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Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition Cheats

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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8 free potato seeds
at the beginning of the game in the tutorial when you are with Gayak. when he says to till the soil do one square. then talk to gayak. when he gives you the seeds plant one. then talk to him. then water the one square. then talk to him. that's all u have to do to get 8 free seeds.
Better Watering Can early on
To obtain a better Watering Can early in the game, simply water every tilled square (with or without crops on them) until your character reaches Level 2. Speak to Masami afterwards and she will give you a Weird Watering Can that can water three squares at a time.
So if you watch cooking life on your television you can learn how to cook different dishes each week. It is easy to master every dish but that will not get your cooking skills to 100 it's a good idea to cook at least one or two things everyday to get your skills higher. Cooking becomes a very important skill come winter when Dorthy the mayor's wife (also start of Cooking Life) asks you to come to her house on the 23rd of winter to help bake cakes. So try to be a great cook before then so you make good cake.
Free Small Motorcycle!
Hey, guys! Its me again, Alaskar. Now i am going to tell you how to get a Free, and small motorcycle. You wonders how is the motorcycle look like, but this is a real one! When you are playing, keep on going to Dr Hope's house. Talk to him, until he says something like this "I will be sending a small motorcycle to your village, _______" ___ stands for the name of your character. Then, the next day, there will be a shot-scene. You will see a motorcycle outside ur house. Then, the old man "who wears a hat like magician"
will tell you who brought the motorcycle for you, how to use it, and more. Then, you can start riding ur new motorcycle!

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Alaskar ( Your Sincerely )
How to get money easier
Okay, this is what I did and at last I got "503819" credits. Everyday, keep on going out, go buy seeds, then harvest it at your farm, and also go buy the thing that you can harvest the wild plants nearby. After that, sell all the wild plants and your fruits that you had grown in the farm before 5.30pm or else the van will be gone and you wont get anything. Then, the next day, you should get about 10k of credits. Good. Keep on doing it and you will get "503819" credits like me! Now, I am so rich that I keep on buying the rare seeds.

Hope I Helped.
Alaskar ( Your Sincerely )
Ranching Foresight
As soon as you purchase any animal from the World Ranch, you can go to Jonathan and speak to him to obtain the next Robot Animal Helper.

The animal you purchased does not need to have been delivered to the farm yet.

Jonathan will assume that you already have the animal in use and will proceed to tell you that he will send the next type of Automatic Animal, unlocking the option to purchase that type of animal from the World Farm.
Using the Crystals
If the broken bridge in the south forest has been repaired,or you have a rafts, go to a cave near the spring, you'll see some treasure boxes. Open them, and you'll find some crystals. Put it on the Altars. for Altars on your farm must have 4 same colors of crystal, then the seal of your land will be opened. And the locked ancient door will be opened. If you always come to have maintenance your characters every Sundays,Dr.Hopes will gives you a key to open the locked door in the heart flame caves. If you have unlocked the yellow and blue altars, you can go into a fantastic world, where sprites, spirits mermaid, and witch live, you will find new kind of fruits, a Fisherman that he maybe an alien, horses, and a lake. and maybe some new
special tools. And once more, if the witch has give you the forest, and you
have talk to Becky and she told you about a Story of a white Rose, You'll have a weird dreams. And if you know something about farming in winter, please-pleeeaassee send me an e-mail to <a href="mailto:amalia_nami@rocketmail.com" target="_blank">amalia_nami@rocketmail.com</a>
Water Crops In Winter
Once you get Masimi's watering can (the strange one that can water 3 squares at once) use it as much as possible. Water empty squares if you have to. Try to get it to level three as soon as possible. You can check how close you are if you go to your R1 menu and go to the icon that is your face. That's were you can see how well you are doing and how close you are to level three (but hopefully you already knew about that). By the time you have your watering can at level three you'll probably have found the Monsoon watering can. In winter if you fill the monsoon watering can with spirit water. (Find spirit water in your pasture your cows and chickens drink it) Just hold the Triangle button of a few seconds when you are on your field and you will water enough area to grow plants.
The longer you hold Masimi's watering can the more you will water as well (the most you can water with that one is nine at one time but it will give you ten points that means ten points closer to level three of watering can)


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Go Down The Animal Elevator
Okay so I'm not sure if this will work for everyone but in Fall of my first year I was on my farm, and I went up to the side of the Elevator and clicked the option go to room. Then For some reason instead of stepping into the elevator meant for people and robots I was able to go into the one used for my dog. When I came down to my room I came out of the elevator I was supposed to be in though. It happened again to game days after that except I was going up to my farm. This is just a funny little glitch I think it just happens at random but always watch when you go into the elevator it's fun to see yourself fit into the tiny animal elevator.