Jak 3 HD (PS2) Cheats

Jak 3 HD cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Jak 3 HD cheat codes.


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A Little Help!
If you wanna walk around the Wastland (desert) or ride around on the Jetboard. But hate getting lost? Just leave your vehicle at the Entry! It leaves a brown dot on the mini-map.
an even higher jump then before
This one goes even higher then the triple jump(X+X+O). Hold L1, press X, and at the top of the jump press O(L1+X+O).
Another good vehicle
When you do the mission where you have to protect Kleiver's place, you can use the dune hopper because it can blow up the enemys really fast!
best combo of melee/melee shot
melee first punch than jump than ground punch than spin

melee attack with gun do melee attack than at end of spin shoot the second yellow gun it is very good as second yellow gun bullet bounce of walls

Best Vehichle
When you get to the misson where you have to protect the place where you get the vehicles from Kleiver, you should pick the Sand Shark, the other one won't cut it, (If have a; Heat Seeker, Slam Dozer or any other ones, choose a vehicle that has rapid fire, like the sand shark
Best ways to get precursor orbs.
first get 50 orbs by doing the tasks that give you lots of orbs such as the daxter missile mission in haven city or the save the wastelanders oracle that you must do with the sand shark. once you have 50, buy infinite light jak and do the oracle nearest to where the garage is on your right, keep on doing the time freeze and at the end you will receive a hell of a lot of orbs. then go to the roof that you see with like 20 orbs on the roof. Stand on the railing of the bridge under that building and fly to the roof that has a windmill, get the orb on that roof then fly across to the other roof. This cheat alone will give you between 70-100 orbs in total. Enjoy ;D
bouncy jak
every time u hit the ground press square+tringle
Cool desert sport
Once you get invincibility (100 orbs) and flight ability, go into the desert. The Maraunduers will shoot at you, but you'll br OK. Get on the Jetboard and amuze yorself by going around with the Maraunduers getting crazy and you making amazing jumps.
Damas's Precursor Orbs
Just a hint,

Go to the arena and go up to Damas's chair.
Behind his chair there should be a precursor orb. There should also be some boxes. Break the boxes, there is one or two precursor orbs in them.

Hope it helped!
Dark Jak Powers

Dark Bomb works best on Metalheads

Dark Blast works best on humans and robots

Dark Strike works well on everything!!!
Distance Challenge High Record
If you ever have problems with the distance challenge in the desert just get in and out of your car and freeze time with Light Jak. Now use your Peacemaker LV.2 (mass imploder), then quickly use your LV.2 scatter gun (wave concuser) and do 3 hits on your car with it (make sure that it is armored well). Deactivate Light Jak and watch your car fly at high speed.

You can repeat this for a greater total distance if your car has enough health to it.
Easter Egg
At the Desert, when you're "Racing For Artefacts", one of the artefacts is the triangle found on the table of Clank's Apartment in Ratchet & Clank 2.
Easy win on Hang Time challenge
In the mission when you must get a high hang time. In stead of doing it the standard way by using jumps in your buggy, get out of you buggy and use the mass invertor it will get you an automatic gold in total hang time (you may have to use the gun more than once) and single hang time.
Enemies Won't Leave You Alone?
If you are surrounded by tons of enemies then there are two things you can do. Either press down on the D Pad 3 times to get out your Gyro Blaster or press up on the D Pad twice to get out the Wave Concussor gun. Both these weapons should dispatch enemies quickly.
Enter Buildings with guns.
Look, I found out that if you hold the croutch button, (L1), with your gun out, and make Jak walk into a building that doesn't let guns in, Jak will walk in with the gun in hand! Another useless tip!

Excellent Combo
To do this combo, press: Square, X, Square and O.
Extra Free Time
First when you are Jak in the sand shark trying to rescue the people suck in the storm drive for five seconds then crash go to start menu and click on restart. Normally you would have 1:30 to do this mission but now you will have 2:37.
Also if your character blows up from no power and needs health and you reappear and have to start over, no problem it will still be the enhanced time. This is probably a glitch so it may not work for every one but for those it does work I'm happy I could help you out.
Fast Race
When you get the Dune hopper, go to the Oracle beside the race. Enter the race with the Dune hopper. Start Charging a jump. When you get to the closest turbo to the cave, use a turbo and jump to the other side. If done correctly, you shoud be infront of the cave exit.
final boss
the final boss first get out level three of the peace maker shoot and the get out level two of yellow gun kill the enemies then jump over the laser the use the dark blast on his head and then get more dark eco and light eco to heal your self if needed the when the tentacles come turn into dark jak and do the smash thingy the tentacles will die repeat this 3 more times and enjoy another deathly violent explosion
Final boss fried
When you are trying to beat cyber-errol, use the peace maker to blast away the tentacles, use the wave concussor to blast away those monster things then use the peace maker again to get the back of his head.
WARNING!!! On the last time you need to shoot him, he sends out the monsters,tentacles and the lasers from his mouth, so be careful!!!
Final Boss Tip
When facing off against the final boss, it would be wise to use the first form of the blue gun. Hold down fire, and spin in circles to easily eliminate the standing tentacles.
First go to the desert or city.For the desert, get a lot of cars on you then hop out of your vehicle. Get on your hover board and go a fair distance away. Then bring out the peace maker level 2. As the cars are going mock speed towards you...Fire the peace maker level 2 and make them fly. While their in the air bring out the blue gun level 3 and shoot like crazy to make them fly out of the trotosphere.(do not blow cars up though,just shoot them enough so the go really high.)
For the city, go to where people or enemies are. Then bring out the peace maker level 2 and shoot them to make the people fly. When the people or enemies are in the air bring out the blue gune level 3 and start shooting like crazy.Note the people spin a lot.(The people won't blow up so you can shoot them as much as you want until the peace maker level 2's shot wheres off.)
Funny Glitch
What you do is find a 1 Seater Zoomer,stand underneath it(so the get on command shows up on screen), Take out your Peace Maker, and QUICKLY shoot it and get on the Zoomer, if you do it correctly, you either fly left or right, or you go straight up, allowing you to go OVER the walls if you aim right.
Get The Percurser orbs on the tele-graph wires
Go to Haven city. At the end of the road wear you do the 2nd optional side mission wear daxter gets on the missle again, you see 2 big tall towers out on the water that is connected by the 2 bridges. On 1 of the sides their is a pole sticking out, Jump on it and then Jump on to the ledge. Go left and stay near the wall, at the end, triple jump (x+x+o) and you should see a ledge to the left, climb up then up and so on. Once you get to the final ledge, (just like the first one) walk around it, you'll see another pipe Jump on and jump up. you'll see the wires, there are 3 different sets on them, so get on the Hover board and start Grind;in!!!
Go faster!
When you are doing the Pac-man mission with Daxter, if you hold down X you go much faster!
good combo
this combo i learnd by playing around. first use light jak time freez then use mase inverter then the nuce bomb.
Good Combos.
Okay, there's a good combo that'll hurt enemies but you might miss a lot until you practise it.
Punch+Jump+Punch=Aerial Ground Pound.
Punch+Jump+Punch+Daxter Attack=Super Aerial Ground Pound Whip.
Haven Olympics
Wanna have fun? Then try these ideas:

(It would be best to have Unlimited Light Jak and Unlimited Dark Jak for the following events)

1)Turn into Dark Jak. Then just hit people with the Dark Strike and see how far they go. (They go really, really far) LOL

2)Turn into Light Jak. Then hit a guard and activate Light Flight. Then see how good their aim is. LOL

3)(You don't need Light Jak or Dark Jak for the following event) Take out the Plasmite RPG gun and shoot people and see how far they go.

That's all for the Haven Olymopics.
Jak 3 - Always Be First In A Desert Race
Before you start your race, use a weapon that can activate itself after a couple of seconds (Super Nova) or a weapon that will continue to fire (Gyro Burster) even after you've started the race challenge...

IMPORTANT: Be right beside the Precursor Statue that you trade Metal Head Gems to when you try to do this...

STEP1: Fire your weapon in the direction where you know the other racers will spawn to start the race....

STEP2: After shooting your gun at the other racers spawn points QUICKLY press the triangle button

Your basically blowing up the rest of the other racers...

When done correctly you will have 4 speed boost energies that you can use to beat the race...

Have Fun Being 1st All The Time <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
kinda useless but cool
ok here's what you do, you do a long jump (L1+x while moving) then when you land immediatly jump and you should go as high as a regular high jump
Light Jak Weapons
(I'm not sure if this can be used by light shield and time freeze)
When you have the last light power, flight, you can use weapons and you can use the shield whilst firing.

Note: You can also regenerate health without going out of flight form (Unless you don't have mush light eco left.)
Low on ammo against many monsters
If you're surrounded by multiple enemies and are running low on ammo, here's a quick tip. use the beam reflexor(2nd blaster mod) then hit X, O, R1. Jak will jump, spin and fire several shots. the good thing is that since you're using the beam reflexor, your shots will bounce off the enemies and hit others. then the enemies might drop some ammo to pick up
in spargus simply hit someone then hide behind another person the person u hit will shoot the person only let the person get shot once then just walk away and wach the action the person u hid behind will kill the guy who u hit. hope it works 4 u
In spargus simply punch someone they will start 2 shoot hide behind another person and let them get shot once then the person who got shot will purpously kill the person u hit
one more bullet
if you have lots of crimson guards on your back and you only have 2 bullets with the peacmaker then hold r1 but dont fire get in a zoomer then look at your ammo it will have one more bullet then get out and fire (note)daxter will be shooting backwards
in the citys keep an eye out for the roofs there are tons of orbs up there. use the leepers and the roof things off the side of the buildings.
Orbs and the bridge
Go to spargus city , go to the light eco vent, then the bridge thats near it. If you see orbs,your not going to be able to get them. You need to go where a few boxes and a ladder. Go up and you will see a pipe. grab the hoverboard, grind on the pipe. Keep going until you go up a tower. When you get up the top you will see the bridge under you. Jump with light flight then you shall be rewarded.
Orbs near the naughty ottsel
Go to haven city. go to the area with the naughty ottsel. travel to one of the small islands that has the big question mark(it's the question mark that let's you do a side mission.) jump on the question mark. if you look up and right a bit you should see some pipes. Change in to light jak with L2+x and double jump while pressing forward. you should now be close to the pipes. you may wish to swap back to normal jak. make your way to the top using the pipes. when at the top there should be a lot of crates used by the guards. brake them if you wish as there are orbs in some of them. press R2 to hop on the jetboard. go towards some wires that are near by and grind down them. on your way down there will be orbs on both wires and you will have to swap from one to the other to recieve them all.
Precursor Orbs
There are 600 Precursor Orbs in all.
Racing Tip
If you can, use the Dune Hopper. If you do, charge your jump, boost, then let go of the hop button. You'll get a nice hang time and distance.
Receive approximately 20 orbs
I noticed that near the gun course there is an electrical wire that has orbs scaterred along the high wire.now i have also not recieved these orbs yet but i think you may require airborn light jak or jak with wings i am loath to finishing the game spontaneously so this might be apocryphal information but if you get up there then you have to grind the rail.
save up ;) for infinite health its true and glitch
first beat the game T/\T then have fifty orbs then buy ifinite light jak (recoil:you can die still if it hi before has a chance to heal <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/sad.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> the glitch happens to be if you have invinceibilty and fall of lets say the tallest wasteland bridge you loose health have a great time LOL
sniper in Spargus
First it best if you have unlimited light Jak, it might work if you don't have it but then you need to keep refilling the meter. Put on LJ shield and then push one the the Wastelanders (the citizens of Spargus) in to a building wall. Make sure there pinned and not falling down off the wall and then move off. If it works once the wastelander falls down, him or her will disappear. At first it looks as if she/he is gone but then you'll get shots from above at she/he is stand of the building in midair sniping you. Note: It may not work the first time but keep trying.
Surrounded by monsters
If you are surrounded by monsters, here's a way to get rid of them easily. Press down on the D-pad twice(this is the blaster mod) then press X,O,R1. He will then fire up to five blasts. Takin them out, or use the scatter gun mod (up twice on D-pad), charge it then blow them away.
time to go to war
In haven city you can battle metal heads or even robots or both.
Buy the robot shock upgrad for arce weilder.It will do short work of robot and metal heads alike.I found a fun way to play, you handle the big ones!
Triple jump
To do a triple jump, press X+X+O for a jump higher then before
Ultimate Weapon Use
Put Beam Reflexor out, then double jump, press circle and R1
Unlimited Orbs
I know a way of getting an unlimited amount of orbs. First go to Spargus City and go out in to the desert and go to the extra mission thing directly in front of the garage. It is the Marauder Destoyer Mission. Note: You will want to have all your guns full of ammo. As soon as the mission starts, get in the car you are using and then jump out and pull out your gun. As the marauders get close, blast them away. When i tried it the first time I had unlimited ammo and used the peace maker because it is a one shot kill and you can hit more than one marauder. When time runs out and you have at least reached the goal, Kliever will say u failed but you still get the Precurser Orbs
Get This |By Doing This
------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------
Invulnerability |100 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Upgrade Vechicle Toughness |15 Precursor Orbs After Act 2-14
Scene Player Act 1 |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 1
Toggle Jak's Goatee |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Jak And Daxter Model Viewer |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-24
Scrap Book |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-24
Scene Player Act 2 |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 2
Jak II Model Viewer |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 2-25
Scene Player Act 3 |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 3
Jak 3 Model Viewer |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Mega Scrap Book |2 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Dark Jak Invisibility |25 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Big Head Mode |3 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Small Head Mode |3 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Unlimited Vechicle Turbos |30 Precursor Orbs After Act 2-25
Increased Scatter Gun Ammo Capacity |4 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-17
Increased Blaster Gun Ammo Capacity |4 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-17
Increased Vulcan Fury Ammo Capacity |4 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-24
Increased Peace Maker Ammo Capacity |4 Precursor Orbs After Act 2-19
Bad Weather |5 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Mirror World |5 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Fast Movies |5 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Slow Movies |5 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-1
Audio Commentary |5 Precursor Orbs after buying scene players 1-3
Hero Mode |5 precursor orbs, after finishing the game
Level Select: ACT 1 |5 Precursor Orbs, buy it after Act 1
Level Select: ACT 2 |5 Precursor Orbs, buy it after Act 2
Level Select: ACT 3 |5 Precursor Orbs, buy it after Act 3
Unlimited Light Jak |50 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Unlimited Dark Jak |50 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Unlimited Ammo |50 Precursor Orbs After Act 3-11
Vulcan Fury Damage Upgrade |6 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-17
Blaster Damage Upgrade |6 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-9
Scatter Gun Rate-Of-Fire Upgrade |6 Precursor Orbs After Act 1-9
Rachet And Clank Gun Courses |6 Precursor Orbs After Act 2-12
Peace Maker Increased Radius |6 Precursor Orbs After Act 2-19

Wasteland Navigation
If you ever get lost in the wasteland, and want to return to Spargus, look for the giant tourch and follow it for your way back. In sandstorms it may be a little hard to see.
When Falling...
Usually when you fall from a high area, you suffer damage. To prevent this, simply attack or hop on your hover board right before you hit the ground.


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Destroy your zoomer
Get a zoomer. then, get your peace maker and shoot at a wall. Your zoomer will break (have to be near to wall).
Fly ANYWHERE, Infinate Precursor Orbs and Gold Hang-Time
Fly ANYWHERE, Infinate Precursor Orbs and Gold Hang-Time Cheats by The Glitcher

In these cheats, you will learn how to...

-Fly Absolutely ANYWHERE
-Get An Easy Gold On The Hang-Time Challenges In The Wasteland.
-Get Infinate Precursor Orbs

NOTE: These cheats and glitches are for ADVANCED players, or people with Action Replays (=P)

To do this, you will need Light Jak Flight (the one with the wings), and the Infinate Light Jak secret would help a lot so you can keep flying for ever. It costs 50 Precursor Orbs.

Do this quickly! Have Light Jak Flight on, with the Infinate Light Jak secret on if you have it, and do a double jump (X and X again). Instead of pressing X to fly down, press O, then repeat this while still in the air. You will go higher and higher and you can move about while doing this. You can fly over the town walls, get the Precursor Orbs from on top of those wires high up in Haven City and, well, just go anywhere! Just keep pressing X, X, O repeatedly.

Get Infinate Precursor Orbs

This is a hard cheat to do, and has no requirements except great timing, a few Skull Gems (from MetalHeads after you kill them and you only need these if you haven't activated the following challenge) and you need to find a challenge where you need to find a Precursor Orb.

First you need to accept the challenge, and find the Precursor Orb. This is hard. When you do find it, DON'T RUN AND GET IT! Get NEXT to it, and wait for the clock to turn to 00:00 and get it. You will get 3 Orbs and the option to restart! Just restart and keep doing this!

Get Gold Hang Time Cheat

This cheat will get you a Gold on the Hang-Time challenges in the Wasteland (the big Desert-y bit). If you don't know where it is, its a glowing red fist around the broken bridges near the stream by the volcano (check your map). You will need the Mass Imploder (Purple weapon 2)

First, talk to the fist, and select either hang-time challenge. Then, get in your car and restart the mission. Then climb out of your car once the mission has been restarted, and use the Mass Imploder (press 'Right' on the arrow keys twice) and use it, more than once if needed. The hang-time counter will be going and you won't be in the car!

Thank you for reading this, e-mail me and let me know how these work!

-Cheats by The Glitcher
Invisible car and Jak!
I just started a new game on Jak 3 because I finished it a while ago and I finished the mission where you have to race using the red car at the start and as I was entering just as the doors opened to the hangar I jumped out. I heard the engine stopped but then it played a clip and it says go and collect the artefacts and when the clip finishes I go to get my car but it is invisible and so is Jak! I get in the car and all you could see were the lights and I pressed L2 to look behind and Jak appeared and that was all. I took some pics:
<img src="http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/6169/jak1hg2.jpg" alt="" />
<img src="http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/2810/jak2ih2.jpg" alt="" />
Light Jak glitch.
You barely tap the X button. You can be anywhere but you have to be light Jak with wings. If you just keep tapping the X button at the right intervals, light Jak's model will flash a little bit and his wings will be slightly bigger. Keep doing this and his wings will get bigger and bigger and bigger until they go through walls when you walk past them. The sad thing is you can't fly with them. There is no limit to how big they can get. The catch is you have to half way jump or jump very weakly to get large wings. If you do it wrong and actually go airborne before or after you've got large wings his wings will return to normal and you have to start the whole half-jumping thing again. With big wings you can walk around and even fully jump around with them, swim with them, shoot your gun with them, punch with them, twirl with them, and anything else except fly with them or else your screwed and you have to start all over again.
You will know you've jumped right if Jak only "hops" and the camera does not follow him upward and it just stays level since he didn't legally jump.
Sky High
Using Light Jak Flight press X,X,O and keep repeating the combination and you'll go higher. Have fun. Doing this in the port, from on top of the towers you'll be able to fly over the wall. But there's not much out there but everlasting seas. But even if you keep swimming, you'll fall down. To get far your only hope is to keep flying!
First, buy Light, or Dark, Jak, get your wings out, or if it is Dark Jak, get invisible, and jump into any body of water, and dive under, and press X 3x fast, while remaining under water, and then come up, press X 3x again (no, don't under water again!), attack while in the air, and then go onto any land around you, that doesn't have any enemies, jump twice, attack twice, jump then attack, then, if you are Light Jak, attack once more, but if you are Dark Jak, shoot the spinning balls of energy at a wall, then JUMP over that exact body of water that you came out of, when you land in the water, dive in, and right when you GET TO THE TOP of the water, jump out onto the land that you came off of, and finally, it should show two O's locked together where the Precursor Egg icon is. If it does, you have unlimited Precursor Eggs! <img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
walk on water
first go into the city where you shoot the targets with the big machine gun. the get one of the bird thing and just jump staight into the water you wont sink you can just walk into a black screen another glitch jump off of the bird and jump right bad on it glitches the system and give you 100 orbs
War Factory through Scene Select.
If you have unlocked Scene Select Act 2, go to Jak Takes Off Scene. When the scene starts, cancel it. When you're back in the menu, take out the disk. You'll be ask to put the disk, back inside. Do so, and when it says continue, press X. You'll be taken to the Mission Area, at first you'll begin to fall, go to the start menu and choose restart mission, and you'll be in the Freedom League Cruiser. You'll have everything you should at the time of this mission. Complete the mission, and you'll be taken inside of the War Factory, and you'll have to complete the mission like usual.

Easter eggs

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Different Colored Weapons
If you turn into Light Jak with either Light Flight or Light Shield on, his weapons turn blue (just like Light Jak's color. Also, if you want to get a better view of the weapon's color, zoom in on him by moving the right analog stick up.)
Is Jak a gangster?
If you take out the Scatter Gun and keep firing nonstop, there should be a point where Jak holds the gun gangster style just for a little bit. You might want to zoom in by moving the right analog stick up. And plus, it is really funny).


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All Secrets Easily
To get all the Secrets really easy, all you need to do is get as many Orbs as possible and then finish the game. Then just choose Hero Mode, and get them all again! Then go to the Start Menu, then Secrets and buy the rest! I have used this strategy and it works. I have every secret!
blue kaboom
go to the metal head section of the city (you need the last form of the piece maker)fire the gun any direction then jump into the acid when you reapear all the tiger metal heads with no skull gems will have blue heads.
bundle of orbs.
for the extra mission where you go "marauder hunting" don't take a veichle. just have a gun( plasmite rpg) with unlimited health and ammo. next start the mission. you notice if you pass the 30 kills mark, the bronze will remain bronze and not change gold or silver, so keep blastin. it will say mission failed but you get the orbs. it will ask try again. click no. go back to the "marauder hunting" and do it over step by step untill your satisfied.
Easy orbs
In the place where theres leapers walk or run around the city.

You will see a light jak refiller to refill your light energy.On one of the buildings you see 10 orbs on top of the building.

Use light jak mode and fly up there(press falp shield flap to go higher)(you probaly need infinte light jak)Get all the precusor orbs and purchase a secret or something else

Fly As High As U Want
you will need unlimited light jak for this. first u pull out your wings then jump and flap, while in the air tap O then flap again, and repeat that as many times as u like and he will keep going higher and higher and higher, also u can fly high enough to fly over gates without the place behind them being loaded!
infinite precursor orbs
Go to any oracle statue and trade metal head skull gems to start an orb search challenge. Go to the orb and wait for the clock to turn to 00:00. Even though it says 00:00, it takes another second for the time to run out (I.E. 00:00 is really 00:00.100) So wait one more second, and then press Square to dash at the orb as soon as time runs out and the mission failed screen comes up. You will get 3 orbs, and be able to retry!
Leaper Combo
When you get on a Leaper, here's what you'd do. (I did this today!) Get on a Leaper and press square, X and square again to do a super cool move! Nice, huh?
Leaper Lizard and Water
If you want to ride under the water with the Leaper Lizard, first you'll have to go to Spargus City beach and use the Leaper running on water cheat. Go to the end of the beach and jump off of your Leaper Lizard, then it will fall down into the water. If you want to ride on it, you have to go down into the water and get it.
No Car?
Start the longest single jump callenge and get out of your car and shoot it until it expoodes. Then when it asks to restart, say "no" and you will continue without a car.
purple hamster/rat/thing
after getting threw the part with the gold car and getting threw to the elevator next to the light eco vent, at the first hamster weal, when the rat thing comes out and cowers in front of the hamster weal, press L1 to activate dark eco. if your standing in the right place, it'll shock the rat into the hamster weal and when it rises up, the rat will have the purple effect of when it got shocked, and the color will stay until something kills it.
sit in air, passenger of a vehicle without driving
in haven port take a non one-sitter and take the best version of the peacemaker you must be in the higher mode of the vehicle then shoot jump out quickly and jump back in before the explosion and you will float a few seconds later you will be in a strangers car and he is driving, if you shoot again the vehicle will explode again and you get in another vehicle.
if you use the vulcan fury and keep schooting the vehicle will explode and you will stay in it
you can only get out by restarting
after u beat the game, buy invulnerubility for 100 orbs and get on a leaper in Spargus then go to the water and jump in with the leaper and u will be able to ride on the water as if it was real ground!