DM4NMad Hatter's Steamboat


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The red brick is found in the last level of Arkham Asylum. (I can't remember the name but it's The Joker's last level) I also can't remember the location but it is on the first floor. When you find it the brick is only 500,000 studs. (If you're wondering 'only', then look at Lego Star Wars 1's 1 million and LSWII's 2 million!

The loss of plastic cannot be refunded by LegoTM or Chaolight LTD.

Easter eggs

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2 Robins in Batcave
All you need for this cheat is to have the suit upgrade 'Decoy' which lets Robin, while he is wearing his tech suit, to place a phony robot of himself. This cheat, for all I've checked, only works in the Batcave. Steps:1. Have Robin wearing the technology suit. 2. Press the O button and Robin will pull out another him. 3. Quickly switch to Batman(since the decoy explodes eventually) and then as Batman, switch to the decoy. 4. You shouldn't have to wait long until you blow up, blowing up Batman also. When you re-spawn/generate you should be the decoy in regular Robin clothes. Also, instead of waiting for yourself t blow up, walk over a ledge. Then, Batman wouldn't blow up and you are 3 people-2 Robins and one Batman. OR, you can blow up Batman and have 2 Robins, then make another decoy but be sure to switch t that decoy from the Robin in the tech suit. Ta-da! 3 Robins.