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Jak II cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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A Good Combo.
To do this good combo that'll miss sometimes, you must press Square, X, Square and O.
Ammo capacity
If you are low on ammo but you don't want to get the cops on you. Just get into a vehicle then lower to the ground, then start to pick up speed and hit triangle right before you hit him. If you do it right you should kill him on the first hit, and if you are on the level where you have the guns, then you should get ammo after he dies... This is a easy way to get ammo without bringing the Krimson Guard on you.
battle practice
to see how good you are at battling

I prefer having the 2nd gun.first you attack a guard,or something else that brings guards(I dont prefer doing something with a hellcat first)

first you start battling the guards,soon they start having guns(from there on,I prefer using the second gun)then soon after that,comes the ships.You can count how many guardsyou killed and hellcats you destroyed.put them together and you will know how good at fighting you are.
Charge Peace Maker While in Stealth.
When you are in red alert take out your peace maker and charge it and don't let go then go into stealth while you are charging it. You can attack but once you shoot once Jak will put away the gun.
Choose Your Vehicle
Zoomer: Extremely fast, but weak, and dies in 3 Vulcan Fury/Blaster shots.

2-Seater(regular): Super strong, but bad pick-up speed, and dies in 11 Vulcan Fury/Blaster shots.

2-Seater(split): Medium strong, but better pick-up than 2-Seater(regular), and dies in 11 Vulcan Fury/Blaster shots.

3-Seater: Stronger than 2-Seater(split) but weaker than 2-Seater(regular), slightly better pick-up speed than 2-Seater(regular), and dies in 11 Vulcan Fury/Blaster shots.

Krimzon Guard Zoomer: Extremely fast, but weak, has unlimited fire, but dies in 3 Vulcan Fury/Blaster shots.

Hellcat Cruiser: Extremely strong, but very slow, has unlimited fire, and dies in 23 Vulcan Fury/Blaster shots!

This is a fan-made guide, and was actually tested by Haven Hero, hope this helps!
Dark Jak invonerability
When in Giant Dark Jak you have invonerability untill you change back.
Die Pedestrians Die!!!
If the civilians get on your nerves alot and so do the cops then get cops on u and then go to a place with lots of people.Then just dodge stuff the cops fire at u and people will usually get shot.
Easy Gold Medals on Vulcan and Peace Maker Courses
Get Unlimited Ammo and pull out your Vulcan (Blue) and go to the gun course. Shoot everything in sight until the end. Repeat with the Peace Maker course and there you go! 18 more Precursor Orbs for your arsenal!
Easy Race/Retrieve Missions
All you have to do is get any kind of Zoomer, Go to lowest hover mode, and have fun running people over as you complete the mission.
easy upgrades
when u have heaps of metal head things that u get when u beat them go to the oracle and exchange them to get new abilities.

Edit: Correction by Neoseeker member "Skelator" :
Must be in Hero Mode to work properly. All Metal Heads only produce ONE gem after being killed. Metal Heads that re-appear after being killed do not produce gems. Some Metal Head creatures do not produce ANY gems. To find out if the Metal Head creature will produce a gem, the gem on it's forehead will appear to have a yellow "halo" around it. Playing in Hero Mode allows Metal Heads to regenerate their stolen gem making it easier to collect 200 at a time. (No cheat device used) Best place to get LOTS of gems: Mountain Temple.
Easy way to get through Fortress the second time
I find that the most easiest way to get throught the fortress level the second time is to use the Vulcan Fury and just shoot everywhere at the beginning that should get you to the doorway.
Easy Wins On Haven City/Haven City Races
Ok, you know how you've got bot the Port Race and the City Race? Well, the easiest way to get an easy win on either of those, start one of them. Now do you see the Underground's best racer? Memorize his position. Now, after you memorize his position, walk as far away from him as you can to fail the mission, and when it asks if you want to restart, say NO. Now, Find 5 Zoomers (preferably 2-seaters), and bring them to that general area. Now, after you do this, put one of them on the Underground's best recer's position, and put the rest in front of it. Now go start the mission, get on your zoomer, and race. You should get a very BIG head start, because the Underground's best racer will either be stuck under the zoomers ffor about 30 seconds, or else he'll try to go underneath them, which'll take about 25 seconds.
Fill your ammo quickly
In the practice area for wepeons you will notice all of the crimson gaurd crates lying around. All of them contain ammo. After opening them all leave. Contiue domn the road until the door shuts. Then go back in and all the crates will be back. Contiue until all of your wepeons are full.
First Easy Orbs
If you want some easy orbs at the start of the game and you are at the first level just stay at the Krimson Guard prison and look around and you will find 4 or more orbs!
Free Krimzon Guard cruiser/zoomer
Method 1:
To get a free Krimzon Guard ship, start an alarm. Get a ship to follow you to Torn's hideout. Then destroy the car that is parked there. Make sure the police car is by the hideout, and then go in to Torns hideout. This only works if he gives you a mission. After the cutscene, go outside and the Krimzon guard ship should be parked there.

Method 2:
Go to the water place by Krew's bar. Steal a police car, and then go under a bridge. Get off of the car, and hide under the bridge with the car. After a while, the alarm will turn off, and you can start driving the car.
Free police zoomer
During the mission where you have to find sig in he under port, all not-in-use-zoomers will be police zoomers (they show up as white dots on your map). I also suggest that you take this time to get revenge on teh evil Krimson Gaurd.
G4 reference
Go to the hip hog saloon / naughty otsel. Outside, you will see a backwards G4 (normal with Mirror World on). G4, as in the video game channel for those of you who don't know.
get orbs that you missed before(only in fortress)
If you missed any of the 8 orbs in the first level, then you can get them later in the game. In the mission where you have to free the shadow and everyone, right after having the precurser stone stolen, you end up in the same place you started at. You'll have to come back after you free them in order to get the stuff. Look around the vicinity of the prison, and you'll find where you first exited.
Gun uses
Heres a few tips on when to use the 4 guns.

Scatter Gun: This for me works best against swarms of smaller enemies, it can take out a lot of them in one shot. I find it a bit too slow for bigger enemies though.

Blaster: This is a good all-rounder, and best for long shots and stuff...and it also has a cool move - press x, press o while in air, and hold fire.

Vulcan Fury: Ah, my favorite weapon. Its great rate of fire makes it awesome for taking down anything quickly, I find myslef using tis much more than any other guns.

Peace Maker: The most powerful gun, which I would use all the time, if it didn't have a 10 ammo capacity...
Haven Death
I hate those pedestrians!

Okay, you'll need a Peacemaker, and the two fields that have the cows in a fence. Raise the alarm. Go to the field(the one next to the market) with the biggest rock. Climb to the highest point of the rock. There should be only 3-5 guards trying to shock you. Wait till no more guards come. Then take out your PM and kill the group. The alarm should stop after a while. Then, charge the PM up again(hold) and collect the ammo and shoot the pedestrians!!! I killed a group of 8 people and the alarm didn't raise!

Note: This only did this once!
Hidden room
All you need to get there is giant dark Jak(this is your finale dark Jak abillity). Go to the "obstacle" course you must go through to get to the first Baron Praxis boss. Right after you get out of the elevator room turn into giant dark jak and jump. You will be in a unseen room. If you use any other dark jak abillities you will fall out. Also you will go through walls and certain parts of of the floor.
Huge points on Jet-Board
When you go to the stadium to get Bronze, Silver, or Gold, Press the X button to jump, while in the air press L1 and any direction with the analong stick to preform a trick, right when you do a trick press R1 and hold the analong stick left or right and land it you will get TONS of points.
jet board attack
when on the jet board you can attack by jumping and pressing r1 in the air.
Kimzon Guard Jak
OK for this to work you need to beat the final boss.

1) Get a guard zoomer (anyone).
2) Use the L2 button to find a blastbot (you can't see it on your map).
3) Destroy it (actually blow it up).
4) There will be a big super Krimzon guard zoomer hunting you but don't destroy it. Take it (it wont reappear). There should be a icon on your map (it is at the palace).
5) Enter and get of the zoomer (this will be done automatically).
6) Beat a really annoying gauntlet(after going to the there should be in the room).

Note: the super guard zoomer is not the big hellcat cruiser.
Krimzon guard ammo
Stand in front of naughty ottsel (might be other places that work here, i dunno) and set off the alarm. Run quickly inside and look out the door.You should have a clear view of the guards trying to get in, but not be too close to be shot. Wait till they're a whole bunch of them, then run out, spin kick, and run back in. Keep doing this till there's a lot of ammo outside the door. Then move out of view of the door way till the alert stops. Run out and collect the ammo. Be careful though, cause once when i did this a Hellcat somehow got in and shot me. Hide under the whack-a-metalhead thing if that happens.
Mega Scrap Book
Collect all orbs to unlock Mega Scrap Book.
Metal Head Gems
When you kill Metal Heads and Gems come out and you can't be botherd picking the Gems up,just wait and collect the Gems as they can be used for upgrades and also once you kill a Metal Head and the Gem comes out and you don't collect it,it won't show up again unless you go to Hero Mode
peace maker 1st person aming
1st get out the peace maker and start chargeing it
2nd press R3 to go in to 1st person mode dont stop charging
3rd aim with right stick
4th stop charging and the bullit will go were u were lookin
quick double hit
to do this,follow these instructions:

you have to be quick,first do a punch then add a jump very quickly.this is kinda hard,so you have to get it just right to get this to work.
Rapid fire combo
When you have the 2nd or 3rd gun hit the x button and then quickly hit the fire button. You will see that Jak will smack down his gun and then shoot rapid fire
Stealth from cops
When the crimson guards are after you,to get them off your back you first have to find a cop-free area.Walk into the wall(make sure that it is not easily visible) with both analog sticks.You will see Jak try to hide from the crimson guards.Watch the map and when all the crimson guards are gone,after a while you'll be free.This takes quite some time and I don't suggest you do it every time.This still could be useful for running away with a crimson zoomer or a hellcat fighter.
Wanted music when not wanted
First become wanted. Next go to the gun courses and do a course. When you leave the wanted music will be playing. If you get tired of it just get wanted and then get unwanted. Another way is to just die.


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Clumsy Jak
When running sometimes Jak will sometimes just trip and fall flat on his face.This is rarely seen but it will usually happen in elevators or planks of wood
Note: you need to be in hero mode for this.
Okay, so you get up to the level where you have to take the tests of manhood, and you get chased by a giant boulder, followed by a giant spider, while being Daxter. well, there's a glitch for this. you also need invulnerability on. so, when you start, stay completely still, the boulder wont kill you. the boulder will go very slowly over you and at the point where you can see the inside of it, start running backwards. you should be able to run around freely as Daxter. you can also do this when you are being chased by the spider. (but if your afraid of spiders, I suggest to do it with the boulder instead.)
Alright, this is a bit hard.

Stage I: The Red Wall

From the very beginning of the game, grab a zoomer. Fly to the red clearence. There's a pipe next to it. Jump from the zoomer onto it. Execute the high jump to get to the top of the pipe. Now jump into the wall. And you'll be in a hollow space. Becareful of this part. If you're not, the red wall will blow you up or you'll fall of and die. So try to roll-jump into the Industrial Zone, but be sure you're far from the red wall.

Stage II: The Yellow Wall

If you get killed in the Industrial Zone, you'll end up right in front of the red wall, but you'll still be inside. Grab another zoomer. Make your way to the port. When you're half way there, check the map. Apparently you're in an uncharted area <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/oO.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />? Continue to the port way to the port.
Once there continue to the other side of the port. The yellow wall in front of the Garden. Those two spear things on the left side of the wall, jump ontop of them, executing a double jump-spin combo, twice, until you get over the wall behind them. Be sure you jump to the right. Once again, you're in a hollow space. Roll-jump to the otherside of the wall, and try your best to get to a further range of the wall without getting blown up or falling off.

Stage III:

Now you're very close. Grab a zoomer, and fly to the Mar Statue. Use the zoomer to jump on the ramp like things on the statue side. Once you get high enouge to see under the statue, jump off the zoomer and you'll land under the statue. Be very careful here, roll-jump into the tan colored wall, and BAM, you'll be going to mars tomb. Jump on the designed formations that are on the walls, you'll crouch and you'll slide a little, but the minute you stand up, execute the double jump-spin and jump over the door. You'll be inside the tomb. But right now you wont be able to get out. Proceed with a mission and comeplete the no man's canyon test 1. After you've done it, you'll gain every weapon you would gain at this period. And also the JetBoard. Now do no mans canyon test 2. Defeat Baron Praxis, and leave the tomb. AND YOU'RE NOW AT ACT 3. In a matter of at least 30 minutes. Thats how long it took me.

Note: Sorry if you don't understand much.
Kiera Rift Mission - Unable To Complete Game
This glitch can prevent you from finishing the game so beware! If you have previously done the Jetboard or Stadium race challenge before and the flag icon appears when you enter the Stadium area, beware of this glitch.

As you enter the Stadium to do the Rift escorting mission, the wrench icon will turn into the flag icon. This means that Kiera and the Rift wont appear in the Stadium area. There is no way to bring her back and without doing the mission, there is no way to finish the game.

So don't complete any Stadium Challenges before doing this mission.


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Dark Jak Horns With Normal Jak
First go to the Hip Hog Heaven(or the Naouty Ottsel if you beat the game). Then go to the front where the corner is. Behind the corner there should be a mirror. Go behind the corner and walk or run into the mirror. You should see, in the mirror, Normal Jak with Dark Jak's horns!
Alternate Scrap Book
To get the Alternate Scrap Book, you must collect 200 orbs in Hero Mode.

Avoid Krimson Gaurds by stealth
When on foot in the city and being chased by guards, get out of sight and press the Left Analog-stick towards a wall. You will get into stealth mode until the panic is over.
Dark Jaks moves
To get the Dark Jak moves you will need to go to the oracle in the slums:
Dark Bomb-X and press Square + you will need 25 metal head gems to get this move!

Dark Blast-press square and then X + you will need 200 metal head gems to get this move!

Invicibility-this makes Dark Jak invicible so he doesn't take any damage + you will need 200 metal head gems to get this!

Giant Dark Jak-just tap R2 after turning into Dark Jak and you will be really big + you will need 100 metal head gems + you can only get this after beating the Metal Head Leader!
Defeat Baron at Mar's Tomb
After watching the cutscene, you will face the Baron's spider-mech. He is quite a bit harder than the first boss, IMO. The arena is in this shape.

1\ S-M /5
  1. - Bombs (I'm getting to that)
S-M - The Baron's Spider-mech

First, he will send out several robot bugs. Don't touch them! They are electrified. After they are all gone, he will fire out bombs, each landing on the numbers labeled above. Go behind the bombs and kick them at the Baron, taking off 1/12 of his health. After four bombs have successfully hit him, you'll move on.

Now, when he sends out his robot bugs, he'll be sweeping with machine guns. Stay behind the pillars to stay safe. Now, when he fires the bombs again, kick four more back at him.

He won't send out the bugs this time. He'll get the precursor stone and use its energy to make holes. Just avoid everything and kick the last four at him, and enjoy another violent explosion.
Defeat Baron at Palace
First, the Baron will fire his guns at you. Run around to avoid them and take out the Blaster. Fire rapidly at the Baron while avoiding his guns to take off 33.33% of his health.

Second, he will do the same thing, only he will be firing missiles instead. Just stay off of the crosshairs, while firing at him to take off another 33.33% of his health.

Last, he will fire exploding tornadoes. They aren't hard to avoid. The Baron will be easier to fire at here. He also will have an attack that involves ramming you. After the rest of his health is gone, his robot will violently explode.

Destroy Metal Kor at Nest Mission
When you fight Metal Kor, take out your Blaster and do the spin shoot attack combo. This will kill all of those other annoying Metal Heads around you. Run when he fires the Dark Eco blasts and make sure to always fire at the Leader when you can. When his health meter is in Red and he is on the ground, collect the ammo in the Krimzon Guard Crates and the Dark Eco. Collect it all. Once you have Dark Jak in your meter, do a Dark Blast (this should take some of his health away)When he is far away from you, take out the Blaster and take ocassional shots. If you get Dark Jak again, do another Dark Blast and finish him off.
die when invincible
ok first turn on invincibility then turn in to dark jak. do a dark bomb on a big crimson gaurd car and if you stay on the car when you turn back to normal jak you should be dead spinning on the floor.
easy kills
an easy way to kill enemies that would normally take a few hits to kill, is equip the blaster (make sure it has plenty of ammo) go close to the enemy then press square (and hit them) and while they're in the air hold R1 and u should b doing rapidfire.

an easy way to kill any enemys with like 2 hits is equip scatter gun press square and shoot them with the scatter gun while they're in the air.
Fighting Kor [Last Fight]
When fighting Kor. In the cut-scene before it starts hold R1 and R2 and you will become Dark Jak throughout the whole fight.
How to get Krew's Money Bags
When you go after the first money bag the Metal Heads are going to be on you. So what you want to do is get a car that can take a major beating as it is going to take a MAJOR beating. Then DO NOT get out of the car when you get to the money bags. Just have your vehicle drop to the lowest level and then just run right through the lighted area. And on your radar just follow the green circles(those are other money bags) and that should get you through the level pretty easily
invincible wall
you need to get a zoomer and before u enter the the whole area that has the stadium u take a left into the corner and u will go into a huge wierd place and once u enter click r2 or u will fall!!!!!! then if u find the stadium while in there drive thru it and u will enter it while its empty
play as Daxter
in hero mode once you have invinsiblity, go to mars tomb for the first time and go to the place where daxter gets chased by a giant ball, run towards the ball and you will go through it. Then you will be able to walk around and jump without getting hit or restarting, you can go anywhere exceopt for the part where you have to play jack, if you go up the stairs and go into the hallway where the spiders are, the music will eventually stop and start the regular music. If you go around the stairs, the ball will start over again but you wont.
Ratchet and Clank Poster
When you are going to the city with a long ditch of water coming from the field to the race stadium, There should be a poster of Ratchet and Clank from Going Commando.
Relocating Mission
When asked by Tor to relocate other underground rebels use a two seat car and make off to the first. Always stay on the lower level because it is easy to move around. Do not worry about hitting the guards because they will auto-matically attack you once you get the first rebel. Also change the car from time to time because it does get banged up a lot.
u can run over without if u get any zoomer
first speed up then at the last second jump out of the zoomer if done properly the guard should not come after u

note:u can also do this on pedestrians
Here is a list of Secrets that will be unlocked after a certain amount of Precursor Orbs are found.

Toggle Jak's Goatee 5
Mirror World 15
Big Head Mode 30
Small Head Mode 45
Scrap Book 55
Scene Player Act 1 65
Vulcan Fury Course 75
Scene Player Act 2 95
Peace Maker Gun Course 105
Scene Player Act 3 125
Reverse Races 135
Level Select 145
Unlimited Ammo 155
Unlimited Dark Jak 165
Invulnerability 175
Hero Mode 200
swim anywhere
You can get rid of that annoying robot that kills you instantly by turning into Giant Dark Jak and executing Dark Bomb in the water while the robot is in view. If done correctly your screen should shake a little and the robot should disappear.