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Killzone cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Killzone cheat codes.


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Death After Death
To kill someone after you die, have a grenade in your hand when your health is nearly out and run towards an opponent, you'll die anyway so don't bother trying to fight, when you're killed, you will drop the grenade on top of yourself but it won't have exploded, then the person who shot you will run over you to pick up your guns and clips, hopefully just as the grenade goes off, blowing them into oblivion. This is a great tactic to use but requires excellent timing, which can be improved with practise.
Easy Kills
To get an easier kill, aim for the Helghasts' heads and if you get a headshot they will go down in one bullet.
Fun Kills On Battlefield
Hold a grenade and stay near behind you enemy. When he sees you keep circling around him and when the grenade is about to explode, throw it at his feet then Run!!!

It is best to have full stamina
Good statistics
To have good statistics, when you buy the game, create a profile and use it to get used to the game, then once you have gotten to a good level and completed campaign mode, delete the profile and make a new one, so you can have a huge amount of wins and a very good record.
If you want to do a kamakaze style attack, get a grenade when you see someone and begin to cook it, run towards them as fast as you can and don't throw the grenade, after the 5 bars fill it will explode, killing you, but also anyone near it. This is best done in re-frag limit matches and in crowded places.
Luger SSMG Exploit
Luger's special weapon is a Silenced Sub-Machine Gun. The Primary fire is a constant stream of bullets while the Secondary fire is one accurate, powerful shot that goes straight ahead. Many people think the Secondary fire is much more useful than the Primary because most of the guns in this game are horribly inaccurate, so you'll be able to take down an enemy faster with a couple powerful, well-placed shots than an ammo-wasting stream of inaccurate ones.

For the exploit, you need a third-party controller with the Turbo function. (Regular Sony Analog Dualshock II Controllers don't have that function, so you need one from a seperate company like Mad Catz.) The Turbo function makes it so when you hold a button down, it's as if you were constantly pressing that button, faster than humanly possible. Take note that the Turbo function will only be active if you press the Turbo button and see the little light on next to it.

With the Turbo function on, just hold down Luger's Secondary Fire and, while you won't be firing as many shots as the Primary fire, you'll have a fast, constant stream of powerful, accurate shots firing at the enemy. Using this exploit, Luger's SSMG is one of the best machine guns in the game at mid-range and farther. Of course, it still won't be as powerful as a heavy machine gun at point-blank, but in the long run it's more useful.
More weapons
After you have killed someone, press O to take their weapon.
Strength in numbers
In team type games, always stay with, or just a bit behind your team, because there is strenght in numbers.

Tripple Shooting With a Shotgun
When using a shotgun you can chose between two modes (normal - shoots one bullet at a time, and alternative - shoots two buttons at a time). If you press the left and right mouse button at the same time you will be able to fire three bullets. This is useful when you are facing multiple opponents.
To Play As Luger:
Successfully complete mission two in story mode.

To Play As Rico:
Successfully complete mission three in story mode.

To Play As Nakha:
Successfully complete mission four in story mode.
Watch Trailer
To watch the Killzone trailer, go to the main menu, then select Extras, "Trailer" will be listed there, press X on your controller to view it.


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All charecters and levels
When creating a profile enter your name as Shooterman, only the "s" should be capitolized.
Automatic game win !
As the profile name put " shooterman " and u will have all the levels and people unlocked on that profile namerofile
Big Head Enemies
Hold L1 at the menu and enter O, square, X, O, O.
Unlock all Movies
Hold L1 at the menu and press O, square, triangle, O, square.
Walk through Pillars
On Level 2, where you must 'escape the HQ', after the first checkpoint, a battle occurs between ISA and Helghasr in what looks to be a waiting room, wit lots of chairs and pillars. These pillars are not solid, and although not being able to shoot through them, the main character can walk right into them. Excellent for cover.