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Jade Cocoon 2 Cheats

Jade Cocoon 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Jade Cocoon 2 Tips

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Element Weaknesses
The elemental weaknesses for this gaame has been changed.

the Fire side is weak against the earth side
the fire side is strong against the water side
the water side is strong against the wind side
the wind side is strong against the earth side
Submitted by: Master Zhang He on May 04, 2005
Evil Kahu Helps You
When fighting in the forest let Kahu get hit directly. THen he morphs into evil Kahu and attacks the enemy.
Submitted by: Jasnic on August 15, 2006
Rare Eggs

Collect Inferno Books and Twill Mugworts from the Fire Tower Forest and buy some Luch Eggs (five is best) from the Kikinak Company. Then, enter the Wind Patina Forest and take a left to the second Ogre Vine. Inside is a plant that merges items. Place the Luch Egg inside, then place the Inferno Book or the Twill Mugwort in. Do not place them in the reversed order or you will not get anything good. Save the game before doing this so you can reset and try again if it does not work the first time.
Submitted by: dragonmanEXE on June 04, 2006

Jade Cocoon 2 Cheats

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Gameshark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On) 0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
0C0B4BE7 F892277F

Max Money 3C7EC657 85F19EFF

Max Reputation 3C7EC65B F8FC270F
Submitted by: JJBDude on February 28, 2005