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Unlockable Weapons

unlockable keyblades
UnlockableHow to unlock
Diamond DustDiamond Dust. Sora was put face to face with a titan in a coliseum match. After blow for blow, Sora took down Ice Titan. Its design is based off the very monster Sora defeated and contains the element of ice. The keychain that is used for this is a snowflake. If you want to obtain Diamond Dust, your going to have to work for it. It can be found anywhere and everywhere in Castle Oblivion. But it is well worth getting this underrated weapon.
One Winged AngelOne Winged Angel. The name is taken from a man once revered as hero in the eyes of the people. Sora went one on one with Sephiroth. Sora managed to narrowly defeat the toughest opponent of his life, the reward was the blade. The keychain itself is a single black wing. If you want the fire keyblade, your gonna have to have patience. Look around Twilight Town and hope that you manage to pick one up.
ultima weaponUltima Weapon. The strongest of all the keyblades. Sora went through no picnic to get this. He traveled through the worlds for necessary items to synthesize this mighty weapon. The keychain on Ultima Weapon is a heart. If you want a chance to get this keyblade again then you have to beat both Sora's Story and Reverse Rebirth. Want another? Look through all the worlds and pray that you come upon one.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: khinsider.com on December 20, 2008


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alternative rare cards

Another way to obtain the on winged angel Keblade, Diamond Dust, and etc is to look in Moogle Card shops, after you get far enough in the game to get advanced card packs. It may take a while and some points, but you'll hopefully get the rare card you want after a while.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on February 04, 2009

An easy way to defeat boss

This is an easy way to quickly defeat a boss...
All u need is 30 fire card,1 ether,2 mega ether,3-10 cure card(to heal sora health) and for your sake,better have 0 value attack card to break an combined attack from the boss...
I use itu while my cp is 750...

Combine 3 fire card,so it will gave u firaga,use it to the boss..
At least it will decrease 1/3 bar of boss health..
Use it over and over again..
And if u lost all u card u use...
Use mega ether to reload all fire card do u use before...
U can kill any boss less than 5 minutes!!!!
I already use this trick in beginner and normal mode and its work really good...
I haven't try it in hard mode....

Tips:This trick wont work if u fight axel,coz he resist to fire.
Change fire card with blizzard card if u fight axel
And dont do this if u gonna fight ursula.
Verified by: Sakurahime, AmberK86 Submitted by: wisnuwew on December 22, 2008

Enemy Cards

If you go back through each world and enter the Rewards Room again, ( Or possibly just a Calm Bounty, I got 2 cards from that as well ) there will be an extra box, inside which contains 1 organization XIII card who was not in the game, I.E. Roxas, Xemnas, etc, and one for Ansem. They also can contain keyblades, such as the Photon Debugger and Bond of Flame.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Gary on January 03, 2009

Quick Moggle Points

u must go to agrabah first and aladin card....
Use aladin card to the enemy...
One enemy will drop at least 30 moggle points...
If ur lucky,every one battle u will get 150 moggle points!!!
It quickly way to get moogle points..
Better use meeting ground card to have aladin card in the early battle..
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: wisnuwew on December 19, 2008

Re-use Premium Cards!

Although you are told at the beginning of the game that once you use premium cards you will no longer be able to reload them again, there is a way to reuse them. You don't even have to use a hi-potion or hi-elixer. Simply make the premium card the second or third card of a sleight and you will be able to reload that card again without having any problems.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Harvest Moon girl on January 29, 2009