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Get 100% Completion on the game and you will receive the cliffhanger ending.
Verified by: Blackfalcon, labiademi Submitted by: Jaw Knee on July 23, 2006

A Good Combo.

To do this good combo that'll miss sometimes, you must press Square, X, Square and O.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Lukas on April 23, 2005

A Long Roll-Jump

To jump further press R1 then X and you will do a roll, then jump further. You can get to places quicker by using that.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: DranzerBlade on March 26, 2008

A-Grav Zoomer Glitch

In Mountain Pass, after you deactivate the bombs, and before you obtain the Power Cell on the Zoomer's landing pad, go back through the cave and run into one of the bombs against the wall. Jak will come back near the landing pad -- the zoomer's not there.

This has only happened to me once, so there may be variables preventing the glitch from occuring: Aquiring all of the scoutflies, the explosion in or out of the cave, or the number of Power Cells in your inventory.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Helldog4890 on July 29, 2006

Extended Jump

This neat little trick is very useful for those longer jumps. First, double-jump as far as you can. Then rapidly tap CIRCLE to spin. This will give you some extra air time and allows you to either grab onto a ledge or land safely on the other side. This is also useful for avoiding dangers on the ground. This trick does NOT make you jump any higher, however.
Verified by: Blackfalcon, jimmjimm6699 Submitted by: Big_Burta on July 23, 2007

extra orbs

on Sentinel Beach, behind the big waterfall, are some precursor orbs. So if you have trouble finding the last precursor orbs on Sentinel Beach, look there.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: the pro on January 17, 2012

Helping hands

Once you helped a creature he/she will give you a powercell here's a list about which creature he/she will give how many powercells to you.
















I din't know this was a cheat or tip so I chosen this is a tip because it tells you how many powercells creatures give you where to find them and witch creauture will give powercells

This was handy for me

'ope hand for you
Verified by: Cloud777 Submitted by: Magdi on April 06, 2004

orbs in rock village

the orbs located between the geologist and the oracle can be reached an easier way with the 2 eco balls. get the eco behind the burning boulder then roll jump to the other one then just roll jump and push square..it's so much easier this way
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: cassandra on January 27, 2008

Precursor Robot

When you're facing the Giant Robot at the end, and he uses the big cannon that shoots large yellow balls at you, just move around as much as you can without falling into the Dark Eco silo.
Then, when it is charging up, shoot yellow eco at the cannon.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: DranzerBlade on March 28, 2008

Secret Precursor Orb

Method1.while in the snowy place, go out of the icy-cave and go left.It'l take a moment, but you'll eventually find a hidden precursor orb.
Method2.Die by the cave EXIT,so when it looks like you jump when you come back to life, so do all the other precursor orbs, lettingyou find it.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Rayquaza6o5 on November 24, 2005

Zoomer Jump

To get a small extra jump when you are on the Zoomer press R1, and it will make a small jump.
This is usful when you are trying to get the Power Cell over the lake in the Precursor Basin.
Verified by: crazychef Submitted by: DranzerBlade on March 28, 2008


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burning power cells

If you shoot fire balls at power cells they keep hanging there instead of exploding and it looks like the power cell's burning, but after a while it does explodes.
the more you shoot at it, the more it burns.
if you take the power cell, the fire balls keep hanging where the power cell was and they explode as soon as the cut scene has ended
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: the real Stef on July 28, 2003

Cross Dark Eco In Lost Precursor City

Well, when you are on the side where you have just come off the slide-thing, Do a long roll-jump (R1 then X) and aim at the other side, without touching the switch in the middle. It may take a few tries, but when you get to the other side, you can run up the room, without the Dark Eco catching you.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: DranzerBlade on March 26, 2008

Easy cross

In Gol and Maia\'s Citadel, to easily get past the big colored bridge in the red sage\'s challenge, jump to the closest blue, then to the closest, green, then to the closest yellow, then to the closest red. i hope that helped you with that challenge.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Thunder850 on February 16, 2007

Escape Deadly Falls

To avoid lengthy fall damage, press Circle to do a spin attack just before you hit the ground. It will cancel out your fall and help you to land safely.
Verified by: Some Guy, keyblader Josh Submitted by: SerialZero on August 02, 2003

Faster credits

Once the names of the noughty dog staff have been shown and have disapeared of the screen hold X to speed the credits up.
Verified by: feling Froggy Submitted by: LordMaChao on October 26, 2002

Forbidden jungle

In forbidden jungle one the plant boss is dead jump on its head five times to get five precursor orbs.
Verified by: Subtle Knife, savageangel1966 Submitted by: Roboevil on March 01, 2003

Free Precursor Orbs.

In the Forbidden Forest Kill the big flower boss. When it's dead jump on it's head to get free precursor orbs.
Verified by: Blackfalcon Submitted by: SunnyDelight on December 11, 2005

Hidden Power Cell in Volcanic Crater

In the Volcanic Crater,go on the little carrier cars(sorry I do not know what they're called!) on the train tracks. Go to the Spider Caves on the other side,but DONT go in the cave.Stay by the cars,and go on the big rock infront of the Spider Caves( it's on the other side of the tracks from the entrence to the Spider Caves). Look up a bit,between the peak and the bottom,and you will see a sturdy metal crate.It's to sturdy to punch,and to high to to even hit it! And,it's stuck a bit in the rock. If only there were a yellow eco vent around here,but who said you couldn't take eco from one place to another? Remember that box,and go into the Caves. When in the opening,turn left and jump on those moving platforms on another left. Go ontop,and move to the edge,by the vent. Collect the eco,and make a mad dash for the exit. Best Reccommended: Get the eco,and safe jump down(that means that just before you hit the ground,you hit circle,and you wont be hurt) and move towards the exit/entrance leading to Volcanic Crater.Also,do roll jumps(R1+X) to go faster,and jump across the platforms. Move into the Volcanic Crater and shoot the box(DONT AIM!!!!!It takes WAY to much time!The eco will auto-target the box itself.) and a power cell will pop out.Still wondering about that empty space in your power cell inventory for the Crater?
Verified by: Blackfalcon, crazychef Submitted by: Nicholas on November 05, 2006

Make Jak trip.

When in Sandover Village go to a yakow and hit it, then go over to the Birdwatchers ramp and wacth him trip.
Verified by: CIPH3R Submitted by: anonymous on August 26, 2007

Pelican Power Cell

On the mission where you race the pelican to the power cell, there is an easier way to do this. Go to the Forbidden Jungle and get that cell that activates every eco vent, and go back to Sentinel Beach. Yo now can do the mission "Launch Up To the Cannon Tower". Do that, and take control of the cannon. Fire it at the pelican, and the pelican will die, leaving the cell right on his platform.

Verified by: crazychef Submitted by: Thunder850 on March 19, 2008

Secret Ending

If you completed the game without first getting 100 Power Cells and therefore missed the secret ending, fear not!

Just collect the 100 Power Cells, and go to Gol and Maias Citadel, and go to the top in the same way you did to fight the final boss. When you emerge on the roof, turn on the spot and look for the big gate/door thing.
Walk over to it to view the secret ending!!!
Verified by: Blackfalcon Submitted by: Blackfalcon on June 11, 2007

Secret Message

If you look at the "border" around the map on the back of the instruction booklet you will notice it looks a bit like writing. Well it is and this is the translation:

"In ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep, the silent giants wait to be awakened. Deep will their slumber be, silent their once ecoing voices, untill the world has no memory of their beginnings. In the gloom they will watch and they will wait. those who go to them for answers will return only with new questions. But there will come a time when silence ends. The one who carries the light will awaken the voices. With him, one whose fate was twisted towards darkness in the time before time. When the light bursts from the earth the answers to the questions will begin. But only begin, for still the world will not be ready to learn the truth of it's past, or the secrets of it's future."

This explains what is inside the precursor door at the ending and it fits with what Samos says at the begining.
Verified by: ElfJadeston, gohanssj2 Submitted by: Liz on January 07, 2002

sentinel beach scout fly pillar glitch

ok, in s-beach where you would see those 2 pillars or logs stuck in the ground, instead of trying to push it up (sometimes the logs get stuck and are not able to be moved again) go to the left of the cliff where the little trees are grown up against it(your left by the way) jump on the little tree hold L1 then push X but after you get high enough lean toward the cliff and keep spinning or pressing O. (this may require practice)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: mariodude49 on November 27, 2006

Super Combo

To do a super combo press square, X, square, circle.NOTE:This move is only recommended for hard enemies or bosses
Verified by: blackmare Submitted by: Ryan VanAmburg on March 01, 2003

Tip: the sculpture's muze

having problems catching the sculptures muze ?

if you just follow him, you won't catch him.
Normally you will get him eventually if you cut off corners and if you use the role jump (long jump).

If you still can't capture it the do the following:
Don't chase it, instead, veer to the the right and climb up on the cliffs and bones. You can climb up on the bone bridge and jump right on top of him !
Verified by: Jacy31, Some Guy Submitted by: the real Stef on July 20, 2003