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Barrels out of bond (how to enter stockade)
Collect 3 red round crystals throughout the level. This shouldn't be too hard ! Walk to the left of the throne, climb the rope, carry on to the right. Place the crystals onto the pedestals. It doesn't stop here. Walk over to the three boxes (or rocks). They each have different marking on top of them which correspond with the markings left behind where the pedestals used to be. Drag them into their right places. Cross the bridge to the other side and the doorway to the stockade is open !

The PC-cheat of walking into them for 2 minutes long doesn't work for PS2.
Carrier Upgrades
At the end of each level, you will be taken to the vendor. Here, you can buy upgrades for your rock bag and medicine chest. Each affects your carrying capacity. The upgrades are as follows:

Rock Bag

First upgrade: +10 rock carrying capacity; total of 20 rocks.
Second upgrade: +10 rock carrying capacity; total of 30 rocks.
Medicine Chest

First upgrade: +5 antidote and health potion carrying capacity; total of 10 each.
Second upgrade: +5 antidote and health potion carrying capacity; total of 15 each.
Cut Web With Other Objects
In the lair of the three spider sisters, before cutting some dwarves free, choose another item except for Sting. Bilbo will then cut the web with the walking stick, the stones and, if you put the ring on beforehand, his hands.
Defeating Smaug
Stay behind the debris until all of the fire is gone. Even though he stops, some fire is still there and it will kill even if you take one step out. The ring will not help you at all.
Different enimies
I have figured out that it is easier to fight one big enemy then a bunch of little enemies. So when fighting little enemies like the little frogs guys in Troll Hole, stay far away from them and throw rocks. Bilbo should lock on automatically so you don't have to go to aiming mode. If you do confront them, use the staff. It has a better range and when you do jump attack (X and then square) it should wipe out allot of them at once.
Easy courage points
On the last level when you meet Liana, she will start fighting the Goblins. There will be an unlimited amount of them. If you need to level up, stay there for awhile and collect all of the courage points. Also, in the last level (Gathering Of The Clouds), when you meet up with Lianna, you can get endless courage points by either waiting at the top of the ladder for Lianna to kill all of the Orcs, or by fighting them yourself. The Orcs will keep appearing, supplying you with endless courage points.
Fighting Spiders In Mirkwood Forest
When fighting the spiders, stay up on one of the rocks. Throw rocks at her minions. If you run out of rocks, just slpp on your ring and sneak (or she will hear you and attack), over to some rocks and get them.
Inside Information (How to bridge the chasm)
First of all when defeated Smaug collect all there is to gather throughout Smaug's Lair. Save the game. Go down the chasm. The trick is to put all the big movable rocks into place when climbing the chasm back up. This is a timed job so do not hesitate whilst climbing. It starts with putting the blue rock on top of the hole an the bottom of the chasm. The water will rise. Have an eye out for the big door floating up. When possible jump on top of it. When back up cross the gorge as the dwarves will too.
Obtaining Equipment
There are three items you can acquire throughout the game: the walking stick, throwing rocks, and Sting. The walking stick can be found in a chest in Bag End at the Shire (first level). The rocks can be found in a grove of apple trees in the Shire. Sting is obtained in the troll cave at the end of that level.
Save Regularly
It is very easy to die quickly in this game, whether it is from accidentally falling off a ledge, a severe poisoning, or being caught sneaking around. Save regularly to prevent jumping back a quest or more.
Saving Beorn
In order to save Beorn on the last level, you must push four different blue barrels located around the area. Follow the courage crystals and do not stop to fight. Use the ring when you encounter enemies, because you are timed.
Spiders and Flies (how to defeat three sisters)
When in the last dungeon having saved all dwarves and killed all other spiders the three big sisters come down from the ceiling.

The first one can be beat by using only Sting and is quite easy. The second sister doesn't get hurt by Sting but will lose life when throwing Fire Rocks. The third sister has to be frozen with Freezing Rocks and additionally hit with Sting (takes a while).
In a level with a deep chasm with a real bottom (Smaug's Lair recommended), jump down with the Stick or Sting at the ready. Wait one or two seconds (just enough time for Bilbo to reach the zone where he would die if he touched ground, but still a safe distance away from it), then, do a jump attack (press B). Bilbo will instantly die, and float gently down towards the ground.
The Gathering of the Clouds
There are 4 statues in the main level, each with runes at their bases. Make a note of these runes, then spell them out individually on the tiles at the entrance to the water room. This will release 4 chests in various rooms - look for them as you go around and claim the goodies!
Walking Stick
Until you obtain Sting, the walking stick will be used mainly for combat. Once you do obtain Sting, drop the combat aspect and only use it for jumping. When moving forward, quickly press L then A to use your walking stick to jump. Be careful -- using it on shorter jumps may result in over-jumping.
Water Room Puzzle
To gain entry to the water room, read the plaques on either side of the puzzle: "You must walk through EREBOR to reach it's heart". Approach the statue behind you and press B. The runes on the front spell EREBOR. Spell these out on the puzzle floor and the door will open.

Note: Make sure to walk on the letters in the correct order.
Wine Bottle Riddle In Lake Town
Once you get all five of the wine bottle in Lake Town, Malloc will tell you a riddle about how the bottles are arranged. The order is as follows:

1. Yellow Wine Bottle
2. Blue Wine Bottle
3. Red Wine Bottle
4. Black Wine Bottle
5. Purple Wine Bottle

Easter eggs

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A Warm Welcome
There is a Water of Vigour in the well next to the apple orchard. At the beginning of this level, an old man protects it. However, once you find all of the children playing hide-and-seek, he will have left the well.
The Gathering of the Clouds
If you're in desperate need of leveling-up at the beginning of the last level, and are too impatient to wait for Lianna's epic battle scene, do not fret. Before you leave the sanctity of where you spawn at the beginning of this level, talk to the female elf. Talk to her, exit out, and repeat. She'll give you a ton of courage points!
Waters of Vigour
In the Shire, there is an old man in front of a well, near the Apple Orchard. He says nothing but "What are you doing?" Go on until all you have left is entering the Green Dragon Inn. Before you enter, return to the well, and the old man should be gone. Once you near the well, press square, and a Waters of Vigour potion will be lifted from the depths. This will come in handy in future play. (I suggest saving it until the Spider Sequence at least)


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Barrels out of Gravitational Bond
When you are placing the barrels to move through the doors in the warehouse in Lake Town, you can stack one on another. You can also stack one on another, and pick up the bottom one. You are then floating in the air. This works all the way up to the ceiling where you get stuck on it.
>> I advise making a full save before you do this, or your game is stuck with unreachable barrels if you fall.

I know this works on the PC (and is quite amusing), but havent tried on the PS2.
Order of the Bottles
In the level "A Warm Welcome" u have to collect bottles to get through the secret entrence...but theres a have to put the colored bottles in a secret order. The man that is suppose to tell you the order can't remember the order...but gives you some confussing clues to the order..but its way to hard to figuer out. I found it out on my own after about 30 minutes. To save you time here is the order the colored bottles go in: *************** 1.YELLOW 2.BLUE 3.RED 4.BLACK 5.PURPLE
spiders lair-ropes
it may take a while, but if you run for a rope when the big spiders are around and just stay there the big spider will swipe (if you are low enough) and kill all the other smaller spiders.
The Location of the Deep cellar crystals
Sometimes it takes FOREVER to find the deep sellar crystals. They are:

1: when you get to the gate of the elven caves, turn left up a small hill and keep going past the save pedistle. THe crystal is in a little knook in the wall of the clif.
2:In the deep water caverns just outside the deep celar
3: outside the spider cave in the courtyard
4: in the spider cave behind some webs