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Unlocakble Items
Finish the Stage with the Required Rank to unlock the items
UnlockableHow to unlock
Patterned Skins ARequired : Rank S - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 1
Neon Orb/GRequired : Rank A - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 1
Mini-Propeller/GRequired : Rank B - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 1
Fira/GRequired : Rank C - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 1
Thundara/GRequired : Rank D - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 1
Laser UpgradeRequired : Rank E - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 1
Highwind ModelRequired : Rank S - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 2
Propeller/GRequired : Rank A - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 2
Large Shield/GRequired : Rank B - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 2
Fira/GRequired : Rank C - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 2
Saw/GRequired : Rank D - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 2
Gravira/GRequired : Rank E - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 2
Flat Helm/GRequired : Rank S - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 3
Hurricane/GRequired : Rank A - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 3
Thruster/GRequired : Rank B - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 3
Radar/GRequired : Rank C - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 3
Gungnir/GRequired : Rank D - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 3
Masamune/GRequired : Rank E - Asteriod Sweep - Mission Level 3
Patterned Skins BRequired : Rank S - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 1
Firaga/GRequired : Rank E - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 3
Rotor/GRequired : Rank A - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 1
Shield/GRequired : Rank B - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 1
Solid Helm/GRequired : Rank C - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 1
Blizarra/GRequired : Rank D - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 1
Cannon UpgradeRequired : Rank E - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 1
Pupu ModelRequired : Rank S - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 2
Thruster/GRequired : Rank A - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 2
Parabola/GRequired : Rank B - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 2
Blizarra/GRequired : Rank C - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 2
Radar/GRequired : Rank D - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 2
Orichalcum/GRequired : Rank E - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 2
Bubble HelmRequired : Rank S - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 3
Sonic Turbo/GRequired : Rank A - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 3
Booster/GRequired : Rank B - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 3
Drill/GRequired : Rank C - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 3
Antenna/GRequired : Rank D - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 3
Comet/GRequired : Rank E - Stardust Sweep - Mission Level 3
Realistic SkinsRequired : Rank S - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 1
Hurricane/GRequired : Rank A - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 1
Flat Helm/GRequired : Rank B - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 1
Cannon UpgradeRequired : Rank C - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 1
Gravira/GRequired : Rank D - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 1
Auto-LifeRequired : Rank E - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 1
Tonberry ModelRequired : Rank S - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 2
Storm/GRequired : Rank A - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 2
Sonic Turbo/GRequired : Rank B - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 2
Radar/GRequired : Rank C - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 2
Gungnir/GRequired : Rank D - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 2
Thundara/GRequired : Rank E - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 2
Drill/GRequired : Rank S - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 3
Storm/GRequired : Rank A - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 3
Large Rotor/GRequired : Rank B - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 3
Bridge/GRequired : Rank C - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 3
Blizzara/GRequired : Rank D - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 3
Thundaga/GRequired : Rank E - Phantom Storm - Mission Level 3
Decal SkinsRequired : Rank S - Splash Island - Mission Level 1
Neon Bar/GRequired : Rank A - Splash Island - Mission Level 1
Screw Propeller/GRequired : Rank B - Splash Island - Mission Level 1
Bridge/GRequired : Rank C - Splash Island - Mission Level 1
AP Limit UpgradeRequired : Rank D - Splash Island - Mission Level 1
Heal UpgradeRequired : Rank E - Splash Island - Mission Level 1
Moogle ModelRequired : Rank S - Splash Island - Mission Level 2
Storm/GRequired : Rank A - Splash Island - Mission Level 2
Round Light/GRequired : Rank B - Splash Island - Mission Level 2
Antenna/GRequired : Rank C - Splash Island - Mission Level 2
Laser UpgradeRequired : Rank D - Splash Island - Mission Level 2
Thundaga/GRequired : Rank E - Splash Island - Mission Level 2
Solid Helm/GRequired : Rank S - Splash Island - Mission Level 3
Storm/GRequired : Rank A - Splash Island - Mission Level 3
Screw Propeller/GRequired : Rank B - Splash Island - Mission Level 3
Firaga/GRequired : Rank C - Splash Island - Mission Level 3
Blizzaga/GRequired : Rank D - Splash Island - Mission Level 3
Meteor/GRequired : Rank E - Splash Island - Mission Level 3
Variety Skins ARequired : Rank S - Floating Island - Mission Level 1
Propeller/GRequired : Rank A - Floating Island - Mission Level 1
Shell/GRequired : Rank B - Floating Island - Mission Level 1
Sphere Helm/GRequired : Rank C - Floating Island - Mission Level 1
Orichalcum/GRequired : Rank D - Floating Island - Mission Level 1
Active FormationRequired : Rank E - Floating Island - Mission Level 1
Mandragora ModelRequired : Rank S - Floating Island - Mission Level 2
Large Rotor/GRequired : Rank A - Floating Island - Mission Level 2
Cost ConverterRequired : Rank B - Floating Island - Mission Level 2
Excalibur/GRequired : Rank C - Floating Island - Mission Level 2
Firaga/GRequired : Rank D - Floating Island - Mission Level 2
Graviga/GRequired : Rank E - Floating Island - Mission Level 2
Sphere Helm/GRequired : Rank S - Floating Island - Mission Level 3
Square Light/GRequired : Rank A - Floating Island - Mission Level 3
Mini-Propeller/GRequired : Rank B - Floating Island - Mission Level 3
Saw/GRequired : Rank C - Floating Island - Mission Level 3
Firaga/GRequired : Rank D - Floating Island - Mission Level 3
Ultima/GRequired : Rank E - Floating Island - Mission Level 3
Variety Skins BRequired : Rank S - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 1
Cyclone/GRequired : Rank A - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 1
Wheel/GRequired : Rank B - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 1
Slash UpgradeRequired : Rank C - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 1
Firaga/GRequired : Rank D - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 1
Auto-RegenRequired : Rank E - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 1
Chocobo ModelRequired : Rank S - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 2
Angel/GRequired : Rank A - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 2
Shell/GRequired : Rank B - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 2
AP Limit UpgradeRequired : Rank C - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 2
Fira/GRequired : Rank D - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 2
Ultima/GRequired : Rank E - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 2
Saw/GRequired : Rank S - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 3
Neon Orb/GRequired : Rank A - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 3
Wheel/GRequired : Rank B - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 3
Sphere Helm/GRequired : Rank C - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 3
Gravira/GRequired : Rank D - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 3
Infinity/GRequired : Rank E - Ancient Highway - Mission Level 3
Neon Skins ARequired : Rank S - Broken Highway - Mission Level 1
Typhoon/GRequired : Rank A - Broken Highway - Mission Level 1
Booster/GRequired : Rank B - Broken Highway - Mission Level 1
Large Shield/GRequired : Rank C - Broken Highway - Mission Level 1
Blizzaga/GRequired : Rank D - Broken Highway - Mission Level 1
Medal ConverterRequired : Rank E - Broken Highway - Mission Level 1
Catuar ModelRequired : Rank S - Broken Highway - Mission Level 2
Darkness/GRequired : Rank A - Broken Highway - Mission Level 2
Wheel/GRequired : Rank B - Broken Highway - Mission Level 2
Big Bridge/GRequired : Rank C - Broken Highway - Mission Level 2
Blizzara/GRequired : Rank D - Broken Highway - Mission Level 2
Masamune/GRequired : Rank E - Broken Highway - Mission Level 2
Gungnir/GRequired : Rank S - Broken Highway - Mission Level 3
Neon Bar/GRequired : Rank A - Broken Highway - Mission Level 3
Wheel/GRequired : Rank B - Broken Highway - Mission Level 3
Soild Helm/GRequired : Rank C - Broken Highway - Mission Level 3
Thundara/GRequired : Rank D - Broken Highway - Mission Level 3
Excalibur/GRequired : Rank E - Broken Highway - Mission Level 3
Neon Skins BRequired : Rank S - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 1
Sonic Turbo/GRequired : Rank A - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 1
Large Shell/GRequired : Rank B - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 1
Thundaga/GRequired : Rank C - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 1
AP Limit UpgradeRequired : Rank D - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 1
DrawRequired : Rank E - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 1
Caith Sith ModelRequired : Rank S - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 2
Neon Orb/GRequired : Rank A - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 2
Drill/GRequired : Rank B - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 2
Parabola/GRequired : Rank C - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 2
Slash UpgradeRequired : Rank D - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 2
Infinity/GRequired : Rank E - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 2
Bridge/GRequired : Rank S - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 3
Cyclone/GRequired : Rank A - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 3
Typhoon/GRequired : Rank B - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 3
Orichalcum/GRequired : Rank C - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 3
Comet/GRequired : Rank D - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 3
Graviga/GRequired : Rank E - Sunlight Storm - Mission Level 3
Mushroom ModelRequired : Rank S - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 1
Vortex/GRequired : Rank A - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 1
Big Bridge/GRequired : Rank B - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 1
Excalibur/GRequired : Rank C - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 1
Meteor/GRequired : Rank D - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 1
Cost ConverterRequired : Rank E - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 1
Fenrir ModelRequired : Rank S - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 2
Square Light/GRequired : Rank A - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 2
Vortex/GRequired : Rank B - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 2
Large Shell/GRequired : Rank C - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 2
Auto-RegenRequired : Rank D - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 2
Drain/GRequired : Rank E - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 2
Big Bridge/GRequired : Rank S - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 3
Darkness/GRequired : Rank A - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 3
Angel/GRequired : Rank B - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 3
Meteor/GRequired : Rank C - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 3
Graviga/GRequired : Rank D - Assault Of The Dreadnought - Mission Level 3
7th bar of drivedefeat sephiroth at Radient Garden/ Hallow Bastion at Dark Depths after you defeat the 1000 heartless in the previous area.
Anti anytime (not confirmed)beat the game 100% and defeat the last boss. then at lv. 100 and all forms at lv. 7 try to become anti. then die, and hit continue. you should hear a voice, then you will see the form in your list.
Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
king mickey summonbeat the game, then go to the timeless river then go to the new door on the left defeat the heartless then mickey will give you the king charm


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2 ways to dodge xaldins "dragon attak"
you need to have reflect in your shortcuts

1st way:

right as the wind is aproaching use reflect

2nd way:

if you use learn alot then u use it when he attacks
A quick way to get Final Form
After having Access to the World that Never Was, Go to the Coliseum. Ente the Cerburus Cup im the underworld by talking to Panic. On the first round, change into Master form. If you do not get Final form [Sora has white and black clothes on, and he is floating] just press start and retry. This will start the round again. Turn into Master again, and if you do not turn to Final, repeat it. This only took me a few minutes, and I got Final Form easily.
A way to raise up all forms
Valor:The place outside the emporers palace in Land of Dragons
Wisdom:That place thats at disney castle through the doors start at Mickeys house and you will get 31 exp.
Master:The place outside the emporers
An Easy Way to Beat Sephiroth
NOTE: This is my way. That does NOT mean you have to use it, it's just helpful.



Hi-Potion(s) [Preferably 6]
Ribbon (I had two)
That belt that has +6 Defense, but I'm sure you get it from Olympus Coliseum.

Absolutley necessary ABILITIES:
Glide (Lvl. 1-2)
Hi-Jump (Lvl. 1-2)
Double-Jump (Lvl. 1-2)
MP Rage
The one that lunges at the enemy(forget what it's called)
Once More
Second Chance

TRINITY LIMIT!!!! This limit fuggin' sucks, DO NOT USE IT! It drains your MP and doesn't even do that much damage. Srsly.

Form Boost
Drive Boost
Summon Boost


As long as it helps your combos, go for it.


Ultima Weapon (I used it)
Oblivion (A lot of other people use it)



SHORTCUTS: Note; These were my shortcuts, and they really helped me.

X: Reflega
O: Curaga
Square: Unused
Triangle: Hi-Potion x 6


Level: 64
Abilities: Anything that boosts combo-finishing moves, like Combo Plus, Air-Combo Plus, etc. Oh, and combo-finishing moves. Can't forget those.
Items: Slots 1-6; Hi-Potions
Weapon: Ultima Weapon
Limits: NONE!
Summon: Can't use
Form: Can't use

Save. Period. And make sure you have either Hi-Jump or Double-Jump. Trust me, you'll need them. To get those "Level-Up" abilities, you must level up your forms. Look around you on this page-- There are millions of ways to level up forms, just look at the ones that talk about either Valor or, preferably, Master. It wouldn't help to have Glide, either. Now, let's go get Sephiroth.

You'll start out with a nice little cut-scene, but then Goofy and Donald turn asshole on Sephiroth and make him angry-- so YOU pay for it! Well, if you listen to me well, HE'LL pay for it. Anyway, you'll want to IMMEDIATELY hit the Triangle button for the "Block" command. That doesn't mean the moment the cutscene starts, just when it turns dark. Now, with that ability that lunges, use it to get a start on Sephiroth. Unleash a mean combo on him, getting in about 1 full combo and about halfway through a second. When he disappears, he'll more than likely appear behind you and knock you in the air. It does little damage, and it allows you to him while in the air. Continue comboing until he vanishes. Once on the ground, Sephiroth has combos of his own, which obviously will rape you. With Glide, get away as fast as you can! Keep doing this until a new attack of his appears.

After knocking down 3-4 bars of his health, Sephiroth will place dark balls of magic around you. Use Reflega on them to launch them away, and if you're as lucky as I was, he'll get close to you. Because you're relfecting his attacks, he'll take about half of one bar of health of damage from Reflega. He'll continue doing a few more combos, and the command that recquires you to "Block" will pop up more often. Don't worry, though! That reaction command really helps, because it opens him up to attack!

Now, for Sephiroth's deadliest attack-- "Sin Heartless Angel". This move will make you gawk at the screen (at least it did to me) and he'll own you. Remember how I told you to get Double/Hi-Jump? When he goes up in the air, he's impossible to reach if you don't have one of the jump bonuses. Because Sephiroth is a slow talker, you SHOULD have plenty of time to hit him while he's above the ground. If not, you'll LOSE ALL YOUR MP, and be TAKEN DOWN TO 1 HP! Not good, huh?

If you're insanely skilled, start using Curaga during the little creepy voice after he finishes the move. With skill and practice, you'll Curaga yourself from taking the damage, but either way, that MP will be gone. But fret not, young-Sora controller, that's why I told you to put Hi-Potion/Elixer on Triangle. Because reaction commands use Triangle, Sephiroth will use the attack that needs "Block" right after "Sin Heartless Angel". Because you're hitting Triangle, you're healing AND blocking Sephiroth's attack. Neat, huh? Just keep using past tactics to get his HP down.

When his HP is down enough, Sephiroth will transform into his "true" form. He glows a pinkish/purple color and is drastically faster. His regular combo that doesn't use "Block" moves farther and locks onto you, which is not good. But fear not! You still have Glide, which STILL works wonders. Keep attacking him, and soon he'll dissapear to the spot where he was before you talked to him, except you can't reach him.

When he slips to that spot, he'll pull meteors from the sky and try to hit you with them. Glide left and right repeatedly to dodge this attack, thus explaining why you need Lvl. 2 Glide. With Lvl. 2, you never touch the ground as long as you stay on level ground.

Keep hitting Sephiroth with everything, and soon his ass will be grass.

Your 7th and final Drive bar. Congratulations, you beat Sephiroth. Keep watching--

--OH S**T! He's not dead yet!... Just kidding! You're done fighting him, but now you have to get Cloud. After doing so, Cloud will fight with Sephiroth, and soon will Tifa. After Cloud and Sephiroth vanish, Tifa will give you...

Fenrir-- Has great strength and reach, but decreases all ground and mid-air combos by 1.
Another Drive Glitch
Theoretically, this works with all forms, but is only practical with Valor, Wisdom and Summons

In The World that Never was, there is a portal in the Alley (where the save spot is) to Betwixt and Between. When you go through this portal in a drive form or have a summon with you, your drive gauge is refilled.

Since the shadows respawn in the next area right after the Alley, you can level up Valor and wisdom forms quickly. Then, before your gauge reaches zero, run through the portal to betwixt and between. Then just go back to the alley and repeat. Do the same thing with summons (Use Peter Pan)

I found it easier to do this than going to the save spot constantly
Another way to defeat Sephiroth
I've seen several ways to beat Sephiroth. Here's how I accomplished it:

Succeeded at: lvl 79
Items: Oblivion; Cosmic Chain, Belt, Ring, and Arts; Blizzaga Armlet and Soldier Earring; two mega elixirs, four elixirs (though you may want to have more...)
Abilities (Maxed): Glide, Aerial Dodge, Quick Run, High Jump, Curaga, Reflega
Abilities also used: Once More, Berserk
Also used: those nifty reaction commands and combos, and a lot of luck

Didn't use: Trinity Limit, Second Chance nor Second Wind

- At the very beginning of the fight, get ready for rxn command 'Block.' In fact, be ready for this whenever possible; not only does this save you HP, but Sephiroth is rendered susceptible to a 3-hit combo, after which you can knock him into the air and do an aerial combo. If you miss 'Block,' then use 'Quick Run' or 'Glide' to get far away from Sephiroth-- else he'll hit you with a 7-hit combo.
- Use 'Reflega' to disperse the dark orbs.
- Use 'Quick Run' to get your ass away when Sephiroth does 'Firaga Wall.'
- When Sephiroth jumps high up and his arm gets all glowy, get your ass back to him and attack before he finishes saying "Sin Heartless Angel"-- otherwise he'll attack you and leave you with 1 HP.
- Glide is helpful when you want to (mostly) outrun 'Meteor.'
- Use 'Curaga' when you're down to your last one-fifth of HP; use an elixir or Mega elixir when you're out of MP and can't use Curaga.
Anti and Final forms and other stuff
Many people who have kingdom hearts 2 already may have noticed the drive gauge. I will explain how you transform into anti sora. Now surely said anti sora is not the best form. every time you transform into valor, wisdom or master forms, you get 1 anti point. when the fourth anti point is reached, u transform into anti sora. This gets you minus 4 anti sora points. Now the easiest wya to avoid transforming into anti is to get the final. Every time you transform into final form it is minus 10 points for anti. This form is acquired after the event at memory's skycraper. Ten what you have to do is start transforming alot. This way is guranteed to get your level up. It is the best way to level up is this form and fight all those nobodies. If you have been wanting to fight sephiroth don't! He is reccomended to be fought after level 85. Also you must have the glide ability atained from the final form to truly beat sephiroth. He has waymore health than Xemnas. Sephiroth has 3000 health and all of Xemnas' forms are 1500 health or below. Be ready with the Oblivion keyblade and the once more ability equipped. also equip trinity before going into battle. This fight is without donald and goofy so make it count. No drives allowed and watch out for sephiroth's attack right when the battle starts. hit triangle right there. Beating him gives u the Fenrir keyblade. It is better thatn the ultima weapon. Hope i helped.

Anti form requires both team mates to be present and will take all of your drive points.

This is a only a likely theory, not a 100% sure description.
Beat Sephiroth easy(easier than all the other tips)
You need:6 item slots, 6 elixers, and trinity limit. With my stragety the only hard part is to get 6 elixers. To begin the battle fill all of your item slots with elixers. Next put elixer as a shortcut. Equip trinity limit(you don't need any other abillitys). If you are in the dark depths(sephy's location) go back a room and then to Sephiroth(if you don't go back and lose the battle you will have to set this all up again). Talk to him and it will eventually begin the fight. Do the reation comand that apperers at the begining or else he will do an attack that takes about half your health. Quickly do Trinity limit. Then use an elixer. Remember to stay locked on or else when he sorronds you with dark balls you will lose him. continue this until he surrounds him self in darkness because he will be invunerable untill he starts to move. Continue this untill you are out of elixers. by now he should only have a little life left. As soon as your final trinnity limit ends do the finale combo and you win. Hey I said it would be easy not short.
Beating Sephiroth and getting the fenrir
AT 3000 hp sephiroth is easily the hardest boss in the game don't try to fight him until you're about lvl 80 or higher don't forget to equip second chance and once more abilities equipped so you don't die when sephi smacks you with a combo also don't forget glide retalliating and ariel dodge are important also and gaurd and counter gaurd for ground combat also equip many potions and elixers you're gonna find him in radiant gardens which is past crystal fissures. Now for the real fight use the block reaction command and get in quick hits in between. when he raises his arm quickly retreat. If he flies high in the air knock him out of stance to knock down his hp and stop his spells. after you win get to hollow bastion to give cloud sephi's message after you watch the fight tifa hands you the strongest weapon in the game the fenrir.
Beating Sephiroth at lvl 40-50!
To do this you must be very very skilled in the Kingdom Hearts games...I've been playing them for at least 4 years but I am a master at them...I have never died...except against Sephiroth. If you have Oblivion or Ultima Weapon by the time you are level 40 odd then go back to the Dark Depths...the place after where you fought the 1k heartless and Sephiroth should be facing Hollow Bastion. To do this you must have slide dash, the move like aerial recovery but it slashes at the same time,second chance and once more abilities. On your shortcut menu you should have Refletcga, Curaga and the other two are your choice. Once you have talked to him you may think it will just start off as a normal battle but Sephiroth lunges a veeeeery powerful combo at you...hit triangle a load of times to block. If you don't block and you don't have second chance or once more on i'd say you're screwed. It killed me and I forgot them abilities, I had full hp and he wiped me out...130 hp he wiped out. Once you have blocked slide dash him and open up a long chain combo. It is essential you have combo plus, air combo plus and the most powerful air combo finished and combo finished you can get. The combo finish is most probably Explosion if you have sufficent magic power. After you're combo retreat to a safe distance...he will teleport behind you(70% chance) and strike you. To counter this use guard and then launch another combo. If he ever hits you with a combo you will fly up in the air and he will teleport next to you and strike a powerful blow. Use retaliating slash and then launch an air combo to deal some hefty damage. He has 15 health bars/3000hp. By now he should have around 2.3k-2.5k. If he develops his arm in an aura then his means his sword will have a longer reach and he will be muuuuuch faster. Sometimes he will teleport to another end of the battle field and say "Heartless Angel". When this happens use the master forms second jump ability thing to get near him and then strike him to disable Heartless Angel. This powerful attack causes you to have 1hp and 0mp...Yes it's a very strong attack. Occasionally he will jump outside of the arena and let rip a hail of meteors with increasing difficulty to dodge. Use master forms second jump thing to get out of the way and keep transferring from one enf of the arena to another. By now he should have about 3-6 health bars left. He will tend to use Heartless Angel more frequently now. If he floats in mid air and starts gliding around swinging his sword I recommend watching him and when you see his sword coming at you...block.Keep up your hefty combos and keep your health up at all times. Sometimes if you go to far in he will conjure a wall of flame cylinders around him which cause considerable damage. Keep to my tactics and he should die withing 10 minutes. When you go and retrieve the amazing battle scene and Tifa will give you the most powerful weapon in the game, Fenrir.
Note: I recommend Ultima Weapon as it has Mp Hastega, plus 4 to mp and is overall the best weapon on the game. Fenrir also has negative combo so stick to Ultima Weapon. Congrats on beating Sephiroth. If you don't win then keep trying and if not just buy the guide for about a tenner.
Beating the 4 Final Fantasy characters in Hades Cup
Not sure if this has been submitted before...
The four characters may be intimidating but it's a fairly simple battle. All you need it.
Glide Level 3
Reflega as a shortcut
Curaga (optional to heal)
When you get into the battle continually use the reflega spell. Half of the characters will be dead in no time. Normally CLoud and Leon curvive. Then when you mp is gone glide around the field until it's back. Repeat the steps and hela when needed. Cloud is the hardest to kill and you will probably get hit by him but that's why you have have Curaga.
Beating the hardest boss in the game.(Sephiroth)
All right when you start the battle, immediately hit triangle rapidly because he's going to be doing a very powerful attack I like to call the dash n' slash. He will randomly do this throughout the battle. After you do that lock on quickly and you should be able to get two successful combos or one with an explosion. It would be smart to keep your distance so that when his sword starts to smoke black you can guard against it and do a guard break. If he hits you in the air wait for him to appear and press square. He'll mostly do this for the first four or five life bars then he'll do two new attacks. One of them is a move where he surrounds you with these orbs that you need to use reflect on and it should stun him for a little bit so you can get a combo. The other attack is the most pain-in-the-butt move old Sephiroth has and it happens when he flies high up in the air and starts to say "Descend Heartless Angel". Double jump and hit him before he can finish saying it or it'll drain all your magic and take your HP to 1. When you get to the last 3 or 4 life bars he'll start glowing and become about twice as fast and he'll do the heartless angel move more and a new move where he goes off the arena and starts shooting meteors at you. But you can dodge using double jump. You should be able to beat him then. i beat him at level 74 with the Ultima Weapon. Hope this helped!
Beserker Charge
One of the useful of Sora's abilities EVER in my opinion is the Beserker Charge ability.The ability is activated after using up all of your MP. After the MP bar starts charging, any combo finishers are deactivated, and combos are unlimited until your MP refills.
This is also infused with the Fatal Crest keyblade, which is won after winning the Goddess of Fate Cup. This ability is gained at very different levels depending on what weapon you picked as Roxas in the Station of Serenity.

Sword: Level 65
Shield: Level 85
Staff: Level 49

As you can see, If you chose the staff, it'll be no problem. But if you chose the MOTHER *bleep*ING shield......Well, you better start using all of the "Easy Level UP" Tips on this page. You should have this before going to the final boss fights with Xemnas, as you could be using ALOT of Magic attacks and of course Cure. Hope this helps you all! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Best Dual-Wielding Combo
In brave, master and final forms the beat two keyblades to use are the ultima weapon and the fenrir

The reason for fenrir is it has one more attack than the ultima weapon but it has 5 less magic and combo minus thats why you should couple it with the ultima weapon
Best Level Up Place + Easy Drive Restoration
Go to the Pride Lands, then to Pride Rock, then to King's Den and finally to The Peak. Once you are up here, kill all of the Heartless (Magnega works a charm). Leave the area and return, repeat the process. By doing this you will not only Level up increasingly fast but you will also regain a lot of Drive Charge.
Best Master Form Training ground
The Best place is in the Land of the Dragon goto the place then save then transfrom into Master. Then go to the next area about 7-8 horsemen should appear but not all at once. They all drop big drive balls and don't worry about getting hit they drop big Hp balls. In about 3-5min. your Master From should be level 5. Happy Trianing
Best way to defeat heartless in wisdom form and master
WISDOMkay, first you have to equip lotsa ethers or megalixers.
Then just go to the world that never was and go to
the brink of despair and go the stairs DOWN, so that means: go not into THE TOWER!!
Then transform into wisdom form and then use Magnet/Magnera/Magnega on the shadows and Neoshadows
This will kill a lot of them.
MASTER: Go to mulans world,to the throne room.
Then just go to the passageway that connects te gate and the throne room.
Ther will come these horseheartless and just transform into master and use Magnet/Magnera/Magnega
Cerberus Paradox Cup Jiminy Score
Since many people are confused as how to get the Jiminy Journal score of 1,300 points, here is a strategy that was found for this.

First off, make sure you have Magnet equipped to your shortcut menu to any button. Next, you may want to have a few extra ethers equipped. It also helps if you have an upgraded form of Magnet, such as Magnera.

Once you're ready, enter the Cup and continually use your Magnet spell to attack and defeat the enemies. It also may help if you change to one of Sora's other forms, like Final, and use the spell while transformed. If done every round, using ethers when you're short on magic, you should end up with almost 1400 points by round 10.
Cup Unlockables
The Paradox Cups can be played by talking to Hades in Hade's Chamber.

Cerberus Cup Clear Agrabah, Halloween, and Pride Land for the first time

Goddess of Fate Cup Clear previous cups and beat the first fight with Xemnas

Pain and Panic Cup Clear Disney Castle for the first time

Paradox Cups: Cerberus Cup Except Final Form, Form levels must be at Lv. 5 and must unlock

Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic

Paradox Cups: Hades Cup Clear all the previous cups, clear Space Paranoids for the cecond time, and have ALL forms and summons at Lv. 7

Paradox Cups: Pain and Panic Clear all the previous cups

Paradox Cups: Titan Cup Summon level should be at Lv. 5 and have the Paradox: Cup Pain and Panic unlock
Titan Cup Clear Olympus Coliseum for the second time
Deafeating Xemnas
When you are trying to defeat Xemnas and Riku is the only person with you it is very handy to give Riku potions so he can't die. It is also quite handy to stay near Riku because you may get combo attacks.
Defeating Demyx
ok i had a real hard time defeating demyx the second time around , and realised there weren't many cheats out there to help out so i thought i'd give some :-).

The first tip is before u face demyx equip donald with fantasia and auto limit (don't forget auto limit, makes it easier), and equip goofy with teamwork (knocksmash) auto limit and hyper healing. I also removed donalds thunder and fire magic abilities for this round, so i could use his comet ability more often but thats your choice.

The second tip (which is an absolute neccesity!!!) make sure sora is equipped with explosion, this knocks demyx backwards once a combo is finished.

and when u finish a combo makes sure u move away asap, because even though your attacking demyx, he will retaliate (even during your combo) with a water wall

and whenever possible use the action commands expecially near demyx as he uses showstealer, if u havent hit the action command he will hit u with it, so be warned!!!!!!!!!

well hoped that helped
Defeating Sephiroth with ease

Sephiroth : 3000hp
Sora : Around level 75 - 80 keyblade (ultima just a recomendation) once more and second chance and trinity abilities equppied, have glide ability level three

As the battle begins press the triangel button to use the block reaction command. After this he'll become open momentarily. Run at him and unleash you combos before you finshing combo use trinity limi. Now you have two way to do this. Either glide around the stage and wait until your MP recovers or have about 10 elixers equppied and continue this process time consuming but it works great. Had to do it this way to beat him in proud mood. Just don't get over confident when hitting him sephiroth recovers quickly with extraordinary speed and range.

After losing half his MP he begins to get serious. Watch him raise his left hand into the air and call forth a firewall. Careful! It draws sora in. Just use the glide ability to get away. As he attacks you'll notice dark orbs surrounding Sora. Don't panic!! Simply use reflaga to make them all go away.

Sephiroth's most scary attack leaves him wide open. When he raises into the air lock on quickly and move in to attack. Some tips is to use the spiral ability or trinity limit to knock him down. If you don't reach him in time you be left with an empty MP guage and 1 hp. After this press triangle to use the block comman after he does this move the block command always comes up if you miss knocking him out of his stance. Sephiroths attack meteor showet is quite powerful but easy to evade. Just glide around the arena unitl hes done.
defeating Sephiroth=best keyblade in the game
to defeat Sephiroth you must first make the Ultima Weapon. Then go to your shortcut menu and make every shortcut button activate potions, ethers and exlirs but make one button a shortcut for cure(X button recommended). Then go to radient garden and talk to sephiroth(He is just past the spot where you fight 1000 heartless). once you start the battle press triangle to dodge one of sephiroth's attacks, then use the limit command to kick his ass. Then, once the limit attack stops run away. Then go back and hit him with your ultima weapon and try to dodge most of the attacks he throws at you. If he throws you in the air use the counterattack to get in some shots.Repeat this until he is dead. (If you need to heal yourself go ahead but try to save the potions, ethers and exlirs until the end of the battle) At the end of the battle you will get a new keyblade. It's even more powerful than the Ultima weapon.
Disney Castle,Ex-tra training.
When you arrive at Disney Castle,you'll be asked to meet with Queen Minney.Before you reach the library,you'll find a huge pink door,sealed with the shape of Mickey's head on it.At the front of that door,an unlimited amount of shadows will keep spawning as you keep fighting.That is one area to train.After that,Minney will ask you to escort her to the Audience Room,Donald and Goofy leaving your party( = = ) So,Minney can use two,two but strong attacks.She will use Pearl,firing a blue ball of light and if you go close to her,you'll perform a team attack,with no reduction of MP,called Faith.Now Faith is usefull, you can use it unlimited times,it will damage the enemy and blast them out of your way,usefull when Minney is surrounded.IN the AUDIENCE ROOM,you'll find it's overrun with Bolt Towers.Instead of wasting your time,usually you'd just get Minney to the end without fighting.BUT,with carefully planned fighting,you can gain up to..hmm..62exp for one Bolt Tower....and althogether there is...?OK,uncountable.Still,you'd notice if a Bolt Tower approcahes you or if you are fighting one near Minney she'll fire off Pearl.(Save your MP for cure only,you can use Valor Form i you want)First,battle some individually on the left and right.Soon,you'll hear Minney screaming..ok,i mean asking for Help!Turn back and Minney will be surrounded by Bolt Towers,use the Faith Reaction Command to blast them all away.Rinse and Repeat.Soon though,the room will be clean of all Bolt Towers.This can easily be done in two minutes,one and a half with Valor Form probably.Although the scene after that shows the Bolt Towers some how respawned out of thin air...
Donald: Enemy Weapons
1. To get Donald's enemy weapon, the Nobody Lance, kill some of the Dragon-like Nobodies that carry spears until one appears. Note that this could take a while. The nobody lance is Donald's second strongest wand.

2. To get Donald's second enemy weapon, the Shaman's Relic, go to the Pride Lands. Go to Wildebeest Valley. Equip lucky lucky to to all your party members and defeat as many shamans as possible. Sooner or later, a shaman's relic will pop up.
Drive Extension
Early on in Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora receives new clothing, replacing his rather silly looking attire from the original game. At the same time, he earns the ability to use "Drives" which, among many other things, further alter his appearance while activated. There is a way to "extend" the length of a Drive's visual change however, so as to reflect in cut-scenes as well: During any of the game's numerous "objective" based fights, simply complete the fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the transformation appearance for the story event that follows.

Drive Masks in Halloween Town
When you go to Halloween town, your default costume mask is a pumpkin. When you transform, the masks will turn into:

Valor: An aggressive looking face, looks like a devil

Wisdom: Looks like a witch's hat

Master: Half devil, half witch's hat

Final: a crown

It looks very cool, you should try it!!
Drive Recharge
To do this trick, once you are in any of your drive forms, (excluding Anti-form), if you are able to get to a save point and exit the world before your drive form runs out, when you return to the world, you will have max drive again.
Drive Reset
To reset your drive to max, all you need to do is enter one of the tournaments in the Underworld Colliseum and then quit as soon as it starts. You will now have max drive.
Drive training
Go to the timeless river. Make sure your drive is full. Go into one of the four doors, and defeat all of the heartless there. Keep going through the doors until your drive meter is emptied. Go back to the Disney Castle and your drive gauge will be refilled. Keep doing this as long as you like.
easer way to get 1000 in maniac mode in phils training
take out all combo pluses and areal combo pluses and equip the fenrir and negative combo it makes it a heck of a loads easier
Easier Battle Agaisnt Sephrioph
This isn\'t a way to Defeat sephriopth but by doing the things below it can 100% make the battle a heap easier.

What you will need is:

-Ultima, Oblivion or Decisive Pumpkin
-A level around 50-99
- A way to cool yourself down if you get fustrated
-Patience and alot of it

What you need to do is:

-Equip one of the keyblades mentioned above.
-Make sure your at a level you think will be able to conquer sepheropth. (50-99)
- UNEQUIP ALL UNEEDED ABILITIES. if your having trouble with that here are some you defintly won\'t need: Auto Valor, Auto Wisdom, Auto Master, Auto Final. Lucky Lucky, you won\'t need any abilities with the word drive in it. you can\'t drive to any forms in this battle.

Equip The folowing Abilities: Leaf Bracer, Defender, Second Chance, Second Wind, Aireal Recovery, Counter, Dodge, Glide level 3,2 or 1, youll also need any abilities that sound like they\'ll help you.

Youll need alot of MP
Alot of HP

Make sure you equip ethers, Elixers, Mega-Potions and all that stuff.

Easier Form Leveling
Okay I've been playing KHII for a couple of days now and have gotten close to beating it. And of course I've been relying on handy dandy cheats to level my forms. But most of the tips I say were quite sucky, thus making me want to make this. So lets begin.

Valor - For Valor you get EXP for dealing damage, so you want enemies that take alot of damage. So go to Crystal Fissure after the big battle in Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden. Then go to the west from inside the fissure. You will encounter 2 Morning Stars and 2 Armored Knights. This area in total has about 5 Morning Stars and 9 Armored Knights. Due to the Armored Knights being there you must refrain from using Rising Sun. Morning Stars take alot of damage so go through this area a couple of times and you'll be done in no time.

Wisdom - For Wisdom you get EXP for every Heartless killed. So the best place I found was in The World That Never Was (TWTNW). If you spawn in the Alleyway to Between go north and you will enter a area with endless Shadows, which are the weakest Heartless. If you do this you can rake in 20-30(+5 for each new level) kills per trip.

Master - For Master you gain EXP by collecting drive charge orbs. The best place I found for this was the same area as Valor. Only due to the Morning Stars dropped a crapload of orbs, and if you have Lucky Lucky equipped you can rake in a crapload of mega-potions. I suggest using Rising Sun command due to you don't have to waste as much time there if you do.

Final - This one took me a while to find a good place but I did indeed find it. First you must make it to Proof Of Existence in TWTNW. Once there you'll want to go south for an easy six kills. Then glide through back to Proof of Existence and head north where there will be 1 Beserker and 2 Dancers (try and stay in the air or the Dancers will take you for a spin) right of the back, kill them. If you've still got Drive head up that path for more Beserkers and Dancers.

Well that's my opinion on the best places to go to level up your forms, which will be useful if you wish to destroy Sephiroth. Happy Gaming.
I know i said the easiest way but i do mean its the "easiest way!" anyway ill get straight to the point. Before you start you will need the ability that makes sure when you get hit with a combo that you still have one health. When you start battling sephiroth he will use an attack that takes out like half your health. No worries all 'ya 'gotta do is press traingle and you'll block. Next... you need to beat sephiroth to a pulp but if hes starting a huge combo on you, press square and you'll block his attacks. Now after hes lost about half his health/lives he will start to float in the air and his arm will glow pink, and if you cant find him, no worries he will say heartless witch should give you a clue hes in the air. He will also use a fire attack that drags you in, all 'ya 'gotta do ishit him with blizard, blizarra, or blizzaga and im pretty sure hell stop attacking. Last but certainly not least. Try to get sephiroth to jump onto the wall and theres a 32% chance hell get stuck falling.
Easy EXP and Easy Wins
When you are attacked whilst protecting Queen Minny in the Disney Castle, stay close to her and use the 'Triangle' Reaction Command 'Faith' to deal damage to enemies as well as sending them far away. Keep doing this to defeat the enemies easily and gain massive amounts of EXP quickly.
easy exp. area
If your looking for a great way to kill time, level up, get some munny & items, or just like to kick heartless heinie? go to the top of Pride Rock when you are through with the story line of the Pride Lands. in the area where you take on Scar, are a whole bunch of rapid thrusters. just swing away, or use simba's reaction command to really crack noggin!
easy final form level up
You need to go to twilight town and head for the tunnels.Inside there the only enemies are nobodys. So go into final form and defeat all of the nobodies.If you can hurry out of the tunnels,after youve defeated all of the nobodies,and go to a save point and leave the world.Once you get on the world map go back to twilight town and your drive gauge will be full again. Repeat this process until you have leveled it all the way up.
Easy Final Form Leveling
In the room where you fight Luxord and Saix with the portal things, after you have beaten them but before you fight Xemnas for the first time,go to the rooms surrounding the room I mentioned earlier, I leveled my final in 10 minutes
Easy level up
After lockin the first key hole for the pride lands you will appear in the gummi ship. Land in pride lands again and after all the cut scenes head up to pride rock. After another cut scene go into the lions den and after you talk to simba instead of finishin the mission head up to the peak. Up there will be a huge mob of heartless. The heartless are easy and give 56 experience for each one destroyed. It will take a while to destroy them all but they do eventaully stop coming but after they are all gone go back into the lions den and head back out there again. They will all be there again. repeat this to level up really fast. i went up 3 lvls in about 45 min.
easy level up
okay well first of all you need to have gravija to do this, then go to lion kings world and after finishing it go to were you fought the ghost and you will see a whole lot of little flying heartless go up to the top and make sure you have gravija like I said and just jump around and keep using it and it quickly kills them allowing for fast experience.
Easy leveling up for all forms and summons
Valor Form Leveled up by hitting enemies
You must unlock the world that never was. First equip everything you can that will increase the drive duration (abilities/keyblades if you have any)Equip the two keyblades with the LEAST strength. (THATS RIGHT!! THE LEAST)Put Goofy and someone else in your team and set their attack type to Sora Attack. Go to the Alley to Between, change into valor form, and kill all the heartless that you can. Just before your drive gauge is about to run out, run to the save point and exit the world without reverting to normal form. You will have a full drive gauge and you can repeat the process again and again and again until you have leveled the form up to level 7. Wisdom Form Leveled up by killing heartless
Same as Valor form but equip the strongest Keyblade you have if not Oblivion
Master Form Levelled up by collecting drive orbs
You must have unlocked the Land of the Dragons.
Go to the area just between the summit and the village. Kill all the ememies there without changing into any form or summoning anybody. Leave the area to the village or the summit and come back. Change into master form and destroy all the dynamite carts in the area and collect all the drive orbs as fast as you can. After this is done, go to the nearest exit and then go back to the area. The dynamite carts will be back and you can collect the drive orbs again. When the drive gauge is almost finished, go back to the village and exit the world without reverting to normal form. Enter the world again and you will have a full drive gauge so you can repeat the procedure until you are level 7
Final Form Leveled up by killing nobodies
First equip anything that will boost the drive gauge (abilities/keyblades)Go to Twilight Town and choose the save point in the White Room. Go to the Foyer from there and walk straight ahead until a few nobodies appear. Quickly change into Final Form and kill them. After that just go around and kill all the nobodies that you can. I suggest setting up some kind of path in your head to make things easier. If the meter is not depleted than you can just kill some other guys that you find. When the meter is low, exit the world without reverting to normal form. Re-enter the world and repeat the process. You should level up really fast.
Summons Leveled up by summoning people. First make sure that you do not have Summon Boost equipped as an ability. Go to a place where there is a save point. (anywhere will do). Summon Chicken Little or Stitch ONLY since they take up the least amount of the summon gauge. After summoning them, just keep waiting until the meter reaches its last bar. Exit the world and re-enter it without dismissing the summoned person. The summon meter will be full and you can repeat the process until you reach Level 7.
Easy Levels and 2 Easy Legendary Weapons!
I recommend you be atleast level 55. Go to The World That Never Was once you've cleared everything there besides Xemnas. Go to Twilight's View. Kill everything you see up to The Altar Of Naught. Most things give 1000 exp points apiece. Some give 400. So theres easy levels. Also,the Nobodies drop Dense and Twilight materials,so it's easier to make Save The Queen (and STQ +) and Save The King (and STK +). Ultima Weapon,your on your own.
easy Lv. up
Go to pride land then equip gullwing then go to top of the kings then use magnera, kill all the heartless and repeat, happy training.
Easy Lvl 99
This Is The Easiest Way of getting to level 99, my brother found it out.

First you have to have the door leading to the final battle unlocked or it wont work. anyway, go to world that never was and start at the area where the blue pathway leads into the castle and go all the way through the castle. every time you do it u get lvl up. No Matter what level u are u get a level up if you beat every nobody in the castle then at the door, use the save point to re enter the world. i was level 70 and got up to 99 in 3 hours. its simple.
easy lvling up master form
to lvl up your master form you don't have to go any further than the antechambers because those assault riders give enough of those drive balls and those are the ones you need for lvling up master form
Easy lvls at lvl 40
After you beat the pride lands 2 times, go to the top of the kings den and there will be about 1000 or more heartless. PLEASE NOTE CHEAT DOESN'T WORK FOR LVL. 80+
Easy master form level max
To do this, go to Christmas world (Yuletide hill) and go down the hill. Kill the big Halloween box monsters (There should be 3), ignore the other heartless as they do not give drive orbs and go back up the hill.

Your drive gauge will be refilled, and you go to world map, and come back to the hill again. This will reset the monsters. Rinse and repeat.

Note: For extra drive orbs, if you spin the merry-go-round, lots of drive orbs will come out sometimes! So be sure to do that as well.
Easy Master Form Level Up
Go to Land of the Dragons. go to the place rite below the highest mountain place. Get into form and blow up the little carts closer to the top. After you collect all the golden orbs get out of that screen by going to the mountain top. Come back immediately and the exposive little carts will be there. Dont bother with the heartless or nobodies. This way if you do it fast enough drive gauge never goes down! do it until u level up completely!
Easy MAX drive gauges and drive form leveling up
An easy way to get max drive gauges can be done at the world of tron, (space paranoids). First if you don't have atleast 3 drive gauges find some heartless to kill until you have 3 gauges, after you do that go to the simulation hangar, there should be a group of heartless here so kill them first. head towards the solar sailor simulaton area but DO NOT enter yet, transform into any of your drive forms and head into the solar sailor simulation, the form you just turned into should have turned off and your drive meter should now be at max. you can use any of your forms on the solar sailor flight while you keep it from overloading, what you should try to do is transform at the beginning of the flight and kill all of the heartless with out running out of drive gauges, after the flight you will end up at the central computer mesa go back on to the solar sailor and depart back to the simulation hangar if you still have your drive form still on from the beginning of the flight just use that form and go back on to the solar sailor, your drive form will turn off and your drive meter should be at max again. if you're not able to keep your drive form on through the entire process since the beginning of the flight just look for some heartless to kill until you have atleast 3 gauges. repeat this process to level up your drive forms which I would highly recommend so you can earn more combo hits and new abilities such as highjump, glide, etc. it depends which drive form your leveling up.
NOTE: be well aware that every once in awhile you will end up transforming into the anti-form. Also if you have the final form you will not be able to level it up on the solar sailor flight because the final form can only be leveled up by killing nobodies not heartless.(I know,it sucks).
Easy Points In Colliseum Battles
This works especially well in Taunaments that enable to use the Summons a lot more.
First summon Stitch, go to the bottom of the command menu and select 'Aloha'. Keep pressing Square, this will hurl your enemies about whilst flinging the precious gold tokens out of them, the best part is that it doesn't damage them so you can use it as much as you need and still get the tokens they'd drop primarily.
Easy Respawn
Are you tired of waiting for Heartless to respawn in a certain area? Just remember: go three areas away from the desired respawning place and it will be guaranteed that the heartless will appear again.

For example, The Beast's Castle has an area called Secret Passage, which contains several Hammer Frames that drop Energy Stones, great for synthesizing Mythril items. Anyways, once you fight all the Hammer Frames, go to the West Wing, to the West Hall, to Beast's Room and go back to the Secret Passage the same way. The Hammer Frames will reappear again.
Easy Sephiroth Battle
These tactics can level Sephiorth easily and without having to constantly use healing items, but I did have to heal on occation.

The abilities you will need are: aerial recovery or the other one that you press square for.You will also need glide in any level. Also have aerial dodge. Get the combo plus and combo boost abilities. Get all abilities that leave you with one health left just in case.

Mainly any good armor that helps with fire and has good defence. Have all kind of defense and attack boosting accessaries and make sure to have the rumbling rose keyblade before fighting him.

The Battling:
Do the reaction commands when it tells you to and after that start pounding on Sephiroth. The combo boost and combo plus will acivate and take out nearly a full bar of his health each combo. When he attacks with all the spinning slashes jumps and use aerial dodge. Then use glide to hover over him until he's finished with the combo. When he knocks you into the air use the aerial counter move when he come out of no where and start smashing him with combo attacks. When he does his Sin Heartless angel attack immediately use aerial dodge and glide or smash him some more to prevent the spell from finishing. After a few bars of health are gone he will gain an aura around his body. He is faster and stronger in this form so be careful. I have nothing that can counter his rising pillars of fire. Just get out of there. Rinse and repeat and he will be brought down faster than most bosses in this game. I only had to heal twice in the entire fight.
Easy way to level Final Form
Go to the Sorcerer's Loft at the top of the Wayward Stairs. Leave the room to the stairs and execute final form fight the berserkers and dusks then to the next room. fight the nobodies in there and depending on your drive gauge turn around and enter the Sorcerer's Loft and go to the world map. If your drive gauge is 8+ i would continue to the next room and the next until you are at the bottom of the stairs enter the save point the the world map and go back the to Sorcerers's Loft
Easy way to level final form to max within a few hours
Go to yen sids tower as many other guides will tell you, go all the way up to the top floor, just run past all the nobodies there till you get to the save point at the top of the tower. Save your game. Equip Axel's keyblade that gives you bonus fire magic to your offhand and oathkeeper in your main hand for extended time in your drive form. Set up fire magic as one of your hotkeyed magics (I used square for it)then go outside, Drive into final form, and just blast through all the nobodys that spawn with Fire magic. At first you'll only be able to clear the main room, then you'll be able to go 2 or 3 levels down before having to turn back and head for the save point to save your drive meter. (If you don't already know, exit to the world map before your drive meter runs out to get back a max drive meter when you land again.) Once you get to about level 5 Final form level, (and equip the extra Drive boost you get from leveling final form) you should be able to blast your way all the way down to the bottom of the tower before the drive runs out (where there is another save point you can use to get out), if you are efficient in targeting your enemies with the fire spell. They also drop plenty of magic orbs, so you shouldn't run out of magic even if you constantly mash the button, so long as you don't waste it not actually hitting enemies. This is roughly 30 or so enemies per shot, so you level your drive very quickly once you are able to clear the entire tower out. I was about level 60 at this point, and gained level 7 Final form from level 1 in about 3 hours, with a few breaks taken inbetween.
Easy way to level up Drive forms
For the valor form, stay in Land of Dragons and keep obliterating centaurs in the emperor's palace. Keep pushing X and jump around a lot and you may not even take a scratch. For the wisdom form, stay in the last level where all the shadows fight you near the skyscraper. They seem to keep on coming forever, but they stop eventually. Keep blasting em wit thunder magic and use ethers alot and it should level up in no time. For the Master Form, do the same as valor and stay in the emperor's palace fighting centaurs and anything else you see. For final form, stay in the very end of the road right before you beat the final boss. Kill nobodies for a while but return to where everybody is standing around before you run out of drive and you can keep doing this over and over and over.... By the way, Glide Lv3 really helps on the final boss and defeating Sephiroth. My record is beating Sephiroth in 6 minutess 42 seconds at level 49.
Easy way to level up the Drive Forms and Summon
Do yall know where Solar Sailer Simulater is in Space Paranoids is? This works best if you beat Sark after, but you don't. If you Drive or Summon right before you go on it because your party members are inactive your drive gauge will be at max. So you can use it repeatedly as long as you don't go into Anti-Form because that uses up all of your gauge. The best summon to summon is Genie especially after you acquire Final Form. I leveled up all my forms but Final Form because yall should know why. I never exactly max out my Form levels but I got some bonuses and Growth abilites from about 2 hours of leveling up. So enjoy.
Easy way to level up Valor form.
Ok, by now, you probably have leveled up all your forms to max, right? But still, this helps you get that last points in before/ after getting final. Go to space paranoids and fight the MCP, turn into Valor form and do the delete reaction with Tron(Meaning you need Goofy and Tron) you get 1 exp for every hit, right? You're doing a ton of hits to the MCP. So you get a ton of Exp.
Easy way to level up your Drive Forms
I know other people have tips on this, but this is mine and has proven very useful and will also keep your drive gauge full everytime, if you do it right.

First off, you have to understand what levels up each form. Each form must be used in certain times or you gain no experience points. I'll tell you what gains experience for each form.

Valor- For each attack you make on an enemy in Valor Form, you gain 1 experience point. So, everytime you swing your sword and hit an enemy, you get an experience point. So, this form builds up quickly

Wisdom- For every Heartless you defeat in this form, you gain 1 experience point. So, if you use this form on Nobodies, you get no points for them. So, only use this form against Heartless.

Master- This form gains experience for collecting Drive Orbs while in this form. For every small orb you collect you get 1 point, and for every large orb you collect you get 3 points. So, use this form on enemies that give you drive orbs.

Final- For every Nobody you defeat in this form, you gain 1 experience point. So, this form only gains experience by defeating Nobodies.

Now, for my stratagy...

You play in the Pirates of the Carrabian level. When you travel to a different island, you battle on the Black Pearl as you travle there. Use your form depending on the enemy you're fighting. The trick is to get back on the ship before your Drive Gauge runs out. When you get back on the ship, you're back to normal Sora with a full Drive Gauge. Continue this to build your forms. When you've built them up to a point that you form takes at least 3-4 drive gauges, you can fight enemies in the first area of the island, and the further you build your gauges, the longer you can use that form. So, Once you've built your form to where it lasts through 6 gauges, you can actually travel the island a bit for more enemies. But be warned, you must make it back to the ship before your form runs out or you'll have to build the drive gauge from scratch.
Easy way to level up!
Go into the masion in TWTWN, start in the white room, go out the white room, down the hall, down the first set of stairs, across the main room, up the other stairs, back across the long hall, and back into the white room, leave the world and start over. Make sure your drive doesn't run out, or the drive glitch won't work.
Easy Way to level-up Master, Wisdom & Final
Wisdom and Master:
Go to the Land of Dragons in the Palace,and when you encounter some heartless,just use Magnega, and the spell will just suck and attack them and if the spell is gone, cast it again then do the drive glitch.
If you are out of MP, that is when you equip the Ultima Weapon(MP Hastega)Ok I know if you dont have it then use some ethers.

Go to Yen Sid's tower (through the Blue train) the keep on going up and down the tower, they are full of Nobodies, and just cast the Magnet spell.

NOTE: Valor cant do magic so you ae on your own to level it up
easy way to lvl up final form !!!
Now then this is one of the easiest ways to lvl up final form. First fly to the world that never was and land in twilights view. Then travel to naughts skyway and when you are about half way through, you will start battling a load of creepers so just kill them, kill as many as you want, then hurry back to twilights view save point, ideally with a bit of drive gauge left (so you don't have to go to olympus colliseum and fill it up again). I would say that it is a very easy way to lvl up final form.
Easy way to win in the 4 on 1 battle in hades cup
Ok now you all should know that the hades cup is 50 round or 49 i forget. ok like the 41 or some other round in the 40-45 u fight cloud, leon, yuffie, and some other girl i for got here name.well all you need to do in order to beat this round is first have in the quick menu and button you want to be as cure and any button you want to be as reflect.Ok heres were this tip acualy helps you all you have to do is keep using reflect ever time they are gonna hit you and then...every enemy near you looses like a WHOLE bar of heal.Just keep repeating till you win...

p.s i did use this tip to beat the cup very easy

p.s.s its an awsome cheat i know

(>)><(<)<~omg is that kirby...!?

p.s.s.s.s.(wow alot of s's) i know im just keep putting p.s's cuz i like to do that
Easy wins in struggle-r in twilight town
when your sora and you do struggle-r all you need for a quick win is collect all 200 orbs and every time you get 10 wins on Hayner you unlock Setzer to beat and after him it's Seifer.
easy wisdom form level up
To do this tip you must have completed the disney castle and timeless river sub-world in the basement. First go into timeless river. When you first get into the world go into anyone of the floating doors. Now, transform into wisdom form. Every one of the areas here have heartless in them(wisdom form levels up with however many heartless you kill while in the form). Once you defeat all the heartless, go to the next area if you have enough drive left( i have 5 drive with wisdom form and can do 2-3 areas). After you do the 2nd area, you should go back to cornerstone hill or whatever it's called. Then, use the door to go back to disney catsle while STILL IN WISDOM FORM. you will appear in disney castle in normal form, but your drive gauge will be at max (full). Then, repeat he steps to gain easy exp for wisdom form. I am at lvl 61 and choose to give up magic power in the begining of the game so if you use your magic and didn't give up magic in the begining of the game, you should be able to defaet them easily. You can also do this with valor form, since it levels up by how many mid-air hits you get. hope this helps you.

*on a side note, if you have a high magic attack level, then the skill EXPLOSION that sora learns as a fisnishing move will beat the snot out of your enemies and send them flying back a short distance
Easy Wisdom Lvl
Go to the world that never was with full drive. Then go to the alley with all the shadows and keep killin. You get exp for each heartless killed. Eventuly ull run out of drive but no problem just go to the world map.
Everyone knows that rapid thrusters appear at the very top of pride rock during your second visit, and that all of them instantly reappear if you leave the peak. What I took the minute or two to find out was that there are 326 rapid thrusters up there, each worth 56 EXP, 326x56=18,256. 18,256 EXP, to get anywhere near that effectively, you need to beat 18 strong nobodies in the castle that never was. Which one sounds easier to you?
Extra Cash
Now if you ever needed more munny for synthesis materials, here's the easiest way to aqurire it. But first you must have Donald's Jackpot ability(obtained after defeating the Holloween Town Experiment), the Goofy Jackpot(gotten after defeating the Hostile Program in the Space Paranoids), Sora's Jackpot ability(with the staff it's gotten at LV44, with the sheild it's gotten at LV36,and i beleive at LV68 with the sword), and you must have the Wishing Lamp Keyblade(aquired after beating Jafar in your second trip to Agrabrah). Set Donald and Goofy's attack patterns to Sora Attack.

Once Twilight Town has reached Battle LV47, land in the Sorcerer's Loft in the Mysterious Tower. Head down the Wayward Stairs to the Moon Chamber. Here are four rich Gambler Nobodies that love to play games. Now they will either play a game of cards or roll a dice. The dice has an easy pattern, once it starts to slow down severely, and the screen turns blue, press triangle at the exact moment the reaction turns to "O". As for the cards, they will slow down and then the screen will turn blue, hit the "X" button once the "O" is on the first slot of the comand menu. Sometimes you can be slow and it will except it when the screen is red. Collect the money quickly and keep playing. If you lose, don't worry, just head towards the door and leave. If turned into a card it will take forever to get to the door, if a die, it will take forever to get through the door. Enter back in and your back in the game. If one of the gamblers dies, leave the room and head up to the room where the fairies gave sora his new wardrobe at the begining of the game. Then go back to the Moon Chamber and all the gamblers will be present. Keep this up and you'll net tons of munny and Nobody Guards. Remember to spend it wisly!!
extremely easy sephy battle
First have the rumbling rose as a weapon and have a healing item in your short cut. Alsways make sure to have the abilities that keep 1 hp equiped. Glide of any kind is necesary and areal dodge. I had as attack increasing abilities for combo plus, finishing plus, combo boost. Areal abilities include aerialrecovery of the other ability where after you get hurt and are in the air you press square the instant you see him. When sepheroth attacks with the wild combo attack use areal dodge and glide until he's finished. After he's finished constantly attack him and with the attacks boosting the final strike that is done several times it should take off a bar of health. When he launches you immiadeatly press square to smack him around and pull him into another combo. Wen he uses Sin Harvest, uses aerial dodge to get elevation and then attack sephiroth to keep the atack from succeeding. I took him out with a character that was level 57 with 60 defence points and 75 attack points.
Fast gain for Valor and Wisdom form
In The World That Never Was, go to the first save point. The next room spawns a huge number of heartless in groups of 3. When you get low on drive,exit the world and come back where you came in.
This way I have found to be the fastest and easiest of all that I've tried.

Head to the top of Yen Sid's tower (take the blue train from Twilight Town)and up there will be your drive cheat save point! When you first start off your Final Drive will be minimal and it will go down very quick. So just kill all the enemies on the stairs and then go back, rinse and repeat. Soon as you get to higher levels you'll get more drive and you just keep going down more every time you level. By level 5 you can just about do the whole stairscase (rooms included). Within no time you'll be the level 7 Final you've always wanted to be.
Fenir is not better
think about it if the magic is lower you cant do as much damage with magic also the ultima is a 6 strength and 4 magic while fenir is 7 strength and 1 magic (or 2 forgot). thats not so good if the magic is low if you cant swing your weapon. like i equiped the fenir and then i got attacked they surrounded me so i cast firaga. it did just about nothing to all those strong enimies. power isn't everything espicialy when you use reflect. if your magic is to low it wont block a thing. The fenir is my 4th fav weapon ultima is the best no doubt!
To get Sora's keyblade, Fenrir, you must defeat Sephiroth. To find Sephiroth, you must first clear Hollow Bastion. After you've done so, go to the Dark Depths, and approach him. Be careful, because once you start talking to him you go straight into the battle. Also make sure you're very powerful; he has 15 bars of health and can kill you in a few hits. After you've defeated him, go to the town square area (where all the shops are in Hollow Bastion) and talk to Cloud. Once done talking to him, go back to the Dark Depths and talk to Sephiroth. After a cutscene, Tifa will give you the Fenrir keychain.
Fenrir vs Ultima
Fenrir is for those who picked the sword at the beginning it is a melee only weapon for best utilization of this weapon use any and all combo +'s.

Ultima is a combination of Wand and Sword you should only use this blade if you like mixing up your attacks with magic

By all means Fenrir and Ultima are equal if you lok at them in this way it is and always will be how you use the keyblade that defines what is best
Final and Normal Form Easy lvl
To easily level up your Final Form and your regular form all you have to do is, go into final form at Yen Sid\'s tower and start from teh top, then start going down tand use magnet/magnera/magnaga to bring the enemies together and you can just keep doing it over and over
Final Form
It has been stated above that you obtain the form after Valor, Wisdom, and Master form are all level five. This is actually untrue. To get the form it will take a couple of hours of gameplay (on average). The best way is to just use the full-gauge cheat that has also been stated above and keep changing into a certain form.

After changing into say Valor several times move to a new one, then after you have changed into each three - randomly change into a form. Basically you need to warm them all up.

Have fun - and don't get frustraited.
Final Form
Final Form (the greatest of the 4) is obtained after Valor, Wisdom, and Master forms are at level 5. Final form is obtained randomly after you reach a certain point in The World That Never Was. In Final Form, Sora is a silver and black color, floats in the air like in Wisdom Form, has silver lights flashing around him, and his 2 KeyBlades (Synch Blade Ability) are Hovering behind his hands. This allows Sora to attack from a distance. The growth ability with Final form is Glide, pushing the square button in the air allows Sora to glide, at Level 3 Final form, Sora will attain Glide level 1 in normal form. Final Form is all about attacking. Even when you jump or glide, Sora will attack if an enemy is nearby. Finally, Final form levels up by destroying Nobodys. (1 Nobody=1EXP) Using areas such as Twilight Town and the World that Never Was will be very helpful for this. (Plus you can get materials to make the Ultima Weapon, STQ, and STK)
To get the final form, simply get all of the other forms to level 5, then go to the cerberus cup in olympus coliseum and enter the master form immediately and you will enter final form. It worked the first time for me.
Final Form Level Up
ONce you have Final Form and have beaten the world that never was,go to the save point before the place where you fight the dude with the needle guns. then just walk through that room until you are outside.Once out side change into Final Form and a ton of nobodies will apeare.kill as many as you can cuz that's the only way to level up Final Form.
Final form leveling tip
If you want more time to defeat more nobodies to level up final form,just let a gambler turn you into a die or card while you're in final form.When the time runs out for that form,you'll go back to final form with a FULL form gauge <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> .
final from
I was readin through the tips and seen final form it says u turn into it in the cerberus cup after changing to any form but it onlyt works somtimes

heres wit to really do go to ant cup change to master if u dont change to final keep retryin until u do u will keep that as one of ure forms

do a have this game layed out or not
Form Gains
When you level up master form, you get a higher second jump. When you level up valar form, you get a regular higher jump. When you level up wisdom form, you get a faster sprint. When you level up final form, you get a faster fly.
Form Info
Anti Form, I've found, can only be triggered while in battle - same goes for Final Form (after Memory's Skyscraper). So go into battle, and use forms until either appear. I don't understand why you'd want Anti Form to appear, though.

Also, notice that, when finishing a battle or area that leads to a scene while in a form, you are still in the form outfit. I think its really cool. Shame that doesn't apply to anti form.
form points
there have been a lot of submissions about the form points or whatever their calling them but heres how it breaks down

+1 point= change into Valor(brave),wisdom, or Master form

-4 points= change into shadow sora

drop to 0= obtain new form

-10 points= Change into final form
Getting Anti Form When You Want It
To get into anti form, keep going into Valor and reverting back when the gauge gets to 1. Then, go back into Valor again (and if you didn't get anti form go to the world map to get all your drive points back). Keep doing this over and over again and eventually, when you revert back and go into Valor again, you'll go into anti instead.

BEWARE though! After you go into anti form, you can't go to another area in that same form and usually you end up having no more drive points left to go to the world map with.
Getting Final Form and defeating Sephiroth
Okay to get final form u must drive into ANY form. the more u drive into Anti Sora the more Final Form will have a chance of overtaking Anti Form and it does not matter where the hell u are just drive. (i did it at the world that never was while training but that dont matter)Final Form uses 5 drives and glows silver and whitish
and also uses 2 keyblades.

Defeating Sephiroth
To defeat the hardest boss u must 1st go to Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) and go to Dark Depths. Before u try to accomplish the greatest thing in the entire game i HIGHLY RECOMMEND u
are lvl 77 or higher and have the Ultima (i was at this lvl and i had the ultima and every time i hit him with a combo it would take down a life bar and a qaurter) Once u acheive the biggest accomplishment in the game Seph will say "I admit u are very skilled, now go tell Cloud that
Sephiroth wants to settle things" then once u tell Cloud u must go back and talk to Seph and watch them fight to the extreme, Tifa will arrive during the fight and give u the Fenrir, the best Keyblade in the game, better than the ultima by 1 point. U do not have to have the ultima, u should use the Sleeping Lion if u dont have he Ultima because u'll need the extra ground combos during the fight. DO NOT USE THE OBLIVION KEYBLADE CUZ IT SUCKS AGAINST HIM IN EVERY WAY!! This has nothing to do with Seph but at the begining i recomend u choose either the sword or the wand because later magic will kill everything in 2 or less shots.
Getting rare synthesis items
The way to get rare synthesis items is to increase your drop rate via "luck". The best way is to equip Sweet Memories Keyblade, Genji Shield for Goofy and Meteor Staff for Donald. Have all three equip Lucky Lucky as an ability. Also, have one of the three equip Lucky Ring as one of their assessories. Your drop rate should increase dramatically.
once you have glide lv.2 you can glide as long as you want until you go up a slope or stop gliding.
*NOTE*this is vere helpful with final form
good way to beat sephiroth
you need to be aleast lvl.60,epuipt the sleeping lion(leon give it to you),and get a shit load of elixers and mega elixers
Goofy: Enemy Weapon
To get Goofy's enemy weapon, the Akashic Record, kill some of the book-wielding heartless in Hollow Bastion. Note that this may take a while. The Akashic Record is Goofy's second strongest weapon.
Equip Luckky Lucky to sora and goofy than go to the mansion in Twighlight town and find gamblers to verse. When you are versing them use the reaction command begin game and do it succesfully and it will drop 70 munny and a 50% chance they will drop Goofys weapon the nobody gaurd!!!!!
Great weapons
If you are having trouble collecting items for Donald and Goofy's save the King / Queen, here are some weapons that are as good and are somewhat easier than obtaining all those synthesis materials.
Dragoon lance: this weapon is very strong and are dropped by dragoons. it is a staff for Donald.
Nobody guard: This weapon has colossal strength and are dropped by gamblers. It is a shield for Goofy.
To find lots of dragoons, go to beast's castle.
To find lots of gamblers, go to port royal.
Heartless and Nobody Locations
Aerial Knocker: Pride Lands
Aeroplane: Timeless River
Air Pirate: Land of Dragons, Port Royal
Armored Knight: Port Royal, Pride Lands, Halloween Town, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Beast's Castle
Assault Rider: Land of Dragons

Bolt Tower: Pride Lands, Land of Dragons, Disney Castle
Bookmaster: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Space Paranoids
Bulky Vendor: Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Halloween Town

Cannon Gun: Port Royal, Space Paranoids
Creeper Plant: Olympus Coliseum, Halloween Town
Crescendo: Olympus Coliseum
Crimson Jazz: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah

Devastator: Space Paranoids, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden*
Driller Mole: Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum

Emerald Blues: Space Paranoids, Land of Dragons, Agrabah, Halloween Town

Fat Bandit: Agrabah
Fiery Globe: Agrabah
Fortuneteller: Agrabah

Gargoyle Knight: Beast's Castle
Gargoyle Warrior: Beast's Castle
Graveyard: Halloween Town

Hammer Frame: Beast's Castle, Timeless River, Port Royal
Hook Bat: Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Land of Dragons, Agrabah
Hot Rod: Timeless River

Icy Cube: Agrabah

Lance Soldier: Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Port Royal
Large Body: Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Timeless River
Living Bone: Pride Lands
Luna Bandit: Agrabah

Magnum Loader: Space Paranoids, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden*
Minute Bomb: Disney Castle, Timeless River,
Olympus Coliseum
Morning Star: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Beast's Castle, Port Royal, Olympus Coliseum

Neoshadow: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Port Royal, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Halloween Town, The World That Never Was
Nightwalker: Land of Dragons

Rabid Dog: Olympus Coliseum, Port Royal
Rapid Thruster: Land of Dragons, Timeless River, Port Royal, Agrabah, Pride Lands

Shadow: Every World
Shaman: Pride Lands
Silver Rock: Agrabah, Halloween Town, Pride Lands
Soldier: Every World Except the Land of Dragons and The World That Never Was
Strafer: Space Paranoids, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden*
Surveillance Robot: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Port Royal, Space Paranoids

Tornado Step: Port Royal, Olympus Coliseum
Toy Soldier: Halloween Town
Trick Ghost: Olympus Coliseum, Halloween Town

Wight Knight: Halloween Town

Assassin: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was

Berserker: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was

Creeper: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden**

Dancer: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden**
Dragoon: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Dusk: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was

Gambler: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was, Port Royal

Samurai: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Sniper: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Sorceror: The World That Never Was

*: During the MCP take over
**: During the Heartless takeover
Help For Any One Whos New To The Game Or Needs Help On A Few Things
First off id like to say that im almost 100% sure all of these little details will help you out.

Starting Off: When you start off and get the choice to do some work as Roxas By doing some work for beach trip, if you raise 2000 munny youll score some extra AP.
When you get the chance to choose the Sword, Sheild, or staff at the Station of Calling it will ( depending on what you pick) Change the abilites you get. The sword gives you more physical attack Combos like Upper slash.
The shield gives you more support abilites than attack abilites.
The staff gives you a balanced mix of both.

Getting the right items for the Moogles: if you need alot of items that dont drop often ,like gems, Just put on Lucky Lucky on everyone and weapons with the same effect that will drasticlly increase the drop rate of what your looking for.

Sephiroth (sorey for the misspelled name): I dont have any real tips for beating him all I did was go in there with all my items slots filled with elixers trained to about Level 77 and took the fight to him. I also hit as fast as i could when he starts glowing and floats up if you dont he hits you for most or all of your HP and drains away all your MP.

Survival: at times in the game you will be fighting alone. I found it helped out alot if i gave all the Ups like Ap Ups to Sora and gave him the best defense and accesories. I also found it helped alot to slow down and train if i was having a hard time beating bosses or whatever else was in my way. This is also a good way to build up money and items for the next area.

Healing in Battle: While i was fighting i found that using potions and gathering HP orbs helped out alot more than using Cure and getting rid of my MP. This may help even more because if you your all of your items and got all the orbs you can use Cure as a last resort this could save you if your in trouble.

Leveling forms: The best places to level forms up are: Land of Dragons Valor, The World That Never Was for Wisdom, Either Olimpus Beasts Castle or Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden for Master. The World That Never Was for Final.

Getting Final Form: To get final form you have to finish off Siax and go to the Collosium Or change into master form over and over until Your clothes turn black and white Sora floats and the two keyblades are spinning behind his back.

Thats it for now.
How Anti Form is really Triggered
There are many descriptions on how to trigger Anti Form (a Heartless type of form where you take 1.5x more damage, speed upgrade, power downgrade, combo upgrade), such as getting hit by a heartless while going into a drive form. Well guess what? It isn't true.

Anti Form is triggered based on "Anti Points". Anti Points are unseen points where the more you have, the more chance you will transform into Anti Form. 3 Drive Points are consumed during Anti Form. Here is a list for how many points you earn, or subtract.

-Change into Valor, Wisdom, or Master Form: +1
-Change form when ally is unconscious: 0
-Change into Anti Form: -4
Change into Final Form: -10
Obtain New Form: Drop to 0

Here are the probabilities of changing into Anti Form

~0-4 Anti Points: 0% Chance
~5-9 Anti Points: 10% Chance
~10+ Anti Points: 25% Chance

Here are the Odd Modifiers

-Most Scripted Battles: x2
-Battles against Organization XIII: x4
-Battle against Armored Xemnas: x10
-Battles with Non-Party Cooperative Characters: x0
how final form is really triggered
Final Form isn't luck based. Once you finish memory skyscraper in the world that never was, anytime you transform, there is a chance that it will happen. So, while it is luck-based, don't try to activate it before memory skyscraper.
how to beat sephiroth
To Beat Sephiroth- Levels 60-70

Abilities you need
-Second Chance
-Once more
-Berserk Charge
-Anything else that looks like could help

I used Ultima weapon but Oblivion Works fine to. First equip elixirs to triangle square and circle, put curaga on x. Now for the fight right when you start out, start tapping triangle to block his attack. Don’t worry it doesn’t do that much damage. Then you can do a good combo on him and I recommend using the trinity limit now. Use the limit a lot if you have the Ultima Weapon. (MP Haste) After you get about 5 bars down he will start using an attack called Angels Harvest. All you have to do is just hit him to stop the Attack. You will know when he is doing it because the screen gets really dark. Then After he does that move a couple of times he will get a new attack which sends fireballs at you just glide around until it stops. Then start using elixirs for MP and start using the trinity limit until he dies. Congrats you beat Sephiroth

how to beat Sephiroth
u should be at least lvl 50-99 and should have valor,wisdom,master,and final form all at lvl 3 or higher then equip all the growths berserk charge (obvilion or ultima wepon will help out alot) second chance once more relaiting slash guard curega elixers mega elixers and some hi potions then go kill him and watch what happens next.
How to beat Xaldin
You don't need to go to other worlds since those worlds are higher in level than Beast's Castle anyway.

all you need is to be on at least level 39.
Use learn and hit him in the air. Using Donald's Comet is also a good trick in beating him.
How to fight Sephiroth
Within Radiant Garden(Hollow Bastion), head to the Crystal Fissure. From there,
go to the Great Maw. Pass there to get to the Dark Depths. You can speak with
Sephiroth there and fight him. He has 15 Life Bars and insanely strong.

If you still don't know where he is, well, remember where you fought the 1000
Heartless? He's just beyond there.

Keep it in mind that you can only fight him once. After the fight, him & Cloud
will went off. So, besure to keep a separate file if you want to fight him in
later occasion.

When you beat him, you get +1 to the Drive Gauge. He will tell you to go get
Cloud. Well, head to the Market Place of Radiant Garden. You can spot Cloud at
that place. Speak with him and go back to speak with Sephiroth. Sit back and
enjoy "Showdown Of Fate 2". After that, you get Fenril.

As for Fenril, Atk=7 and Mag=1. Then we have Ultima Weapon, Atk=6 and Mag=4.
Yes, Fenril is better than Ultima Weapon by 1 Atk, but Ultima Weapon is better
than it by 3 Mag. Also, Ultima Weapon is an overall best weapon, but for that
Fenril, it has long reach and Combo Minus. Combo Minus, obviously, decrease the
combo number by 1. Thanks to the game's Dual Wielding System by using the Brave
Form, Master Form or Final Form, you can just equip both.
How to gain lots of expirience
Once yo have completed Pride Lands for a 2nd time, then go back and go to the Kings Cave thing. Then go up to the place where you fort Scar the 1st time. There are 100s of Heartless on the top of the hill. Once you have killed them all, go back down and then go back up and all the Heartless will be back!! These battles will give you lots of expirience. This has helped me quite alot!!
how to get final form quickly
like already stated by Axelman you fist have to finish memory skyscraper in the world that never was before you can transform into final form. After that you should enter a tournament in the olympius coliseum where you can use forms. then just transform into any previous form. If you do not get final form just pause the game then restart the tournament where you can try again. It took me only around ten minutes to get final form this way.
How to get to Xemnas when he captures Sora
After Xemnas captures Sora with somekind of electricity, you can control Riku. To get near Xemnas, I suggest you get near him through the side.

Here is how you do it:
Shoot Xemnas' duplicate with you Dark Aura. Then when he is stunned, move through the side. And the duplicate will do the rest. Remember that he makes a sheild that will launch Riku backwards, but when you are at the side of Xemnas, he will launch you towards him, easy and simple...
How to Get Ultima Weapon
In order to get this keyblade you need to get the Ultima Recipe from the Old Mansion in Twilight Town (TT). If you need some more info. its near sora's pod where Donald and Goofy were.

After this you need all of the items which are-

1.)7 Orichulum+ These are found at...
Clear 100 Acre Wood
Clear Atlantica
Clear Goddess of Fate Cup
Sunset Terrace (TT)
Space Paranoids (After Solar Sailer)
Collect all synthesis materials
Brink of Despair (The World that never was)

Other ingredients-

Serenity Crystal - Sorcerer Drops these

Twilight and Dense Crystal- Fight Nobodies on Skyway after Xigbar battle...

Energy Crystal- Kill Shaman

Mythril Crystal- Found in Treasure Chests (like 100 Acre Wood)

how to glide
to glide you MUST have the final form to get glide you
haveto reach final form level 3 5 or 7
How to Level up all Forms (My Way)
Valor Form- Valor form levels up with each hit you make on an enemy. I use Hallow Bastion to do it. I go from Merlins house all the way to the Castle, then all the way back and goes to where sephiroth is.

Wisdom Form- Wisdom Form levels up with each Heartless you kill. Again, I use The same route as Valor Form.

Master Form- Master Form levels up by each drive orb you get. I use the hallway inside Mulan's level inside the castle, it levels Master up real fast.

Final Form- Final Form levels up by each nobody you kill. Obviously the best place to level up final is TWTNW(The World that Never Was), Just keep killing and getting as far as you can into the castle killing all.
How to level up Normal SOra and Final Form at the same time
Before u start this u must have

*Final Form at lvl 4 or higher

*Thundaga and Magnega and have finished twilight town

*About 30 mins of ur time

OK now on to the levelling

Land in twilight town at Yen Sids tower and land at the Top.

go out of the room and turn into Final Form and some enemies come out.

Spam Thundaga or Magnega and Get the MP orbs so u dont run out u should finish them in 10 seconds

Repeat process until ur on 0 bars left then run to the bottom or top of the tower and save.

I got 45 level ups in 1 hour and levelled FInal form to the Max because each enemy gives about 1000 exp and there are about 7 in each area

so its like 7x7000=49000 exp for normal SOra which is depending on ur level either 1-3 level ups

Hope i helped and btw the enemies are nobodies so thats how u lvl final form
How to obtain "Curaga".
How to obtain "Curaga".

A tip from your pal KHSoraX

First, collect all Torn Pages from the 100 Acre Wood Book. Implement all of them, except for the last one. (After you find Pooh in the Spooky Cave). The last one, is the key to getting Curaga. Implement it. Go into the book, and go to the place you unlocked with the page. Collect the chests, and get done what needs to be done. Afterwards, talk to Pooh, complete the minigame, and after, you have completed the 100 Acre Wood world, received a new "Sweet Memories" Keyblade with the Lucky Lucky ability, and Curaga! Congratulations!!
how to unlock the preview of kingdom hearts3
Standard mode-complete jimmis journal and all the keyholes.

Proud mmode-complete all the keyholes.
How to upgrade drive forms and summons
Valor Form Drive:- For each attack to the enemy in valor form gives you one point
of experience to the valor form. The best way i found to level up valor form was to fight in beast castle when the
drive gauge is at zero (but full) get back to a save point as quickly as you can then leave the world and then go
back to the world and your drive gauge is full again keep repeating this and your drive for valor form will be at
level seven. Once you have finished leveling up valor form up you will get the high jump level three ability in
soras abilities and it really helps when your fighting in port royal and the best piece of advice i will give you
level all of your forms when you first get them. Yes it can be a pain sometimes but its better to do it early
because i found it to be very helpful because at the end of your report of the game you can get zero help from
king mickey.

Wisdom Form Drive:- For each heartless defeated in wisdom form gives you one point
of experience to the wisdom form. The best way i found to level up wisdom form was to fight in beast castle when
the drive gauge is at zero (but full) get back to a save point as quickly as you can then leave the world and
then go back to the world and your drive gauge is full again keep repeating this and your drive for wisdom form
will be at level seven. One you have finished leveling up wisdom form up you will get the quick run level three
ability in soras abilities and it really helps when you dont want to get any damage to you.

Master Form Drive:- For each small drive orb that the enemy drops you get one point
of experience and if you pick up one of the big drive orb gives you three points of experience to the master form.
The best way i found to level up master form was to fight in beast castle when the drive gauge is at zero
(but full) get back to a save point as quickly as you can then leave the world and then go back to the world and
your drive gauge is full again keep repeating this and your drive for master form will be at level seven. One you
have finished leveling up wisdom form up you will get the aerial dodge level three ability in soras abilities and
it really helps when you dont want to get any damage to you.

Final Form Drive:- For each nobody defeated in final form gives you one point of
experience to the final form.The best way i found to level up final form was to fight in the world that never ends
when the drive gauge is at zero (but full) get back to a save point as quickly as you can then leave the world and
then go back to the world and your drive gauge is full again keep repeating this and your drive for final form
will be at level seven. One you have finished leveling up final form up you will get the glide level three
ability in soras abilities and it really helps when you dont want to get any damage to you.

Summon Form Drive:- While summoning one point of experience is gained for
every one point consumed by the summon gauge. The best way i found to level up this gauge was to fight in these
worlds was beasts castle, olympus coliseum, agrabah, the land of dragons, port royal and halloween town. When the
drive gauge is at zero (but full) use genie in final form around alot of enemys that drops drive orbs then quickly
get back to a save point as quick as you can then leave the world then go back to it and the drive gauge will be
full. Once you have finished putting your summon gauge up the last paradox cup will be there but i will warn you it
is fithty rounds in it and all of the enemy's are at level ninety good luck you will need it
Hyena tactics
In the pride lands, you'll have to fight the three hyenas Banzai, Ed, and Shanzi.
Unfortunately, these buggers move fast, have a lot of HP, and you have to beat them... while protecting Timon and Pumbaa

So here's what you do:
*If one starts to circle Timon and Pumbaa, don't lock-on to it. Instead, stay close and cast your fire spell repeatedly.
*If Timon and Pumbaa are being left-alone by hyenas, single one out, lock-on and start beating on it.
*Eventually, the hyenas will start attacking again, so repeat the fire strategy.
*Repeat this strategy until the fight ends

And keep in mind, Limit commands will work wonders!
In Order to Acheive Ultima Weapon
Grab the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town. Once that's done, you can use the Moogle Shops to synthesize the keychain uisng the Orichalcum+'s.
infinte drive
in the world that never was go to the room before the tower and and use drive gadge(form opcnial)your drive will go down,but when your drive is low go to tower and you will lose your form,but your drive will be max.
OK for the drive filler its easy drive into any form (only works with forms not anti) go to world map and go back boom full gauge, now i know how to get it to where all of the time sora will do finishers as moves you un-equip all combo adding abilities equip all negative combo plus's guard break, aerial finisher, explosion also equip fenrir (get from beating seph) and he will constantly do explosion and guard break (if you want a combo push x square x it will do explosion an explosion that will knock them into the air and then the aerial finisher)
Instant Max Drive
If you want your drive bar all the way to Max, go to the Underworld Coliseum and talk to Panic. When you talk to him, a list of all the tournaments will appear. Pick the fourth one. When you enter the battle, your Drive guage will be at Max. Quit the tournament, and it will still be at Max.
Isla De Muerta: Pirates attack ship
When Sora and the gang travel back to Port Royal from Isla De Muerta, 3 pirates invade the ship. To make it easier when you start, run straight inside the boat and go back outside. Talk to Will Turner and report to Port Royal where you trigger the next fight to get the medallion back and keep it safe.
Just a helpful hint...
The amount of xp from Brink of Despair to Alter of Naught is give or take 80,000 so every time you go that path, depending on ur level, will get lots of lvl ups.
Level Up 10 levels in 10 minutes!
First you will need the experience boost ability.
*If you picked the sword at the beginning you will get this at level 9, if you picked the sheild at the beginning you will get it at level 17, and he who chooses the staff need only be level 7.

Next, you will need to have the gullwing keyblade equipped.

Also, AND THIS IS KEY, you must DEACTIVATE both of your party members' healing abilities.

I reccomend this only to higher level players who are more comfortable with there game, as this requires dropping your health meter to a critical level.

Go to the world that never was, and head towards the castle. When you get there, lower your health to critical (Your health indicator will start to flash red, and you will hear a loud siren-like beeping sound that does not go away). Then start killing any of the higher ranking nobodys (Sniper, berserker, samurai, dragon, etc.). You will get about 3000 exp per kill! thats one level up in about 10 kills, even if Sora is at level 60 or 70!
Level up and Level up Form at....
To do this at the same time, you can go to Land of the Dragons ( Antichamber ) or somewhere else. Then select drive out of the menu and pick Valor or anything else besides Final. And while you defeat your enemies, you're actually leveling up your experience and form experience. Therefore, doing both at the same time.
level up master and valor form
I posted a tip called "level up wisdom form qiuckly" or something rather above. Use that tip and do what it tels you to but instead of wisdom form, use master form. The enimies there drop them like candy at halloween. You can do the same with valor form, just knock them into the air and attack. THIS WILL Not WORK FOR FINAL FORM!!!! There are no nobodies there to kill so it won't level up.
Leveling Forms:
A lot of people have been saying the wrong things as to how to level forms, so here are the right ways (they can be found by looking at the "Status" pane in the pause menu and then going to a form and hovering over the "Experience" bar.

Valor: Every time a hit is made with either keyblade, the form gains 1 XP.

Wisdom: Everytime a Heartless (not Nobody) is killed using magic or the "Shoot" ability, 1 XP is gained.

Master: Everytime you collect a small Drive Orb in this form, you gain 1 XP, but if you collect a large Orb in the form you gain 3 XP.

Final: Every Nobody (not Heartless) killed gives 1 XP.

The easiest way to level the Valor or Wisdom forms is to use the Underworld Drive glitch and then go to The World that Never Was and go to the Alley to Between and then walk out into the next area - a bunch of low-level Shadows appear that can be killed easily, and they come in seemingly endless waves. For Master, go to the Radiant Gardens Restoration Site and run down the alley, or in the corridors by the Castle Postern. Final Form can be leveled up rather easily just running through the World That Never Was and killing the Dusks and other small Nobodies (try using Thunder Magic continuously - it'll kill pretty much all of the enemies in your vicinity after a couple strikes).

-J Money
Leveling Up Drives
Each drive form has a unique way to level it up. To level up Valor Form, each time you connect with a sucessful hit it gains you 1 EXP point. To level up Wisdom Form, you must kill a Heartless or Nobody using either the magic bullets that can be fired or using fire, thunder, blizzard, etc. magic. To level up Master Form, when you kill an enemy, you must pick up all things that are dropped by the enemy. To level up Final Form, you must kill ONLY Nobodys. 1 Nobody killed equals 1 EXP.
Leveling Up Final Form
Leveling up Final Form can take a while, but here's the method I used to max out this drive form in just one day.

But first, here are the basics:

Final Form can be unlocked after the cut-scene that takes place at Memory's Skyscraper (The World That Never Was). To unlock, go to the Olympus Coliseum and then head for the underworld. Talk to Panic and enter the Cerberus Cup, level one. As soon as the battle begins, go into Master Form. If it works, you shouldn't be in the traditional yellow clothes that go along with Master, but in the black and white clothes that go with Final. If it doesn't work, just restart the battle and keep going into Master until you go into Final.

Leveling up Final Form:

Final Form is a very useful drive form, and even more so when leveled up, so here's the method I used to level up:

To level up Final Form, you have to defeat Nobodies--lots and lots of Nobodies. But don't worry; this tip should make the task a bit easier. I've found that the best place to find Nobodies is in The World That Never Was, inside the castle (because there are nothing but useless Heartless outside).

Your best bet is to fight all the Nobodies on Naught's Skyway (between the two parts of the Hall of Empty Melodies), as there are many Samurai, Creeper, and Berserker Nobodies there that give you oodles of experience. Just keep defeating as many as you can until the drive gauge runs out.

Special Tip: When you come across the Creepers (the small, weak ones), don't try to fight them off individually, as they come in numbers. It's better to use thunder to beat them in clusters.

Once the drive gauge runs out, you'll have to refill it, so go to the nearest save zone (either in the Proof of Existence or Twilight's View) and exit to the World Map. Go to the Land of Dragons (where most enemies drop drive orbs) and land in the Throne Room (room you unlocked after beating the world the second time). Make sure you have the ability "Drive Boost" equipped. Drive Boost is useful when restoring the Drive Gauge, as it allows greater restoration during MP charge.

Before you leave the Throne Room, cast cure on yourself. It doesn't matter what your HP status is, just cast it. It will drain all your MP and therefore boost Drive Gauge restoration.

Go out into the Antechamber, defeat all the enemies there, and collect the Drive orbs they drop. Make sure your MP is always charging. Whenever it refills, just cast cure again. Keep defeating enemies from the Antechamber outwards until you've maxed out your drive gauge.

Once you've refilled the drive gauge, return to The World That Never Was and defeat all the Nobodies on Naught's Skyway, just as before, and when your Drive Gauge runs out, just repeat the whole bit in the Land of Dragons. Keep repeating this process until you've reached level seven Final Form.

Hope this tip helped!
Leveling up Wisdom form easily
Alright, if all of you out there are like me, you all hate Wisdom form right? Right.

Well, we hate it but we still want the Quick Run Growth Ability for Soras normal state don't we? Well I have an easy and surefire way for you to level up Wisdom form very quickly! It goes like this.

When you first get to The World That Never Was, in the VERY BEGINNING RIGHT AFTER Mickey runs off, and Donald and Goofy are still walking around the save point in the Alley to the Between, go into the next area and turn into Wisdom form, start killing the small Shadow Heartless (Theres tons of them so don't worry about running out or anything.) And when your drive meter is just a little bit below 0 go back to the area with the save point(Alley to the Between), if you did this at the time of the game I stated earlier, BOOM full drive gauge! It's a little glitch that helps with Wisdom form pretty easily, you can also use it for Valor form.

Happy Leveling!
Lvl 50-99 in 3 hours
A lot of people say "This is the fastest way to level! Blah... blah... pride lands... blah... blah... magnega... blah!" But since most of you people looking for cheats are in-experience in this game, I am here to clarify what the people are saying. First of all you need to get the spell magnega, which you obtain at "The world that never was" which is the last world in the whole game. At the world that never was you need to beat Xigbar, the first Organization 13 member that you beat in this world. AFter beating Xigbar that should be your level 46 Bonus level (Bonus levels cannot be changed, they are gained after beating a boss. The bonus level stays the same for all people who play KH2. They are gained at the same bosses, at the same times.) you should obtain magnega. Magnega is the strongest magne element spell. The next thing you need to do is to go to the Pride lands. At the pride lands go up to pride rock, at pride rock go to the peak and there should be about 220 rapid thrusters (those bee like things that die in one hit). But that's not the point. Just cast magnega once and about 10-40 rapid thrusters should die by the time the spell disappears. Just keep casting the spell until you run of of Mp, but you shouldn't because anything hit with a spell drops mp orbs (those bubbles lying on the floor after popping up from the dying rapid thruster.) So you should gain back most of the mp you use up for casting the Magnega spell. This should clarify the fastest way to gain levels, at first it will take about a minute or two to level. But when you get to level 55 it will be raining experience, in no time you will be level 99. I know 3 hours is pretty long for most of you, but trust me. The next best thing is killing the heartless at the world that never was, which give 400-1000exp each while the rapid thrusters give only 56. But that can be upgraded to about 160 by getting the Gull wings weapon (which you will get by the time you reach the world that never was) and equipping the experience boost ability (which you will get near the beginning of the Sora part of the game) then getting 1/10 remaining life left. If you get tired of the alarm just turn off the volume of your television. So 220 rapid thrusters that can be killed in 20-50 secs (in total about 32k exp if you do the method previously indicated) or about 100 heartless that can be killed in 5-10 minutes(6-10k exp. Also to keep killing the heartless at the world that never was you have to leave the world and re-enter(about 30 secs to find a save point, leave the world and re-enter. But at the peak of pride rock just exit the peak and re-enter(2 secs) and they should have respawned already.

Notes: This took me about 47 minutes to think about, edit, and submit, so you better appreciate it. Also, this may not be the "Best" explanation but it should be pretty understandable by the time you think that you think that you need to look at cheats. Also magnera should work pretty well also, but it will take twice as long to kill all of the rapid thrusters. Also this guide is from level 50-99 in 3 hours because I got the magnega spell at level 50. If you think "But I don't have the magnega spell yet and I'm already at level 50" you need to get bonus level 46 which you get by defeating Xigbar at TWTNW. I beat Xigbar at level 50 but some of you may like to train a little before going to the next world, that's fine too but it's much slower than just going through everything pretty fast, then getting the levels later in the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read this hint/ tip. This tip took me a while to comprehend since I had to search how to get magnega, what Pride lands part 2 is (pride lands part 2 is that you have to revisit the pride lands, you have to revisit every world after you've been to all of them, all worlds have to be revisited except Atlantica (the place where that mermaid Ariel is at) and how could I possibly get this amazingly high amount of exp in just 3 hours.

Again, 3 hours may seem long to most of you people, but the total time of getting level 50-99 in 3 hours is faster than a total time of level 50-99 in 10+ hours, which is the next best way of levelling.
lvl up forms
tips on how to lvl up drive forms more effectively

Valor form: easiest to lvl up, gains exp whenever you hit any enemy

Wisdom: gains exp when you DEFEAT heartless

Master: gains exp only by collecting drive orbs

Final: gains exp when you kill nobodies

wisdom & final: go for quantity not quality when trying to lvl up ,each enemy defeated only give you +1 no matter how strong. IN other words a creeper will give you the same exp as a scorerer
LVL up quick for final form !!!!!
If you want to level the final form quick, you can go to The World That Never Was. But be warned, be level 50 plus if you want to succeed. Ok, then go to the second checkpoint where there is a blue floor going to the UFO. Then turn into Final and kill the enemies there. If you have 2 drives left, go into the hallway and you'll end up in an elevator. While in Final Form, you can kill these and there will be a checkpoint in the next hallway. Hurry up before you change back because if you don't make it, you have to go to a tournament in the colosium and exit then go back and do all of this again.

-------- masterofgames9206

-------- is my e-mail if you have any questions reguarding leveling up the final form.
Master form level up
go to the timeless river, inside there should be plenty of Laarge Bodies, and Hot Rods, these drop many drive orbs, i leveled my master up to max level in 7 minutes,
PS:remember to leave to recover drive
(look at drive cheat)
Master Form Lvlin
One tactic to use while lvling your master form is...

1. Go to the Land of Dragons and then go to the village. Climb up more, when you reach the areas with the fireworks destroy both of them collect the drive orbs then go to the peak. Go down and break both of the fireworks then go back to the village, repeat. Collecting the drive orbs with oathkeeper if done correctly can make you in Master form forever.

2. Go to the emperors palace, in the Antechamber about 8 centaurs will spawn, these guys drop lots of drive orbs. Kill all of them go back to the save point, get out of the world come back with a full drive meter and repeat.
Mickey's Help
When you are fighting Xaldin at Beast Castle. Purposly DIE!!!!!!! This is totally cool. You get to be KING MICKEY. Once you die during this battle king mickey comes and you can fight with mickey while mickey cures sora. It was so much fun. Oh i almost forgot. Once you die, two options will appear. Click, I wont give up!
My Way Of Defeating Sephiroth.
Ok I Have Managed To Defeat Seophiroth At Level 49, 14 Times Now. So I Advise You Follow My Advise.
Ok I Started Of With 3 Elixers And 3 Hi-Potions. I Use To Quick Commands Like This.

x - Curaga ( Important )
Triangle - Elixer
Sqaure - Hi-Potions
o - ( A Random Command, I Put Reflaga On But Its Up To You )

Now You Need To Have Double Jump And Quick Run On As Well.

Ok Now, There Are About 5 Main Attacks You Need To Watch Out For.
1. I Call It The Command Attack. That One Where You Need To Press Triangle To Block His Attacks. That Ones Pretty Easy Just Make Sure Your Not In The Air When He Uses It. It Doesnt Normally Work.
2. Ok The 1 Hp Attack. Where He Drains All Your Hp Except For 1 Hit Point. Well Before He Uses It He Takes Time To Get Into The Air To Use It On You. Well Quickly Run Up To Him And Attack Him Before He Can Use It. If He Uses It And You Know You Cant Attack Him, When The Noise Comes Just Before Your HP Drains Use The Curaga And It Should Mean No HP Is Taken Off.
3. Metoer One. This Isnt Hard At All Like, All You Do It Keep Double Jumping And It Should Miss You.
4. Ok The Orb One. This Is Difficult, Try And Hit Away The Orbs While Double Jumping To Avoid Attacks From Sephiroth, I Hate That Attack
5. The Annoying One Where He Gets Surrounded By Fire, Just Quick Run Away From Him, And Keep Quick Running Until He Like Stops.

Any HP Taken Off By Normal Attacks, I Suggest You Use Your Hi-Potions. This Worked For Me So It Should Work For You.
Nobodie Lance
Keep on fighting the Dragon Nobodies till they drop the Nobodie Lance (staff) you gotta get it it's pretty cool
one of the best way to beat sehpiroth!!!
Sephiroth may be one of the hardest bosses to beat but you don't even have to be level 70 to do it. I did it when i was lvl 63. Anyway, all you need is...

1.Ultima/Oblivion Keyblade.

2.Hi-potion x 6 on auto reload.

3.The abilities aerial recover, second chance
and/or second wind, berserk charge(optional) and the attack rush ability.
(the ability where you press x from a bit of a distance and you rush to you enemy.)

4. cure/cura/curaga on shortcut

and thats all you need to beat him.

When your actually fighting him you can either dodge or turn the tables on every attack and heres how...

Attacks and how to block or dodge them!

Charge swipe: He will use this a the start of the battle and every time he uses it press triangle and you will block it everytime but it will hit if you jump while he uses it.

Dark halo: This move he will use after he has taken a large bit of damage, BEWARE this attack will leave 1hp and drain your magic to 0, and 9/10 times he will use charge swipe straight after.
to block it when he goes in the air just go up and attack him fast!!!

Lava plume: He will use this after a combo but it will happen occasionally you cannot block this if you are right next to him and it will be R.I.P!
if you have some distance then leg it away from him because it will suck you in, but you will have a warning form him, him will say perish! once he says that run!

Aerial swipe: He will use this quite often. He will disappear the reappear behind you and will hit you with an unavoidable hit and you will fly in the end. The only way to survive this is to yous aerial recover straight away then go mental with Keyblade attacks!

Dark meteor: He will use this when he is on his last 7-5 bars and meteors will fall from the sky to dodge it either use jump dodge or glide and you won't take a huge amount of damage!

The only attack that are not completely avoidable is his basic attack the only way to dodge these is to run until you see an opening the attack!

Phil's training
Maniac mode recieve 1000 points or more
Follow this simple steps to reach you goal.
Step one: Unequip all your added combos from abilities menu and equip draw ability and negative combo (if you have it.)

step two: Equip a keyblade with the negative combo (fenir if you have it) and equip a draw ring

step three: Begin the game and head for the urns in groups. You'll see that they are breaking faster. Why? Because the last hit from your keyblade is what breaks the urn. Try hitting the big gold urns into the tiny urns to recieve more points.

Step four: You'll finish we a total of about 1000 - 2000 points depending how fast you are and how many negative combos are equiped as well as draw abilities
play as king mickey
this is a good hint 4 people who been saying "king mickey is so cool i wanna play as him" ok i did this in a boss fight in beast castle second story but i think its in any boss fight die then a white screen will appear click i wont give up and king mickey is there u can ether charge drive 2 get sora back or kick the bosses butt but u have 2 kill him as sora hope i helped
Points For Cups Tip
In some Cups that allow you to Summon characters, use Stitch's Limit: Ohana and use the Square Button only to get points without killing/hurting enemies like crazy.
Pre determine sephiroths attacksand strategize
Ok first off be at least at lvl.70 (i beat him at lvl. 71) ok anyways before the battle go to customize and on any shortcut button put an elixer on another put curaga on another put reflega and on another put thundaga or blizzaga or any other long range magic attack.Since the drive gauge cannot be used in this battle use a good keyblade i used ultima which is best because of the mp restoration ability it has which helps you get mp faster after using cure,which you WILL!need.

ok now that were past setup here is how to block and predetermine his moves.In the beginning of the battle he will use an attack thats simple to block just use the reaction command, "BLOCK".then he will go right through you the instant that that attack is over go all out on him with a big ground or aerial combo (which ever is a stronger combonation) once youve finished your combo he will teleport.far away and will walk towards you slowly. so slowly walk towards him and the instant his blade goes back immediateley cast reflega and it WILL DEAL MASSIVE DAMMAGE TO HIM!at this part in between the battle he will kick you up in the air and deal a long long string of attacks after another , if this happens try yourt best to use the midair counterattack to knock him off of you and if your HP ever gets to low and you have about 2 seconds to spare use an elixer if like only 1 or so USE CURAGA IT IS WAY FASTER!Ok well anyways keep doing that stratagy for a while.

Ok once you've eliminated about 4 of his HP bars he will use balls of energey to surrond you so simply use reflega to rid them off of you.

Ok now once you have eliminated about 5 1/2 of his HP bars he will fly way up in the air OK NOW THE INSTANT YOU SEE HIM GO UP YOU MUST HIT HIM OR HE WILL CAST SIN HARVEST AND DEPLETE YOUR HEALTH AND MP TO 0 IN 1 SECOND SO YOUD BETTER HAVE LAST CHANCE AND ONCE MORE EQUIPPED ALSO! And he will also use the attack that can be blocked with the reaction command and he will use the dark balls still so put the strategies i gave you to use against those attacks to use.

After You have eliminated about 8-9 he will become very vicious and use a fire attack just use refkega to deal MASSSIVE DAMAGE TO HIM WHEN HEE DOES THIS and mainly from there on he will do all the attacks he knows fastly and repetitiveley along with a meteor attack which is fairly easy to dodge.So from there on just use all the strategies i have given you and you are sure to win!

Pride Lands "Glitch"
Ok now i'm sure that most people have heard of this glitch and i'm going to try and explain it to you in the best way possible.

When in the Pride Lands, have Donald and Simba in your party, and basically unequip everything (potions, but not equipment) give Donald his weakest weapon. Make sure you equip Sora with the Gullwing Keyblade and the Experience Boost ability. Now, "Customize" your shortcuts to all Magnega and go the The King's Den. Once inside, go through it to the higher part and head up the the Peak.

Once your there, run up to the middle and slowly get hurt by the enemies until your health is flashing red. Once your health has reached this stage, continuously cast Magnega until you no longer have any more MP. Once it's gone, quickly run around and collect all of the MP Orbs to boost the MP recovery rate, and once it's replenished, repeat.

Once all of the enemies are dead, go back the The King's Den and then come back to the Peak. Repeat. You can go up about 20 levels (when your at level 80) in about 15 minutes. (Just imagine how fast you'll go up levels at about level 35!)

Happy Training

Pride Lands Leveling Up
This is in addition to another tip, but anyways first unlock the keyhole (Beat first episode) in Pride Lands, after you unlock it head back to the King's Den go up to the top and get in the center of giant crowd of Rapid Thrusters and use Magnet/Magnera/Magnega rapidly. It will draw in all of the Heartess close by, and do to their low health will easily kill them. Also have Circle of Life or Ultima Weapon equiped it helps to have you magic refill quick even though the ammount of Rapid Thrusters killed will drop enough MP Balls to refill it. It takes roughly 30 seconds to a minute to clear one group, then just head back in the den and go back up. I went from level 79 to 91 in a little less than 1 and 1/2 hours.
Quick Final Form
To get Final Form fast, just go to Olympus Coliseum and enter the Cerberus Cup. You start with full Drive in every battle here, and each time you Drive you have a chance of getting Final. Keep Driving in every battle, and eventually you'll go to Final instead of your intended form. After that, you'll have Final Form on your Drive list.
Quick HP/MP Save Point Restore
Tired of waiting for your HP or MP gauge to fill when you step on the Save Point? Well, press Triangle to go to the Save Menu and exit. Your HP and MP will be restored without having to wait for it to slowly fill. Great for impatient times when you need to achieve something but you don't need waiting for HP/MP to hinder you.
Quick level up
In the World That Never Was, go through the world beating EVERY Heartless and Nobody in the world and you gain 85,000 EXP in total in just 25 min.
Quick Level Up Master Form
Easily level up Master Form by going to the corridors outside Ansem's Lab. Leave Ansem's Lab and go to the first main room. Three Crimson Jazz enemies should appear. Change to the Master Form, beat the enemies, and collect the orbs they drop and keep moving to the other enemies. It's possible to kill them all within the same change. When you Drive Gauge depletes, go to Olympus for a recharge. You can find seven Crimson Jazz enemies for a total of 70 to 80 XP each time.

Quick Level Ups and Forms
Once you've gotten to "The Altar of Naught" in The World That Never Was, you should be able to get to Level 99 easy. Jump to the World Map and re-enter at "The Brink of Despair" and fight your way all the way up to "The Altar of Naught." Don't forget to defeat the Nobodies in Luxord and Saix's chambers at "The Proof of Existence." This should level everyone up by at least one every trip after level 70. The Nobodies here all give you 1000 EXP, except for the Creepers at "Naught's Skyway," which give you only 400 EXP, but appear in large amounts. Keep going back and forth through here and you should be at level 99 in about three hours (bear with me, it's not THAT fast!)

Valor Form MAX: Try killing as many Creepers as you can at "Naught's Skyway." There's plenty of them and you should be able to finish in half an hour. Just jump to the World Map when there's no one left and come back to "Twilight's View" to continue on to "Naught's Skyway" and kill more Creepers. You should be able to use this twice in the same battle if needed. When you're on the 1.5 area on the Form Gauge, head back to "Twilight's View" and jump to the World Map. Then come back and continue leveling up.

Wisdom Form MAX: Jump to "The Brink of Despair" and head over to "Memory's Skyscraper." Here, there are plenty of Shadows and a couple of Neoshadows to kill, so leveling up Wisdom is pretty easy, too. You should be done within an hour or two.

Master Form MAX: Equip the Wishing Lamp Keyblade and head over to Disney Castle. Jump to the "Cornerstone Hall" and enter the door that leads to the Timeless River World. Use Master Form after you enter any of the "Windows," and kill everything you can. the Large Body Heartless give a lot of Drive Orbs, so try to focus on them a little more. Run back to the "Cornerstone Hall" and jump to the World Map before your Form Gauge runs out, and this'll be easy. You'll be done before you know it.

Final Form MAX: This one's kinda tricky. Head back to The World That Never Was and jump to "Twilight's View." Kill as many Creepers as you can at "Naught's Skyway," and head back to the World Map before your Gauge hits 1.25. There's hella Creeps here; at later levels, you should be able to kill about 30+ every run.

Well, that's all the advice I can give. Just don't forget to equip Sora with his newly gained abilities afterwards. XD
Rare Heartless
The Rare Heartless Is Called The Bulky Vender. You can find it in the Land Of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Hades paradox cup. You can get rare items when you go up against the Bulky Vender. You will sometimes be able to get a Orichalcum, Bright Shard, Bright Stone and then there are many more items you can get. It just depends when you get there, Where you go and what you do to it. So Dont hit it and it will be fine and you might get a good item. so dont let donald or goofy or any other party members attack it. So i hope you thought this was a good tip. Thanks to my Friends J&J for helping me. your bud BK
Really fast way to lvl up final and wisdom forms
Final: Go to tower in Twilight Town and change into final. If ur final is at a low lvl just kill the nobodies outside the tower an go use the drive gauge glitch when the drive gauge runs low.
Ull get about 11 exp each time.
READ THIS: To kill enemies really fast(instantly at a high lvl) when in wisdom, master or final form use magnega an most enemies will die if ur at a high enough lvl.
For higher lvl final run through the tower an when u encounter enemies just cast magnega an theyll probably die instantly. Ull get like 40-50 xp using this method.

Wisdom: Just go to Olympus Colisseum an go to the underworld. Go through the right door an just run through the corridor usin magnega to kill everything.(the enemies are really weak there) When uve gotten through the corridor ull get to a save point an u can use the drive gauge glitch. If an enemy doesnt die just shoot it til it dies.
This method gives like 40xp each time u use it.
Refilling Drive Instantly!
If you want you drive bar maxed, all you have to do, is, Go to the Underworld tournament. Talk to Panic, after talking to him, A screen of all Tournaments pop up.
Go to the fourth one, in which you fight Hades at the end of Ten battles. Once you enter the first battle, Your Drive Bar will be completely filled. Pause, and select quit. When you leave, your bar is still full.

This will help you level up forms and summons quicker.

Secret (Special) Ending
Unlock EVERY Keyhole on PROUD mode will let you have acess to the Secret (Special) Clip at the end of the game. Enjoy!

You can also unlock it by completing Jiminy's Memo and all the worlds if you're playing on Normal.
Secret Item
When you are Roxas and you in the Struggle Battle, purposely die when fighting Setzer. You will get a rare item only you can get there.
Secret Medal
In my first Tip i put on the website its under secret item. the person you purposly die to is Setzer. (but only as Roxas). another secret item is when you fight the "BOOKMASTER" in Radiant Garden (hollow bastin) you can get Akashic Record. Its a sheild for goofy.
Secret Movie
How to unlock secret movie

Secret Movie (Normal mode): Complete Jiminy's Journal and seal all Keyholes.
Secret Movie (Proud mode): You need only seal all Keyholes.
seph's deafeat
easiest way to kill seph is to have tons of potions on your shorcut menu and reflect, its a stupid magic move but it helps[cuts off half of his life when he uses his reaction command move if you time it out right]and when he hits you and you fly up he moves in a clockwise motion [might help]
Sepharoth life savers
Bring as many elixers and have Sora know final forms Glide. It helps to have the Ultima Weapon!
My frend beat sephiroth 2 times like this so it should work.

1. make sure you have beserk charge, once more, and the one that keeps limits longer abilities and oblivion or ultima keyblade
2. be around lvl. 70
3. have trinity limit
4. have elixers and high poitions

go to face sephiroth. after the very first reaction command at the beginning of the match use trinity limit. after that if have beserk charge on u will have unlimited combos. use them to your advantge. use trinity limit as much as you can. use more poitions so you can use beserk.
if you do this as follows, you should be able to defeat sephiroth in notime at all!
Sephiroth Battle
I don't know why many people say that you need to be lvl 80+ to beat him. I beat Sephiroth at lvl 73 with an Oblivion keyblade, berserk, I didn't use trinity, reflega, curaga, lvl 3 high jump, double jump, and glide. It doesn't have to be lvl 3 though.
At the beginning of the fight use the reaction command to block his 13 strikes or whatever and then start pounding him with combos. After you do 2 combos he will teleport away to either the other side of the arena and start slowly walking toward you or right next to you and hit you up in the air. If he hits you up in the air use the skill when you press circle you regain your balance and then when he's about to hit you, use a combo to counterattack it and start pounding him with more combos. If he teleported to the other side and slowly walking toward you, walk toward him and get ready to block his attack and start hitting him with more combos.
Very soon he will make orbs appear around you and you can make them disapear with reflega. If you don't they will hit you but not do very much damage but they can be annoying since they will prevent you from hitting Sephiroth as much. After you use reflega block Sephiroth's attack and start hitting him with more combos. The process will repeat and repeat.
After a while he will use a move called "Sins Harvest", it leaves your hp to 1 and with no mp. Luckily this move can be interrupted so when he floats up in the air and says something about heartless use your high jump and double jump to get to him and hit him with a combo but be quick with it. If you don't manage to get to him in time get away from him because when he lands on the ground he follows it up with his 13 strikes so press triangle and then use a potion to heal your health. Then keep on repeating the process.
After all that he might start turning purple and flying fast around the arena hitting you. You can counterattack by right before he attacks you just start pressing X to stop his attack and hit him with a combo.
Then he will float up in the air but he isn't using Sin's Harvest, instead he will start shooting meteors at you. But this move can be easily dodged. First go to the either the right or left side of the arena. Then when he starts shooting meteors toward you use double jump and if you have to, glide to the other side and wait until he reaches you with his meteors. Then just use double jump and glide to the other side and repeat the process until he stops. Then just repeat everything and you will be able to defeat him.
Make sure you equip second chance which lets you have at least 1 hp left after a combo. So if your alarm goes off which reminds you that you have low health ignore it if you still have more then 1 hp. So then when he uses a combo on you when you have more then 1 hp you will still be left with 1 hp left no matter how many hits his combo is and after that use a potion or curaga to heal yourself.
When you beat him he will say that you are skilled but only Cloud can defeat him. So he tells you to give Cloud a message saying Sephiroth is ready to settle things. So you can find Cloud in the marketplace and tell him the message. Then go back to the Dark Depths to go into a cutscene. Cloud and Sephiroth will start fighting and Tifa will come and say that she wants to help so she gives Cloud her "light" so then Cloud starts glowing and then Sephiroth and Cloud will disapear. Then Tifa will say that she will start looking for Cloud and says that light isn't hard to find. So she gives you the Fenrir keyblade as thanks for your help and she walks away.
The Fenrir keyblade is the strongest keyblade but not the best. Do not confuse them together. It has the strongest attack but the weakest magic. So it's the strongest keyblade but not the best.
Also remember that you can only fight Sephiroth once so don't expect to fight him again with the Fenrir to own him.
Sephiroth Battle:
Everyone finds it hard to fight Sepheroth towards the end of the game in Radiant Garden. WEll here's a tip that will help you beat him, with great ease! First, equip 6 elixers on Sora(recommended level 65 or higher) And customize his 4 slots in this order: Elixer, Reflega, Reflega, Curaga
At the beginning of the battle, tap the triangle button and begin to wail on him, but near the end of your combo, use the trinity limit. Then fly around until your magic heals. (repeat) If he uses his fire attack that absorbs you in, start casting reflega when you get near it, so it will damage him instead of you! If he hits you with his ball attack, then use an elixer and then start tapping trianlge and repeat step 1. Follow this hint to easily beat Sepheroth with no problem!
Sephiroth, Proud Mode - Without Drive Ability
My friend and I have been trying to defeat Sephiroth for AGES. We couldn't be bothered to level up our drive forms, so we only had High Jump Level 2 and that was it. We were at Level 99, and the keyblade we used was the Decisive Pumpkin.

Obviously we had Second Chance, and Once more on, with 5 Elixers, 1 potion and Berserk.

First off we obviously used the triangle button for block and then whacked him with the 3 seconds we had before he struck again. When he attacked us we repeatedly used guard. We saved our Elixers and potion until he used Angel form. Then you have to remember that straight after Angel form he uses a attack were you have to used the triangle button to block again. Basicly, attack, attack, attack, heal.

We had Curagara, Elixer, potion and Reflect on shortcut, although we did not use Reflect, it is handy to use it for the orbs.

So, if you're sick of leveling up the Drive Form, don't bother. It can be DONE!

LOL, Have fun, hope it helped and don't get frustraited, it doesn't help, AND, get helps too.
Simple Forms Level-Up
Please note that these work best right before the final battles with Xemnas.

Land on the first save point at The World that Never Was, and run into the next area. Fight the Shadows to gain the attacking EXP, and if it helps to save time, use the Lock-On button. You can use this form twice to level up, but (according to my other KH2 tip) be sure to return to the map before the second gauge runs out.

Same as Valor.

Land on the Merlin's House save point in Radiant Guarden. The whole section is loaded with enemies who dish out orbs that give you EXP. Following the tip mentioned previously, you can use this many times without having to refill your Drive Gauge.

In Traverse Town, there are many Nobodies in the Underground Tunnels. However, it's a hassel to return to a save point.
Some tips for Sehiroth
you have to be quite strong for Sephiroth for he is the hardest boss in the game. By the way the Ultima weapon will help in your battle. You can get the recipe next to Donald and Goofys pod in the mansion in Twilight Town.Ok back to the other subject. First Sephiroth will use an attack which you can block by using triangle.
Next you can attack him for a bit and he might make you use triangle again. Then once for little green flashing boxes are gone he will use his kind of weird balls of darkness to explode on you. He will then let you attack him for a few seconds then probaly he will use his dark balls again. He will then rise in to the air and use his most powerful attack where you will lose all of your life unless you have submitted Once more or Second Chance on your ability page . He
will then use an attack where you have to run!!!
He will unleash an attack where fire bursts from the ground and it pulls you towards the fire. for this battle you will need
. Ultima Weapon
.Pleanty of Elxers and Ethers and potions high potions and even mega potions
.A good level of about 75 or above.
.And what helps me is to equip Aeriel Recovery so you dont fall to the floor when get sliced up in the air.

Spelling Mistakes
There are two funny spelling mistakes in the game I've found.

The first one is in Twilight Town, during the Seven Wonders of Sunset Terrace. When you solve the mystery of the animated bag, Pence says something like, "It was just a dog in a bad," but he should say, "It was just a dog in a bag."

The other one occurs during your first visit to Beast's Castle. When the Beast's servants take you to the place with the lanturns (forgot the name), Lumiere tells you what to do. However, he says, "If we could but light in all the lanturns," when he should say, "If we could put light in all the lanturns."

Stategy for Demyx - Kingdom Key Challenge
Don't let the fact that he seems lazy get you overconfident - Demyx is one tough customer! However, with adequate preperation and knowledge of the attacks he uses will make the fight less insane, if not easier. Here is MY strategy (there is no right answer when it comes to defeating most bosses) for Demyx. If you're one of those people who likes to challenge themselves by using the Kingdom Key, this strategy's for you.

Key Used: Kingdom Key

Level: Whatever level you're at when you take him on will probably be right.

Abilities Used: Explosion is crucial, as it will delay Demyx from unleashing his attacks by a few seconds and is really handy for getting rid of his forms in time. Otherwise, equip abilities that enhance ground combo damage. If you some extra AP, throw in some air combo abilites too - you probably won't use them much, but there are times when he gets knocked into the air.

Form Used: Valor (it doesn't matter what level it's at, but if you want to level it up go ahead). You can use Master instead if you desire, but BE WARNED you will not get any healing support from Donald or Goofy - a potential disaster.

Avoid: Any Limit command - in my opinion, these just get in the way and drain MP because Donald and Goofy are horrible at dodging attacks. You won't need the commands in this strategy anyway.

Pre Fight:
What makes preparing difficult is that it comes in the middle of a large event, the Battle for Hollow Bastion. However, if you've been diligent in opening chests so far in the game you should have enough HP-restoring items to last you the battle. You should also have quite a few Ethers - give these to Donald and Auto-Reload them since he'll spam them. Equip Sora and Goofy with Potions or High-Potions, whatever you have in stock. Make sure to give Sora a Mega-Potion if you have one too. If your Drive Gauge isn't maxed out, use Drive Recharges if you have them or defeat some enemies around Hallow Bastion if you don't.

During the Fight:
Right away, Demyx will unleash his forms on you. In order to deafeat them all in time, use the reaction command available to you and attack like crazy. When they're all gone, you'll have a few seconds to attack before he regains his composure. When he does, watch out! He can make pillars of water shoot up from the ground and balls fall from the sky. It's best to try and avoid them all. Attack whenever you can get close. If you get low on health, either cast Cure on yourself or wait for either Donald or Goofy to help out. If Demyx shouts "Dance, water dance!" run over to him immediately - this is the difficult part as you have a very short amount of time to dispel the forms. Don't use the reaction command here!

When his health is down to about one bar, feel free to break out either Valor or Master Form in order to attack him more quickly than he can attack you. Chances are this'll do him in.
Summoning the Genie
When summoning the Genie, you can combine his powers with any of your Drive Forms such as Master, Valor or Wisdom, etc...
here are the summons and there locations

Chicken Little In the 100 Acre Wood, after the world's second cutscene.

Genie Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord

Peter Pan In the ship grevayard in the second visit to Port Royal.

Stitch In the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after you get Master Form.
Where to get all summons

Chicken Little: In the 100 Acre Wood, after the world's second cutscene.
Genie: Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord
Peter Pan: In the ship graveyard in the second visit to Port Royal.
Stitch: In the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after you get Master Form.
super easy struggle battle
When you get back to Twilight town go to the sandlot and challenge a struggle battle. Easy way to beat this is to use the limit attacktrinity limit while alone. After the 2 strike combo all 100 orbs should be out of the enemy and you just need to collect them after knocking the guy out and you win.
Super Powerful Final Form
What you do is you go into your items. Click on sora and go to Final Form. Then choose your strongest keyblade and select it as your final form keyblade. then go to sora in the items catagory and click on your second strongest keyblade. And Bada-Bing you have got yourself a strong final form!
Synthesis Materials
Blazing Shard: Hammer Frames, Minute Bombs
Blazing Stone: Cannon Gun, Tornado Step
Blazing Gem: Fat Bandit, Fiery Globe
Blazing Crystal: Crescendo, Crimson Jazz

Bright Shard: Bulky Vendor, Creeper Plant, Hook Bat, Soldier
Bright Stone: Bulky Vendor, Aeroplane, Driller Mole, Luna Bandit, Silver Rock, Tornado Step
Bright Gem: Bulky Vendor, Aerial Knocker, Surveillance Robot
Bright Crystal: Bulky Vendor, Air Pirate, Crescendo, Neoshadow, Strafer

Dark Shard: Shadow, Soldier
Dark Stone: Assault Rider, Nightwalker
Dark Gem: Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior
Dark Crystal: Air Pirate

Dense Shard: Creeper, Dragoon
Dense Stone: Sniper
Dense Gem: Samurai
Dense Crystal: Berserker

Energy Shard: Bolt Tower, Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior, Nightwailker
Energy Stone: Hammer Frame, Trick Ghost
Energy Gem: Emerald Blues, Fortuneteller
Energy Crystal: Shaman

Frost Shard: Hook Bat, Lance Soldier
Frost Stone: Aeroplane, Hot Rod
Frost Gem: Fortuneteller, Ice Cube
Frost Crystal: Living Bone

Lightning Shard: Bolt Tower, Rapid Thrusters
Lightning Stone: Driller Mole, Emerald Blues
Lightning Gem: Armored Knight, Surveillance Robot
Lightning Crystal: Devestator, Strafer

Lucid Shard: Rabid Dog, Trick Ghost
Lucid Stone: Graveyard, Toy Soldier, Wight Knight
Lucid Gem: Bookmaster, Magnum Loader
Lucid Crystal: Neoshadow

Mythril Shard: Synthesis, Tresures
Myhtril Stone: Synthesis, Tresures
Mythril Gem: Synthesis, Tresures
Mythril Crystal: Synthesis, Tresures

Orichalcum: Bulky Vendors, Tresures, Collection
Orichalcum+: Get one of each of these items in this list, Atlantica, 100 Acre Wood, Twilight Town, The World That Never Was, Space Paranoids, Clear the Goddess of Fate Cup

Power Shard: Creeper Plant, Large Body
Power Stone: Luna Bandit, Silver Rock
Power Gem: Aerial Knocker, Shaman
Power Crystal: Morning Star

Serenity Shard: Assault Rider, Creeper, Fat Bandit, Graveyard, Hot Rod, Large Body, Collection
Serenity Stone: Crimson Jazz, Devastator, Dusk, Living Bone, Morning Star, Collection
Serenity Gem: Dancer, Dragoon, Gambler, Sniper, Collection
Serenity Crystal: Assassin, Berserker, Samurai, Sorceror, Collection

Twilight Shard: Dusk, Gambler
Twilight Stone: Dancer
Twilight Gem: Assassin
Twilight Crystal: Sorceror
Synthesis Moogle bonus items
Give the following items to the Synthesis Moogle to get the corresponding bonus item:

AP Boost: Give all Mythril Materials
AP Boost: Five 25 types of Material
Defense Boost: Give all Bright Materials
Elixer: Five one type of Material
Free Development: Give 5 types of Material
Free Development 2: Give 20 types of Material
High Drive Recovery: Give 10 types of Material
Megalizer: Give 15 types of Material
Serenity Shard: Give a total amount of 50 or more Materials
Serenity Shard 2: Give a total amount of 100 or more Materials
The 7 Orichalcum +'s
1. Finish Atlantica sidequest
2. Finish 100 Acre Wood sidequest
3. Complete Goddess of Fate Underdrome Tournament.
4. Found in a chest in The World That Never Was, in The Brink of Despair. It's on a small ledge between the last building and the end of the concrete, and it is easy to miss if you aren't careful.
5. Found in a chest in Sunset Terrace in Twilight Town while playing as Sora. Land in the Train Station, then take the normal train to Sunset Terrace. Head into the area, and headto the near end of the 'tracks' for the tram in this area. Stand so you are facing down the tracks at the ram, then look to Sora's right. You'll see a balcony. The chest with the Orichalcum + is on that balcony. Get to it by jumping on top of the tram, and from there jumping onto the balcony.
6. Found in a chest in Space Paranoids. During your second visit, after completing the Solar Sailer simulation, you will land at an area with 2 chests and a console for transporting to the different areas. The Orichalcum + is in one of those chests.
7. Give the moogles at least one of each item.
The best places to level up forms
Valor Form
Any place where there are lots of enemies, such as the World that Never was, or Agrabah. Also, try to battle enemies that have high defense or hp, like Berserker nobody's, since very hit you land in Valor form gives you 1 exp point. After you have gotten as much experience as you like in a specific area, or your drive gauge is nearly out, While still in Valor form, go to a save point and exit to a world map, to make your drive gauge full again. Using these methods, I leveled up Valor form from level 3, to lever 7 within 1 hour.

Wisdom Form
Either Memory skyscraper in the world that never was (Because the heartless there never stop spawning), or Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden, after you've done Trons world a second time. I personally like the Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden the best. The best method (I think) for Hollow bastion, is:
1. Start at the Postern.
2. Go into the restoration site, and in a group of enemies, transform into wisdom form.
3. Go right through all of the restoration site as quickly as you can, killing heartless as you go along (Thundaga's the best if you want to kill lots of heartless at once.).
4. Keep going all the way through (Still killing heartless) to the place just before where you fought the 1000 heartless battle, then while you are still in wisdom form, exit into the world map, to replenish your drive gauge.
I leveled up my Wisdom form from level 2, to level 7 in 1 hour this way.

Master Form
After you've completed Land of dragons a second time, Start in the throne room, go in to the place where Xigbar sent those sniper nobody's on you, and there'll be loads of horsemen heartless appear. Go right next to them and transform. Use thundara/ Thundaga, on all of them to kill them quickly, collect all of the drive gauge fillers. Go into the next area, and do the exact same thing, remembering to collect all the drive recovery's,
Then go into the next two areas (Palace Gate, Checkpoint), and continue to do the exact same thing. If you have any drive gauge time left, go into the bamboo grove, as quickly as you can, ignoring the heartless in the encampment. And while still in Master Form, exit to the world map, then start all over again. I got my Master level from 2 to 7 in 30 (!) mins this way.

Final Form
Make sure you've killed Xemnas for the first time, otherwise you'll have to sit through all of the cut scenes and bosses while doing this. Start at twilights view in the world that never was, go into the hall of melodies, and in between the 2 sniper nobody's, transform. Then, as quickly as you can, kill them with thundaga. Kill all the nobody's in the next 2 area's as quickly as you can with thundaga. Then hurry into proof of existence and exit to world map, because if you don't, it'll take a while for you to fill your drive gauge up full again.
the best way to beat sephiroth
sephiroth is the hardest boss in the game so you have to get all your forms at 6 or nine and equip al your growth abilities(normal sora).have hi potions in all your item can fight once holow bastian has renamed.he stands where xemnas was when you must fight the 1000 heartless.once you start he gonna attack you to dodge it push the reaction command to dodge it jumping will not work.if he teleports quick run and do lock on.or if it becomes dark he is going to do the begin attack so push the reaction button to not use trinity limit just attack don't use magic either cause its not gonna hurt him.swing him in the air with the square button and attack if he teleports glide away so he can't hit you.once you've don 4 bars away he will sending blue orbs you can't dodge it so do trinity limit so it don't affects you.he wil do fire walls too so run away.if he goes in the air jump to him and areal dodge to hit him if ya don't al rour mp and hp are gone if its failed use a hi potion or cure.once he starts glowing he wil be faster and stronger.if he runs in circles he will attack you so run away.once you defeated him go to cloud at the marketplace talk to him say the second option and go where you attacked sephiroth.there wil be a scene.i hoped my tip helped you.
The Easiest Way to Defeat Sephiroth
Without question, Sephiroth is the most challenging enemy in the game, even more than the final boss! You may want to save this match for your very last mission before ending the game. Sephiroth is hanging out at the dark depths in Hollow Bastion(Radiant Garden). You can challenge him to a fight, but if your not ready, he can kill you almost instantly. Unlike 99% of the enimies in the game, you can't just go up to and start slashing away. This battle requires all your tactical skills, including gaurding, countering, dodging, Reaction comands and carefully timing when to heal. It is highly recomended that you have most of your Drive levels maxed out and your experience level should should be at least 85 or so. High Jump, Ariel Dodge, Quck Run, and Glide , all acquired by leveling up all four of your Drive forms, can really save your skin here. You will need to have an Elixer or Megalixer set to go before you enter the battle. Also, it may be wise to disable any abilities that extend your combo (i.e. Berserk Charge, Combo Boost, and Combo Plus abilities), since you will need to perform a quick finishing combo when Sephiroth's health is low if you're the slashing type. The Negative Combo ability is very crucial here. As soon as the battle starts, you need to jam on the triangle button to execute the Reaction comand. He will be open for a few hits, but then he goes on the offensive. Unless you glide away from him or use Retaliating Slash, he will kill you in five or six swipes. Using Retaliating Slash is not easy; you need to time it just right so you can counter him properly. Whenever the sky goes black, that means the Reaction Comand is avalible. However, it is very easy to miss. Some cheaters have been using a turbo controller so the Triangle button is being rapidly pressed down during the entire battle! Eventually Sephiroth will cast Dark Orbs that follow you around, which is where your Growth Abilities will help you. If you played the original Kingdom Hearts, you know that Sephiroth will eventually do his dreaded Sin Harvest move. There is basicly nothing you can do except take the damage. He will generously leave you with 1 HP and nothing for MP. This is where that Elixer item will be your saving grace. Without it, you're pretty much skrewed. If you stick to your guns long enough, you can finish him off with a short finishing comobo or simply using magic. After the fight, talk to Cloud in the Marketplace and return to Sephiroth at the Dark Depths. Tifa will give you the Finrir Keyblade.
The Hades Paradox Cup
Maxing out all Drive Forms and Summons to Level 7 win open the Hades Paradox Cup in the Underdrome.
Lvl: 40 or above

Weapon: Any keyblade should do

armor: up to you

acc: up to you

item: elixir,megalixir,ether or mega ether

Ability: All action ability except auto valor,wisdom,master,final. All growth ability. don't equip the negative combo, equip all abilities that increase combo, strength, magic, or limit attack. use the once more or second chance.

your magic must be 70 or higher.

Triangle: Curaga
Square: (the item you equipped)
Circle: (the item you equipped)
X: Reflega

The Battle:

First, just press triangle and the R1 button. And then, you make a full combo to him. When he disappear, just calm down and see his movement, if you get caught in his attack in the air, use square to counter him. if you caught in the ground, use reflega immediately. if he fly to the air and glow, use trinity limit. all of his attack such as the ball attack, the metor attack, the firewall attack or he turn pink and attack you, just use reflega. make sure the reflega after attack hit him. just do all what i said and you will win it easily.
The truth about Anti-Form
I've seen a lot of theories about the anti-form out there, but I recently just beat the game without getting it once. You get anti-form when you attempt to change into any of the other forms while you are being attacked. If you change into a form before entering battle, you will never get anti-form. I tried this theory, and sure enough, as soon as I changed into a form while being attacked I got anti-form, otherwise it never came up.
The very simple way to beat sephy
Well there are many of us out there who are thinking I'm never going to beat him, it's actually so easy to do that you'll laugh when your done:

1. be at level 85, with 56 strength
2. have 6 elixirs
3. have trinity limit

Once the battle starts press triangle. Then from there use trinity limit which would take him down 3 bars. Once you run out of mp use the elixir, repeat those steps and by the 5th trinity limit, you'll beat him.
This are the things to fight for Forms
Ok...after reading though the tips and cheats...i relized that it doesnt have the tips/cheats t on how to lvl up Forms...

Valor - each hit on monsters gives 1 exp.

Wisdom - each heartless killed gives 1 exp.

Master - each drive balls collected gives 1 exp.

Final - each Nobody killed gives 1 exp.

I hope that this tip may help you on getting 100% both sotry line and your own goals got gamerz
tip;sephiroth counter attack
in Kh2 sephiroth is harder so let me give you a tip,you can counter his attacks if you have a block ability.while you are being attacked in the air press the square button and at the right timing you will block/counter his attack {noteoes not always work}.
Tips for valor form
When using valor form equip a weak keyblade.

higher atk= easier to kill an enemy= takes longer to level valor
Torn Pages
Torn Page 1: In the Disney Castle's Library.
Torn Page 2: In the Pride Lands at the Oasis
Torn Page 3: In Hollow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure
Torn Page 4: In the Land of the Dragons in the Throne Room
Torn Page 5: In Agrabah at the Tower
Training Grounds
The drive forms are usually a pain in the ass to level-up, so here's the lowdown of the top three areas (or ways) to level-up each form:

*Valor (striking enemies)
1)World that Never Was (anywhere)
2)Boss battles
3)Underworld (use drive glitch in colisseum, then beat-up on the enemies of the world)

*Wisdom (Defeating heartless)
1)World that Never Was (First two areas - only available until you go past the Brink of Despair)
2)Hollow Bastion (The great maw - plenty of armored knights to beat-up on)
3)Land of dragons (lots of easy Neoshadow enemies)

*Master (Collecting drive orbs)
1)Land of Dragons (Summit, Checkpoint, and Cave - lots of firework carts, and horsemen heartless that drop them things by the dozen)
2)Hollow Bastion (anwhere where you can find the ball-like heartless)
3)Ummm... I guess there is no third

*Final (defeating nobodies)
1) World that Never Was (nobodies are very prominent there, but once nobodies are appearing, the heartless might no longer show up in the first two areas)
2) Twilight Town (Yen Sid's tower - many, many nobodies as you climb the stairs)
3) Twilight Town (Old mansion - at least they're better grouped than Yen Sid's tower, but you won't find as many)
Trinitiy Limit Alone
Once you obtain Trinity limit, one of the best limits, you can use it under the limit Command. You can even use it when it's sora alone!
Twilight town mini games
Complete 100 or more points.

This is super easy. Just hit the ball straight up when it comes down hit it again it'll keep going up and down and won't move from position. It'll take about 2 minutes to do it this way. It's better than runnig around and after having half the hits and it drops on the ground.

Cargo climb
complete within 15 seconds.

Equip the negative combo ability and any weapons that further decreases your combo. When the cargo is knocked into the air follow it up with a quick strike while lcoked on to send it flying. Keep doing this to complete the objective just try to keep the cargo in the middle to prevent running inot the sidewalls.

Complete within 10 seconds

Simply use the magnet spell than thunder(thundage recommended). The stronger the magnet abiltiy the better chance at completing the objective

Two of Sephiroth's Greatest weaknesses!!!
One of ol' Sephy's holes is that you can your Reflect to Bounce his attak right back at him,MWAHAHAHA!!! Another one is that when his Sin Harvest is casted, a purple halo will appear on top your head. EXACTLY when that happens, use Cure. The Leaf Bracer Abillity will stop sin harvest from stoping your spell and youll have FULL HEALTH! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!
uber leveling ALL forms
go to port royal world (pirates of the criibean) go on the black pearl and sail 2 isle de murta, kill every1 u can with valor but leave yourself with enough gauge to get back to the black pearl, when u get on ur drive is fully restored if u were still in a form

do what you did for valor except start out by killing the dudes at port royal instead of isle de murta (stay near the dock though)

go to the land of the dragons world (mulan's world) and go to the village that got burned down, go up the path by the cave u got ambushed in by heartless, destroy the explosive carts and rockets then leave that room and go back, do this until ur down to about 7/8 of ur 0 guage left then run to the save point and board the gummi ship then go back u should have full drive again, u might wana save cus every now and then u turn into heartless sora and lose ALL ur drive
Ultima Weapon
You don't have to wait until your moogle level is max to make the ultima weapon, all you need is an energy crystal and you can make it at any level(as long as you can use energy crystals, but i think that is like lvl 2)

Happy Heartless Slaying!
Unlock Final Form Easily
Here is another easy way to unlock final form. To be able to unlock final form you need to have met Roxas in the world that never was. Then any time you activate a drive form during battle there is a chance that it will be final form.The method is in the world that never was. After you beat Xigbar, you are in the room of the fight and your Party members are walking around. Go to the next room, but not any further, and try to be a drive form, if it isn't final, then go back and your drive gauge will be reset. Persevere and you will get final form.
Unlockable Keyblades
Bond of Flames - Complete the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.
Circle of Life - Speak to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands.
Fenrir - Defeat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.
Follow the Wind - Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal.
Guardian Soul - Defeat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.
Gullwing - Speak to Yuna after completing the above.
Heros Crest - Defeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.
Hidden Dragon - Defeat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.
Holy Pumpkin - Defeat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.
Monochrome - Defeat Pete at Timeless River.
Oathkeeper - Complete Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.
Oblivion - Defeat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.
Photon Debugger - Complete Space Paranoids.
Rumbling Rose - Speak to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.
Sleeping Lion - Go to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.
Star Seeker - Obtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.
Sweet Memory - Complete the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in The Hundred-Acre Wood.
Ultima Weapon - Obtain the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town. After that, you may use the Moogle Shops to synthesize the keychain.
Wisher's Lamp - Defeat Jafar in Agrabah.
Wonders of the Abyss - Complete Chapter 4 of Atlantica.
Unlockable Ship Models.
Completing these missions will earn you theses unlockable Gummi Ship Models:

Cactuar S-Rank: The Broken Highway Mission 2
Cait Sith S-Rank: The Sunlight Storm Mission 2
Chocobo S-Rank: The Ancient Highway Mission 2
Fenrir S-Rank: The Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 2
Highwind Model S-Rank: The Asteroid Sweep Mission 2
Kingdom Model S-Rank: The Asteroid Sweep Mission 2
Mandragora S-Rank: The Floating Island Mission 2
Moogle S-Rank: The Splash Island Mission 2
Mushroom Model S-Rank: The Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 1
PuPu S-Rank: The Stardust Sweep Mission 2
Secret Model S-Rank: The Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3
Tonberry S-Rank: The Phantom Storm Mission 2
Unlocking Secret Ending!
To unlock the secret ending you will need to play on specific difficulty levels. Here's how it goes:

Easy: You can't unlock the secret ending at all.
Normal: You have to fully complete all worlds and fill in the whole of Jiminy's Journal.
Proud: Complete all worlds fully.

So the harder the difficulty, the easier it is to unlock it.
Use your reaction commands to your advantege!
When fighting a hard enemy or boss. It is extremly important to use your reaction commands when you have the chance. Always look in the menu screen on the bottom left-hand corner. Press the "triangle button" at the right time to activate the command. Soon enough, you'll master the reaction commands to beat enemies easily.
way i found to easily level up valor, wisdom, and master form.
go to the timeless river after youve beaten it. there are four doors here, and the door to go back to disney castle. i found the first door(mickeys house) was easiest for wisdom. once you beat all the monster, or of you drive gauge gets down to 0 (not fully run out), leave the door and go back to disney castle. your drive will be full and you can do it again. valor was door 3(pier looking place), and master was door 4(building site). do note i was just about to kill xemnas the last time and the monsters had changed. from before that, wisdom was door 1 again, valor was door 3, and i think master was door 2.
What form to use and when.
Alright, This is a tip on what form you should level up, why, where to level it up, and why the others should not be used.

First off - do not use Valor form in any major battle. The reason for this is that Valor is the easiest to level up and thus should be used during normal game play.

Secondly, Wisdom form vs Master Form. When you're in Hallow Bastion and you have to defeat that huge army of Heartless before reaching the Dark Depths the first time - Do not use Wisdom form - Use Master Form. Master Form requires a large sum of drive orbs in order to level up - a fight against a thousand heartless does an excellent job - especially if you use the "Call of the Wind" keyblade (a draw keyblade, obtained in Port Royal) along with the "Wishes come true" keyblade (in Agrabah, its a jackpot keyblade). Also, if you've obtained it already - equip the following abilities: Draw, LuckyLucky, and Jackpot.
**To use Master more than once during the Great Maw battle, here's a second little tip**
the drive gauge fills up faster during MP charge - so once your drive runs out, cast cure on yourself to get to MP charge instantly, start slaughtering until your drive gauge is refilled to your preferences and then enter the form again and keep fighting...and repeat the process to your heart's desire.
- The other best places to level Master Form up include some of the first places you visit in the game...Beast's castle, Land of Dragons, and Hallow Bastion - because those were the first locations - the enemies you face there will drop more drive orbs than any other places.

Final Form - yeah, yeah, its the "coolest" form, and the hardest one to level up - since you can only level up by killing Nobodies - which aren't around much - the best location to level this up is in the Old Mansion in Twilight Town.

Wisdom form, use it anywhere that has a lot of heartless - Agrabah, The World That Never Was (between the Alley to Between and the Brink of Despair save points).

Valor - This form levels up by hits, not kills, and so you should equip Sora with the weakest weapons he has and remove complex and powerful moves from his abilities. NOTE: none of your party members vanish - so make sure to equip them with the weakest weapons, and remove any powerful attacks from their abilities too. This will make it harder to kill the enemy, allowing Sora to make more hits per target.

Anti-Form (aka "shadow form")
It shows up randomly, right? Wrong, and because of that - there are ways to prevent the likelihood of going into this form. For instance, when you are in the "World that never was" Be prepared - Since its between the light and the Darkness - its unpredictable. Magic is something you should not use while fighting there, So I'd suggest that you don't use either Wisdom or Master which both focus on magic because you're more likely to turn into anti-form than the actual form you wanted. Do NOT use any other forms aside from Valor and Final while inside the Organization's castle - if you turn into anti-form while fighting a main boss - you're basically screwed. Also, turning into your chosen Form before the enemies pop out can also cripple the chances of turning into anti-form.

And that's all for this tip of mine, I'll be posting more later.
Whats Luck gotta do with it?
Well, did you know that equipping Abilites such as "Lucky Lucky" and equipping Weapons such as Donald's Meteor Staff, Sora's Sweet Memories Keyblade, and Goofy's Genji Shield will make it easier for optaining rare Synthesis items? Yup! It sure does.
White Room Drawings
In the white room, the drawings done by namine if you notice namin'e replaces kairi in alot of them and in one riku is holding namin'es hand and sora is in hollow bastion showing them a book. if you examine them closely you can find hints to help you understand the games' story line better.
Xemnas is so easy- here's the real way to beat him
For all those who are still stuck on Xemnas, all you really have to do is keep slahing him with Sora and when you have to play as Riku and Xemnas does those annoying attacks, just attack as soon as he talks before his attack and that will stun him for a while. keep goin towards Sora to save him and Xemnas will try it again, once again attack as soon as he says something before he strikes if you don't he will take serious HP off you. When you're back in control of Sora, keep attackin until he dies. Easy
You don't have to be level 79, or 85, or whatever!
All you need to beat Sephiroth is the Trinity combo, an inventory full of elixirs and hi-potions, and the keyblade known as Fatal Crest(obtained in the Underworld).

When the battle starts, do as everyone else instructed before me and make sure to repeatedly press triangle in order to reaction block his multi-attack. Once the attack has finished, lock onto Sephiroth and attack him with a normal ground combo. Right before the combo has finished, press over and up on the d-pad and activate Sora's limit break (reminiscent of Cloud's omnislash from FF7). Make sure to press triangle in order to keep the combo going and it will not allow Sephiroth to teleport while you're attacking him. Once the combo is over, continue attacking him with a normal aerial combo. Because of the Fatal Crest's ability to enter berserk mode when all MP has been expended, you can "juggle" Sephiroth until he teleports. If Sephiroth does knock you into the air, just press circle to right yourself in air and repetedly press the attack button. Sephiroth's first attack will meet with Sora's in air, and Sora being in berserk mode will be able to turn the tables and hack away at his life. From that point on, learn his patterns and know when to block, and you won't even encounter the Meteor spell.

Also, if you are already in a limit break, Sephiroth's "death" attack (where you are essentially at 1 life) won't work.


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Restore Drive Gauge to Full
I found this one night and there is two ways to do it.

1. Go to the World That Never Was and go into drive mode right before the area that's in front of the technically final boss. Then walk through the doorway and your drive gauge will be full.

2. Go to the Underworld's Valley of the Dead area and go into drive mode. then walk up to Hades and start a cup on the last round, beat it and your drive gauge will be restored. (This also works for Pain instead of Hades.)

Easter eggs

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Character Names
If you haven't already noticed, there are some funny things about some characters names.

Organization XIII: Take Axel's name for example. If you move the X to the beginning and rearrange the l,e, and a, it becomes X-Lea or ex-Lea. Meaning previously named Lea. That was his being's name! Works with all others too.

Yen Sid: If you spell it backwards and take away the space it becomes Disney.(Yen Sid/dis ney/disney)


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*Easy way to beat Xaldin*
Now, I looked on here and didn't find any cheats on this praticular battle. Now He is hard and I know a way to make it easy. Just read:

Do the first level on Beast's castle. Then you need to finish off the worlds such as -Port Royal, Halloween Town, Agrabah, Pride Lands, Land of dragons. THEN you can go back to beasts castle, your level should be pretty high and you should have a powerful Keyblade. Then go and beat him. He should be down in about 2 minutes flat. Or at least he was for me. lol
to do this u must seel Mulan's wolrd...
Go to "The Land of Dragons" with your drive maxed out and go to "Throne Room"(where the king is). Go to "Antechamber" and you'll see a bunch of Assult Rider's which drop big drive orbs, big hp orbs, and high-potions. Turn to Valor Form and juss kill'em all, when your drive gauge is low just go back to "The Throne" and to the save point. Don't revert just go to world map. Then comeback to "The Throne", and u will have max drive.

Just repeat this and you will max out valor form withing 10 minutes. EASY!

As everyone knows anti form is triggered by so many uses of the drives (except for final form). Anyway, if you are sick of turning into anti form when you are training and even more sick of regaining the points, just turn into a drive in the same room as a save point. There is absolutely no way to turn into anti form.
Yes theres alot of easy ways but i mean it this is the easiest!!! And to prove my freind who ahs never ever ever played any kingdom hearts, gave it a shot of beating him and did!!! all you need to do is...

Make sure you have Ethers and Hi Potions. Change the Magic Shortcut Command so its...

Triangle-Hi Potion
Circle- Ether
Square- Elixer (Not Required)
X= Curaga

And have these abilities:
Glide lvl 1,2 or 3
Second Chance
Second Wind (or the ability that lets you keep 1 hp after taking a hit that usally kills you!)


And any other abilities that help!

Once your Set go and aproach sepheroth...

When the battle Starts you have to remember theres no time to think. Just hit that Triangle Buttin Rapidly so you dodge his attack when he charges at you and you get hit like 50 times. As soon as you do that turn around and beat him back. Avoid going into the air!! if you get hit in the air, because in the air he really goes crazy. If you do acidently just Glide as far away as possible. If he hasn't already some "Gravigira" Balls (for those who are fammiliar with KH1) will come onto the field. Just attack them or use magnera. Attack him like crazy. if you can't he's using a Fire attack. Its hard to avoid it and the best way to try to avoid it is by running close to him or as far away as possible. (NOTE: WHEN RUNNING FROM HIS FIRE ATTACK, A "MAGNET" WILL PULL YOU IN! WHEN RUNNING TOWARDS HIM IN THIS ATTACK YOU WILL GO FASTER BECAUSE THE MAGNET IS ALOS PULLING YOU IN!) Once this is done, Go back to knocking him down. Another important thing in this battle is to watch carefully when he teleports. if he teleports and you can't find him...Look Up. Youre In Trouble. His about to use Heartless Angel. The most devastating attack in the whole game. He flies into the air, 5 Seconds later the alarm is ringing (HP LOW!) and your magic Is gone. If you didn't have second wind or that thing that allows you to keep 1 hp your Dead. For those who do, Just use a high potion! and make it fast! as soon as Heartless Angel is over, He goes back down and uses that dashing 50 hits. Now just repeat...You should do this but then it wouldn't be the easist way on the planet...Theres a question that should be in your head.."HOW CAN I STOP HEARTLESS ANGEL??"There is a way...You can either Jump really high and glide up to him and attack him, (note if youre doing this Level up Master form to level 3 so you can get the ability to Jump again!) That is the best way. there is another way..i havn't tried it but Using Trinity Limit alone without donald and goofy lets sora release a devastating 3-time repeat combo. if you have the time change the comand menu so you have limit, choose trinity and if youre lucky sora should have teleported to where sepheroth is and did trinity. If you did, its a good idea to do Break! (Triangle) This releases the same combo just much more powerfull. if you did this and sepherpoth stoped doing heartless angel, You can have a good feeling your going to win. When he has 3 bars of health left, A pink glow aurrounds sepheroth (BOSSES ALWAYS HAVE A SCRET MOVE WHEN THERE LOW ON HEALTH!) The glow look familiar? it should. He has a ground type heartless angel now but guess what? it takes him a while to actully use it. Just hit him and sooner or later the battle will be over. if it isn't don't worry. He barley ever uses the ground tyoe heartless angel, and aslong as you have magic and ethers the battle will be over really soon. Now sit back and watch the cut scene. notice how Disney and Square Enix put that battle in as if it was a normal one? well, the reaction command has changed to talk so talk to The One winged angel. Sepherpoth will say all this stuff about cloud being the only one who can destroy him. then he wants you to go back and find cloud. just head to the market square and cloud is walking in the centre. talk to him select the option that says tell him and sora will tell him. head back to where you battled sepheroth. the reaction command is now aproach, If you do that, Square Enix's best song will play and you will see one of the best cut scenes. after that you will get Fenfir. a Keyblade version of clouds sword, And did you know that its stronger than ultima? (Ultima is the best keyblade. it even says on the description "the keyblade above all others") anyway if you havn't already done so you can scream a gicantic YESSSSS!!!! And now if you also havn't done yet go on and complete the game.
I'm not guaranteeing that this will help, but it did help me. As you know, Xemnas has to be defeated twice, once in The World That Never Was, and once in the weird portal like thingie. Anyway, here are a few things that might just help you when you're trying to defeat him.
The way I did it took quite a while, but it worked out, and I didn't die once, or use drive once.OK, so you know how he teleports himself over to you and all that, well all you really have to do is run off right when he starts to attack, then when he stops for a few seconds slash him. Another way is to stay by the building, and he normally will stay over in the middle of the ground area. He won't really move. SO then you can use any long-ranged spells against him. NOTE: HE WILL COME AFTER YOU WHEN YOU CAST IT. JUMP OFF THE SIDE, AND HE WILL USUALLY GO BACK TO WHERE HE WAS. You can then repeat the process. When he puts those 3 little orb thingies on you that drain your hp, head for the building, and I mean QUICK. Then press triangle and Sora should start climbing to the top. Continue pressing triangle, and eventually Xemnas will return to the bottom, where he usually is.
This is extremely hard, and I don't think these tips will help nearly as much as the previous battle's. Anyway, in this fight, Xemnas has this favorite attack of his where he shoots weeds of darkness (or whatever they're called) at you. He pretty much always says something before he does it, but hearing him won't help unless you know where he is. WATCH HIM. I got hit a LOT of times because I didn't know where he was. Also, he has a little alternate form of himself that attacks you too, so watch out. When he captures Sora and starts draining his HP and whatever else he's doing, you're Riku, and, of course, you get to use Dark Aura as much as you want to. Keep on using Dark Aura on the alternate form and running towards Sora. DON'T GIVE THE ALTERNATE FORM A SPARE SECOND, OR HE WILL KNOCK YOU BACKWARDS. When you get to Xemnas press triangle and you will save Sora. That's pretty much all the info I have to offer for this subject, but I hope it helps.
In the castle, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of enemies, so it would help if you were on the appropriate level. Also, sometimes you don't really have to fight the Heartless/Nobodies, so don't. They drain your HP, and you should keep as much of that as possible, considering all the powerful people you'll have to fight.
Do as much trick as u want in the air on the skateboard
go to Halloween town get the skateboard and jump into the green fountain and do tricks around it and u should hit it keep on doing tricks and u should not touch the ground. this is a glitch.
there are a lot of people who think they know what they are talking about
but i got the final in a different way
go to agarabah
start the chasm of challanges
right when the first floor lights up
change into master form
you have to do this right when the first floor lights up or it wont work
it worked on the first time for me
Drive Glitch
Leveling up your drive gauge can be a pain, so I have some tips to help. First after explore some worlds and having completed them(not necessary but recommended) such as "The Land of Dragons", start by saving your game witha full drive at a save point where you can trasport your self back to the world map. Next leave the save point to the next area with eniemes, and use your form you wish to level up, and bash away, now the important part, keep your gauge level in check when in around 1 or 0 depending on how far you are from your save point run back to it and trasport yourself to the world map, this procces is recommended by me that you dont stray to far, 2 areas is enough unless you've leved up to at least 5 forms, just the main point is to run back before it runs out, when you go to the world map go back to the save point and ta-tah your drive gauge is full agian! Keep repeating this at any world, it still takes time but it beats going to bash enimes until its full you can also do this to doors such as timeless river. Should you acciedently screw up and lose your gauge, fret not simply go to the Colissuem and enter a cup and quit and its full agian.
easy drive fill
Enter the winnie the pooh book while in a drive and then your drive refills to max
Easy Level Up of Forms
The best place I found to level up brave, wisdom, and master forms was in Beast's Castle after you beat it the second time around. Just start in the save room by the Main hall and beat everything, then run back in the room and use the drive glitch to keep full drive. For Final form, the easiest place was the wizards tower (you get to it by taking the purple train in Twilight Town). The whole way up is full of Nobodies, but you have to make sure you have enough drive to get to the save point at the bottom or the top to use the drive glitch. It takes a little while to get them all to full level, but it's well worth it in the end.
Easy level-uping 4 Master Form
all u have 2 do is go to "Land of Dragons"(mulan's world) and head to the mountain or where ever u can find the explosives/carts/dynomite that give u drive orbs. go in2 master form and blow everything up that gives u explosives/carts/dynomite that give u drive orbs then take in all the orbs(even if u don't need them) leave the area that leads 2 somewhere else and go right back 2 where u found the (explosives/carts/dynomite) drive orbs u should still be in master form. the explosives apear again and blow them up and take in all the drive orbs(the reason 4 this is because the only way 2 level up master form is 2 get drive orbs(I bought the cheat book at Wal*Mart)repeat these steps a couple of times and before u noe it u will be the "master former" u could be!!!!!!!!!!
easy struggle tourny win
all you have to do is hit someone one time and collect 1 orb then just run around and make sure you don't get hit and you will win by 1 orb or more
Easy Summon level up
Once you have unlocked the Underdrome at Olympis Collosium, enter a cup challenge. When the battle starts, press start and exit. Your drive gauge will now be at max. stand next to Pain and panic and summon anyone. let the meter run out. (Do Not exit into the world map befor it runs out.) your summons gain experience by depleting the drive meter. the meter is the amount of summons you have + 2. if you have 2 summons the meter will start at 4. Let the meter drain completetely past zero and you will have gained 4 summon experience points (You do not have to fight). When the summon disapears, enter the cup agin to max out your drive gauge. Repeat until your summon level is at max.
Easy summon leveling.
For easy summon leveling, go to Land of Dragons.
Fist of all when you enter Antechchamber summon
Stitch or chicken little then beat all the enemies.once ur summon guage is at 1 or 1 half quickly go tosave point(Throne room).if u cant catch up you have togo to Ollympus Collosiuem and refill your drive guage.
easy summon LVL up
go to a save point that can take you to the world map and summon anything. Do not leave the area with the save point. Then before the summon gauge runs out go to the world map.
P.S: If you only have chicken little then your summon LVL can only go up to LVL3
Easy way to earn 5000 orbs in the Titan Cup.
Get 5000 orbs in the titan cup. Are those missions CRAZILY EASY? It's simple, even though it seems hard. Most people think you should summon stitch and use ukele, but you should really summon Peter Pan. Execute the command at the bottom of your list and keep using the FLYING BOY reaction command while bashing into enemies. They will drop many orbs so you should earn 700-1000 of them per round. By the end, you could earn 8000 orbs easy.
easy way to level up wisdom
go to timeless river and go to mickeys house and change into wisdom and battle the heartless and kill them all. it is very easy as all the heartless are very weak. if u go back to Disney castle and go back into timeless river your drive gauge will be full again. do this as much as it takes to level it up. this will also work for valour. and if you've put on jackpot it can really make your stock of dark shards for synthesis
Glide Glitch
I don't know if this is really a glitch. but in the Land of Dragons, I already had glide lv.2 and i tried to ride the wind in the palace gates and when I soared, I never touched the ground! And after that I tried in TWTNW and I also never landed on the ground..
heartless/nobody weapons
okay so far these are the weapons i have discovered that are dropped by enemies.

before you start i reccomend you equip all the lucky lucky's you have, it makes it a lot easier

also the weapons come in little blue capsules that look like they have wings.

there is a save point quite close to all these locations so you dont have to worry about healing so much.

if you find you have defeated all the enemies in one area then all you have to do is exit to world map and this will reset the enemies so you can go back and continue what you were doing

shamans relic:this wepon is dropped by shaman and can be used by donald. to get this one i went to the pride lands and started running from the oasis to the gorge killing every single shaman i came across. if you do this repetetively then you will eventually get the item.

akashik record: dropped by book mage and used by goofy. for this one you must go to radiant garden (hollow bastion) after you have defeated the 1000 heartless. land at the save point inside merlins house then as soon as you go outside you will be attacked by a group of book mage, kill all the enemies in this area then return to merlins house. exit to world map and repeat the whole thing until you get the akashik record.

nobody shield: dropped by pretty much any nobody, it is used by goofy. to get this item you need to kill alot of nobodies and to do this i suggest you go to the world that never was and land in the place which has all the portals where you go to defeat the rest of the organisation XIII members (i cant remember what its called but i think its just before you go to the altar of naught) any way defeat all the org members then keep going into each portal one after the other and killing all the nobodies until you get the item.

i hope this has helped. good luck and happy hunting
How to defeat Sephiroth
Ok this in most peoples opinions is the hardest boss in the game. I think it's fairly easy. Battle prep is the first thing ok you need all the aerial abilities for good combos, Second Chance, Once More, and Berserk charge. I reccomend you be at level 70 or higher. As for your weapon I strictly reccommend the Ultima Weapon. Now for the battle go to Radiant Garden go to the Dark Depths and talk to Sephiroth. As soon as the battle starts immediately press triangle as he will use his Flash attack anytime you are hit by this attack use an elixir. After his Flash pound him with a combo and then execute a trinity limit. After he will use some ground combos just keep at a distance then he will come up behind you hit you into the air and try and suprise you with a combo but once he hits you into the air quickly press O right after that press X and he will be the one getting the suprise. Then he will summon dark balls when they are near you just use Reflegra theb he will summon pillars of flame and say "Perish now!" Just glide away from this he will then use Heartless Angel just use your high jump and hit him if you can't reach him use trinity if he uses this on you it will reduce MP to 0 and HP to 1 after quickly use an elixir then press triangle to deflect his Flash. Then he will get a pink aura around him and he will become stronger and faster he may or may not use meteo just glide to avoid this but you will get hit once or twice. Just wait for MP to replenish and use trinity. Just keep repeating this process and he will seem easy.
how to lvl up final fast
first you need to go to the tlt in the manson in the wite room then win you walk out the door you should see nobodies.right win you see them use final form then start killing them. win you have 1 drive left make it to the save point then levf then come back then you should of full drive then do it again
Keep Max Drive Form
If you are looking to level your drives, a good way to do it and not have to run back to Olympus Coliseum all the time, (that glitch is handy, but time consuming) just fight the enemies near a save point. When your Drive Bar gets low, just run back to the save point, triangle in "Save," and then jump to the World Map. Re-enter and your drive bar will still be full (or as full as it was before you entered the form) and all the enemies will be back. A good place to do this is in Radiant Gardens - you can also use the warp between Radiant Gardens and Space Paranoids like you could a Save Point. Note that this does not work unless you are still in the form when you warp - otherwise it doesn't work. You can try it out by just changing into a form, walking over to a save point, jumping to the world map, then landing again in the same spot, and you'll be regular Sora with the same amount in your Drive Guage as you did before you went into the form. A faster than going back and forth from the Coliseum over and over again. It can be done in any world too, that is any world where you can drive.

-J Money
level up summons
In Space Paranoids, just use any form or summon, and let the form/summon meter count down until it's almost gone and then board the solar sailor
Locations for all 7 Orichalcum +'s
1. Complete Pooh's

2. Complete Atlantica

3. TWTNW Brink of Despair

4. Mesa Computer Room (Room right before MCP/Sark fight)

5. Crystal Fissure in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

6. Clear Goddess of Fate Cup

7. Get 1 of all synthesis material in the game
Play as king mickey!
Whilst fighting the organization XIII member outside the beast's castle, lose on purpose and instead of continue and load game, the options will be 'it's all over...' where you give up, or 'it's not the end!' where you will play as king mickey fora short amount of time.
Port Royal Trick
when you choose a destination on the map in port royal, you may have noticed that you have to fight pirates on the ship before you get there. well you can skip these fights. its very simple! just do as the following:
after you have chosen you destination on the map and find the EVIL pirates go in the room below deck! then come out and choose your destination again! you wont have to fight anything!
Quick Form/Summon leveling
In Space Paranoids, just use any form or summon, and let the form/summon meter count down until it's almost gone. Then, immediately board the Solar Sailer. Your form/summon will be cancelled, but your drive gauge will be returned to its original state. Ride the Solar Sailer, then use the form/summon again. After the ride is over, head back and all of the enemies will return. Repeat until forms and summons are maxed. Obviously, this will not work for Final Form, since there aren't any Nobodies in Space Paranoids, but the other forms and the summons can be levelled freely, without any pesky drive-gauge refilling. It's possible that this trick works in other areas, too, but I have not explored it (the Black Pearl is an idea though).

Also, to level summons specifically, the experience counter seems to increment when the summon meter ticks down a notch. If your timing is good, try to kill enemies with drive orbs right when the meter is going to drop a level. If you can keep the meter almost full as you collect the orbs, you can make it oscillate between two numbers, netting extra experience for your summons. With this, you can get over 30 exp every time you use a summon.
Quick select item slot.
If you want to defeat sephiroth you need fast reactions. but you also need a good R1 slot.
I recommend:

Elixers (Highly recommended)
Hi or Mega potions
Quick way to get final form
Enter the Cerburus cup in the underworld and change into master over and over. If it does not work, press retry and you will get final form.(Sora in white and black cloths)
real final form
in Olympus Coliseum enter the cerberus cup(u have to have 6 drive bars and master form) change to master form as fast as u can and u should have final. it took me about 3 times until i got it.
REAL WAY to get Anti Form
To get anti form just turn into a form at the exact same time a heartless hits you. IT WORKS
Screen Crossing Full Drive Gauge Glitch
In The World That Never Was, right after the battle in Betwixt and Between. Go forward into the next screen and change form, just as your drive gauge reaches empty, return to the previous screen (still in the form) and your drive gauge will be maxed out!
secret ending
if you compleat jimonys jurnl and you beat xemnes in normal mode you get a secret ending and a sneck prevew 2 kingdom harts 3
secret ending WITHOUGHT completing standard mode 100%!!!
Want to see the secret ending withought too much effort?


Instead of wasting your time by trying to complete standard mode 100%, you SHOULD have made a proud mode piece of data.


ALL you have to do is do all of the storyline missions in all of the worlds, then.. WALLA!
done. so stop looking for all of the treasures and save youself WEEKS!!!
See Through Sora's Eyes
This is a weird thing I found out. Has anyone else?
Anyways,you can see what Sora is seeing by pressing the select button during game play, the camera shifts to Sora's view and it feels very weird. Try it out!
Shaman Staff
keep killing shaman until u get shamans relic(staff) this is very powerful and has the ability mp rage try putting lucky lucky and weapon abilities lucky lucky, 2 increase chances of gettin it
Skate in the air
i pretty much sure that this is a glitch go to disney castle go to the garden then pick up the skateboard then you see the long hall you know there where tons of heartless showed up now jump up to a hedge how are close to the hall then jump up to the hall then make 360*spin then keep pressing X button then turn the analog stick left then sora will make 360*spin in the air 4-ever!

note: only 360*spin works!
Summon Experience
Your summon's gain experience through the number of gauges they go through. For example, if you have Peter Pan out, and you summon is at level can gain a total of seven experience points per time summoned. But the gauge decreases very slowly unless in battle, in which case it speeds up with the use of the summons limit. So DO NOT use the Oathkeeper, as it makes your summon stay out longer...and DO NOT equip the Summon boost ability as it does the same thing.

Just go to Twilight Town and summon a friend(Peter Pan is recommended) just outside of the white room in the mansion, as you fight the the gamblers, you will gain experience through decrease of the summon gauge. And it works better if you jump to the world map as your gauge reaches zero so your drive gauge will be refilled and, thus, enable you to level up faster.
Super Easy Master Form
go right outside ansem's lab in hollow bastion and there will be 3 Crimson Jazzes so equip wishing lamp and any other keyblade on Master Form. Also equip any abilities that make enimies drop more drive orbs.Right when they appear use master form and finish them off.
Timeless River
For me,Timeless River was really nerve-racking. Before you fight Pete you have to get past those pesky airplanes and the midget cars that run at you when you beat them up. If you don't feel like dealing with their bad sportsmanship than I suggest that you summon chicken little. He'll stop everything in its tracks. That's when you go in for the kill. And if you get as angry as I did when I was at TR, you will take pleasure in beating the living crap out of them.
Timeless River Glitch!
To be able to do this glitch you'll need your drive gauge to be above the number 3. Enter Timeless River through the Disney Castle of course and then go into Valor or Wisdom form. If you had your gauge at 3,4,5 or 6, the Drive gauge will be reset to your maximum number if you exit back to the Disney Castle while in one of the forms above. This way you can level up your forms quicker.
torn pages
Torn Page 1 In the Disney Castle's Library.
Torn Page 2 In the Pride Lands at the Oasis
Torn Page 3 In Hallow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure
Torn Page 4 At the Land of the Dragons in the Throne Room
Torn Page 5 At Agrabah at the Tower
unlimited drive
If you ever run out of drive and you want to max it out just go to the cerberus cup which will start you off with max drive and all you have to do is quit and it should be full.