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Free full boost bar

To get a good start and a full blue eco tank at the begining of each race, right when the light hits green and is a go press forwards and X and you will boost and gain a full blue eco tank. the timing has to be good to get it.
Verified by: gaz1983 Submitted by: Sayyed on October 21, 2005

Secret Characters

Go to the Secrets shop and do the secret character search for these drivers:

Jak I- have a Jak and Daxter save file on your memory card

Jak 2- have a Jak 2 Renegade save file on your memory card

Jak 3- have a Jak 3 save file on your memory card

Ratchet- have a Ratchet: Deadlocked save file on your memory card
Verified by: crash_x69 Submitted by: THE EVISCERATOR on December 19, 2005

Unlock Kiera & G.T Blitz

Complete The Game to unlock both drivers
Verified by: Blackfalcon Submitted by: gaz1983 on December 20, 2005


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Hook up the psp to the ps2 with the daxter video game by usb cable. And at the secrets shop you can get daxter cart for free.
Verified by: silverhikari Submitted by: Robert Herring on February 13, 2006

Play as Other Characters

Play as - How to Get Them

Daxter - Play over five hours of game time to unlock Daxter in Exhibition mode for purchase at the Secrets Shop for 50,000 Orbs.

G.T. Blitz - Complete the game.

Klever - Win the Beachfront Drive Circuit race in Adventure Mode to be able to unlock Klever in Exhibition Mode.

Pecker - Play over ten hours of game time to unlock Pecker for purchase at the Secrets Shop for 60,000 Orbs.

Ratchet - Have a saved game file on 'Ratchet: Deadlocked' on your memory card to unlock Ratchet at the Secrets Shop when you select the "Scan For Secret Characters" option.
Verified by: tyranitar24 Submitted by: Jax06 on November 10, 2005


Complete the game to 1005 and you will see the Sandshark vehicle in the Items Shop.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jaw Knee on July 31, 2006

The good, the bad, and the naughty dog

to unlock the naughty dog (a super fast car decked out in the naughty dog signature colors) you have to earn enough game completion and buy it in the secrets shop.
Verified by: Blackfalcon Submitted by: soandso on February 16, 2006