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Beating Stiel at the Hunter's Guild Semi-final Quest
This is my guide on beating Stiel at the Hunter's Guild semi-final quest. (It's the quest before the last one).

First, get Ayne level 46+, Lang with more than 3000 HP, and Sharon level 56+.
Let Ayne use Variable Arts and Normal Arts to recover his AP, and Sharon heals. If Sharon dies, make Lang revive her. Stiel's attack and deffense is high, but that's why we got Ayne and Sharon (Sharon's attack is high, Ayne's deffense owns).
Use Mystic Arts if you want to put on risk, oh, and also, if you don't get time to recover Sharon's AP, use Attack Transformers.
Get like 20 revival bottles or w/e that revives.
I took like 15 turns to finish him.
character levels
these are the levels the characters will be on when you get them.

lang: level 1
maya: level 7
kazan: level 20
sharon: level 37
ayne: level 46
Easy Money
When you get to the Secret Market go to Momojiro (one on the very right) and go expensive materials. Buy as many Earth Dragon Wings as possible then go to Hill of Giants, Jinga.
In the shop on the left speak to the guy on the right and trade all the Earth Dragon Wings for Sun Faulds. Then go back to any shop and sell all the Sun Faulds, u get 20500 profit for each one u sell so 20500x99=2029500. And you can do this over and over again and another advantage is this gives you points on the Point card.
When going though the kabel ruins the second time (after you get sharon), light the candles on the wall with langs origin and then a monster called a inferno will appear fight it they give you 10,000 gold and 10,000 EXP
Fighting Rauss at Ellsworth
When you fight Rauss at ellsworth, get as many Invincibility/Transparent Pills. The best thing to do is get 2 Transparent pills and 1 invicibility pill or more or either all invincibility pills, So you won't die with the easiest way he can kill you..He's a hard boss as you see.
And also, Have Lang get any Accessory with Art Attack Up and High Power. They're the best you can do~~
Recommended Team: Lang, lv46+, Maya, lv43+ , Sharon , lv52+

He has over 250k HP i guess, So take it hard on the Mystic and other arts for Lang. He will do 100k damage with his mystic art if you got High Power and Art Attack up!
high point card
when in nohl buy lots of heal powder sale buy sale buy and so on
How to beat Avalon without getting much damage
Ok it's kinda obvious but anyway it may help someone. First to have an easy battle, you should have Lang at least on level 71, Kazan on level 72 and Sharon at level 71 or 72. (of course if they have higher levels it's better.)Well i didn't use all those fruits before the battle cos i forgot. :S so if you need them be sure to use them before opening the door. Finally all you need to beat the first Avalon is using the point card with Sharon (you should have it in a high level)and that will do the first part, then watch a scene and apply variable arts. To beat the Infinite Avalon, use the invicibility pill on Sharon (why her? simple cos she has more agility so that means she always acts first)use her to add status (like increasing defense and strength 10 or 20%.) in case Avalon had use oblivion, don't use Arrode cos it does not help at all, it'll take less than 7000 damage, and don't even think about Deva, unless you use her to raise your defense. Keep aplying variable arts to Avalon, and healing with Sharon and adding stuff to Kazan and Lang. For some reason, Infinite Avalon keeps trying to hit Sharon, or aplying different status to her, which DOESNT WORK cos you're smart and you're using the invicibility pill and that blocks any attack
So that's a big plus cos he ignores you most of the time to hit her.
And then again be sure to aply Variable arts and gathering enough AP after that (or using the no AP comsuption that are in certain objects, again Sharon helps there) OHhh almost forgot, in case you haven't notice for gathering AP quickier use the AP halving consumption or use one art that storage more AP and mix them with all the lil ones(the ones that gives you 16 and 20 ap points ). Sooner or later Infinite Avalon will die, and then there's the last Avalon fight, one point card used by sharon, or a variable art should finish him.
Need Money? Need to gain more level?
aiight this Tip works only when u got that Kenjiro guy on the Blood Hawk. If you are short of money in this part of the journey buy him those Merchant's Soul item that doubles the gold gain in battle. Go to the last part of the game where you had to fight monsters (usually those are the strongers ones) Again you should be smart, Sharon always goes first so make her use the item as soon as the battle has started. Attack with Kazan and Lang, that will do.

I highly recommend doing this on the Wind Tower or in Demiurge tower (be sure not to go too deep inside the cave so you can go back to buy armor and items just walk around to have fights or use the hell's path) cos that way you gain more money and experience. Ohhh use a Merchant soul as soon as the fight with Velna starts to gain more money money..

I was forgetting, if you wanna finish the battles (not the velna ones) quickier use that item with sharon(MERCHANT'S SOUL)summon Galea (or Deva, or Arrode), and strike any survivor (usually the ones that halves the damage or are fire, earth element) with Kazan finish that way the turn. In my case they were alway like this Sharon acts first, then Lang and at last KAzan. Be sure to know in what orders your charachters acts.
In case you need to heal, once you got the Dragon go to Yuno, to Darek's Haunt or back to Wilderness Town, Nohl whichever you prefer. Go to bed and rest, get back to fight more and gain money n exp., i did that to heal hp and mp without using the camp thing...i was short of money (i got bored of those tournaments so i bought coins lol) or saving it to buy stronger armor, items, etc.
Turn 1,188,000G into 3,217,500
Now, to perform this little money gaining cheat, You will need to have access to the secret market. You can do this by buying around 20,000G worth of things off Kenjiro (I bought 200k worth because i wanted to be safe =P)

Now, once you have access to it, you will need to have about 1,500,000G To be safe (It only takes around 1.2mil, but might as well play it safe.) Now, go the the man on the far right, and go to the Expensive Materials, go all the way down to Earth Dragon Wing (This is from the materials guy, just in case you were confused)

Now, buy 99 of those and go the Jinga (Where you got Ayne) And, another thing, you must have Ayne to perform this. Once you get there, go up the stairs on the left when there is stairs there, (I think its like the 2nd large area screen) now, go up into the building and when there's a shop or trade center or whatever it is, go in there (Its just a regular old building) Now once you get there, go to the man on the right, trade the earth dragon wings for Ayne's armor piece, Sun Fauld.

Now go to the nearest shop that you can get money for this (Basically any shop in the game except for Jinga.) and sell these for 32,500G Each! That Comes out to 3,217,500! You just made 2,029,500 plus how ever much you spent. Lather, rinse, repeat. This comes in handy if like you your trying to get every ones ultimate Armor/Weapon. Have fun and hope you like it.
Vs Slogar
If you are against Slogar there is practicly nothing to hurt him so if he hurts you just heal and attack with normal arts and save Fists of Rage and Raging Fang for after Maya's cut scene. After the cut scene a couple of hyper arts and origin should do it


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Supreme Weapon Shop:
By mixing 30 weapons in camp in order to access the secret weapon shop location on the map.
Ultimate Armor Shop:
By mixing 30 armors in camp in order to access the secret armor shop location on the map.
Secret Shop location:
Make a lot of deals with Kenjiro, expending about 20,000 or more gold. He will tell you the location of the Secret Shop.
Magic and Weapons:
For most of the game you will need to conserve your magic for later. When trying to conserve your magic a good blade and armor are fairly effective. Remember that increasing your weight capacity is important because you will find items which will level up your weapons, but you will not be able to use them if the weight demands are already maxed out.
Battle Art:
This Fresh Games RPG utilizes a relatively unique battle arts system. If you are able to have three attacks in a row you can chain them together to create a Battle Art. More consecutive attacks/combinations can create Super and/or Hyper Arts which will cause more damage.
See the special FMV sequence:
Stay inactive for one minute in the title screen. You will see a special effects scene.
Point Card:
Inside of Nohl's hospital (the large house you start in), go to the far right of the house. Inside the drawer in Hawke's room is the Point Card, with unlimited attacking power.
Use the following trick to get a total of 65 sidejumps within the 20 second time limit. Put your right thumb on the Right Analog-stick and left thumb on the Left Analog-stick. Wiggle those to the left and the right as fast as you can. Do this very quickly and you can get a lot of jumps within the time limit.
Ayne- Arts:
Soaring Axe (Variable 2)- Push Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up
Armageddon Star (Variable 1)- Push Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right
Axe Crush (Hyper)- Push Up, Left, Down, Left, Right
Power Blade (Hyper)- Push Down, Right, Down
Raging Warrior (Hyper)- Push Right, Up, Left, Up
Firestorm (Hyper)- Push Left, Down, Down
Galeforce (Hyper)- Push Left, Left, Up
Solid Blow (Hyper)- Push Down, Right, Right
Full Impact- Push Right, Left, Up, Down
Tidal Wave- Push Up, Right, Down, Left
Shockforce- Push Down, Right, Left
Whirlwind Attack- Push Left, Down, Up
Earthrazor- Push Right, Up, Down
Disaster Master- Push Up, Left, Right
Kazan- Arts:
Lightning Kick (16)- Push Left, Up, Down
Critical Thrust (16)- Push Up, Right, Right
Moon Splitter (16)- Push Down, Left, Right
Double Kick (20)- Push Down, Up, Up, Up
Double Fists (20)- Push Down, Down, Down, Up
Jaw Buster (20)- Push Right, Right, Up, Up
Goblin Dance (20)- Push Right, Right, Left, Right
Fever Wind (24)- Push Down, Left, Left, Down, Right
Aerial Attack (-24; Super)- Push Left, Right, Down, Up
Iron Fists (-24; Super)- Push Up, Right, Left, Left
Deadly Hands (-24; Super)- Push Up, Down, Right, Up
Cannon Blast (-32; Super)- Push Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
Fists Of Rage (-30; Hyper)- Push Left, Left, Left
Fists Of Glory (-40; Hyper)- Push Left, Left, Right, Left
Earth Shaker (-40; Hyper)- Push Right, Left, Up, Up
Hyper Blast (-50; Hyper)- Push Up, Left, Right, Down, Down
Sky Shaker (-50; Hyper)- Push Up, Left, Right, Up, Down
Ultimate Fury (-60; Hyper)- Push Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down
Fatal Impact (-80; Variable)- Push Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up
Demon Crusher (-80; Variable)- Push Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left
Fists Of Stone (-100; Mystic)- Push Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down
Lang- Arts:
Blue Moon Buster- Push Right, Down, Right
Hawk Strike- Push Left, Down, Down
Blade Dance- Push Down, Left, Left
Mountain Crusher- Push Up, Right, Up
Thunder Flash- Push Down, Up, Up, Up
Demon Thrust- Push Down, Down, Down, Up
Shadow Split- Push Left, Right, Up, Left
Chaos Strike- Push Up, Down, Right, Up
Wind Blade- Push Left, Right, Down, Up, Left
Battle Flash- Push Up, Down, Down, Left, Right
Rabid Attack- Push Down, Up, Down, Left, Right
Sand Storm (Super)- Push Right, Left, Right
Red Whirlwind (Super)- Push Down, Up, Up, Left
True Moon Slash (Super)- Push Up, Down, Down, Up
Thunder Moon (Super)- Push Up, Up, Right, Right
Moon Flower (Super)- Push Right, Left, Down, Left, Right
Raging Fang (Hyper)- Push Up, Down, Up
Roaring Fang (Hyper)- Push Up, Right, Left, Up
Divine Bolt (Hyper)- Push Up, Down, Down, Right
Sky Fang (Hyper)- Push Up, Down, Right, Left, Up
Thunder Sky (Hyper)- Push Down, Left, Down, Right, Up
Sleeping Dragon (Hyper)- Push Left, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up
Airborne Fury (Variable)- Push Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, LeftUp, Up,
Solid Strike (Variable)- Push Left, Right, Left, Down, Up, Down
Maya- Arts:
Wind Blade- Push Right, Left, Up
Thunderhead- Push Right, Up, Left
Bed Rock Buster- Push Down, Right, Down
Dark Disaster- Push Down, Down, Up
Ice Floe- Push Up, Right, Right
Blind Fury- Push Left, Up, Right
Inferno- Push Left, Down, Left
Magma Mayhem- Push Left, Left, Left, Down
Nova Heat- Push Left, Up, Up, Left
Aqua Spear- Push Right, Down, Up, Right
Ice Pyre- Push Right, Right, Down, Down
Toxic Cloud (Super)- Push Right, Up, Down
Sky Splitter (Super)- Push Left, Left, Right, Left
Blizzard Blast (Super)- Push Right, Up
Gravity Crush (Super)- Push Down, Up, Down, Down
Ballistic Light (Super)- Push Down, Down, Left, Left
Spirit Storm (Super)- Push Up, Right, Up, Right
Meteor Storm (Super)- Push Down, Left, Left, Left, Right
Big Bang (Hyper)- Push Down, Up, Right, Left
Absolute Zero (Hyper)- Push Right, Right, Right, Right
Dust to Dust (Hyper)- Push Down, Down, Down, Down
Raging Sky (Hyper)- Push Up, Up, Up, Up
Dancing Flames (Hyper)- Push Left, Left, Left, Left, Left
Nether Gate (Hyper)- Push Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Down
(O) Pyro Fury (Variable)- Push Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right
(F) Shockwave (Variable)- Push Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right
Forbidden Rite (Mystic)- Push Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Down
Sharon- Arts:
Slay Cutlass- Push Right, Left, Up.
Spike Anchor- Push Up, Down, Right.
Riot Flag- Push Up, Left, Left, Up.
Bloody Fang- Push Left, Up, Down, Left.
Rumble Spike- Push Left, Up, Up, Up.
Rising Stars- Push Right, Down, Right, Right.
Range Wave- Push Down, Right, Down, Left.
Rave Storm- Push Down, Up, Right, Left, Right.
Blood Spark- Push Down, Right, Left, Right, Up.
Fear Galgarin (Super)- Push Left, Left, Down.
Crescent Heel (Super)- Push Up, Up, Right, Right.
Spiral Blade (Super)- Push Left, Left, Right, Up.
Peach Surprise (Super)- Push Down, Up, Down, Left.
Surf Divide (Super)- Push Right, Left, Down, Down.
Fearful Arc (Hyper)- Push Left, Right, Right.
Merciful Arc (Hyper)- Push Right, Up, Left, Down.
Lord of Eden (Hyper)- Push Left, Right, Left, Right.
Sky Lord (Hyper)- Push Left, Right, Down, Left, Right.
Windmill Rose (Hyper)- Push Down, Up, Up, Up, Up.
Detonating Rose (Hyper)- Push Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up.
Splash Rave (Variable A)- Push Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up.
Phantom Burst (Variable B)- Push Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Right.
Apokolips (Mystic) - Push Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up
Move List FaQ
Lang's Moves:
*Name of Art* *Ap needed* *Combo*

Blue Moon Buster +16 > v >
Mountain Crusher +16 u > u
Hawk Stroke +16 < v v
Blade Dance +16 v < <
ThunderFlash +20 v u u v
Demon Thrust +20 v v v u
Chaos Strike +20 u v > u
Shadow Split +20 < > u <
Battle Flash +24 u v v < >
Wind Blade +24 < > v u <
Rabid Attack +24 v u v < >

Super Arts:
Sandstorm -16 > < >
True Moon Slash -24 u v v u
Red WhirlWind -24 v u u <
MoonFlower -24 > < v < >
Thunder Moon -24 u u > >

Hyper Arts:
Raging Fang -30 u v u
Roaring Fang -40 u > < u
Divine Bolt -40 u v v >
Sky Fang -50 u v > < u
Thunder Sky -50 v < v > u
Sleeping Dragon -60 < u > < v u

Variable Arts:
Solid Strike -80 < > < v u v
Airoborne Fury -80 v < u > v <

Mystic Arts:
Flaming Sword -100 u > v < u > v

More to Come
Moves List
* Table of Contents *

1.) Information about Arts/location of Hyper Arts scrolls.

a. Normal Arts
b. Super Arts
c. Hyper Arts
d. Variable Arts
e. Mystic Arts

2.) Arts List

a. Lang's Arts
b. Maya's Arts
c. Kazan's Arts
d. Sharon's Arts
e. Anye's Arts

3.)Credit/Final Note/Guide Information

* Arts Information *

One of my favorite battle type systems ever. This was definately the strong point of the
game. Instead of learning new attacks, as you level up, you must find them yourself. To
attack you must enter a certain combination in. Such as, left, up, down, right, instead of
just pressing, "attack". If a right combination is correctly inputed, you can do an art. A
more powerful version of an attack. If you are succesful in finding a new art, the screen
will notify you of it by saying, New Art, and then the name of it. Once this had been done
it automatically registers it onto your techniques list. As you level up you, the more slots
you get, meaning the bigger and deadlier the combo, therefore, the stronger the art. There
are 5 types of Arts in this game.

* Normal Arts *

This is a decent are increasing the damage to foes, by a little bit. This art, dosen’t require
any ap whatsoever. It refills your ap gauge.

* Super Arts *

This art is the next level to a normal art. It dishes out, more damage, BUT it consumes

* Hyper Arts *

This is Even MORE powerful then a super art. But these special arts are too complicated
to learn on your own and must be learned from scrolls, that you find throughout your
journey. It consumes, a larger amount of AP than a super art. The Really cool thing about
this art is that, some of them level up, increasing # of attacks, thus is more powerful.
They level up after a certain number of times they are used I believe...

* Variable Arts *

Ah, my favorite type of art. This art requires a LARGE amount of AP, and two characters
to preform it. Althought the AP cost is quite large, it is definately worth it. You will see
when you use this for the first time.

* Mystic Arts *

To be able to use this art, requires alot of work. You must have half (1/2) your full hp.
Your Ap must be at full AND you must have 100 mp to dish out this move. But trust me,
its definately worth the trouble. This Art is the Final and most powerful one of all. It
combines the power of the character and his or her origin, therefore, the damage is
extremely high.


Finally its the time you all have been waiting for <drumroll> .......

[Langs Arts]

Art name AP Cost Combination
* Normal *

Blue Moon Buster +16 > v >
Hawk Stroke +16 < v v
Mountain Crusher +16 ^ > ^
Blade Dance +16 v < <

Shadow Split +20 < > ^ <
Chaos Strike +20 ^ v > ^
Demon Thrust +20 v v v ^
Thunderflash +20 v ^ ^ ^

Battleflash +24 ^ v v < >
Rabid Attack +24 v ^ v < >
Wind Blade +24 < > v ^ <

* Super *

Sandstorm -16 > < >
ThunderMoon -24 ^ ^ > >
Red WhirlWind -24 v ^ ^ <
True Moon Slash -24 ^ v v ^
MoonFlower -32 > < v < >

* Hyper *

Raging Fang -30 ^ v ^

Roaring Fang -40 ^ > < ^
Divine Bolt -40 ^ v v ^

Sky Fang -50 ^ v < > ^
Thunder Sky -50 v < v > ^

Sleeping Dragon -60 < ^ > < v ^

* Variable *

Solid Strike (A) -80 < > < v ^ v
Airborne Fury (B) -80 v < ^ > v <

* Mystic *

Flamming Sword -100 ^ > v < ^ > v

[Maya's Arts]
She can't physically attack her foe, she uses Magics. She uses the following elements.
Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Dark, Light

Art name AP Cost Combination
* Normal *

Ice Flow +16 ^ > >
Inferno +16 < v <
Thunderhead +16 > ^ <
Dark Disaster +16 v v ^
Blind Fury +16 < ^ >
Windblade +16 > < ^
Bedrock Buster +16 v > v

Magma Mayhem +20 < < < v
Aqua Spear +20 > v ^ >
Nova Heat +20 < ^ ^ <
Ice Pyre +20 > > v v

* Super *

Toxic Cloud -16 > ^ v

Ballistic Light -24 v v < <
Blizzard Blast -24 ^ ^ > ^
Spirit Storm -24 ^ > ^ >
Sky Splitter -24 < < > <
Gravity Crush -24 v ^ v v

Meteor Storm -32 v < < < >

* Hyper *

Big Bang -40 v ^ > <
Raging Sky -40 ^ ^ ^ ^
Absolute Zero -40 > > > >
Dust to Dust -40 v v v v

Dancing Flames -50 < < < < <

Nether Gate -60 v ^ < > v v

* Variable *

Pyro Fury (A) -80 > < < ^ v >
ShockWave (b) -80 < > v ^ < >

* Mystic *

Forbidden Rite -100 v ^ > v ^ < v

[Kazan's Arts]

Art name AP Cost Combination
* Normal *

Moonsplitter +16 v < >
Critical Thrust +16 ^ > >

Double Kick +20 v ^ ^ ^
Double Fists +20 v v v ^

Fever Dance +24 v < < v >

* Super *

Iron Fists -24 ^ > < <

Aerial Attack -24 < > v ^
Cannonblast -32 ^ ^ < v >

* Hyper *

Fists of Rage -30 < < <

Fists of Glory -40 < < > <
Earthshaker -40 > < ^ ^

* Variable *

Demon Crusher (A) -80 ^ < v > ^ <
Fatal Impact (b) -80 > > < < v ^

* Mystic *

Fists of Stone -100 v > < ^ > < v

[Sharon's Arts]

Art name AP Cost Combination
* Normal *

Spike Anchor +16 ^ v >

Rave Storm +24 v ^ > < >
Blood Spark +24 v > < > ^

* Super *

Not Available.
Update soon.

* Hyper *

Fearful Arc -30 < > >

Merciful Arc -40 > ^ < v
Lord of Eden -40 < > < >

Skylord -50 < > v < >

* Variable *

Splash Rave (A) -80 v v < > ^ ^
Phatom Burst (B) -80 < v ^ > v >

* Mystic *

Apocalypse -100 ^ v < > ^ v ^

[Ayne's Arts]

Art name AP Cost Combination
* Normal *

Disaster Master +16 ^ < >
Earth Razor +16 > ^ v
Whirlwind Attack +16 < v ^
Shockforce +16 v > <

Tidal Wave +20 ^ > v <
Full Impact +20 > < ^ v

* Super *

Solid Blow -16 v v >
Gale Force -16 < < ^

* Hyper *

Firestorm -30 < v v
Power Blade -30 v > v

Raging Warrior -40 > ^ < ^

Axe Crush -50 ^ < v < >

* Variable *

Armegeddon Star (A) -80 ^ v < < > >
Soaring Axe (B) -80 < < > > v ^

® Final Note/ Credit ®

I would like to thank my good friend Turkagent, for encouraging me to go on with making this Guide. If you find my guide really helpful and would like to use it, please notify me about it first, through pm. Don't you dare still this guide, and claim it as your own.

If any of the combinations or, Ap costs above are wrong, please notify me about it, so I can change it. Thank you. I will be updating this Guide every now and then, so check regularly.