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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (PS2) Cheats

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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best "melee" weapon
if you wanna save ammo but still have the ultmite weapon yur equiped with here it is: not whip not mahcete not anything else but 1 thing: that would be your hands. yep its right but no very realstic
trust me its easy (shovels better but not equipped to you at the start)
Cocodile Boss Level
When you get to the last level of the First mission when you walk down the hallway crocodile will jump up out of the water and distroy the bridge leading to the artifact that is being securely trapped. You have to open this up again. You must be careful that the croc does not get too close to you unless you wanna be dinner in one gulp.

Instead of going into the water first turn left and look for some skulls. Then look around for a enterance on the left hand side of the room. You want to go there but cant because of the patroling croc. instead with the skull you are carrying throw it in the opposite direction so that the croc is distracted. When it is distracted go as fast as you can to the opening you saw and as soon as you get in you have a ledge on the left hand side.

Climb up before the croc gets a chance to catch up. You will know he is near is you can hear a sound wile under the water.

As soon as you get up run to a bridge with a hole in the middle. Jump accross and turn right and quickly pull the lever. The croc is trapped. jump back over the two pieces of bridge and go up the stairs. there is a lever. Pull it and it will lift the wall next to you and lower a few cages. Where the wall got lifted go out that and into the water. Note that the croc isent bothering you because he is trapped.

climb onto the first cage and jump on to the second. Grab the chane and swing onto the chan ahead and go through the opening in the wall. there is a lever. pull it and more cages come down. Do the same as you did with the other cages. repeat until you get to the last switch.

With the last switch it will open the thing that is keeping you from getting the artifact. Jump into the water and swim to a legdge to help you get up and get the artifact.

Suddely the floor underneath you will crumble. get your machete out and cut through the vines as quick as possible so that you do not run out of air.

When you sre out go to where you started the level. When you are halfway there the gate that is keeping the croc from bothering you will open. quickly go to the place you first started and you will see a cutscene. The cutscene shows a man called Von Beck and some hunters.

Von beck threatens to kill indy and indy gives him the artifact. He will then throw von beck into the water and the croc will eat him. and indy will beat up the others and walk home with his prize.

Drop and Live
When accidentally falling off a ledge from high up that would hurt or even kill you, press R1 just before you land. You will go straight into a combat stance, and only sustain minor damage, if any.
The Croc is coming!
When you are in a level with cocodiles you may notice a sound when a croc gets near you. This is your warning sound that the croc is comin for you and he aint pleased. Get out your Machte/Turkish Knife and start hitting it. The croc wont be able to bite you because you are hitting it. Keep hitting it until its dead.
Unlock Gallery
Collect Every Relic or Artifact in the game (there are 30 in total) to unlock a Gallery option at the main menu. The Gallery contains a selection of art from character designs to concept art.


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Control the shark
first do not trap shark in cage go thru the part full blast and beat the game w/o beating the shark part and that is how you will control the shark.
Flying indy
First start a new game. When your at the first level, find a really high cliff. Jump off. While your falling press: circle circle square circle. Indy will take off and you will be able to fly. Make sure you do this quickly before you die. Press L1 to go up and R1 to go down. Use the anolog stick to go left and right
Health Meter

Indy's Health Meter appears in the upper left corner of the screen. At full strength, the bar is green, and it gradually works its way to red as Indy absorbs punishment.

Pistol shots, punches, and energy bolts are obvious sources of danage, but you must pay attention to more subtle dangers, like falling.

A big drop will liely wipe Indy out, but even a moderate fall extracts a measure of health.

Your best preventive measures for this type of damage are to hang and drop, rather than leap off ledges.